this is a REALLY messed up parallel universe thing,

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"Order up!" Ding! Rapunzel jumped at the subtle sound of the kitchen bell.

This is the story of a girl. A girl named, Rapunzel.

Ah, the naïve Rapunzel.

She stupidly married a horrible man called, Father Gothel.

Her mother died at birth and her father perished as well when Rapunzel was 20.

It is now a year after and Father Gothel isn't the same man he was when they met.

He was so nice, then when they married, he was slightly abusive, absolutely piggish, and horrible.

But, he was all she had.

Rapunzel had been working at Corona Pies for as long as she could remember.

And she had made many friends.

One of which was the cook, even though Rapunzel was the one that baked most of the pies.

His name was Maurice.

Maurice Fischer was large, bald and seemingly malicious.

He was supposedly scary to most people, but not Rapunzel. Of course, she saw the best in everyone.

Anyone who even walked past him was mesmerized, and sometimes, disgusted.

Mostly because of his, slightly, violent reputation, sneer and sort of evil look.

But it was mostly because of the hook that replaced his right hand.

Of course, everyone thought he had been too reckless, or even chopped it off himself!

But Rapunzel knew why, because she was the only one Maurice trusted to tell.

His father was a drunk and had been in prison many times, (that's what lead on Maurice's reputation) and was put in a mental hospital 12 years ago for cutting off his own son's hand with his butcher knife, more like sword. (His father worked as a butcher in the local town, that's why people feared Maurice.)

But that's not how Rapunzel saw him.

He was actually an exceptionally good pianist.

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