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"Eehhh~ Riyuu-chan has a lot of fans too." Himuro amused at the crowd surrounding the girl to give chocolates, unaware the dark atmosphere from the giant beside him getting darker.

"Morning boys." Riyuu looked tired from trying to squeeze out of her way from the crowd, as she plopped down her chair exhaustedly. Who could've thought the class can be a safe place?

"Looks like you managed to get quite a lot of chocos."

"Yeah." Riyuu smiled. "You can have some too, Atsushi." Riyuu looked at Himuro questioningly when Murasakibara didn't show a slightest interest like he usually would.

"Don't ask me."

"Hm, are you not feeling well?" Riyuu tried to feel his forehead but her hand got slapped aside instead.


"Kanagawa-san!" Their conversations were interrupted by more boys coming to hand her chocolates for White Day. "Please accept this too."

Murasakibara, unable to hold it in anymore, stood up and completely towering them, earning shivers from the others.

"Oi Atsushi!"

"Riyuu-chin is mine and will only accept candy from me. Get out before I crush you."

"Y-Yes! Forgive us!"

Riyuu blinked at his words. "What was that about, Atsushi?"

Murasakibara only replied with presenting Riyuu his bag full of snack for the day. "You can have them all."

"What would you get in return?" Riyuu raised her eyebrow. Hard to believe he would give up his entire snack without expecting anything in return.

"You as my girlfriend." Murasakibara's giving a sly smile.

I knew it!