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"Book me a room for the hotel tonight," She told her assistant.

He nodded, and turned to leave, when she called him back.

"Make sure I'm in room 301." She said, tucking a strand of black hair behind her ear. Luke was going to be in 302, and it would be much easier if she was next to him.

"Yes, ma'am." He left, closing the door behind him.

Her intercom rang, her secretary's voice coming through. "Mrs. Grace, I was calling to remind you that you have an invite to the Charity Fashion Show tonight, would you like me to accept?"

"A Fashion Show?" She inquired. "Of course, Hazel, do that right away."

"Yes Mrs. Grace."

She smiled. Perfect.


"I still cannot believe you did that." He told me, shaking coffee out his head, sending droplets everywhere.

I wiped a few drops off my cheek. "You deserved it."

"I was kidding!" He protested. "You didn't need to attack me."

I shrugged. "You needed a cool down, and there weren't any cold showers around, so I got the next best thing."

"Coffee?" He asked.

I nodded, taking sip of my cappuccino. (I had the hindsight to pour Percy's coffee on his head.)

"Coffee." He repeated. "It wasn't even cold!"

"Well, somehow it still cooled you down." I looked at him. "Which evidently shows the level of your sexual frustration."

"I am not sexually frustrated!"

I patted his cheek. He lightly swatted me off, looked peeved. "I understand seaweed brain. I mean, you're currently single, I'm incredibly attractive, and you have to live with me." I smile at him, putting a hand to my heart. "It must be so difficult not to jump me."

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Oh, trust me. I'm having a hard time not jumping you right now." He grumbled, but I could still see tints of pink hinting at his cheeks.

I gave him an innocent smile. Sometimes blonde hair really helps the whole "angelic" look. Percy didn't buy it, but it was still pretty entertaining to see his expression getting progressively more miffed.

We walked down the street quietly for some time, looking very fashionable in our rumpled pyjamas, I'm sure. (Well, that's what I gathered from all the looks sent our way.)

Suddenly, Percy made a lunge for my coffee cup, grabbing it with a victorious smile.

"Percy, give that back!"

"Um, no." He said, taking a leisurely sip of my coffee.

"It's mine."

"Sharing is caring, Annabeth." He told me patronizingly. I glared at him, and he had the sheer nerve to look completely unaffected. "Besides," he continued, "You ruined my coffee, so really, it's only fair for me to take yours."

He took a long drink from the cup, slurping for effect.

"Percy Jackson!"

"Ooh, full name. I'm so scared, Annabeth."

I made a grab for the cup, but he just held it high above his head, just where I couldn't reach it. Damn him.


He smirked "Uh- oh, looks like you're too short Annabeth."

"Screw you!" I told him. "I'm tall."

He tutted. "Telling tall lies, Annabeth?" Then promptly cracked up at his own joke.

I rolled my eyes. Seaweed Brain.

"If you're insinuating that I'm short, you're wrong. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a model."

He smirked "Then why can't you reach me?"

"Because you're freakishly tall!"

"I am not. You just can't see properly because you're about two feet off the ground."

"Oh really?" I challenged, "How's the weather up there, bozo?"

"Perfect for some delicious coffee." He took another sip.

I seethed at him. He looked at me innocently, raising an eyebrow. "Do you want some, wise girl?" Percy winked, lifting it up again. "You'll have to come and get it."

I stamped on his foot, causing him to bend over. I grabbed the cup and smiled. "Or you could just bring it to me."

I took a long sip, slowly licking my lips just to annoy him. He made a low noise and backed me up against a wall. "Annabeth," he said softly, "You look amazing today."

What just happened?

"Uh-" I started but he cut me off with his hand.

He moved closer to me. "You know what would make you look even better?" He whispered.

I shook my head, my heart hammering against my chest.

He moved back a little, and I let go of the breath I didn't know I was holding.

"This." He breathed.

And then he leaned in and tipped the cup of coffee down my top. I stood there in shock, the warm coffee seeping through to my skin, and he smirked. "Now we're even." He told me, taking down the street as fast as he could, whooping.

"Percy Jackson, I am going to kill you!" I promised, running after him.

My heart was still doing some sort of crazy tap dance in my chest, but I didn't think it was because I was running.

What was going on with me?

When I finally caught up with him, we had reached central park, and he was hiding behind a tree. Subtle.

I climbed up the tree, surprised that he didn't hear the rustling of the leaves above him. I poised on the branch, and jumped, tackling him to the ground and throwing random punches.

"Ow!" He gave strangled cry, "Crap that hurts!" He feebly batted me off and I sat up, my hands on his chest.

We stayed like that, regaining our breath. He lifted himself up on his elbows. "Wow," he said finally, "That was fun."

I flicked his ear. "Yeah, well you didn't have coffee poured all over you."

He scoffed. "Really?" He asked, gesturing to his hair.

I ran my fingers through it, and made a face. "It's all sticky."

"Well, I wonder why." He said dryly.

"Let's not go to Starbucks ever again. Deal?"

"Deal," Percy agreed, "Also, you do realize you're basically straddling me right now, right?" He asked.

My eyes widened. "Sorry." I tried to get up but he held my hips in place.

"Hey," he grinned, "I didn't say I didn't like it."

Lightly, I shoved him down, and stood up. "Screw off, pervert." I told him.

He laughed, running a hand through his rumpled hair. "You were the one on top of me." He sat up. "Legally, I could charge you with assault." He smirked. "Except I enjoyed it. I'm guessing you did to. "

I rolled my eyes and helped him up. "You wish."

He grinned at me, then went pink. "Uh, Annabeth?" He said tentatively.


He looked at my chest. "My eyes are up here." I told him. Men.

"No. I mean..." He gestured to my chest, as if that explained anything.

I looked down. Turned out that wearing a black bra with a thin white pyjama top, and then getting soaked, was sort of awkward.


Since Percy poured coffee on me, I made him give me his t-shirt. I smirked, and offered him my top to wear, but he didn't exactly appreciate the sentiment, instead choosing to walk back to his apartment shirtless. (Which I deeply appreciated.)

He was blushing and grumbling the entire way back, but I wasn't really that bothered. (Obviously.) It was also highly entertaining to watch all the flustered women we passed.

Percy closed the apartment door behind him, and flumped onto the couch.

"Well, that was mortifying." He told me as I sat down next him.

"It was hilarious." I said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, I'm sure you loved it." He gave me a once over, and smirked. "I noticed you checking me out wise girl."

I felt my cheeks heat up. Screw him.

"Shut up." I told him, turning on the TV, and flicking through channels.

"It's alright." He looked at me. "You can't help it that I'm sexy."

I'm pretty sure I went red.

"What?" He said, grinning. "Is that a," He stopped, forming his mouth in to an 'o' shape, "BLUSH, on the great Annabeth Chase I see?"

I elbowed him. "You suck."

His smile got wider. "It IS."

I ignored him, concentrating on the TV.

He poked me. "You're blushing because it's true."

I pointedly increased the volume.

What was I even watching?

"You think I'm hot."

I could feel his smartass smirk radiating off of him. Seaweed Brain.

He stood in front of the TV, so that my face was in line his naked torso.

"Percy you're blocking my view."

He scoffed. "I am the view."


Obviously I didn't tell him that. "Percy, move." I said. "I'm watching TV."

Such a lie.

"First, admit that you find me sexy." He smirked.

"I do not!" I spluttered.

He grinned. "Oh you so do."

"I do not in any way or form, find you attractive." I told him.

I'm surprised my pants haven't exploded into flames yet.

"Really?" He challenged.


"Fine." He shrugged, "You leave me no choice."

Then he jumped on top of me, tickling with a reckless abandon to the point where I could not breathe.


"Admit it." He said, straddling me.

"Fine, fine, you're hot and I worship you, now get off!" I gasped out.

He smirked, "Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

I glared at him, and opened my mouth, when I was cut off.

"So that's why you kicked me out."

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