A/N - This is something like an prologue . Since i'm ending S1 of the Phoenix, i wanted to make something special. I decided that this will be the beginning of every new season...You already know this story, everyone does. I just wanted to re-say it again, i really don't know why. You can skip to chapter 1 if you want...It's a bit silly, but i do hope you'll enjoy it :)

Anyway, let's make a full summary of the Phoenix story, so -

When Phoenix Loved the Lone Wolf is a story about love, friendship, betrayals, pain, revenge...And far more. Main stars, Nikita and Alex, Phoenix and the Wolf, Sensei and the Student, fall in love with each other.

Alex, thanks to the horrors she survived, has her mind shattered into pieces, and in that process, her mind created few more characters that are helping, protecting, using her. Will she be able to control them ? To use them as she sees fit ?

As for Nikita, she has her own demon inside of her. A beast, named simply Phoenix. A beast that craves blood and dead. Time to time, this beast takes control, and Nikita, the righteous Knight, becomes a bestial monster, killing anything in her way. Will she be able to control her Beast ?

After infiltrating Division, their love is tested by many challenges, many persons that wants to destroy this strong bond. Amanda, the Queen, see's the problem in Alex's mind, so she decided to help her. Just like she helped another girl, so many years ago...

Will everyone get their happy endings, or are they all destined to die ?

Phoenix will contain lemons. Lots of them. Romantic talk, fights, action scenes, harsh language, Japanese sayings, names and some words..myths, Katana blades, unknown religions, cults, Yakuza appearance in some chapters, blade fight, honor talk, ownership, domination and submission love scenes and lots and lots of Nalex love... My OC will make appearance in S3. Will go through S1 and S2 of the original Nikita show.. S3 will be my own, i'll maybe even add their life after Division is destroyed... Partly going AU in some ways.. LOTS of OC's starting in S3, but only one will be the most important...LOTS of jealousy and ownership stuff, if this bothers you, i guess you have to leave...

Also, modified/re-done episodes from the Original show.. I've changed them into my liking, and into my reader's liking as well, adding more Nalex scenes, or entirely changing the episode... If you have a suggestion of your own, i'll be happy to hear it :)

Thats all i guess..if you have any questions, PM me, or leave a review..

Hope you'll enjoy this story :)

Once upon a time, there was a princess. Born under the Wolf star.. A beautiful, yet very young princess. She had a big, beautiful castle, and sweet, caring parents. Little did they knew that their daughter was feeling very lonely. Even with all the staff keeping her company, she always felt alone. Her father kept pushing her, training her in the ways of live. Her name was Alexandra. And she had everything a princess would have wanted. Everything, but love.

Once, a foul, bad person came to their home. Often she saw him as the devil in a human costume. His name, was Sergei Semak. A long time friend of her Papa, and a very close friend of her Mama. Little Alexandra never liked their friend. He was that kind of person that alarmed something in your mind. And Little Princess Alexandra had indeed a very sharp mind. A mind that alarmed her. She paid no attention to it. And maybe she should have.

Once, her home was visited by a flaming beast. A monster that ate her home with fire. That monster killed her beloved Papa, and surely later, his flames ate her Mama. The Little Princess felt her life slowly taking away. And then, when death had her claws on the Little Princess, a knight in black armor saved her. A Knight she wanted to desperately meet. But had no chance, since the knight as quickly as he appeared, quickly disappeared again. Although the Knight promised the princess a good, safe live, the Princess had none. The knight's voice was gentle and feminine. Later did the Little Princess realized that her knight was a woman.

Little Princess never realized it, but she fell for her savior that knight. Little Princess, even thought she have lost her parents, never felt lonely again. The memory of her knight was warming her heart.

Little did she realized what harsh fate waited her.

Little Princess Alexandra Udinov was kicked by life itself. The Flaming beast ate her family, her home. And she was all alone. Little Princess was little no more. Instead, she became lonely. She was the Poor and Lonely Princess instead.

The Lonely Princess felt pain. She never understood why were things happening the way they did, because no one never cared to explain them to her. Her memories kept her safe from the pain, and eventually, she felt none. It became a part of her sad life. A life that neither her Mama or her Papa wanted for her.

The Lonely Princess was Princess no more. Instead, she became something a woman never should be. She was used, bought and sold. Like a piece of furniture. Nobody ever cared for the feelings of the Lonely Princess. She felt shame. She felt ashamed to use her name. So, instead, she became someone else.

The Lonely Princess took another name. Sasha. A name that brought only pain into her already broken life. She felt as if Pain was ultimately joined with her life. It was her companion. Lover. Friend. Pain was something the Princess knew very well. And suddenly she realized something.

The Lonely Princess was Lonely no more. Instead, Pain was the center of her life. So, she became the Pained Princess.

Once, when the Pained Princess was old enough to understand, she found the courage to resist her captors, and ran. Alexandra, or Sasha, as she wanted to be called, felt Pain no more. She ran with hyenas. A foul, bad and crazy animals. They offered something special to the Princess. Something she gladly took, because with it, she felt pain no more. Her captors presented her with this magical item once. And since that time, she begged to taste it again.

The Pained Princess was Pained no more.

Because she found her ultimate tool of salvation.


Little, Lonely and Pained Princess became one. A person now known only as Alex. A girl, kicked by life, used by men, held captive by her addiction.

Princess Alex was addicted to the magical cure she found. The only problem was, there was no more of it. This item required money. Money she once had, but now, she had none. The Princess slept under the bridge with her foul friends, and she often visited her mind, her memories, which kept her warm at nights. The Princess often remembered her savior, clad in black iron. Her knight. Her first love. And partly her destroyer. The Princess often asked for death, since there was nothing to live for. Her thoughts drifted back to her knight. Her Archangel. Which was now far, far away.

Little did she knew that her Archangel was closer to her, than she ever dared to hope.

Once, Princess Alex found the needed money. Worked it, as she would call it. She seeks her magical item. The item that would make her forget. But, her foul friends tricked her. And she was to be used again. One last time, she promised herself. One last time.

As she was about to give in, an angel came to her rescue. An angel from her dreams. The angel that saved her once from the fire beast. She asked herself, was this a dream ? Was this the effect of her magic item ? She saw her foul friends on the ground, blood under them. The angel spoke to her, for the first time she could remember. Princess Alex held a gun, she did not known what to do, so she aimed the gun at her Archangel. And then, her eyes wen't silent.

Princess Alex was no more. Instead, she became only Alex. Lex, as her Archangel called her.

Alex woke up in a rather strange place. A wooden box with a small glass so she could see. Her Knight, her Archangel came to her, promising relief from pain.
Alex was confused. She already had her magic item. That gave her the desired relief. Her Archangel shook her head, trying again. She promised relief, without causing more pain. Alex never realized it, but her magical item kept her weak. Her Archangel saw her doubts, and quickly used them to prove her point.

She promised strength, revenge for her parent's demise. Alex was shocked at first, she just wanted the pain to be gone. Later, as her Archangel explained, it was not a beast that ended her happiness. It was a work of men. So, she made her choice.

Alex decided to use her pain, her trusty companion, as her weapon. Her Archangel decided to train her. She later gave her name. Nikita.

Alex felt like a Princess once again. Her head was clean, her vision clear, her goal strong. She had no need to suppress her pain, instead she used it as her weapon.

What Alex later realized that Pain wasn't the only thing she felt.

Something more stronger crept in her mind, every time she saw her Nikita.

And so, she decided to ignore it. But, i ask, is she really that strong ?

A/N - Like i said, this isn't a chapter, not really. It's like a prologue. Hope it caught your interest, and if so, i welcome you in the Phoenix universe :)