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The renovations for the Café Del Riccio took six days. In those six days the right wall was completely torn down and the café was conjoined with the building next door. This expanded the dining area, the kitchen, and the bar. Hibari hired nine new people to the staff and brought them all in for training in the free day before the café reopened. Hibari brought in Tsuna, Xanxus, Reborn, Gokudera, Spanner, Squalo, and Mukuro to train them.

The new employees were the new waiters Lancia and Basil, Fran as a dishwasher, Mammon working the register, Cozart working the bar, Bel as a chef, Fon working as a manager beside Reborn, and a young girl I-Pin as their new delivery girl.

When Tsuna walked in, the first person he was Bel, and he was surprised. "Bel!?"

The blond turned and smirked when he saw Tsuna. "Ushishishi surprised?"

Bel and Tsuna had gone to the same culinary academy. The blond had taught Tsuna how to properly dice and julien things. In turn, Tsuna had shown Bel how to make a perfect souffle.

"I thought you wanted to work somewhere in France." Tsuna said as he walked up to him.

"Oh, I did. But then I heard of the successful little chef from Café Del Riccio and I applied." Bel smirked, his red eyes peeking through his fluffy blond bangs. Giotto kept yelling at Bel to keep his hair from his face, but Bel refused to do anything about it.

Tsuna blushed at that. "Oh, right…" He forgot that people had actually been writing about him. He wasn't sure what it was that made him so special in everyone's eyes.

Training went by without incident, it was mostly just the new people being shown around the restaurant and their stations. Afterward, they all sat at the bar to have a drink together, minus I-Pin.

Tsuna had brought some cat food for the strays in the alley, and when he went to go feed them that was when Squalo turned to everyone. "Vooi! Alright, listen up bitches! Any of you like Tsuna? Don't fuckin' lie cause we have some ground rules."

Yamamoto, who had tagged along with Gokudera, chuckled and leaned against the bar with a glass of red wine. "Maa Squalo, didn't you see? Bel here knows Tsuna already."

Eyes fixed on the small smirking blond and he shrugged. "Ushishishi looks like I'm ahead of you losers."

"Listen, brat. No one here goes after him, got it?" Squalo growled.

"Most of the staff is in love with the chef, kufufu." Mukuro was stirring a small espresso, the spoon clinking on the sides.

"Why is no one allowed to persue him?" Basil asked curiously and when he was met with dagger eyes, he held his hands up. "I'm just curious, I'm straight!"

"Jealousy would run rampant. The café would go to shambles." Reborn spoke, tilting his fedora over his eyes mysteriously.

"What? Aren't we all adults here? If everyone acted like it, I'm sure that wouldn't happen." Cozart spoke up. He thought it was silly that the chef had become a taboo when there were so many interested people and he was single. "I mean, what would happen if he went after someone here romantically?"

"We have an agreement." Gokudera said.

"Aren't you dating Takeshi?" Lancia asked. It had become clear in the hour they had been there that the two were an item.

"And?" Yamamoto and Gokudera both said, raising an eyebrow each. Lancia just shook his head.

"No one goes after Tsunayoshi." Xanxus growled, like it was final.

In the meantime, Spanner had gotten up and walked into the kitchen. Tsuna almost bumped into him as he was coming back in from the alley. "Oh, Spanner!"

"Yo." Spanner smirked, leaning against the entry to the kitchen. They were in clear view of everyone at the bar, but the only one who had even noticed through all the bickering that Spanner got up was Takeshi, but he didn't say anything.

"What's up? What are they all yelling about in there?" Tsuna asked him curiously. He hadn't been outside for longer than ten minutes… he had gotten distracted petting the cats he hadn't seen in a whole week.

Spanner shook his head. "Everyone here is out of there minds. You wanna go see a movie or somethin'?" The blond asked, pushing off the wall to step into Tsunas space.

Tsunas eyes widened in surprise. "Wha- really?" He asked, beginning to blush. "Like… a date?"

Spanner smirked and nodded. "Exactly like a date."

"Sure." Tsuna said bashfully, his cheeks rosy.

"Great!" Spanner grinned. "Let me grab our coats." He told him before he sauntered over to the bar.

Everyone abruptly stopped arguing when Spanner grabbed Tsunas jacket and all eyes were on him. "I'm taking Tsu on a date. Later losers." He enjoyed all of the wide eyes and dropped jaws, especially Squalo.

Spanner could feel their stares follow him as he sauntered back to Tsuna and handed him his jacket. Spanner lead Tsuna out the back entrance, wrapping an arm around his waist as he threw a smirk back at the flabbergasted crowd before the door shut behind the two men.

There was a three second stunned silence before Tsuna heard a loud ruckus from in the café. He looked curiously at Spanner. "I wonder what that's all about."

Spanner shrugged and handed Tsuna an orange lollipop, mischief sparkling in his usually bored blue eyes. "Who knows?"

The two went and caught a movie about vigilante superhero's and grabbed some gelato on their walk home. Spanner walked Tsuna right up to his door, Tsuna noting that he saw what looked like Xanxus' motorcycle.

Spanner pinned Tsuna to his front door, hands against the wood grain on either side of his head. "Did you have a good time?" He asked, his voice dropping a step.

Tsuna blushed pink and nodded, stuttering. "Y-Yeah."

"Good." Spanner smirked before he leaned down and stole a searing kiss from the man. Tsuna squeaked in the back of his throat before he slid his arms around his neck. Spanner held the kiss for a moment before he pulled away. If he stayed like that a moment longer he would have to invite himself inside, and he knew that there was a trap waiting inside. "I'll see you tomorrow, Tsuna." He winked and chuckled at the degree of red the brunet turned before Spanner left.

Tsuna caught his breath before he let himself into the apartment. On the couch sat Xanxus, Squalo, Yamamoto, and Gokudera, all sharing a bottle of wine. "Hey." Tsuna said, still grinning big and blushing from Spanner. "What are you guys doing here?"

Before the men could make up a terrible excuse, to not make it look like they were a pair of disapproving parents waiting for their daughter after her first date, Yama chimed in. "Oh, Xanxus found this really good wine so we invited him over." Yama always spoke as if he lived in the apartment, too, which he kind of did by now.

"Yes," Xanxus said slowly, taking in Tsuna's flushed appearance. "It's a good year."

"Is there any left?" Tsuna asked, hopefully. Xanxus pointed at an unopened bottle on the kitchen counter and Tsuna went about opening.

"So how was your date?" Takeshi asked, grinning.

Tsuna blushed, but thankfully his back was to them as he was opening the wine. "It was good. We saw a movie…" He turned around with a glass full of the wine. "I didn't know he liked me."

"There's a lot you don't know." Squalo grumbled, and Xanxus shot him a look that could wither a plant in seconds.

"That's nice that you had a good time." Hayato said.

The group sat up talking until the moon was high in the night sky. They kept subtly trying to get more details about the date from Tsuna, but he wasn't spilling much. When Tsuna went to bed, he was thinking about the men at the café… if Spanner liked him, he wondered if anyone else did. Mukuro had almost kissed him on the balcony before…

That night he dreamt again of steel cut abs, flashing red eyes, the taste of home made lollipops on tongues, biting kisses, long silver hair, hands and mouths everywhere. He startled awake in the middle of the night, hot and sweaty and horny.