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The blonde beauty in the expensive overcoat and large sunglasses carefully made her way down the street, trying-and failing- to avoid the curious gazes from the passersby. Annabeth sighed. Considering she wanted to seem inconspicuous, perhaps the sunglasses weren't the best idea in the gloomy New York weather. She yanked them off and shoved them in her bag, settling for her favourite Yankees cap to obscure her face, instead. When she checked her reflection in a window, she stopped. Ok, now she definitely didn't look inconspicuous: a tall blonde woman in baseball cap and a cashmere coat. 'Oh well', Annabeth thought, 'It's not like New York City hasn't seen stranger things.' She finally arrived at her destination, a tiny, shabby, flat, and glancing around nervously, as if looking for photographers, she entered. She had a right being nervous of course, being one of the most famous supermodels on the face of the planet... if only she looked a little closely, she would have noticed the women with the shiny camera in the corner.

The Famous CEO of Hermes Industries was not having a good day. So, after a long stressful meeting, an irritating cashier woman at Tiffany & Co, and barely escaping his wife, he was not exactly pleased to have a diamond necklace thrown in his face. Especially not by the person he gave it to in the first place.

"What the hell Annabeth?" Luke shouted.

"I'm done with this Luke! All these stupid secret meetings. I want to be able to go out to a restaurant with you and hold your hand in public, not be scared for every move I make! What's the point of a damn necklace if I can't even be with the person who gave it me?"

"Annabeth, I don't have a choice! We can't risk being seen together! I'm dead if Thalia or the press find out I'm having an affair with you."

Annabeth crossed her arms, and glared at Luke and said slowly, "Well then stop making this into an affair. Divorce her", she raised her voice, "Just like you promised me to two months ago!"

Luke flinched a little at her glare and assumed a gentler, more persuasive tone, "Annabeth, honey, please, you know it's not that easy. She owns a huge share of the company; I'd lose millions through the divorce. I have to convince her to transfer it in my name, and that'll take time."

Annabeth took a deep breath. "What's more important Luke, me or the money?"

Luke cupped her face and said smoothly, "You, of course. I love you. But we need the money Beth, for our future together."

Annabeth resolve almost crumbled, but she pushed Luke away, and looked straight into his eyes. "No, Luke. I'm done. We're done, until you straighten out your priorities. This is going too far Luke, you have to end your previous relationship before your wife finds out and she gets hurt." She looked down. "I don't want to be responsible for you cheating on her anymore."

Luke moved to caress her cheek, and opened his mouth to speak but Annabeth jerked out of the way.

"No. You say you love me? Fine. I want to have an honest, open relationship with you, or nothing else. I'm sorry Luke, but that's the way it is. I'll be waiting for you that day. But for now, bye."

As Annabeth left, Luke followed her out and tried to grab her arm.

"Annabeth, plea-" he protested.

"No, Luke." she said firmly, and she swiveled away from him, bumping into a young raven haired man on the street. "Sorry." she mumbled.

Click! Click! Click!

The reporter smiled. The biggest scandal of the century. Well, not exactly. 'Still', she thought, 'it was some pretty good gossip'


Annabeth Chase, the 23 year old world famous supermodel was spotted with the married CEO of Hermes Industries, Luke Castellan, and another man. Is she part of a scandal with Luke Castellan or what the meeting just a coincidence? If so, who is her new black-haired beau?

AN: It has been two years, too long; I'm sorry. I still remember the day I sat down and wrote this, the feeling of writing the summary, of getting my first review. I should delete this story out of decency, but I can't bring myself to do it: this is the first thing I ever wrote, and I can't get rid of it completely. I've removed the rest of the chapters so that no one else would be disappointed if they read this till the end and found it abandoned. I still have an unfinished chapter 20 that will never be finished and never be read by anyone other than me. That's okay, I'm onto better things. And, honestly, so are you. Certainly better than this (it was cringeworthy af you guys i was fourteen).

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