The Meeting

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It was the start of a new day at Mahora Academy, and the school was full of much excitement. At the beginning of the school year, class 3A was shocked to find that their new homeroom teacher was going to be a ten year old boy named Negi Springfield.

After that, everything seemed to had gone out of whack at Mahora Academy. The young ten year old was found to be a mage. The first to find out about his secret was Asuna Kagurazaka, class 3A's biggest loudmouth and known to picking fights with the classes' Iincho, Ayaka Yukihiro.

From the sudden vampire attack that happened at the start of the school year, to the classes' school trip to Kyoto. Class 3A had been undergoing complete and total turmoil and craziness.

It was a bright and shining day at Mahora Academy, and rumors of a new transfer student was coming to Mahora was all that circulated around the school. The transfer was apparently supposed to be arriving in class 3A that day, and everyone was in a buzz.

"We haven't had a transfer student in a long time! This is such a huge scoop! And to think the student is coming during the middle of the first term!" Exclaimed class 3A's typical newsgirl, Asakura Kazumi.

"Ne ne, Asuna, Secchan, what do you think the new transfer student will be like huh?" Konoka Konoe asked as she looked over to her two best friends. Konoka's best friend, Setsuna Sakurazaki, the classes' fellow swordsman put some thought into the young heiress's question.

"Hmm, I suppose we won't know until she arrives, right?" Setsuna replied for she was still trying to grasp the fact that a new transfer student was actually being admitted so late into the term. Asuna gave Konoka a different reaction however.

"Maybe she'll be just as crazy as all of us! I mean after all, she's being transferred into 3A!" Asuna laughed as she looked at Konoka with excitement. The stir of this news was certainly something that was a lot more exciting than what had happened during the school trip.

"Alright everybody please settle down!" Negi spoke as he walked into the classroom. For once the rowdy class quickly sat in their seats, for they were excited to see the new transfer student.

"As you all know there have been rumors that a new transfer student would be transferring into this class. I would like to put an end to those rumors. There is someone new that I would like to introduce to all of you, but as for the person being a transfer student, that's not exactly correct…" Negi explained as he looked at the class.

This created an uproar amongst the class, for the rumors that they had been hearing was all completely wrong.

"Now then everyone, please listen to what Negi-sensei has to say!" Iincho shouted as she tried to get the classes' attention. Clearing his throat, Negi smiled as he turned to the door.

"As I was saying; everyone, all the way from Kyoto, I would like you all to meet our new assistant teacher!" Negi announced as he gestured over to the door. The class watched as the door opened to reveal a boy with hair that partially covered his left eye. His hair was a dark brown that it almost looked like it was black. Throughout his hair he had tinted reddish highlights, and his eyes were a deep brown, also almost black.

He was about a foot and a half taller than Negi, and he too had a soft expression and kind face like Negi. He wore a blue suit with a red tie; the exact same colors that Negi wore on his first day at Mahora. He later began to wear a green suit after his blue one was torn to shreds during the battle against Evangeline.

"Hello everyone; it's very nice to meet you all. My name is Blair Nakamura; I hope we can all get to know each other." The boy before them gave a gentle smile and a courteous bow. Before the boy could say another word, the whole of class 3A was already surrounding the boy and attacking him with questions.

"Oh my gosh! How old are you Blair-sensei!?"

"Are you a prodigy like Negi-sensei!?"

"You're sooo handsome!"

The girls were attacking Blair with questions left and right, but unlike how Negi first dealt with these attacks, he was rather calm about it.

"Um, I'm sixteen and as for being a prodigy…I did finish college at the same age as Negi-kun. And as for being handsome, I'm not really so sure about that…" Blair calmly replied as he looked over to Negi.

"Ahem, well, Blair-san here will be assisting me with classes by distributing materials, doing the morning role and various other tasks. Please treat him with the same respect that you all treat me with, and let's all make him feel welcomed!" Negi happily spoke as he gave the boy a bow and a handshake.

"Negi-kun can't we ask Blair-kun a few more questions pleaaaasee?" Makie Sasaki asked as basically the entire class shot Negi a pleading face. There wasn't much Negi could do, for as much as he tried to control his class, they just wouldn't seem to listen. Even Iincho's firm handling of the class was no match for everyone else's begging.

"Everyone should be listening to what Negi-sensei has to say!" Iincho shouted as she tried to help her beloved sensei.

"Aww, come on Iincho! Aren't you curious about Blair-sensei too?" Yuuna Akashi grinned as she began to nudge her elbow into the class representative. They all watched as the blonde haired beauty twitched at the question, for they all knew that she too was curious about Blair.

"F-fine; we can take ten minutes of class before we start class to ask Blair-san some questions. It would be nice to get to know him after all," Negi smiled as the rest of the class took their seats and eagerly waited to begin their game of twenty questions.

What they thought would be ten minutes, ended up becoming almost half of the class. This was only the beginning of what seemed to be a brand new friend of the class.

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