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Chapter 1

Letty's pov

I dragged my feet up the stairs, stripped off and changed into his shirt. Then I turned the light off as I climbed into a large empty bed, it was a feeling that I had to start to get used to. It had been almost a month since the bed felt this empty; it was a month ago that Dom had been taken away from me. Taken to Lompoc prison, for a two year sentence, nothing has been the same since then.

The week that followed that day went extremely slow. I shut down and shut everyone else out. I didn't talk, eat, sleep or cry, I was a mess. I couldn't handle not being able to see, hear, touch, or talk to him. Every night I have had the same routine, dragging myself up the stairs, changing into a pair of his clothes and falling asleep in our bed, on his side, with his pillow, it is one of the only ways I can feel close to him.

Inhaling his smell my eyes slowly fluttered shut.

Dom's pov

It had been a hard and very long month. Without her was like not having a vital organ or limb. It made it very hard to live and breathe every day. I miss her and I can't sleep at night knowing she is out there while I am in here.

I miss everything about her; I miss her smell, her warmth, her laugh, and how she makes me feel. I miss sleeping next to her every night, and being able to touch her.

Over the past month I had only one visitor, Anna, Letty's mother. They only had allowed one person each week to visit, because Letty, Mia and Jesse were under 18 they needed to be accompanied by someone. As for Leon and Vince, I have told Anna to let them know not to visit until I'm ready.

Every Saturday, Anna came and visited. She brought photos and letters from the team. She filled me in on everything I had missed and kept reminding me that everything was going to be okay. She had been my biggest support.

Clearing my thoughts I reached over and grabbed the latest letter I had received from Letty. I layed back and opened it slowly.

Dear Dom

You don't understand how much I miss you, I need you, I need to hold you and for you let me know that everything is going to be ok.

I am slowly getting better, I have stopped crying and I have started eating normal again. I am sleeping a bit better now, although, I still get nightmares sometimes.

The garage and the shop are doing well. I spend most of my time at the garage; it helps take my mind of everything.

Mia is also doing well, she has been coming to the races with us, and she really enjoys herself. I have started racing again, and I'm doing pretty well, I have won a descent amount of money and I'm undefeated.

Mum told me I can come visit soon, maybe next week. I'm so excited; I can't wait to see you. I think it's something I really need to do; it will make things a whole lot better. I promise I will visit soon.

I love you…


I put down the letter and picked up a photo. It was of Letty, she was holding a little toddler in her arm's rocking him to sleep. On the back it had written, 'Letty holding her little cousin Caleb'

She was beautiful, her longish wavy hair fell over shoulders and a large picture perfect smile plastered on her face. She looked so happy and the happiest I have seen her in a long time. She looked so beautiful holding the small child in her arms, holding him close to her.

I want to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful girl. I want to marry her one day and see her holding our child, I wanted to be with her and make her smile each and every day of our lives.

I brought the photo up to my lips, and gave it a soft kiss. "I love you to Letty. And I promise, I will get out of here as soon as possible, I will come back to you." I placed the photo into my pocket, close to my heart and drifted off to sleep, dreaming about the love of my life.

No one's pov

The sun filtered through the windows of the room, as Letty stirred and slowly woke from her deep slumber. As she sat up and stretched, she realised what day it was. The day she got to visit Dom. She had been waiting for weeks for them to allow her to visit, and she was determined to get there as soon as she could.

She leaped out of bed and started dancing around the room; she grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy jumper and pranced into the bathroom happily. Her little celebration was bluntly ended when she slipped backwards onto her ass on the cold wet floor.

"Ouch" she yelped out in pain, as she slowly rose up rubbing her back side. Then suddenly mia frantically ran into the bathroom.

"Letty are you okay, I heard you ye…" Letty then suddenly cut her off in mid-sentence.

"I'm fine mia, I just accidently slipped on the wet floor that's all" she explained as she waved her off.

"What were you doing anyway?" Mia asked as she helped her over to the bed. As they sat down Letty winced in pain. A worried look appeared on Mia's face.

"Mia don't worry. I'm fine! It's probably just a bruise" Mia new she could not win, so let it go.

"Any way, I was just about to get changed, and get ready to visit Dom today…"

"Oh. How are you?" Mia asked curiously.

"To be honest, a little part of me is scared… but, I'm excited and happy. I just really want to see him, you know?"

Mia leaned in and gave her a hug. "It's going to be fine Letty, he really loves you". This was new for Letty, she never got scared.

"Yeah, I know" she pulled back from Mia and thanked her. Then Mia left her to get ready.

Twenty minutes later, she grabbed her keys and wallet of the bedside table and bolted down to the kitchen. Bacon and eggs were already sitting on the table, and the team already digging in.

Her mum was still in her pyjamas, drinking a cup of coffee. Ever since Anthony's death she had moved into the Toretto house. It seemed easier for them all being in the same house while they were going through a rather tough time.

Letty sat across from her and shoved the food as quick as she could into her mouth. "C'mon mama, hurry up we have to go!" she nagged her mum, to excited to wait any longer.

"Slow down mija, we have plenty of time", Anna assured her, as she kissed the top of her head and walked upstairs.

At Lompoc….

Dom sat on his so called 'bed', with bags under his eyes. He had only been able to get about an hour and a half of sleep last night. There had been an incident, involving a couple of prisoners and guards. 3 prisoners decided to jump two guards that were doing their daily routine checks. So the jail went into lockdown for a couple hours.

After hearing the screams of the guards Dom knew he couldn't sleep. The sounds were now imprinted into his brain and he couldn't get them out of his head.

He had the fear something may happen to him, if it could happen to the guards it could very likely happen to him, or maybe even worse. To top it off, the bed felt like a rock and was unbearable to lie on sometimes.

So all night he had sat and thought about Letty, read through the letters he had received, and looked at photos.

Suddenly two guards walked into the cell and broke him from his trance. "Toretto, you have visitors" Dom got up and let the guards put him in hand cuffs. They pushed him out and practically pulled him through the halls of the jail. Inmates sat in their cells in agony and pain as he walked passed looking to the ground. Not wanting to see anything going on around him, fearing he would be scared for life. (not like he already wasn't from what he has heard)

Finally they came to a stop as Dom got checked over than pushed into a room. The guard's shut the door and stood outside for privacy. Dom slowly looked up and there she was sitting right in front of him. He looked into her dark eyes like she was hypnotizing him; it was like Anna wasn't even in the room with the two of them. He was under her spell.

Letty slowly got up as Dom walked towards her, he lifted her up and spun her around and gave her a quick but passionate kiss on the lips. He put her down when he saw a guard look through the small window in the door, and so took a seat across from Letty and Anna.

"You look like shit" Letty exclaimed with a smirk. Anna stayed silent and started to look through magazines to leave Letty and I to ourselves.

"I didn't sleep at all last night, it's hard. So many things go on in here, things I never want you to see or hear. All the time there are screams….. Screams of agony, pain, anger, sadness…" he stopped. Letty reached across and held his hand's in hers.

"Listen Dom, nothing is going to happen to you and things can only get better. Now I can visit you, I can come see you once every week, and the team can come….. Mia…." She paused knowing she may be a touchy subject.

Dom looked up and smiled a half smile, "yeah, hopefully".

"I promise Dom, it will get better" she leaned down and kissed his hand.

A silence took over them, as they stared into space. Letty's eyes then snapped to his. "I love you"

"I love you to" he leaned over and kissed her lips. Dom quickly changed the subject seeing her eyes watering up.

"So…. How are the race's?" he smiled.

"Well, you're looking at the new queen of the streets" She smirked at Dom, and laughed. His deep laugh boomed at the same time.

"You have always been my queen, Letty" he smiled and she giggled.

"And you have always been my king. But now I reign on my own, everything's in my control" she joked with a grin and they both laughed again. Dom loved seeing her happy, he was gonna miss that smile while he was in here.

"We'll see if that changes when I get out of here….. Mami'" his voice low and seductive.

"Bet your ass, papa" she replied sexily with smart ass comment.

She smiled seductively, and that was it. He was turned on by her so much he wanted to take her right then, he didn't have a care in the world where he was. But he knew he couldn't, under the circumstances, at that very moment. They were gonna have to make it up to each other another time.

They inched closer together until a voice stopped them.

"Stop it you two. Please keep your hormones under control for at least ten minutes" Anna sighed, "Your both going to get us all in trouble if you keep it up"

They had both forgotten Anna was in the room, she had been so quiet. Dom and Letty both let out a light chuckle. Suddenly the happiness was taken away when a guard came in and informed the trio they had 10 minutes left.

"Letty" he breathed out softly. Dom then slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out the photo he always kept close to his heart. Wrapped around that photo was the cross necklace that he had gotten as a gift from Letty, for their first anniversary together.

He un-wrapped the cross and placed the photo on the table. He held the necklace up in front of him in one hand and placed a gentle kiss on the cross. He then picked up the photo and held it up in his other hand. He then turned it around and showed Letty.

"This photo of you, I always keep with me… I place it in my pocket close to my heart…. It reminds me you will always be in my heart and our love will never die. It makes me feel like you're always there." Letty's eyes started watering up as she looked at the picture, and listened to his every word. Dom placed the photo back into the pocket and held out the cross to Letty.

"I want you to have this, and keep it with you, close to your heart. So you can feel the same way, and feel and know that I will always be with you through thick and thin, where ever I am in the world…. My love is always with you"

Dom started to tear up, as Letty took the necklace and placed it around her neck. She held it in her hand and gave it a quick kiss.

"I will, I love you so much, I will never forget that"

"I love you too… so much, you're always in my heart" they both got up and gave each other a tight embrace and a quick peck on the lips. They pulled apart.

"Time's up Toretto" one of the guards said as the two walked in and started to pull him away.

"Goodbye" he whispered quietly as he got taken back to his hell hole of a cell, leaving Letty with her mother and tears streaming down her face.

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