~* chapter one *~

the weather was very cold becuz it was winter time. Florianna fastasa serenity is walking don the road and was very cold. she was looking for the Hogwarts Castle in the middle of the city becaus she has been chosen to become the castles maid. she walk and walk and soon she get there. the guards open the door for her.

"Thank you" she said politely and the guards smiled at heshe felt good after that. Just then she met a tall and stern lookng maid with red hair who made her feel small. still flora greeted her polite.

"Who r u" she demanded and flora was shocked.

"Who r u" flora asked sadly

"I am ginny blackheart" she said menacing. "we dont want you here"

Flora don't know why grinny was so mean at her i mean i was invited here to be a maid! she was scared. just then a man with black hair came down the stairs.

"It is prince harry" everyone gasped and bowed.

harry was a very handsome person. flora was surprised. harry said to ginny "stop doing this to her i was the one who invited her here" Flora blushed. ginny was angry "b-but you are the headmaster heir harry" she said "and you are engaged to me"

"i am engaged to no one" said harry "begone ginny before i explode you"

ginna ran away

"how can i repay you" said flora

"just be here forever and ever' breathed harry