What Happens Next?

Ch. 1: Get Wasted

A man dressed in a light tan shirt and baggy trousers, which were hanging loosely of his malnourished figure, was busy contemplating his luck with moving the debris of the building, which had collapsed, off of his property. It didn't look promising. Nevertheless, Eren was not the type of person to just stand there. No one was looking for him, no one was shouting orders at him, and no titans were decimating the human population. For the first time in 6 years, he was content. Well, as content as a surviour of a titan holocaust could be and he was set on helping the citizens out. Also he was a little bored.

It had only been 1 week since they managed to fight the titans off. Eren really didn't remember all what happened that well; only that he 'titaned' out and with what was left of the S.O.S and of the Military Police finally defeated their murderous foe. The mystery of the titans had also been unraveled. The titans being a giant race from thousands of years ago and how they wanted to claim the land that was supposedly theirs by right and that the Humans were the enemy and in their way.

Annie, Reiner, and Bertholdt were all slaughtered, with the help of Eren of course. It took over 15 titans to take the Colossal Titan down. The day the three had fallen had been the longest day that humanity had ever gone through. The howling of children and the agonizing screams of innocents were like a record being played on repeat. First, the Wall of Titans (or Wall Rose and Maria) had be broken and the once hardened protectors of humans began to loosen their dormant muscles and continue protecting what they had sworn to protect 100 years ago. The Wall Titans had come as a surprise and as a full sent-from-the-gods-above miracle. When Eren thinks about it, without the help of those titans, humanity would have truly been lost.

It turned out that the preachers had been mislead from the true objective of the Wall Titans, thanks to an hysterical but influential priest back 80 years ago who had disregarded what he had been taught and was dead set on changing the records and showing his fellow priests 'the truth'. Nevertheless, the Wall Titans were some of the first soldiers of the Survey corps and Military Brigade that had the titan ability. Their ancestors had had it and they just happened to inherit the gene. The few hundred who had volunteered had planned the layout and structure of the wall. They were the only titans at that time that could be trusted, but they were also weak. The soldiers had as much knowledge about the titans as the humans did, which was akin to near nothing. They knew nothing of how to fight in titan form. It would've been suicide to lead an attack so they gave up their human lives to be the watchers of mankind.

It was hell.

Eren recalled being torn apart at one point by over twenty class three titans. That he did remember; that even in his titan form he could feel his muscle tendons being forcefully ripped from the bone. How they recoiled, causing a pain of such an intensity that not even with his super healing could the pain be lessened. Eren remember the fight against death and how he had struggled himself during that fight. Eren would swear on his life he saw death at least 8 times. That was eight times too many in his mind. But he wasn't the only one who death had visited. Mikasa, Armin, Corporal, Jean, Connie, Commander Erwin, Hanji, Ymir, Krista, and Sasha all experienced death and the gates of heaven and hell. Ymir had been torn apart, become an almost literally vegetable being watched over by Krista, who had left with all her limbs but a severe case of post-traumatic stress. Jean had survived as well but his left arm had been bitten off by particularly a eccentric class four titan. Commander Erwin's and Hanji's body had to be basically purifed and wrapped in gauze and ointments due to the inexorable wounds they had received. Though according to the healer, Commander Erwin and Hanji would be just fine, but the scars would still remain for the rest of their life. As expected, Mikasa and Corporal Levi also left basically unscathed. Corporal Levi still suffering from a sore, but healing, arm and Mikasa with nothing but the thick blood of the fallen comrades and titans littered over her uniform. Connie, Armin, and Sasha were all in intensive care at the hospital in Wall Rose. Eren had just come from visiting. It seemed like Sasha wouldn't make it another 2 days, her side had been ripped open.

Eren was tired. He had lost his left eye to Reiner after Bertholdt was killed. The bandage that was covering the wound felt rough against his burnt skin. He just wanted to rip it off and feel the air instead of the stuffy cloth but having some courtesy to the people around him, he didn't. Pixis had paid for a glass eye to be made by an acclaimed doctor who was probably 10 feet deep in patients and victims of the war. It was 'not because you saved the human race but because that bandage is just hideous.' Eren sighed to himself, feeling a little put off that he would still have to wear the damn bandage but grateful that it wasn't something like his arms or legs or head, and a little bashful at the old general graciousness.

He refused to wear the eye patch Mikasa has gotten him. It was pink.

He had been baffled and appalled at the sheer femininity of the eye patch and asked Mikasa just how in the world did she come by 'this' and why the hell would she waste her money on 'this', he had said quite fervently her shaking the thing in his balled hand as he spoke. That had gotten a smack on the back of the head from a weak, but still cheerful Armin, an entertained grin from Connie, and an attempt at a change of heart from Mikasa, who claimed the bandage looked ridiculous and that he complained about it too much and that he was idiot. He was forced to promise not to complain about the glass eye. He swore on his right eye that he wouldn't. Mikasa laughed and the sound bounced off the wall and seemed to infect everyone in Armin's ward. Eren smiled delightedly at the sound and cuddled in further into his chair by Armin's beside with the foul eye patch now on the floor and his head ringing.

Eren snapped out of his reverie and wasn't all too surprised that he had no clue where he was at all. Bringing a hand to his face and pressing the heel of his right hand in his good eye, he began to try and pick out some familiar pin points to just get an idea of where he was. After a while and giving up, he pestered a fruit vendor until he found out that he was still in the Trost District but a little far from his original objective of helping that poor man. It was times like these that he missed the company of Mikasa and Armin. They would always snap him out of his musing or at least allow him to continue but guide him along. It was a problem that Eren had had since he was a wee babe, if there was something interesting or exciting, his name and attention for the time being became occupied in whatever it was, totally disregarding anything he had been doing. During the days of training in the 104th training corps, that had been an ongoing issue and boy did he learn to pay attention after that.

It only took him 10 minutes to walk back to his first position, but the sun had already begun its descent down and the sky above was a deep red, a blood red. 'The blood of the lost loved ones and soldiers,' Eren thought morbidly and he scowled when he approached the spot he was standing in some hours ago and saw that the man was no longer there and that the debris had been cleared without his help. He was at a loss, what should he do now? There were no titans to fight, nobody to talk too for they were all recovering or just busy. Nothing.

'There's always the bar…. He contemplated the worth of a quick bar stop and checked his pockets.

Why the hell not?' He nodded in self-conformation and began to cross the road to the tavern named quite creatively: The Tavern.

Set on a dead course to get wasted or at least partially drunk because it was just one of those days (he was only 16 and needed to be responsible or else Misaka would have his head and Armin might bite off his ear with the 'bad effects' of alcohol) he pushed the half way open door lightly and strode in, taking in the company whom he was about to possibly get hammered with. The Tavern was not crowded but not empty either. A few soldiers in training and locals were perched in the corners. The walls were dark wood littered with the banners of powerful family houses and of the Military Police and Garrison. Nothing of the Survey Corps, of course, all they were good for supposedly was using up the tax money and murdering barely teens. "It's not like we just saved humanity or anything," mumbled Eren as he slipped into a curved stool on the edge of the bar top, waiting for the bartender.

"What can I ge- Oh my goodness if it isn't Eren Yeager!" The bartender looked surprised.

'Great.' Eren internally cursed his titan half and Commander Erwin for introducing him to the population. He put on a hopefully not too fake smile and bashfully waved the pestering questions about the last battle away but graciously took the praise for his bravery as the bartender droned on about a war Eren wasn't too keen on going over at the moment. The woman, who seemed middle-aged with long thin brown hair and a face that had been worn down from years of poverty and fear, asked him what he wanted with a excited sweep of an arm, as too display all of the ways Eren could poison his body.

"I would like a pint, Ma'am." He said politely. Eyes set, indicating the type he wanted. The woman smiled, revealing a dimple, and went to fulfill his order, leaving Eren to drown in his thoughts.

Everything was different now. His life as part of the S.O.S had ended and now only the Military Police had pulled through. With the titans gone and no threats from any neighboring kingdoms or rebels inside, the Scouting Legion was disbanded with haste to save the tax money to pay for the Military police and the Stationary Guard. He couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for Hanji as the experimentation of the titans was what she loved most. He wondered what she was going to do now but the subject was dropped. He had been offered a position in the Military Police, as had everyone else who survived to whom he was close too, but denied the offer with haste. He had fulfilled his purpose, he had killed every last titan. Granted there were probably some human shifters such as himself out there but they were not a threat as long as they didn't shift; If they did, accident or not, they would be killed along with any offspring to stop the passing of the giant genes.

But most of all, he was done. Eren was sixteen years old but he felt like he was 50 years older than that. His sanity was hanging by a thread, his body was wrecked, and the pain and screams of the people who sacrificed their lives for his safety haunted him every night. When he visited his house to unearth the secrets in the basement about the Giant Race from thousands of years ago and how they were cursed by ancient dark magic, resulting in a titan, it was like he had been stabbed repeatedly in his stomach, his heart had been pulled out. Something as brutal and horrifying such as those couldn't possibly come close to the overwhelming torture he felt. All he could see was his mother's mutilated form hanging limply from the mouth of a grotesque titan. All he could see was how her blood splattered on the ground and how his world shattered into pieces. He recalled having to be hauled up and rode out of the area because of the panic attack that overtook him at the sight of his devastated house. Eren would remember the look on the Corporal and how he quickly maneuvered him from the sight, how anguished he had looked as he set him on his horse and rode out with him, until he died of hopefully old age. He would be forever gratefully to the Corporal for that, and so much more, but he would be damned if he died of something foolish like an illness when he had survived the Titan Holocaust.

The bar maid set the pint of mead in front of Eren. He brought the cool, metal cup to his lips and took a large swig, enjoying the burning sensation as the liquid made its way down his throat. Setting the cup down and smacking his lips quietly as he rested his face in his hands, elbows on the bar, he examined the wall parallel to him. It was mostly different types of liquor, with an occasional flag or painting of an animal or of a scantily clad woman. Eren was so caught up in his day dreaming again he barely registered the seat next to him becoming occupied.

"Should you really be drinking, brat?" the familiar monotone voice rang out and it took everything Eren had not to jump out of his seat in surprise. Instead he took a deep breath but he was pretty sure the Corporal noticed.

"Still your usual cheerful self I see, Corporal Levi." Eren said loftily, partially taken aback by the audacity of the statement and also not giving a damn. Must be the alcohol,

"Watch it before your foot gets shoved in your mouth." The Corporal scowled, if possible, deeper. "You've only had three pints and you're already drunk. Looks like we had the same idea" He said faintly amused, a small quirk of his eyebrow.

"I've had one sip, see?" Eren held up the cup and was taken aback when he found it to be empty. Looking back he saw another 2 empty cups and the bar maid trying to conceal a giggle. "Wow. That's looks bad." He couldn't stop the blissful grin that spread upon his lips. The bar maid eyed him and refilled the cup, unsure whether to or not but taking the chance. Before Eren could reach the fourth pint, the Corporal's hand shot out and grabbed it to claim for himself. He raised it at the bar maid as if to say: this one is for me and no more for him. She nodded.

"Hey!" Eren really did feel drunk. His body felt blithe and in high spirits but as quick as he got drunk, his emotions changed. He glumly slumped down, resting his head in the crook of his elbow, facing the Corporal. "You took the position."

It wasn't a question or an accusation. It was a fact. Eren knew that probably only himself and Armin would reject the request and that meant that Misaka would too. The Corporal turned to face him, emotionless, and nodded.

"Aren't you sick of it?" Eren asked brusquely. He didn't have to clarify anything, Corporal knew what he was talking about. He liked that.

"I am. But I belong defending humanity." Corporal Levi set down the cup and let out a quiet sigh. "I have been doin' it my whole life, kid. Understand?" His eyebrows slightly furrowed together and Eren frowned. A sad Corporal wouldn't fare well with him.

"And you've done a pretty damn good job at it too." He declared. The Corporal's eyebrows lifted and he gave Eren the most judgmental look one could possibly come up with. Eren just had to laugh. No, he did not giggle. If he did it was a very manly giggle.

"Brat, you're wasted." Corporal Levi's grimace took back its original form.

"No shit." Eren rolled his eyes and barely registered the painful punch to the jaw the Corporal gifted him with before falling asleep.

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