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He still couldn't comprehend that he was now a free man.

His lawyer came to him a month ago 'You are a very lucky man… in at least one month you will be free to go' ever since then he had been counting down the days, hours, minutes... until right this moment. The nice cool breeze speckled his arms in goose bumps, and the smell of the outside world lingered.

"Dom! Ma brother" Vince yelled .

"how you going man" I smiled pulling him into a hug.

"Dom!" Mia smiled with glee as she leapt into his warm comforting arms.

"hey Mia." he whispered into her hair placing her back on her feet.

"Leon! Jesse! His back, Dom's back" she yelled grinning from ear to ear, rushing around the house.

He just let out a throaty laugh at her excitement, but suddenly a smokey smell filled his nose. "Mia... Whats that smell!?"

"Shit!" she screamed making a b line for the kitchen. Beep! Beep! Beep!... fire Alarm. He just sighed sighed following her into the kitchen. Burnt enchiladas sat on the table and a sad mia was perched beside them.

"I really wanted it to be special. I cooked it specially for you, your first proper meal for almost two years! And all forget about them and burn them!" she let out a loud huff closing her eyes for a moment.

"aww" he cooed "its ok Mi... Thanks for the thought, but seriously they don't look that bad" he gave a small generous smile. The next ten minutes consisted of the boys coming down and welcoming Dom home. Giving hugs and handing out beers. the whole time He couldn't help but Wonder Just where his girl Letty Was.

"Mia what you cooked?" vince took a large bite (a normal vince sized bite) of the over cooked enchiladala, within one big crunch his eye balls had popped out of his head and the mawled mouthfull of food was now on the table.

Leon and Jessie spat out their beers when they started to laugh so hard their faces turned into tomatoes. "sucked in!" they yelled, As vince tried to get rid of the stale burnt taste.

"urgh! Mia what have you done?" he groaned out. Mia pouted giving him a death glare...

"Looks like we'll be having pizza!" Dom suggested with a smirk on his face.

"whatever!" she growled throwing the black brittle mess in the bin. "But you know I'm not getting it... Get it yourself" she complained dramatically, turning on her heal towards the lounge room.

"Its ok Mia..." jesse stuttered out, trying to help. Everyone had a soft spot for him, his dad has been in jail for 6 years and his mother had mrun off with another guy. The team was basically his only family and with him being the youngestof the boys.

"Thanks jess" she sent a small smile, ignoring the others and going uo to her room... Slamming the door. Dom, Vince, and Leon all let out snickers sending the each other looks. Dom was happy to be home.

"so Dom, what ya planning to do now your back?" Leon asked taking a swig of his beer.

A grin formed on Dom's face. "you know man... Get back to the garage, get my hands on some fine vehicles, show everyone who's king at the races." he laughed. "make up for lost time with my family and my girl... But right now im going up to my room!" he ran up the stairs. When the door flew open he was hoping his beautiful Latina would be waiting for him onthe bed, but all he was met with was an empty space.

"Hey Mia..." Dom barged into the pink and purple room. "wheres Letty?" he asked, a confused look on his face.

"Before I tell you... Can I talk to you about something" she patted a spot on the bed beside her.

"sure... But whats wrong, your worrying me"

"well its about Letty... No one has let on to you but she has been working her ass offf these two years. Trying to keep it together for us, she tried to be strong. We were running low on money so she took initiative. Letty dropped out of school and left her education behind. She worked full time at the garage, and helped out at the shop whenever she could. Sometimes she wouldnt return home at night... The next day we would find her out like a light on the old couch at the garage." Mia let a small smile creep onto her face. "She raced... She raced alot. She would sweep the floor, no one could beat her, not even close. But people just kept racing against her, She won a shit load of money. But when times were tough she would always be there." her voice lowered and turned to a whisper. "she reminded me alot like mum, always putting others before her... Looking after family first"

Dom had sat staring at the door the whole time. He could'nt beleive what he was hearing for the first time. He did'nt know how he could ever repay her. He looked up at Mia with sad eyes.

"she's at the garage..."

He in silence.

Dom walked slowly into the, taking in the surroundings. There were many cars parked around the large area. Walking througha he could help but ravish in the smell of engine grease and fuel. His finger lightly traced a a swirly light blue pattern that was printed on the side of a dark blue nissan 200sx. The swirls represted the exact way he felt in side... Sad, nervous, excited, happy.

A bright lamp that shone in the corner snapped him out of the deep thought he was in.


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