Arthur opened his eyes extremely hung over from the night before. He yawned and looked around, "Where the bloody hell am I?" He searched his surroundings which was a plain bedroom littered with clothing. Alfred stepped in sipping a steaming cup of coffee.

"Hey sleepy head" his tone was playful and he sounded amused.

"What time is it? Where am I? What happened last night?" He stared at the American horrorified with himself. Arthur finally looked at himself and saw that all he was wearing was a night shirt.

"Calm down Iggy. Last night you decided to get drunk off your ass."

"O-oh…. D-did… we do a-anything?" He barely got the question out, avoiding any eye contact that may have occurred.



"I brought you back here and slept on the couch." A small smirk broke out of his face. "But don't think you didn't try anything."

"I-I'm so sorry!" A crimson blush flooded England's face.

"Don't worry about it… You were drunk." Alfred's smirk faded and was replaced by a small sigh. He silently wished Arthur truly liked him although he knew he would always be looked at like a brother. Nothing more.

"A-Alfred…" Arthur scooted towards the edge of the bed where he was standing and looked up at him gently reaching for his hand.

"Mhm?" He looked back a faint pink shade eased its way across his cheeks.

"I was more sober then you think…" England spoke quietly. It was his way of telling America he liked him.

"Wha-…" Alfred's question was quickly cut off by Arthur kissing him.