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Upside of Being Down Below

Chapter One: The Beginning and End


Thousands of years ago there was the great big bang that started our solar system. They say the universe is unpredictable and that's why it is so much fun. But what's so special about my world or worlds, is that it is the only one in existence to have Twin Gravity. That's right, where does it come from? The answer's quite simple really, in the galaxy there exists two worlds so close together and so much alike. They have the same resources and same body structures, like identical twins. Hence, the Twin Gravity part. The two worlds co-exist around the sun, just enough to sustain life.

It is believed that there is also a twin soul that exists in our universe. It only happens once in millennia, but the legend has it that they are born with the same soul. But they are separated, to find each other later in life. I find it to be a load of bollocks, but hey I live on a world that co-exists with another. But, it is believed that nothing, not even duel gravity is stronger than their love. I'd like to be naïve and believe that for an hour out of my day.

Like anything to do with Physics and all that bollocks, there exists the Three Laws of Twin Gravity. One is all matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, and not the other. The 2nd law is an objects weight can be offset by matter from the opposite world, called inverse matter. The 3rd law of the Twin Gravity is after some time in contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns. See in my world it is possible to fall up and rise down.

I, however come from the Down Below world. Down Below is considered to be the poorer of the worlds. Down Below is a harsh, dirty, wet and rough world. But we all survive day to day, even though we're all very poor and not as rich or great as the Upper World, we still kind of enjoy our lives. Why is the Upper World more wealthy and prosperous than us? They buy our cheap oil, and they sell electricity to us at a ridiculous price.

Anyone to go Up or have any contact from anyone in the Upper World is punishable by Death or to be incarcerated for life. We cannot have any contact with anyone from Up, it's highly forbidden. Why? I honestly don't know.

Want to know about me? My names Naomi Campbell and I killed my girlfriend. What a thing to say, right? I didn't abuse her, or anything. Please, just let me explain the entire story before you judge me. I loved Emily Fitch more than life itself. Of course I was only 18 but, I know what love is. I hadn't anything else that even came a fraction to what I had with Emily.

Let me tell you a bit more about me first. I was orphaned at a young age. Throughout my young life I had to live in an orphanage. My parents didn't give me up or didn't love me. In fact they had loved me, I was there pride and joy. They were both killed in an oil refinery explosion. They were basically killed by Transworld. They're nothing but greedy disgusting, conniving wankers.

There were two things I loved most in the world when I was twelve. Model Aeroplanes and my Aunt Gina's famous flying pancakes. Aunt Gina was the last living relative I had left, even though the laws and curfews were really strict in the world back then, they let me out on the weekends and I always visited her. She was really sweet, and loving.

Aunt Gina regularly sent me out to get the key ingredient in her pancakes. It was the pink pollen from the pink bees. They only ever existed up in the mountains behind her house. My story wouldn't be possible if it weren't for those bees. No one knows how or why but the pink bees somehow collect pollen from both worlds.

Every time I would go collect the pollen I would venture a little higher each time. But, I was very careful of when I went or how I got passed the fence. The mountains were off limits to us, because I am assuming that the mountains were so close to the Upper World. And, it was possible to climb over to the other side.

One day I decided to just go all the way as I climbed after collecting the pollen. I had brought my favourite Aero Plane, I liked to watch the inverse rain fall up also. It was a sight to see. As I stood on the branch of the tree I was perched on, I felt the breeze roll by and I knew it was time to finally let go of my plane. It wind caught under its wings and drew it higher and higher into the air. But on the Upper World it flew lower and lower. Also, it flew upside down. To anyone it would have been great seeing a plane glide upside. I watched as it made contact with the snow on the Upper World, it got stuck under a branch. I felt my heart constrict because I knew no one would get it for me and there it would have to be.

Out of nowhere, and I mean I looked and I didn't see anyone. Out bounded from the trees came a brunette girl, she was dressed it a deep crimson wool coat and her hat matched it. She also wore white tights and black boots. Somehow she came across my Aero Plane and just so happened to look up at me. When our eyes connected it was like my world and her world were finally complete. My heart beat like an oil pump on the highest notch, I felt my stomach flutter and I couldn't help but smiling wide. Her eyes were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

"Hi," I said as I continued to smile at the girl who would become my life.



Six years later

Years have passed since I met Emily Fitch. The girl was unlike anyone I have ever met in my entire life. She was sarcastic, and witty. But she didn't overly do it, like most. She was very intelligent, and she also worked out. So her body image was a plus as we got older. It was always a shame I never really got to see it because on top of the mountain it was always borderline freezing for us.

I sat atop the mountain as the wind blew and beat against my body. I had been waiting almost a half hour for Emily. Where was she? I was beginning to panic because what if something was wrong? Our relationship finally evolved from friendship to relationship. I can't have that happen. I didn't want it to happen at all. As I gazed out in front of me, I could see the vast wilderness beaten with snow. It wasn't really deep or anything but it was sprinkled to carefully on top of the trees that it looked like someone placed the snow there and messed with it until it settled perfectly against the leaves. I now looked directly below me, as I was sitting less than a foot off the edge of the rock. The rocks had almost looked like steps for a giant that lead all the way where I was sitting. And, I was sitting at the highest point I could climb to, if I climbed anymore higher it would be much more cold and I simply didn't have the right clothing for that. I still really don't have the right weather permitting clothing now, but I put many layers on because I could suffer through the cold for Emily, she was definitely worth it.

I soon heard the familiar crunching of Emily's boots against the snow, I stood up as they stopped and I turned around and looked up. I was met by a smiling Emily Fitch, dressed up in her dark black wool coat. Her now crimson red locks had small flakes of snow peppered on her, I smiled wider because she simply couldn't get anymore more beautiful.

"I'm sorry, I'm late. My neighbor got robbed," Emily began, I noticed she was slightly out of breath. "They're saying someone Down Below did it. There's road blocks and border patrol everywhere."

"Don't worry, you're here now," I said a little loud because the wind was picking up slightly. "So everything is fine."

"Pull me up." Emily said with a mischievous grin, I leaned down and grabbed the long rope, and I through it up in the air to her. She caught the thick rope and tied it tightly around her waist. I made sure she was finally tied. I hopped off the rock I was on and stood under it. The rock formation was perfect, it was slightly curled so it had a small cave like structure under it so Emily could sit there when I pulled her down.

Ten minutes later and a lot of pulling and curses later, Emily was finally as close as she could be to me. I grinned as I stood on top of a rock and I was now almost eye level with her. We shared a deep lingering kiss, because we hadn't seen each other in a week. The longest we have gone before. Even though it was not a normal kiss a normal couple would have, it was upside down and we were an upside down couple. I still savoured every second of our heated kiss. We couldn't take things further than just a few kisses because it was too cold and her gravity was still pulling her to her world even if she was technically on my world. That's what I hated about her being from the Upper World. She would always be upside down to me, and I would always be upside down to her. There was nothing normal about our relationship now. Even if we were two teenage girls in love, we would never have the satisfaction of walking down the street holding hands or getting pissed together in our new apartment. We could never own anything together, or be able to sleep in each other's arms like normal young couples.



A half hour later, I was sitting on the cave floor and I had to quickly eat the food in my hand before it would fall up. I quickly chewed the bread covered in inverse jam. It was definitely far better than Down Below jam. Before I could suck the jam off my finger it quickly fell up to the ceiling of the cave, I made a face as I giggled and looked over at Emily who was wearing the same facial expression as I. I swallowed the matter in my mouth quickly.

"You're right, it does taste amazing." I grinned as I made eye contact with her. "Oh! I got you something as well." I leaned over and opened my bag, before reaching my hand in the grab the container; I looked up at Emily once again. "Close your eyes." She almost questioned me, but she obeyed and I unscrewed the cap of the container, I gathered some pink jam on the spoon, and I got as close as I could get to Emily. "Open up, Miss. Fitch," I quickly slid the jam inside her mouth and she ate it. She made a satisfied moaning sound and my hormones skyrocketed.

"That is amazing. How do you make that stuff?" She questioned as she opened her eyes.

"Can't say," I smiled as I sat down opposite of her so we could look at each other comfortably without straining our necks. Emily suddenly looked at me seriously all playfulness gone; she raked her eyes over my face before asking her question, I knew that she would inevitably ask.

"Don't you wish you could just go anywhere?" She asked as she crossed her ankles, and I nodded slightly.

"Of course, we can always pretend too though, right?" I smiled wickedly as I stood up and held out my arms. "Come on, grab ahold. I'll show you."

I finally got Emily to fit comfortably on my back, her arms and legs wrapped comfortably around my frame. This is the closest we have ever been and so far all I can feel and think about is the heat radiating off her body.

"What're we doing, Naoms?" Emily asked breathlessly against my neck, I swear if my gravity wasn't holding onto me so tightly the butterflies and heat at the pit of my stomach would have caused me to float away. As I stood at the edge of the kind of cliff, I grinned widely.

"Pretending to go anywhere," was my only answer before I hopped off the rock. We safely floated down to a rock that was 10 feet below us. Due to both of our gravity pulls we were safe for a few reasons. If I had jumped that by myself I would have broken my leg, because of my gravity pull. But with Emily spidermonkeyed on my back and the work of her gravity pull we were safe as possible. We continued all the way down to the woods, we were laughing and having a good time.

But that good time was ruined when we heard explosions. Three now at least, each one getting closer, I listened intently and I heard voices and barking of the men's dogs. If I were caught with Emily, our guardians would be incarcerated. So, I turned us around and we hastily made our way back up the mountain.

We made it back to the mountain and I helped Emily tie the rope around her body and I held tightly onto the material as I kissed her bye. We didn't have time for anything else than a hasty goodbye kiss. As she was being lowered onto her world, we kept eye contact the entire time. I could see the terror in her eyes, because the men had guns. And they were shooting at us. Narrowly missing my body, I was trying to be as quick as I could without dropping and hurting my Emily. But, I was too late. One of the men had gotten a good shot at me and I remember feeling severe pain in my shoulder and I dropped to the ground. As I fell I let go of the rope and Emily hurtled up to her world. She had to be a good 15 feet away from the rock.

Her petite frame hit the rock hard, and I remember seeing her so still. She wasn't moving and I couldn't see her breathing. Her body lay cold, and stiff in the freezing snow. I watched in horror as I recognized the blood slowly seeping from her head. I was screaming her name until my voice went hoarse and I was captured. She didn't move or anything. I figured she had to be dead. And I was the cause of it. I had barely recognized the gunshot wound I was now sporting. It was just a flesh wound though, it wasn't anything serious. The only thing serious that happened was that I had killed Emily Fitch, my fucking girlfriend. I dropped her and she cracked her head open.

That night after my arm was fixed up; the border police had set fire to my Aunt Gina's house. As I was staying there because I had aged out of the orphanage, I was so afraid for her because I knew she would be dead or worse go to prison with the men. The police were ruthless, four officers had to hold me back as I screamed my apologies to Aunt Gina. Tears were streaming down both of our faces because we knew the inevitable happened.

"I'm so sorry, Gina! I'm sorry!" I screamed over and over as they were holding us back and trying to get us into different cars. They destroyed our home now, and they now were taking the very last of my family. I loved Aunt Gina more than anything in the world. She was my rock, and I was only 18 years old. Barely even a woman. All in one day I had lost the love of my fucking life, I killed her and I might as well have killed my Aunt Gina.

"It's not your fault! You did nothing wrong!" Gina yelled as she almost broke free of the officers grasp. She just wasn't strong enough as they finally got her into the car much sooner than I had gotten into the car they were trying to put me in. I was sobbing uncontrollably now, I knew deep down I would never see my Aunt Gina again.

They didn't kill me; they didn't even put me in prison for what I did. They knew what I had gone through was already punishment enough for it all. They let me believe I killed Emily. And, it was confirmed Gina Campbell was now officially deceased. I have to walk around with this overwhelming guilt that I had gotten Gina killed all on top of everything else.


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