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Today is a normal day, except for the girls with boyfriend(s) slash crushes slash scandals slash one-sided love etc. If Valentine's Day is where the boys get nervous, then God is being equal giving the same amount of nervousness to the girls as well.

It's White Day. You guessed right!


"What's wrong, Kuroko?"

"Do you know who Kanagawa Riyuu-san is?"

"Hm? Do you need anything from her?" Kagami couldn't imagine Kuroko has any business with a stranger! A girl on top of it!

"She gave me chocolates for last Valentine."

"Someone else can see you?" Kagami was impressed. "Hm…..Kanagawa something?" That sounded familiar." Isn't she..."I think she's in class 1-A."

"It's weird for you to know."

"That's because she's my arranged tutor! And she's the best student among the freshmen."

"I see. Thank you."

Kanagawa Riyuu was surprised to see a chocolate bar on her desk. But her anxiety faded away when she read the note attached alongside it.

Care to go for a popsicle later? – Kuroko Tetsuya