An L and Light Fanfiction

The rain is gushing outside, making everything wet and clings to the fibres of the earth, dragging everything down until the cold and wet makes you shiver to the bone, contaminating everything it touches in a miserable cold world. The wind is relentless, making the cold even colder as if it has a mission to drag you deeper into the clingy mess, blowing everything around in a mess as if to make the mood worse.

An individual with messy black hair is standing in the downpour, making his hair hang down, like a curtain, shielding him from the wind. He has his hands in his light blue baggy jeans, slumped over a bit like he's inspecting the drenched ground in deep thought. His feet are bare but the wet ground doesn't stop him from staying out in the wet, relentless world. His white long-sleeved top clings to him, slowly going transparent, trying to reveal himself to the world, yet he stays.

Catching sight of the drenched being, a caramel haired, honey eyed individual spots him and wonders what he is doing out there in the rain. He slowly walks to the door, dressed in a light brown suit jacket, white shirt, red tie, brown trousers and black shoes. He makes himself walk outside, under the sheltered tree, he cups his hands by his mouth and shouts to the black haired beauty who looks like he hasn't had sleep for a while.

"what are you doing standing by yourself?" Light shouts to ryuzaki. L responds by cupping a hand over his ear to say that he didn't hear.

"I said what are you doing standing by yourself?" Light shouts louder. L responds doing the same thing again. Light gives up, shielding himself by his arms and going out in the downpour to the soaked L. "What are you doing standing out here?" Light asks.

"I was just thinking over a few things that were troubling me" L replies in his usual monotone. He paces in front of Light, looking at the ground with his hands in his pockets, slumped over slightly. "What's troubling you Ryuzaki, i'm sure I can help" Light insists.

"No I doubt you can help Light-kun, It's just that you have a 75% chance of being Kira and there is a 98% chance that I have fallen for you" L says, looking up at Light with his wide-eyed gaze, not smiling in the slightest. Light has frozen in shock, mulling over the words, the black eyed beauty has said to him. He fights with the impulse to either hit L for the probability of him being Kira or kiss him.

"R-Ryuzaki, I think we should go inside" Light suggests.

"Yes I suppose we should, we are drenched" L says as he shuffles towards the entrance. Light goes too, not saying a word. A few moments later, L emerges with a towel draped over his head, He approaches Light who is vigorously rubbing water droplets out of his hair. L kneels before Light, and grasps his foot in his hands. Light jumps back with the sudden contact. L gives him a strange stare and claims that he saw Light drying himself off with a strange amount of concentration and offers him a foot massage. Light finally obliges, which makes L grasp his foot again, tenderly in his pale hands, rubbing a bit too rough, Light cries out in pain.

"Sorry, you will get used to it, I promise" L says in his usual monotone. Drip, drip, drip. Water droplets land on Light's exposed feet. Light's natural response is to grab the towel that is around his neck and gently rubs it against L's unruly mess of hair. They catch each other's gaze and in an instant the towel is thrown across the room. Lips meet in desperation, a moment of blind passion, losing themselves in the moment.

Light pulls away and looks at the shocked Ryuzaki in front of him, who is currently sprawled on the floor in bewilderment. "Light-kun, you kissed me" L says, stating a fact.