Nineteen: All/Kasamatsu


Unknown as to what he would be walking into, he cautiously walked into the darkly lit gym, and closed the door behind him.

Darkness was suddenly over-placed by the lights turning on in a second, and multiple voices made his heart jump from shock. He managed to keep his mouth shut from yelping, as he looked at all the people inside the gym, shocked.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They (well, most of them) shouted, throwing their hands into the air.

"The hell..." He muttered, his cheeks darkening from the sudden flood of attention. He crossed his arms, and turned to Kise who ran up to him.

"Sempai! Happy birthday!" Kise grinned widely, attempting to wrap his arms around the shorter man. Kasamatsu easily punched Kise away from him as he narrowed his eyes in a glare.

"Kise... Did you plan this?" He glowered at the blond, pointing his finger to the mop of students. As far as he could tell, Seirin, Touou, Rakuzan, Yosen, and Shuutoku all gathered in the large Kaijou gym.

"Maybe... But! It was originally going to be us from Kaijou! But then... it somehow got out of hand. I told Kurokocchi about the party, and he told Kagamicchi, who then told his friend from America, who then reported it to Murasakibaracchi, who then told Akashicchi who passed it onto Midorimacchi. Then it gets weird! Somehow Takao figured it out, and also told Midorimacchi, then he went to go tell Aominecchi for some reason..."

"Just... stop talking." Kasamatsu muttered, feeling a headache coming on. He pinched the bridge of his nose, and then directed his attention onto the chatting crowd. "Why hasn't the school done anything like kick 'em all out?" He huffed.

Kise pouted, "Don't be like that sempai! We, er, they all came here for you!"

"... Why?"

"It's your birthday!"

"I know that."

"Then... happy birthday?"

"You don't need to repeat it so many times, idiot!" Kasamatsu then proceeded to sock Kise in the side, making the blond cry out in exaggerated pain. "I'll hit you." He muttered under his breath.

"You... already did." Kise took a few steps away, at a safe distance, as the rest of Kaijou approached.

"Happy birthday, Kasamatsu." Kobori smiled. Hayakawa shouted it, earning himself a kick, as Moriyama smiled at him. Nakamura also wished that he have a fun birthday experience.

"Thanks..." Kasamatsu mumbled, feeling rather shy all of a sudden. Sure, he could play a game oh-so-casually in front of a large crowd of people, but he couldn't stand being in front of others when all the attention was focused on him

"Awh, you're blushing." Moriyama teased, patting Kasamatsu shoulder as if sorry for him.

He probably is, Kasamatsu mused to himself.

"Stuff like this doesn't happen every day, after all." Kobori spoke up, earning a nod from the other Kaijou members.

"Oh well, I bet they're just using this as an excuse to party and have some sort of reunion." Kasamatsu snorted, shaking his head. He may have made it sound worse than it seemed, but in all honesty, he didn't really care.

"I paid for it all." Kise pouted, watching all his friend's and their team mates eat all the snacks he had bought.

Kasamatsu blinked, only just noticing all the foods and drinks in the gym that was placed neatly on multicolored tables. "Thanks." He smiled. The Ace was always nice and spending his hard earned money on others, some times more than himself. It was something Kasamatsu respected about him, that, and his skill in basketball. Although he wouldn't admit it.

"Anyway, I totally think that Kise should have invited some girls." Moriyama scrunched his nose. "This place is a sausage fest." He smirked when he noticed Kasamatsu's flinch at the mention of girls.

"Eh, but, Momoicchi and Seirin's Coach are here..." Kise mumbled, trying to scan the horde of guys to find the two girls.
"Hmm, true, but they don't count." Moriyama replied, grinning. "Hey, Kasamatsu, maybe we should go say hi."

"No." Kasamatsu immediately replied, about ready to punch his friend. Moriyama shrugged, "More for me."

Kasamatsu rolled his eyes, shooing the flirt off with a wave of his hand. He knew that his friend would only come back empty-handed and dejected, complaining about how he was too good for the girls.

He turned his eyes to the flock of basketball players. He briefly wondered if he should turn this into some sort of basketball convention, and organize a bunch of teams to play.

Mulling over the idea, he was too distracted before he felt something land on his head. He twitched from surprise, before realizing that it was only a party hat.

"... Why does it have a Disney princess on it?" He felt like hitting them all now. But, his fist would probably hurt too much from punching so many faces the next day. Also, he couldn't risk injuring his hand on stupid faces, either way.

Turning to face the 'risk-taker', he immediately recognized it as Seirin's shadow and light pair. "Happy birthday," They both said at the same time, Kuroko smiling politely and Kagami giving him a rather bold smirk.

"Thank you." He blinked. The trio was casually approached by Aomine, who simply leaned on Kasamatsu in a bored fashion. He stifled a yawn, and ignored the glare he received from the birthday boy.

"I was woken for this?" He asked no one in particular. Kasamatsu had to agree, it wasn't exactly the best but it was the thought and heart put into it that mattered to him. He should probably take offence, but he didn't.

"Well, sorry to disappoint." He drawled out.

Aomine simply shrugged, eyeing the shorter male before looking away. "Happy birthday." He tossed the words over his shoulder as he turned and walked away. Kasamatsu could only nod, feeling weird from all the attention. The redness in his face had long since died down, as he was now getting used to the large number of party-goers.

Himuro, he supposed, then walked up with Murasakibara in tow. "Hey, happy birthday." Himuro smiled in his greeting. Murasakibara repeated his words, but they were muffled from the sweets he had shoved in his mouth.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." Himuro reminded him, before the two walked off to join their fellow team mates.

"Having fun?" Kasamatsu turned on his heel, blinking up at the black haired boy who he then recognized as Takao who was standing beside Midorima.

"Today is your lucky day." The green haired teen replied, before walking away without another word. Takao and Kasamatsu watched him go, before facing each other.

"Eh, sorry 'bout Shin-chan. He's such a tsundere, what he means is happy birthday!" Takao grinned widely, patting the older teen on the back before jogging off to find his glasses-wearing team mate.

Kasamatsu would have grumbled something to himself, but it seemed he wasn't allowed a moment to himself as someone else walked up to him calmly. "Yukio, right?" The voice sent a chill down his spine. It could only belong to one Akashi Seijuurou.

"Don't call me so friendly, brat." Kasamatsu cautioned. Akashi seemed to be holding a pair of bluish-grey scissors, which he held out to him.

Kasamatsu awkwardly took the scissors, staring at them questioningly. "What are-"

"Just a gift. Happy birthday." Without another word Akashi turned away, joined after by his Rakuzan team mates.

Finally, a moment of silence allowed him to collect his thoughts as he idly played with the scissors given to him by Akashi. He had heard from Kise that the red haired captain liked using scissors to throw at people's heads for some reason. But then again, knowing Kise, he could have just been exaggerating.

His thoughts fell silent as he glanced at the scissors in his hand. 'Is that... blood?' He raised his head, about to turn from the scene, until he softly bumped into a taller figure. Curse his shortness.

"Oops, sorry. Just wanted to say happy birthday." Kiyoshi smiled, then shifting his gaze to Hyuuga, who nodded in agreement.

"Happy birthday." Hyuuga said for the both of them. "Perhaps we could throw another practice match sometime." He offered, sounding hopeful.

"Of course. We still need our revenge." Kasamatsu smirked as Kiyoshi chuckled. "Alright, hope you have a good time." Hyuuga waved as the two went to stalk over people to talk to.

Kasamatsu breathed in deeply, and held it for a moment before slowly exhaling. He closed his eyes and just settled for listening to the loud buzz of talking and laughter. He smiled, opening his blue-grey eyes as he surveyed the people.

'I guess this year's birthday wasn't so bad after all.'


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