The House of Imite wasn't one of the most popular trainer stops in Kanto anymore. Ever since Unova's theme parks came around, everyone was more interested in traveling overseas to see bigger and better shows.

This fact ran through Duplica's mind at least once a day while she and her Ditto waited for anyone to show up, either from the rain, or even from curiosity-anyone they could put on a show for. As the days turned to weeks, Ditto turned more and more disappointed every time no visitors arrived. Duplica tried her best to cheer up her purple Pokemon, but the happy smile that Ditto usually wore had long since turned into a depressed frown.

"Oh Ditto, it'll be okay." Duplica said, hugging her little blob of a Pokemon to her chest. "I promise, things will get better before ya know it!"

"Ditto ..." Ditto quietly agreed with her, but Duplica knew it didn't believe her. Knowing Ditto was depressed made Duplica more unhappy than seeing an empty house ever could.

One morning, while walking through her now very dusty costume room, Duplica spotted a few certain outfits in particular-namely those of several Kanto gym leaders. Another walk around the room revealed an old Team Rocket uniform, aged but still wearable.

"I wonder if I could do anything with these." Duplica asked no one in particular as she looked through her various costumes. "I haven't put one of these on in forever now. So much for my big love of cosplay!" Duplica would never sell any of her beloved costumes, so that wasn't an option: although the more she thought about it, money would eventually become an issue. The Imite house didn't cost much to keep up, but her own bills were starting to fall behind as well.

Duplica smiled, memories of her old show days in her mind as she left the room. If there was one thing she was good at, it was cosplaying and making people happy. Since that wasn't much business anymore, there had to be something else she could do with all of those costumes. But what?

After closing up the house for the day (Duplica pretended this even mattered anymore,) she gathered Ditto and went to the actual home part of the building. Ditto slept on the couch next to her while Duplica began browsing the Internet on her laptop, hoping to come across any new ideas.

"Let's see ... birthday parties, nah ... costumed character events, nah ..." Duplica turned down almost every suggestion she found-they were either meant for children (and likely didn't pay well,) or it was a costume she would have to create with money she didn't have. Duplica's eyes lit-up at the next suggestion she read:

"Cosplay-loving girls wanted for movie shoot! No experience required!" Duplica sat the laptop down and picked up Ditto, who instantly snapped awake.

"D-Ditto?!" Ditto looked startled, even moreso when Duplica held it and started to dance around the room.

"We're gonna be in a movie, Ditto! You and me, on the big screen!" Duplica exclaimed, hugging Ditto close to her. Duplica looked down at Ditto, who, for the first time in months, had a very big smile on its face.

Ditto looked excited as Duplica sat down and continued reading the ad.

"Okay ... cosplay-loving girls ... blah blah blah ... must be open and willing to have fun, that sounds like us!" Duplica and Ditto smiled at each other. "Must be able to work late nights, I can do that ... for more info, please call ..."

Duplica reached into her jean pocket and pulled out her Ditto-shelled cell phone. She quickly dialed the number, her smile not once leaving her face.

"Hello? I'm interested in the cosplay job?"

Duplica expected she would be a background extra in some kids' movie, or maybe she'd just wear some huge Pokemon costume and walk around without any lines. She didn't expect what came next.

She and Ditto entered what looked to be a deserted building with a few cars parked in front. For a moment, Duplica considered turning around and heading home, but the excited smile on Ditto's face wasn't something she could turn down. Taking a deep breath, Duplica opened the front door and walked inside: the place was beautiful!

The outside was a huge lie for what the interior was-it looked like a five-star hotel. Ditto stayed on Duplica's shoulder as she walked around, hoping to find whoever it was she needed to bump into. After a few minutes of exploration, a taller man in sunglasses, jean shorts, and a black t-shirt appeared in front of them.

"You are Miss Duplica, yes?" The man asked her. Duplica nodded. "This must be Ditto!" the man's voice turned from deep and intimidating to warm and kind when he playfully poked Ditto's body. Ditto giggled and nodded in response. "You look about right, Miss Duplica ... the right type of Pokemon we need, quite the body on you ..."

"Yeah, I'm pretty great all right!" Duplica beamed. She looked up at the man, who, although in shades, Duplica could tell exactly where he was looking. She held her breasts in her hands, bouncing them while teasingly sticking out her tongue. "Like what you see, eh?"

"Well, I-" The man was flustered, something that made Duplica smile. "In any case, please come with me. I'm sure you and Ditto will be most welcome."

As the man led her through a long hallway, Duplica took the chance to ask something that had bothered her since she spoke with someone about this day over the phone.

"So what kind of movie is this? Kid's? Action?" Duplica asked. The man snickered.

"Sure, something like that." He replied. "Remember, our ad requested a girl who was open to things."

"You're right ..." Duplica put a hand to her chin. "Well, sure, I guess I can do my own stunts!"

"I would hope so." The man snickered once more. "This flick's nothing but stunts, trust me."

"Hear that, Ditto?" Duplica looked at her Pokemon resting on her shoulder. "We get to do stunts! Maybe we can get you on a motorcycle like you wanted."

"Ditto!" Ditto nodded in agreement. "Ditto, dit?"

"Yes, you have to wear a helmet. You can wear shades, though." Duplica replied.

"Ditto!" Ditto exclaimed happily, hugging Duplica's neck with his blob-like arms. Duplica laughed, patting Ditto's head. The group finally stopped at one of the hallway doors, the man opening the door for Duplica. She walked inside, seeing a group of men sitting around a green screen.

"This is the "Duplica" that called us?" One of the men asked. He stood up, approaching her and noticing Ditto on her shoulder. "You brought your own Pokemon, too! That'll save us the cash of hiring one."

"Yeah, Ditto comes everywhere I go." Duplica explained. As she was talking, she noticed this man was eyeing her body as well. "Come on, I'm up here." Duplica crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yeah, sorry." The man apologized. "I'm the director, you can call me Steven. The gentleman who led you here is George." Duplica turned around to the taller man behind her; George sheepishly waved. "Those folks behind me are just the crew, don't worry about them."

"Nice to meet you all." Duplica smiled. Ditto gave everyone a little wave. "So where's our script?"

"Oh, don't worry about that yet." Steven said. "First thing's first. Your shirt here's nice and all, but lose it."

"... Excuse me?" Duplica raised an eyebrow. "I'm not showing a group of strangers my bra."

"I would never ask you to show me that, ma'am." Steven shook his head. "I'm meaning your tits."


Steven rubbed a hand on his reddened cheek, the shape of Duplica's palm covering it.

"I'm not a slut, Steven!" Duplica exclaimed. "I came here to film a movie, not be a showgirl!"

Steven looked at George, who looked nervous. Steven glared at the taller man.

"You didn't tell her what the fuck we're doing here?" Steven asked, his voice full of anger and annoyance. "You were supposed to give her the rundown on the walk down here, idiot!"

"I ... I forgot?" George shrugged. Steven's glare made him shudder. "Uh, Miss Duplica, thing is ... This is a filming for Cosplay PokeSluts 7."

"Cosplay Poke-WHAT?!" Duplica stepped back a bit, fast enough that Ditto fell from her shoulder and landed on the floor in a purple puddle. "No way, no way! I'm not having sex with you guys, I don't even know you!"

"Duplica, calm down!" Steven begged. "We're not asking you to have sex with us, we're not perverts!" The other men raised eyebrows at Steven's claim. "Well, this is a porno, so ... regardless, we're not asking you to have sex with any of us!"

"Fine then, I'll humor you: who am I having sex with?" Duplica asked, her arms crossed and foot tapping. "Let's hear it."

All of the men pointed down. Duplica followed their fingers, seeing Ditto slowly turning from puddle to Pokemon once again. Duplica's eyes widened, her expression nothing but pure shock.

"I ... how do you even ... Ditto doesn't have anything down there!" Duplica yelled, becoming angrier by the second. "That's weird!"

"Ditto can use Transform, Miss Duplica." George explained. "Ditto would transform into other Pokemon for you to-"

"OTHER Pokemon?! You'd make my poor little Ditto be your ... your ... Multi-purpose tool?!" Duplica protested. "You're all sick!"

"That's a very unusual term for it, but basically." Steven said with a nod. "It doesn't cause any pain."

"Yeah, other than emotional scarring!" Duplica shot back. She picked up Ditto and placed it on her shoulder. "Look. I came here expecting to wear a costume and have fun. If you weirdos ever decide to do a legit movie, you have my number." With that, Duplica left the room, slamming the door behind her.

Later that night at the Imite House, Duplica sat at her laptop while Ditto slept next to her, as usual. Duplica had resumed her search for a job while occasionally looking at Ditto, smiling at the sight of her sleeping Pokemon.


Duplica looked down at the sound of Ditto's voice; her Pokemon was looking up at her.

"I'm fine, Ditto. I would never ask you to do things like those men said, don't worry." Duplica gave Ditto a warm smile. "I love you, ya know. You're my best friend."

"Ditto!" Ditto agreed. Ditto slid from the couch, moving into another room. Duplica watched, but assumed it was just bored and went back to her computer.

Hours later with no success, Duplica closed her laptop and sat it next to her. She rested her head in her hands, lost in thought over what she was going to do. No matter what happened, that "movie" was a complete NO. She would never put her Ditto through such a thing. Duplica decided to sleep it off, and hope she would have a better idea in the morning.

"Okay Ditto, bedtime!" Duplica called out to Ditto when she stood from the couch. When Ditto didn't respond, Duplica assumed it had fallen asleep.

After changing into her favorite orange pajamas covered in the same yellow stars as her shirt, Duplica entered her bedroom to indeed find a sleeping Ditto. Duplica smiled, slowly crawling into bed to avoid waking the Pokemon. After a bit of tossing and turning over the stress of the day's situation, Duplica finally fell asleep.

"Ditto ..."

Duplica sat up, looking around-she was back in the same room as before, with the same group of men. Ditto was on her lap, looking at her with a smile. When Duplica looked down at herself, her eyes widened in shock-she was nude! She frantically positioned her arms to hide her breasts and pulled Ditto closer to use him as a makeshift crotch-cover.

"What am I doing here? I told you guys NO!" Duplica shouted. "Where are my clothes?"

"Duplica, you agreed to this." Steven said, looking very confused. "Why are you shouting all of a sudden? We didn't force you."

"But I ..." Duplica looked down at Ditto, whose body had changed in a way Duplica couldn't quite make out; Ditto's lower body was protruding, like it had a long third hand. "Wait, that isn't a ... Ditto's actually a boy?!"

"Ditto ..." Ditto blushed, looking away from Duplica's gaze. "Ditto."

"I don't know, this is weird! It's unnatural! It's ... it's weird!" Duplica shook her head. "Even if Ditto is a boy, I can't do this! I'm a virgin!"

"Relax, Duplica!" Steven tried to assure her. "It'll be fine. No matter what happens, I'll make sure nothing gets out of hand. I'll stop things as soon as they start looking fishy, you have my word."

Duplica looked down at Ditto; he had crawled closer to her, his newfound purple erection slowly getting closer to Duplica's pussy. Her trimmed light-blue pubic hair was glistening from now being wet.

"Ditto, what are you doing?" Duplica asked. Without even thinking, Duplica spread her legs to allow Ditto to approach. "What am I doing?!"

Ditto looked up at her, his erection slowly prodding her opening.

"Ditto ..." Ditto spoke quietly. "Ditto ...? Ditto?"


Duplica shot up, feeling sweat pouring down her body: she was still in bed. She looked down, seeing Ditto looking back up at her, very concerned.

"Ditto?" Ditto asked. Duplica patted the Pokemon.

"I'm fine Ditto, just a dream is all." Duplica assured. "Just go back to sleep, okay?"

"Ditto ..." Ditto shook its head, or what could be called such-it didn't agree with her.

"I swear, I'm fine. It was just a dream, you're not really a boy in that sense of the word ..." Duplica trailed off. "Anyway, just go back to slee-Ditto!"

Just as in Duplica's dream, Ditto's erection was revealed and rather large. Duplica covered her eyes with her hands.

"Put it away, Ditto!" Duplica could feel the heat of her blushing covering her cheeks. "I get it, you're a boy!"

"Ditto ...?" Ditto sounded confused-didn't she want to see that he was a boy?

Duplica peeked through her fingers, looking at the long purple blobby rod that was Ditto's penis.

"This is what they wanted me to put inside of me?" Duplica continued to look at Ditto, who was now looking rather proud of himself. "Ditto, may I touch it?"

"Ditto." Ditto nodded. Duplica was trembling as her hand reached out, taking a quick grasp of Ditto's erection; it was soft, gooey-feeling almost, yet hard at the same time. When Duplica absentmindedly started to pump her hand, Ditto let out a moan that brought her back to reality. Duplica pulled away, blushing just as hot as before.

"I'm sorry, Ditto! Bad touch! Bad touch!" Duplica apologized. "I won't do it again!"

"Ditto?" Ditto seemed confused at Duplica's strange reactions. Didn't she ask if he was a boy? Isn't this what she wanted to see? Judging by her reaction, Ditto was very, very wrong in assuming. Ditto frowned and somehow "retracted" his member. "Ditto? Ditto."

"Well, Ditto, it's just ..." Duplica trailed off. "We're really strapped for money now, but using my body like that ... I don't know if I can." Duplica said, hanging her head in shame. "It also feels like taking advantage of you."

"Ditto!" Ditto moved from the bed, somehow landing on the floor and approaching Duplica's dresser. "Ditto." He motioned for her to approach, and Duplica obliged, opening the top drawer. Her eyes widened; Ditto had somehow discovered her stash of sex toys.

"Ditto, how did you-" Duplica blushed at the sight of her own toys-something she saw most nights, yet embarrassing with her Pokemon near her. Her drawer filled to the brim with vibrators, dildos, plugs, beads, anything a woman could possibly use on themselves. She looked down at Ditto, who, somehow, gave her an amused stare. "I suppose this deserves explaining, huh?"


"Yeah, yeah, I know I threw a fit today and even whenever you tried showing me. Truth is, I'm not opposed to stuff like this." Duplica blushed, scratching her cheek from embarrassment. "It's not that I'm an innocent girl or anything ... well, I mean, I'm not that bad, I'm still a virgin and all ... you don't even know what a 'virgin' is, do you?" Duplica looked at Ditto, who had been following her every word with great interest.

"Ditto." Ditto shook his head in response.

"A virgin is a person who has never had sex." Duplica explained. "I never met the right guy. I had thought about it when Ash was here, since he was just such an amazing guy, but that Misty chick beat me to it!" Duplica pouted at the idea of the red-haired girl. "She was a bitch!"

"Ditto." Ditto nodded, just listening.

"Anyway, I'm not against all of this stuff, Ditto. I just know that you're not sure what those men were asking you to do. I'm not going to give up your innocence just for money."

"Ditto." Duplica turned away at Ditto's still-erect member popping from his body.

"Okay, maybe you DO know what they wanted you to do!" Duplica exclaimed, her entire face red. "I've only masturbated before, I don't know if I could do the real thing!"


"I'm NOT stalling!" Duplica argued. "I just don't think I can have sex with my own Pokemon!"


"I am not!" Duplica protested. "I'm not going to do that to you, so drop it!" Duplica crossed her arms and shook her head. "I don't care how much money they offer us, I can't do that to you!"

"Take care of yourself, Ditto Master!"

Duplica's eyes shot open at the sound of a very familiar voice-that of Ash Ketchum's. Duplica frantically looked around for the boy, seeing him now sitting on her bed with a smile on his face. Duplica grinned, shaking her head and sighing in amusement.

"Nice try, Ditto. Good job on imitating the last thing he said, too." Duplica complimented. She watched as 'Ash' stood from the bed and approached her. "Okay, Ditto. Change back now-mmph!" Duplica was cut off by the boy's lips pressed against her own. Without a moment's thought, Duplica wrapped her arms around Ash and pulled him close, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Ash seemed new to this motion, but didn't take long to join her. Their tongues swirled, kiss deepened, and Duplica's embrace grew tighter until Ash forced himself away from her.

"Okay Ditto, that was ... wow, that ... Oh, screw it!" All logic and reasoning left Duplica's mind as she pulled the boy into another kiss, holding him close and rubbing her body against his. The fact that this was actually Ditto was so far back in Duplica's brain that it was practically gone. "I love you, Ash!" Duplica confessed as she pulled away. "I love you! Leave that bitch and let me travel with you!"

"Take care of yourself, Ditto Master!" Ash repeated with the same smile. Duplica paused.

"You're such a romantic, Ditto." Duplica groaned, obviously annoyed. "Just be quiet, okay?"

"Take care of your-" Duplica slapped a hand over Ash's mouth to silence him, shaking her head.

"No. Be quiet and kiss me some more." Duplica ordered. Ash nodded in agreement.

Duplica wasn't sure how long she and Ditto kissed. All she could remember was Ash pushing her to the bed while her arms stayed wrapped around him. Duplica sat up, seeing Ditto back in his normal form sleeping next to her. Duplica looked down at herself: clothes still on, no particular stains or smells ... so she didn't have sex with the Ash clone.

Duplica wasn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

Taking care not to wake Ditto, Duplica quietly made her way out of the room and found her laptop, sitting on the couch and finding her same job websites still open. She quickly closed the tabs, placing the cursor on her browser's search box. She clicked.

She should be typing something in. She knows what she wants to type in.

She just doesn't know if she can.

Duplica took a deep breath. She looked around, seeing no sign of Ditto. As if recovering from paralysis, Duplica's hands very slowly started to move, her fingers beginning to type.

"How do Pokemon and humans have sex" Duplica had to backspace a few times-shaking hands caused errors more than once.

Duplica clicked "Search."

In seconds, results appeared onscreen-things Duplica never dreamed were possible.

"Girl fucks Machoke! Videos just $9.99 per month!"

"Real Story: My Growlithe rode me like a Ponyta!"

"Mens' guide to Gardevoir and Lopunny-related mishaps"

Duplica's eyes grew wider as she skimmed the list of websites, most of which she was positive would be frowned upon in Kanto. The thought of this sparked an idea, Duplica opening a separate tab and heading for the Wigglypedia website.

"Pokemon and Human sex laws in the Kanto region." Click.

The article was extremely long-much longer than Duplica expected for this kind of topic. Snatching a pair of mint-colored reading glasses from a nightstand, Duplica settled in to read:

"Although frowned upon in Cerulean and Celadon City, areas like Saffron have found Pokephilia films to be extremely popular."

"Pokephilia? Is that what it's called?" Duplica pondered out loud. She resumed reading.

"Most of the Unova region has no strict laws against Pokemon and Human sexual relations. In ancient lore, it is suggested that Pokemon and Humans once married one another, predictably leading to sexual situations. There is no proof of this, however."

Most of the article had nothing to do with legal standing, only explaining the story behind it.

"Although discouraged in Kanto and Johto, sales of Pokephilia films have shown to rise since the Unova region began importing DVDs across the world. Many actresses and actors in Pokemon-related films have been rumored to get their start in underground Pokephilia films."

Again, Duplica didn't understand much of the article at all. The only thing she could take from it was that the act wasn't technically "illegal," more of "don't ask, don't tell."

Trying her best to avoid clicking on a video site, Duplica began searching for any Pokephilia DVDs-if she was going to think about this, there's no shame in finding out how much these people get paid. Surprisingly - to Duplica, anyway - it didn't take much time at all to find an online store brimming with them.

"Caught My Mom with my Mankey" for $20

"Caterpie's Slutty String Shot Jamboree" for $15

"Alakazam Acrobatics 3" for a whopping $80

If those Pokemon brought in that much money, then what would Ditto, a Pokemon who could become anything, earn for these?

"No, no! I still can't sell out my Ditto like that!" Duplica slammed the laptop shut and put it aside. "No matter how much I ..." Duplica looked over at the nightstand, seeing a small stack of envelopes-bills. There was another stack next to it-upkeep bills for the Imite House. Ditto had already been more than willing to do this with her, as he had shown her twice this night.

If Ditto was fine with it - not to mention, wanted to - was it wrong of Duplica, his trainer, to tell him no?

The next morning, Ditto woke up to see an empty bed. He plopped from the bed to the floor and jiggled into the living room, seeing Duplica still in her star pajamas. She was talking on the phone and gave Ditto a warm smile when she noticed him.

"Yeah, it's Duplica. I've thought about it, and ..."

"Yeah, miss? What's it gonna be?" Ditto heard a male's voice from the phone. "What'd you figure out?"

Duplica stammered. Sweat poured down her face. She looked as if she could collapse.

Duplica gulped, and placed the phone close to her mouth, speaking in a whisper.

"... I'll do it."