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Chapter 3


Work. Measure. Write. Measure some more. That's what my work life has been mostly since I started working. This past week has kind of sucked. Don't get me I like working here, but the people are huge snobs and wankers. But, then I remind myself it's all for Emily. I've barely had time to help with Cook and Doug at the factory. I wonder how they're going about stuff? I bet everything's disorganised and food wrappers are everywhere.

I twisted around in my chair as I began mixing up more of the liquid. This will take another day just to set and be ready to actually be made into the cream. Great, I thought. Even though things are a bit boring here, I like being able to perfect my solution. It's a lot of fun for me, but what is the biggest pain in my arse is when it fails. I need to find a way to make it last longer than it already is.

Just as I was about to set the pink fluid aside to settle a bald man came up to my desk, and he had someone following him. It looked like a large fridge but, I couldn't be sure.

"Ms. Campbell?" The bald man in glasses asked and I nodded. "Right. Here is your first allocation, and the key to your refrigerator. Keep it refrigerated throughout the day; mind you it gets very hot." The man said as he looked down at his clipboard, not once looking up at me. I don't see what's up his arse since he's from Down Below like me. I watched as he took out the piece of steal and held it down and then quickly unlocked my fridge and placed it inside. And handed me the key and he was quickly on his way. I made a face as he did so. I turned back to my desk and looked at my paper work.

"Not much of a people person he is." A voice from above me rang out. I looked up and saw Panda smiling down at me. She looked around before she began speaking again. "Visit the smoking room today, will ya?"

"Sure, Panda." I answered as I looked back to my work again, I wonder what she'd like to speak to me about.



A half hour later, I finally entered the smoking room. I looked around nervously as I saw only one occupant.

"Panda?" The body quickly turned around and beamed.

"Ello, Naomi. Come in." She said as she lit something that looked like a rolled up fag, as I got closer I smelled it and it just so happened to be a spliff. "Wanna smoke?"

"Oh, no thanks. I don't." I smiled as I made my way across the room and sat in a chair so I could look up at her comfortably.

"No one smokes in Transworld anymore." Panda said in a mocking voice as she giggled. "My mum says, oh well. I like Spliff. It calms me, you know? Otherwise I'm bouncing off the walls."

"That sounds … interesting." I said as I played with my fingers. "I never had any spliff before. Sure the odd smoke, but never drugs."

"Oh, why not?" Panda inquired.

"Down below we can't afford it." I looked up at her blue eyes and smiled sadly. "It was always only what we needed." I informed as I shrugged. "You get used to it."

"Ah. I see, so do you happen to like stamps?" The smaller woman asked, I had to stop myself from laughing because that was honestly such a weird thing to ask out of nowhere.

"I like them, but not a lot. Why?"

"I have a stamp collection, you see. And, I was hopin' if you could get me some from the other side you know?" Panda asked as she put on her best puppy dog eyes.

"Sure, if you can do one thing for me." She nodded quickly. "Get me in contact with Emily Fitch."



A few hours later, I was sitting at the docks with Doug and Cook. Panda had agreed to contact Emily for me. She didn't ask questions or scold me for doing something I shouldn't have.

"So, how are you going to talk to her?" Cook had asked me as we shared a smoke. This was a once a week thing. All three of us would sit and watch the waters, and share a few smokes between us.

"I don't know yet. But, I have someone that can contact her."

"I don't think it'd be worth it, mate." He said. I turned and looked at him, I was angry that he thought Emily wouldn't be worth it for me. Emily was worth anything. Even getting in trouble with the law.

"It is worth it, James." I said as I took the fag from his fingers and inhaled. "Emily is worth it, Emily will always be worth it."

"It's been five years, Naomi. What do you think she's gonna do when she sees ya?" Cook asked and continued. "Oh, Naomi I love you. I've waited all this time even though I thought I'd never see you again?" Cook mocked me and I shook my head as I shoved his shoulder.

"Shut up." I said as I passed Doug the fag. "I don't know for sure what's going to happen. I can't predict it, but I just know it'll be perfect."



Over the next two months, I collected all of my allocation. I decided I'd use them as weights for my body. Sure, I froze a lot at night. But it was worth it. I knew I'd be seeing Emily soon. I got Panda her stamps, I had finally made my anti-aging cream work longer than 15 seconds. And not to mention I was storing all of my allocation in the boiler room of the floor. I was sneaking around and I was so glad that I hadn't gotten caught yet. But, I had to keep my allocation somewhere right? By the way, when I say Allocation it's all of the steal and weight's I get paid in. anyway, I only take one out of the pile to heat my home and nothing more.

Now I was headed to a meeting to show the people from up top what I could do with my aging cream. I walked into the room, I saw David Blood and a few other executives from the company. I didn't say anything, I was instructed to keep quiet as I conducted my presentation. I walked up the set of stairs, and now above my was one of the most wrinkled dogs I had ever seen in my life. I slipped on my white latex gloves slowly, and then I smothered all of the cream on my fingers. I looked up as I began rubbing it on the dogs wrinkles. He made a content groan as I was massaging the cream into his fur and skin. After I finished I dropped my hands and looked at David.

"How long does this work, Ms Campbell?" David said as he clasped his hands together.

"About a few minutes or so." I answered as I pulled the gloves off my hands.

"That's not nearly enough –" David began but he was interrupted by the senior executive.

"That's enough to conduct human trials. Thank you, Ms Campbell." He said and I nodded and turned to quickly leave the room.



I really hated spending any amount of time with those kind of people. I had no idea how Emily could even stand being from up top. I looked at the clock and noticed everyone had left as I began to put my things away, and then I tried to make myself look busy as Panda was packing up to leave.

"Glad the presentation went well, Naomi." Panda said as she grinned up at me. I nodded my thanks, and noticed she had the dog by her side. "I got a free nice experimented dog. Isn't that whizzer?"

"That's awesome." I said as I tried not to grimace. "I'll see ya Panda."

"You know they don't pay overtime right?" She asked as she grabbed the leash and started to walk away.

"I know. I just have a few more things to work on." I said as I waved goodbye.

A half hour has passed and I looked around the large room, I smiled as I hoisted myself up onto of my desk, and jumped as high as I could and grabbed Panda's phone. It immediately went to directory, and I asked for graphic design. I waited a few moments and the phone was answered.

"Yeah, this is Pandora Moon. And, I would like to speak to Miss. Fitch please." I asked and then again I was disappointed. "Maybe, I could come in tomorrow and I could see her. When is the best time for her?" I asked and waited again. The time Emily was free, I smiled because that time was perfect for me. "Great. Thanks, Miss. Stonem." I said and waited for her to hang up.

I couldn't believe it, I would be meeting Emily tomorrow. After 5 years and some odd months I am finally going to meet the love of my life again.

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