Later that day, Duplica made her way back to the "studio" building with Ditto happily riding on her shoulder. She stepped inside, seeing the place was deserted, or looked to be-she ignored this and headed in the same direction she had been taken before. She had too much on her mind to worry about where everyone else was.

Duplica didn't bother knocking on the studio door, opting instead to just head inside - something she instantly regretted. The sight in front of her wasn't one she ever expected to see: a black-haired woman, one Duplica didn't recognize whatsoever, was on the floor on her hands and knees facing the wall opposite Duplica. Behind her was an Abra, a very eager one at that; the little Pokemon was furiously thrusting his tan-colored erection into the woman's pussy, getting screams of pleasure as a reaction. George, Steven, and the cameramen had completely ignored Duplica's entrance, all too focused on the sex act in front of them.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" The woman moaned. "Abra, please! Cum inside of me!"

"Just calm down." George urged her. "Just let things come naturally or this is going to look fake."

"This has to look fake, idiot!" Steven argued. "If people realize this shit's the real deal, do you know how sued-out-the-ass I'll be by the Pokemon League?"

"I was just sayin', it'd probably sell more if this looked real. That Flannery DVD sold pretty well." George replied. "She was pretty into it, too."

"Yeah, and if league officials find out that she wasn't a cosplayer, she'd be more fucked than I would." Steven said. "Now shut up before you ruin the mood. It's hard enough to edit out conversation as it is!"

Duplica and Ditto remained silent, watching the act in front of them in complete awe. Duplica was amazed-THIS is what those men wanted her to do with Ditto? The woman looked to be on cloud nine! In total heaven! Something that made her feel THIS good couldn't be THAT bad, right? Duplica's self-assuring was cut off when a loud scream filled the room.


"AAAAb-RA!" Abra moaned as well, thrusting into the woman one final time. Abra's entire body had a faint blue glow as his orgasm hit; Duplica could see his cum leaking from the woman onto the floor. The woman twitched and bucked her hips with every shot Abra gave her, eventually falling to the floor with her ass in the air.

"Ah ... thank you, Abra ... so much ..." The woman looked back at Abra, who was walking around to approach her. Abra grabbed the woman's head and pulled it up a bit as he moved in, opening his mouth during-the two started to kiss, pretty passionately at that. With tongue.

The shock of this had left Duplica by now-she was more amazed at the sight of it, like it wasn't a real thing. This couldn't be a real thing. It's fake, right? Pulleys and wires? CGI?

"Ah, Duplica and Ditto! Right on time!"

Duplica snapped back to reality, seeing Steven approaching her.

"I was hoping you were serious on the phone this morning!" Steven smiled. "I'm glad you decided on us, Duplica. I promise, no matter what happens, this is a legit form of entertainment."

"Yeah, I'll say." Duplica nodded, looking past him at the woman now licking Abra's cum-covered erection clean. "How'd you make this Abra look so real?"

"Huh? Real?" Steven looked puzzled. "You know it's real, right? Abra actually HAS a penis."

"Yeah, okay." Duplica shook her head, taking a deep breath. "Let's just get going, okay?" Steven nodded at her wish and motioned for her to walk past him. As she did, Duplica watched the now-dressed woman walk past her with Abra at her heels. The woman had a rather large wad on bills in her hand and was eagerly counting them as she left the room. Millions of things ran through Duplica's mind as she continued to walk-most of them regret. Maybe she should just turn around right now and run for it.

"Sure, no problem. Let me just get the set cleaned up first." Steven nodded. The cameramen were cleaning Abra's excess cum from the floor, which didn't take long. Duplica was shaking, still standing in place-she could leave, right now. She could. She could leave and forget this ever happened.

Ditto, on the other hand, was very excited. He had hopped from Duplica's shoulder and was eagerly making his way towards the set. He turned to Duplica and motioned her to approach with his of his blob-like hands. "Ditto!" he exclaimed. Duplica took a deep breath and started to walk.

"Am I really going to do this?" Duplica muttered. Before she could finish talking to herself, she was in front of Ditto. She watched as the cameramen wheeled out a very long clothing rack, most of which looking like the costumes she had at home. It took her a moment to remember this was a cosplay porn, so maybe dressing up like she normally does would take some of the pressure off. Anything to drag this on and give her more time to think.

"Okay, so the idea is that you're a cosplay-loving girl whose fantasy is to have sex with all types of Pokemon while playing dress-up." Steven instructed. "You can pull that off, right Miss Imite?"

"Miss Imite?" Duplica asked. "Who's that?"

"Well, every girl in this industry has what most people refer to as a 'porno name.'" Steven replied. "Since you're using costumes to imitate others, and Ditto's basically doing the same, I thought it would be fitting."

"It sounds cute ... I like it!" Duplica approved with a smile. "At least I can be sure no one will know who I am!"

"Great, great. Yeah." Steven agreed. He attempted to hide his annoyance with Duplica's stalling, and fortunately for him, she hadn't noticed. "If you could, please take off your-Duplica, what are you doing?"

"These are awesome!" Duplica was looking through the costume rack, admiring each garment. "I could never make anything this professional-looking! Who should I be first, huh?" Duplica held a policewoman's uniform over herself, looking down at Ditto. "What do you think, Ditto? Officer Jenny?"

"Dit." Ditto shook his head.

"Yeah, you're right. Too overdone." Duplica agreed while placing the costume on the rack. She continued to look through them, not satisfied with any particular choice.

"Actually, I had an idea in mind-" Steven began.

"This one!"

Steven, George, and the cameramen all looked at Duplica, who was now hiding a costume behind her back. Duplica wagged a finger at the men.

"No-no, guys! It's a surprise!" Duplica teased.

"Aren't you going to just change here? Strip already!" George asked with a bit too much force, causing Duplica to slap him across the face.

"I'm not a slut, George!" Duplica shouted. "Now you'll all wait until I'm done changing!" With that, Duplica stepped behind a curtain placed next to the set.

The men all grumbled in frustration at not getting to watch Duplica strip.

"Okay, boys! Are you ready for a Pokemon report?"

The men all watched as a figure stepped out from behind the curtain: DJ Mary, of Johto fame. She looked just like the radio talent from Johto, down to the last detail: Her wide-circle glasses, green sweater with a bust that left nothing to the imagination, and fiery-red hair that matched that of Flannery's. A brown mini-skirt barely hid her panties from the world.

"I thought Mary wore pants, not a skirt." George commented. "I ain't complainin', though. Those hips ..."

Steven's jaw dropped at the sight of "Mary," but he composed himself quickly. "Okay, uh, Mary. You've kind of ruined what script ideas I had for today, but I'm a professional, I'll work with it ..." Steven grumbled, furiously jotting down something on a piece of paper. "Okay, that ... and that, and ... done!" He handed the paper to Duplica.

"Okay, let's see ... Pokemon report, uh-huh ... wild Pokemon ... Is this it?" Duplica raised an eyebrow, looking at Steven. "I barely get like ten lines."

"Viewers don't give a shit about what you have to say, sweetheart." Steven replied with a smirk. "Unless your tits only bounce when you're talking, they don't care."

"Good point." Duplica agreed. She looked at Ditto, who had an extremely eager look on his face. "Okay Ditto, use Transform! Show me ..." Duplica skimmed the page once again. "Uh ... Machoke?"

"Ditto!" Ditto nodded. His body began to glow and change shape, soon forming into a buff, muscled Machoke. "Machoke!" Ditto roared.

"Why a Machoke? How often do you see those in the wild?" Duplica asked Steven, who shrugged. "I thought this was supposed to be believable!"

"Duplica, it's porn. No one cares how believable it is. All I care about is the money I get from selling this stuff." Steven replied. "Now, please, we've played around enough. Get naked."

"I ... uh ..." Duplica began to shiver once more-the moment of truth had arrived. With trembling hands, she grabbed the rim of her green sweater and started to pull up. Her stomach was soon revealed, with the garment just about to pull over her breasts.

"Hey, hold on!" George said. "We've got a problem, here!"

Duplica let out a sigh of relief and lowered her sweater. Steven looked very annoyed.

"What the hell is it?" Steven asked, looking at George. George was looking at Ditto in his Machoke form.

"Come look at this, boss." One of the cameramen said, now looking at Ditto as well. Steven groaned and walked over to Ditto-his eyes widened at the sight.

"Uh, Duplica? Could you come and explain what the fuck is going on here?" Steven asked, not taking his eyes off of Machoke. Duplica looked confused as she approached.

"What's going on-Ditto, not again!" Duplica groaned, placing a hand over her face. "No, not now! Any time but now!" With the firm smack of her hand on her face, Duplica's wig fell from her head onto the floor-a glasses-wearing Duplica took another look at her Pokemon.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Steven asked.

"Well, you see, Ditto used to have a problem. He could change into any Pokemon, but he could never mimic the face correctly." Duplica explained. "That problem got fixed, but now ... jeez!"

Ditto, still in Machoke form, had his brief-like clothing pulled down his muscled legs. Right in the crotch where a normal, gray-colored Machoke's erection should be was a large, throbbing, flopping purple penis-the same color as Ditto's normal form. Ditto looked embarassed at everyone staring at him.

"So he can get faces, but he can't get the dick right? This ain't gonna work!" George complained. "Can ya fix it?"

"Well, thing is ..." Duplica blushed, looking at the floor. "I kind of didn't fix his face. I don't know how to fix this."

"Well, this won't do." Steven said. "I'm not going to fire you, but don't come back until this little issue has been dealt with. Until then, we have other Pokemon with proper-looking equipment, I'd like you to-"

"No. Ditto only or I'm gone." Duplica protested. She took her sweater-covered breasts in her hands and looked at Steven with a grin. "You wouldn't let these get away, would ya?"

"Damn it!" Steven groaned. "This'll give me time to work on the script at least. Go home and figure this out. Put the costume back."

"Nah, I'll keep it." Duplica placed the wig back on, resuming her perfect DJ Mary appearance. "I'll use it for rehearsal!"

"Fine! Whatever! Just go fix that thing's dick!" Steven motioned for her to leave. "Try to be back tomorrow."

"Will do!" Duplica gave the group a wink.

Without attracting any of DJ Mary's Kanto fans, Duplica and Ditto made it home unscathed. Ditto seemed disappointed as they entered, falling from Duplica's shoulder with a 'plop' and leaving to the bedroom. Duplica rolled her eyes and sat on the couch, grabbing her laptop.

"Okay ... Pokemon medical issues ... gender issues ..."

Duplica decided to retry her searching from the night before; maybe another Pokemon had this problem?

After skimming through various results of sex videos, she came across a very peculiar website: "24/7 Joy On-Call," a website where one could ask Nurse Joy any questions about Pokemon health. Duplica hesitated at the idea of asking a completely innocent woman about her Ditto's penis, but what did she have to lose? It was anonymous, after all.

-Connected. You are speaking with Nurse Joy!-

CeladonJoy: Hello, my name is Nurse Joy!

"Well, duh." Duplica muttered.

MsImite: Hello. Please call me Miss Imite. I am having a problem with my Pokemon's body. I have a Ditto.

CeladonJoy: A Ditto? That's a very interesting Pokemon to train. May I ask what the problem is?

MsImite: I apologize, this is a very uncomfortable question.

CeladonJoy: Please, Miss Imite, I'm sure I've heard them all! :)

MsImite: Whenever my Ditto transforms into a Pokemon, his penis remains purple and goo-like. Is this a medical problem?

-CeladonJoy has disconnected.-

"Damn it!"

For the rest of the evening, Duplica's searching proved fruitless. She even joined Pokemon forums to ask the question to others who raised Ditto, but was banned from each one.

Just as she was about to go to bed, a familiar chime snapped her awake: an IM window appeared on the screen.

Pokemon_R_4_Luvin: Hey wassup

"That's what I get for putting my Chatot Messenger name on a forum ..." Duplica sighed.

DittoMaster132: Nothing, I am about to go to bed. What's up yourself?

Pokemon_R_4_Luvin: I saw ur post about ditto's cock, that's kind of fucked up lol

DittoMaster132: You're telling me. Do you know something about it?

Pokemon_R_4_Luvin: Did u try suckin his cock? lmfao

DittoMaster132: I'm going to assume you're joking, so I can't stay up any longer.

Pokemon_R_4_Luvin: no wait Pokemon_R_4_Luvin: omg no wait plz

DittoMaster132: Yes?

Pokemon_R_4_Luvin: My sister's raichu couldn't get it up and she sucked him and now he has huge boners

DittoMaster132: You really think that will work, huh?

Pokemon_R_4_Luvin: yep. if it works can i watch? lmao

-Would you like to block Pokemon_R_4_Luvin?-

Duplica closed her laptop, looking over into her bedroom doorway. Ditto was asleep on the edge of the bed. Could that guy be right? Would giving Ditto a blowjob really cure his problem?

Nah, no way. That guy just wanted masturbation fodder. There's no way something so simple could cure Ditto's problem.

Maybe he wasn't too far-off, though. Something as simple as oral wouldn't do it, but would full-on sex help? Would having his erection actually inside of a female help Ditto take the right shape?

If that was the best solution, then why was Duplica still having second thoughts?