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"What is that?" Gloria demanded, as Riddick pulled up to the window beside her.

He donned his hat grimly. "That's a Control Brain. They run everything. They're even worse than the Tallests when it comes to Irk being as screwed up as it is."

"And I was supposed to die," Gloria's eyes went from Red, being pulled into the shell of a Control Brain, to Dib, whose back was turned to her. "If I'm not dead…"

Dib turned toward the window, eyes burning yellow. "Then I'll just have to go to the source to ensure the stability of Irk's course, mother dear." Glancing at Riddick, he grinned. "It's too bad you didn't take me seriously, Riddick. I'm about to take you very, very seriously."

Red strained forward, but his footing slipped. The wires, now wrapped around most of his body, dragged him backwards into the shell. They tightened, digging into his PAK, his skin, his skull. His eyes darted up to Gloria's for a moment before the device sealed shut around him.

The house began to shake. Gloria stumbled, grabbing onto the window ledge as Riddick flung his arms out for balance. "NOW what?" He demanded.

"OPERATION KEEPSAFE!" GIR's voice trumpeted from the ceiling speakers as the house rose into the air. The living room TV snapped on, an image of Zim front and center.

"GIR," Zim snapped, "Listen to me. I'm about to give you a very important mission. I don't know if I'm going to win this fight, and if I don't, I have the feeling something very bad might happen. Download this code and it will tell you how to merge with the base. Then take the base, all of it, and make sure everyone is safe. Gloria, Mikko, Tiana, Della, Tom. I assume Tunaghost and Gaz are with me, they'll be able to handle themselves. Take care of them GIR. Don't let Irk find them. And if something goes wrong and you feel it from my PAK, don't let me near them. Keep them safe, GIR."

The image of Zim faded out, replaced by a three dimensional blueprint image of the base as it lifted off the lawn, and four thick, metal tubes sprouted from the bottom and hit the ground like legs. The base bounded down the street, like a dog, away from Dib, Gaz, and the Control Brain.

"For someone who snaps so easily, this wasn't a bad plan," Riddick allowed, helping Gloria keep her balance.

The base screeched to a halt in front of another house. Bending down, it punched a hole through the front with a minor nudge. After the smoke cleared, Della was the first one out, frying pan in hand and swinging.

"Zim!" She screeched. "Is this some kind of joke? It's not funny, and you'd better be ready to fix this by tonight!"

At Riddick's questioning look, Gloria said, "They took him in. They were his family for the last several years."

The front door of the base swung open, allowing wires from the ceiling to pass through and reach out, wrapping around Della. Two more flew in through the hole in the front of the house, pulling out Tom and Tiana. All three were pulled back into the base as the front door shut and locked firmly.

"Already got Mikko," GIR tried to assure Della. "She gonna be mad when she wakes up."

"SHE'S gonna be mad?" Della struggled against the wire, swinging the pan wildly. "What's going on?"

Staring, Riddick asked incredulously, "A frying pan? Really? What can that do?"

"Get over here and I'll give you a sample!" Della ran in place, still held fast.

"Della, get ahold of yourself!" Tom tugged at his wire. "What's going on?"

"HOLD TIGHT!" GIR trumpeted, as the image on the TV screen changed one more time. Wires slipped out to brace Gloria and Riddick as well, as the base compressed, the edges of the squarish building rounding out. The metal tubing tucked in tightly, and the back of the base extended into a large drill. The whole building tilted vertically, the back wall suddenly the floor. The drill roared to life, plunging them deep into the earth.

"I just wanted to let you all know I'm having a terrible time right now," Riddick groaned, "And if I vomit on myself, I blame YOU, talking house."

"You're welcome, Cranky!" GIR responded.



Somewhere in the belly of the Massive, a new Control Brain was connected to the network under a pair of watchful yellow eyes. The sheer amount of misery pouring off this one would provide decades of power before it ran dry.

Somewhere out in space, a signal hit every satellite around Earth, projecting a message in every language to every receiver. "My mate has been stolen," Tallest Red's voice intoned, "Find who took her, and return her, or your planet will suffer. Kill her kidnappers, or bring them to me." Across every computer and television screen, images flashed. Della, Tom, Mikko, Tiana, Tunaghost, Riddick. There wasn't a civilized corner of the world that did not receive the message. The fate of the world depended on finding Lady Gloria, and making her kidnappers suffer.

Somewhere in the dungeons of the Massive, a young Morflar lay, wrapped in sonic bonds. It was so hard to remember why she was so upset. Her insides ached with hunger, and her body and mind hurt from the restraints. She couldn't think right. Something was important, something purple, but what?

Somewhere, miles above Earth, a large sphere ejected from one of the fleet's smaller flagships. At first glance, it could have been mistaken for a bit of space junk, with its pitted metal surface and broken lenses. But a small glow lit at the back of it, propelling it steadily toward the Earth. With one focus in mind, the broken down Control Brain entered Earth's atmosphere, ready to put an end to what it had begun.

Somewhere in the city, a young woman followed a trail of fearful and wounded witnesses, pointing her east, ever east. When there were no more witnesses, there were peculiar footprints to follow, and scraps of orange cloth. And as the staggered prints became clearer, she finally came upon her quarry, and witnessed the most horrifying thing she'd ever seen.

Somewhere in the hot, flat stretches of abandoned land that lay to the east of the city's outermost limits, a broken, shattered Irken stumbled to a halt, tearing off the last remaining shreds of his orange sweater. Tears streamed down his face in continual streams, but he could not stop laughing. His side had long since stopped bleeding, but what was broken was far deeper than the scalpel could have touched. He flung himself down on the ground and lay there, hour after hour as he grinned up at the sun. As it began sinking toward the horizon, he sat up slowly. His head tilted to the side, as if listening to a voice only he could hear. Abruptly, he threw his head back, laughing again. He raised his hands to the sky and shrieked defiantly, "Anything to keep playing! Make it happen!" And as a blinding flash of green light enveloped him, his voice resounded from the center.




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