Ok, so it's officially Christmas Break, which means I best get this finished, right? Runnin' outta time before this story is over and having this chapter on the 19th would've been grand seeing as that was the date I picked for them all meeting up to celebrate the holiday, now wouldn't? XD And I need feedback! More after this chapter, or should I leave it? I want your opinion, because I can certainly carry on if that sparks your interests? XD Lol

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Steady," Stella teased as Mac's eyes were fixed on the glass in his hand as he poured some of the red wine he had somehow managed to get without her knowledge. He managed to flash a playful glare in her direction before he set the bottle down and offered her the glass.

"You're lucky I love you like crazy," he muttered as he turned around to get another glass for himself.

Stella smirked. "Oh, shut up. You're the lucky one."

Mac looked over his shoulder with his eyebrows raised. "Oh yeah? How so?" he asked as he turned back to the glass as he poured out his own serving of holiday cheer, as Stella decided to call such a treat.

She smirked some more. "Mmm… lucky in the way that when you're bad, I'm your arresting officer. And this bad girl likes to keep men like yourself under close watch," she murmured as she set her glass down and rubbed his shoulders as she stood behind him. She knew long days left both of them stressed as hell and it was evident in the tension she could feel in his muscles as she stood close to him.

Mac grinned as she rested her chin on his shoulder before then wrapping her arms around him. "Am I that bad of a boy?" he asked.

Stella smiled, hiding a purr at the game he was playing with her. "Oh, yes, you are, Mac Taylor. The baddest boy I've ever met and an even better sexy-ass man," she told him as he turned around, smiling before he kissed her.

He carefully snaked his arms around her waist and she bit her lip in pure pleasure as he pulled back after a moment. "Oh yeah? Well, looks like you're the lucky lady that such a behavior is reserved for."

Stella smiled softly and reached behind him to turn on the radio to a station playing some Christmas music. "Alright, Romeo, we have a tree to decorate, so let's get it done before Christmas disappears for the year!"

. . . . . . . . . . . .

They walked in on a rowdy bunch. At least, it seemed to be playing out that way.

Danny and Don were discussing something loudly over beers as Sheldon and Sid kind of hung back with the calmer Lindsay, who also was working on a beer as well.

However, all the heads turned when they walked in and a chorus of what might've been a few 'hello's' and something along the lines of 'look what the cat brought in!'

Mac and Stella smirked and grinned as they exchanged a glance and quickly mixed in with their coworkers.

"Oi," Danny said, elbowing Mac in the side and pushing a beer in to his hands, "Don't be a stranger!"

Mac smirked and shot a playful glare at the younger CSI that left him, Don, and Danny laughing.

Lindsay and Stella had quickly settled in to the seats as well, having their own conversation as Sheldon and Sid continued their friendly banter as they watched their friends.

"You guys never told us about special someones!" Don voiced loudly over the chatter of the group.

Mac and Stella shot sideways glances at each other and Mac shifted almost nervously in his seat.

Lindsay noticed Stella looking shyly down at her hands with an even shier smile. She elbowed Stella. "So?" she insisted with a grin, "Who are you spending your Christmas with?"

Stella smiled and finally found the courage to look up at the group and she looked at Mac sitting beside her. There was only one way they could think of breaking it to the group, so Stella leaned over and kissed him right on the lips and Mac kissed her back.

The ever mischievous group leaned back and acted shocked by raising up even more noise at the mostly unexpected news.

Sheldon and Sid were smiling, Danny and Don were bickering over something (probably a bet, if everyone else was interpreting their faces correctly), and Lindsay was on the verge of both congratulating her two friends and flat-out pestering Stella for why they hadn't been told sooner, although they'd all kind of assumed something was up. (It was hard to miss how those two had looked at each other, after all. They were detectives, for Pete's sake.)

Mac and Stella smiled in the company of the familiar presence of their friends and Mac put his arms around Stella's shoulders and reigned the attention of the group back to the table.

"Alright, so we all know why we're here. And that's because this time of the year is best spent in the company of good friends and family, and I know each and every one of you knows that the people here are family just as much as friends."

"Here, here," Don said with a solemn nod as he raised his already half-empty bottle.

"A toast!" Stella declared, "To this very interesting and strange group of coworkers that kicks ass in every way!"

"Hell, even I'll drink to that," Mac said as he leaned forward and the rest of the team quickly joined in with their own cheers and quips.

Mac looked around, suddenly realizing something. "Where's Adam?" he asked, looking over at Don and Danny, who had already started another argument over one thing or another.

They both dropped it to answer the question, however, "Wait for it…"

"You guys started to party without me?"

Mac and Stella grinned, looking over their shoulders to see Adam, looking rather well-trimmed for the occasion, standing there with several Christmas bags. "You guys don't think I'd go without getting you presents, did you?"

"Well, I hope not!" Lindsay offered over the chorus of laughs that arose from the group.

Adam grinned as the team made room at their gathering for Adam to pass out the presents.

He passed out everyone their gift before he looked up at all of them, realizing they were looking at him almost expectantly. He shrugged. "What are you waiting for? You don't to wait 'till Christmas day, for Pete's sake!"

So, the rest of that night was tales of the days on the job, jokes, friendly gossip, a little teasing, and a whole lot of pestering.

What else could possibly have come from such a gathering?

Mac and Stella smiled as they listened to the team around them, occasionally chipping in their part of the conversation.

It was true what they said. It was indeed the most wonderful time of the year.