"The Tamers"

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After walking through the forest during the night, the group had gotten tired and decided to make up camp.

Koji and Takuya were gathering firewood, Zoe and JP were collecting berries from the bushes and Bokomon was with them to make sure the berries weren't poisonous.

Tommy, Dai and Veemon were walking around the forest to find a tree that had any meat apples in it or regular apples.

"Wow, there sure are a lot of trees here." Tommy said.

"Yeah, no kidding. Do you see any meat apples?" Dai asked.

"Nope. Why did we agree to go out into the spooky dark forest to get the food? I say the berries at the camp were good enough." Veemon frowned as he looked around.

Shaking her head in amusement at her partner, Dai continued walking along with Tommy clinging to her leg as his emerald eyes darted around in slight fear.

They walked around the forest, be careful of the large roots that stuck out from the tall trees.

Veemon then gave out a loud, high pitched sounding sneeze that made Tommy yelp in shock, but relaxed when he turned to see the dragon wiping at his nose with his wrist.

"Hey, Veemon, are you okay?" the boy asked.

"Yeah, I'm just fine." Veemon forced a grin, though he was freezing.

As if she could sense this, Dai shed off her sweater and walked over to her dragon and kneeled down in front of him, placing the sweater over him.

Unknown to them, there was a tall female digimon watching them curiously.

"You're gonna catch a cold." Dai said.

"Well, I don't have fur or feathers to keep warm. Thanks, Dai, but now you're gonna get sick." Veemon pointed out.

"Nah, I'll be fine. Don't worry about it." the mahogany haired girl smiled as she scooped her dragon up into her arms.

The duo of Miracles smiled at each other as Veemon clung to the girl's shoulders as the girl began to walk, Tommy following them closely.

From the tree branch, the female figure's lavender painted lips curled up into a soft smile as she saw the bond between the human and her digimon.

Dropping to the ground, the rings on her Kongou Shakujou clinked together making a bell like sound which alerted the trio that someone was following them.

"What-What was that?" Tommy asked.

"I'm not sure." Dai narrowed her chocolate eyes that stood out even in the night.

Veemon jumped out of her arms and glared into the shadows where they saw the figure of a tall woman with animal like ears on top of her head and long hair flowing down to her ankles that shone silver.

"Fear not. I am not here to harm you." she spoke.

Her voice was a mixture of two different voices, one being a young female voice while the other was a much older and mature woman.

It sounded like two people were speaking at once, but it was really only the one digimon who had spoken.

"Then what do you want?" Dai asked.

Steeping out of the shadows, the digimon revealed that she was a woman dressed in yellow and purple armour over a black spandex body suit.

On her head was a yellow fox head helmet that showed off the bottom part of her face that was smiling at them kindly as her silvery hair that shone in the moonlight was tied back into pigtails with two purple ribbons.

"Who are you?" Veemon asked.

"I am Sakuyamon and I've been watching you for a while now. Please, follow me." she said.

"Why should we?" Dai asked.

Sakuyamon kept silent as she continued walking down a hidden forest path, so the trio shared worried looks before they shrugged and followed after the fox woman.

No one spoke a word as Sakuyamon led them down the forest path, easily climbing over the roots that seemed extremely large than ordinary.

After walking for a full five minutes, they arrived at a large cave and Sakuyamon turned to the trio with a smile.

"What's up with the cave?" Veemon asked.

"Your answer. I'm sure you, child of Miracles, have been questioning your reason for being here when you have not fused with the Spirit of one of the Legendary Warriors." Sakuyamon said.

Dai gasped in surprise that she had known this while Veemon froze up since he was thinking the same thing for a while now.

They had made themselves as useful as they could be to the team by helping them find food, protecting them and such, but they weren't very useful when it came to the battles.

They had to depend on Takuya, Zoe, JP, Tommy and Koji to win the battles while they stood on the sidelines watching them win and become stronger as a team unit.

"So, what's your point?" Dai asked.

"Come along. You'll see your true destiny." Sakuyamon said gesturing her hand towards the cave.

Chocolate and scarlet eyes shared a determined look before they nodded and then faced Sakuyamon while Tommy watched them in worry.

"But guys, what if this is a trick?" the young Warrior of Ice asked.

"I assure you it isn't. You have my word." Sakuyamon said as she walked into the cave.

Dai and Veemon followed her inside while Tommy watched, unsure of what to do before he then turned around and started running off back to the camp.

"I have to get Takuya. He'll know what to do." He huffed as he ran.

Back in the cave, Dai and Veemon looked around at the cave walls to see images of four human children on it with four digimon.

It looked as though the pictures, that had been painted on with black ink, were telling a story of how the group had met and such.

They fileld every inch of the cave walls and led up to a wall that was at the end of the cave, stopping them from going any further.

"It's a dead end." Dai noted.

Raising her hand, Sakuyamon placed it onto the wall and drew a marking on it that was made up of triangles, then stepped back as the wall glowed red.

Much to Veemon and Dai's surprise, the wall opened up to reveal a secret room that was filled with natural light and there were three other digimon inside.

"Hey, pumpkin, what took you so long?" one of the males asked as he turned to the group.

He wore a purple body suit that had a white chest, had a silver helmet that covered his entire face and had what appeared to be 'ears' on top.

Around his neck was a long red scarf and one of his arms was a laser of some sort.

Not only that, but his voice sounded as though two people were speaking at once as well, one being a teenage male's voice while the other was deeper and gruff.

"Don't call me that, Justimon." Sakuyamon frowned at him, the young tone in her voice becoming more dominant.

Justimon nodded as he then looked at the duo of Miracles, the wall reappearing behind them, blocking off the exit.

"So, these are the ones, huh?" he asked with a kind sounding tone.

"Yes, this is them." Sakuyamon said.

"Uh, why were we brought here?" Veemon asked as he and Dai walked further into the room.

"That's simple." A large green robotic digimon spoke.

He appeared to be a dog/rabbit digimon that was green with a white face and blue eyes while his voice was a mixture of a slightly feminine voice and male's voice speaking.

"You were brought here because of your bond." He said.

"Our bond?" Dai and Veemon asked.

"Perhaps we should introduce each other first." The last digimon spoke.

He appeared to be the leader and he looked like a knight with his white armour, the helmet he wore being a dinosaur's head with bat wing like ears and he had gold eyes.

A long red cape was attached to his shoulders while his voice was also a mixture of a teenage male's while the other sounded mal only higher pitched, but still very male sounding.

"I am Gallantmon. You've already met Sakuyamon." The knight said.

"This is Justimon and finally MegaGargomon." Gallantmon introduced as he pointed at each digimon.

"Hi, I'm Daisuke and this is Veemon." The girl said.

"We already know who you are. We've been watching you for a while now." Justimon chuckled.

"For how long?" Dai asked with narrowed eyes.

"Since you two first met. We've been watching all of your battles over the year and how your bond grew. Even now we've been watching you." MegaGargomon explained.

"Well, that's not creepy." Veemon muttered making Justimon and MegaGargomon laugh.

"I agree, but it was needed." Justimon said.

"Needed for what?" Dai asked as Gallantmon walked up to them.

"To check on the Digidestineds to see if any of you have a bond with your digimon that was stronger than that of friendship." Gallantmon said with a smile in his voice.

"You two seemed to have passed the test so to speak." Sakuyamon said.

"I'm lost." Dai said.

"Me too." Veemon nodded.

Clearing his throat, Gallantmon kneeled down in front of the duo of Miracles and he pulled out a digivice from a pocket that was sewn into his cape.

It was a large bulky device that was an off-white color and had a red circle around the screen along with a red strap attacked to the digivice with a black clip.

"A digivice? How do you have a digivice?" Dai asked in shock.

"We all have them." MegaGargomon said as he pulled one out that was off-white and green.

Justimon held out a digivice that was blue with a white circle around the screen and had a white strap while Sakuyamon pulled out an off-white and blue colored digivice.

"But how? You guys were all partnered to Digidestineds before? Why do you have their digivices then?" Dai asked.

She was very confused about this and her head was beginning to hurt.

"Calm down. We'll explain this to you." Justimon held a hand up.

"You see, a few years ago, we were once known as the Tamers. Humans who could tame digimon, become partners and friends to them. Also, we could make them digivolve with our D-Arcs. We had Modify cards to give our digimon more power or to digivolve." Sakuyamon explained.

"After that, an evil digimon kidnapped a friend of ours named Calumon, who had the power to make other digimon digivolve, to steal his power and use it to become stronger and hurt innocents. We decided to dive into the Digital World to save Calumon." MegaGargomon continued.

Dai and Veemon were now sitting on the ground, both entranced by the story that was being told to them.

"While there, they met me and my partner. Earlier on, we had accidentally been sucked into the Digital World and were wandering around aimlessly and fought off various wild digimon that attacked us. After we met the other Tamers, we joined the team." Justimon said.

"I was the first who discovered a new form of digivolving. It's called Bio-Merge. It's a form of digivolving that fuses the Tamer and their digimon together to create a new powerful Mega level digimon." Gallantmon explained.

This made the duo of Miracles gasp when they realized something.

"That's you guys? I mean, you're really your partners and yourselves fused together?!" Veemon asked as he pointed at them.

"How is that even possible? I mean, you're two different species sharing the same body?" Dai asked.

"Moumentai. Don't blow a gasket." MegaGargomon chuckled.

"How did you do this Bio-Merge thing?" Dai asked.

"Our bond with our digimon became so strong that it allowed us to digivolve together with them." Gallantmon said.

"We didn't want them to fight alone anymore." Sakuyamon smiled.

"We've been watching over the other Digidestineds to see if any of them had a bond as strong as the ones we made were and we found that you two had it." Justimon said.

"Okay, so, what now?" Veemon asked.

"We wanted to give you the power you will need to defeat the evil Warriors and Cherubimon." Gallantmon said as he stood up.

This made the mahogany haired girl and her blue dragon perk up at they stared at the knight as he held out his D-Arc, the other three Megas doing the same.

"You mean, we'll be able to Bio-Merge like you guys?" Dai asked.

"Yep, that's right." MegaGargomon nodded.

"The only problem is, if you stay in your Bio-Merged forms for too long, then you'll be stuck that way forever." Sakuyamon said sadly.

"What?" Veemon asked feeling sorry for the tamers and their digimon.

"We stayed in these forms too long during a battle against the Demon Lords. We defeated them, but then we found that we couldn't change back to normal." MegaGargomon said.

"Because of that, we couldn't stay in the human World any longer, so we left for the Digital World and stayed here for years. Time has moved by faster here since an eclipse came and sped up time once again." Justimon sighed.

Dai frowned sadly as her heart went out to the Tamers who must dearly miss their friends and families.

Who knew what kind of pain their loved ones must have gone through when the four Tamers just disappeared one day and never returned.

"Isn't there a way to turn you back?" she asked.

The four Megas all grew silent as they gave sad smiles at the girl.

"We haven't found one yet. Anyway, this is your choice if you want to be able to Bio-Merge. Do you two want it, despite the consequences?" Gallantmon asked.

Veemon and Dai shared a look at this, worry showing their eyes as well as fear.

"If we do this, we might be stuck that way forever." The dragon said.

"But we'll be able to finally help our friends. We won't just be standing on the sidelines anymore." The girl said.

Smiling lovingly at each other, they both turned back to Gallantmon, Justimon, Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon.

"We'll do it." the duo of Miracles agreed.

Smiling in return, the four Megas held up their D-Arcs as red, blue, red and purple lights shot out of them and went straight towards Dai.

The lights went into her shorts' pocket where she kept he D-3 and D-Terminal and she quickly pulled them out to see the four laughed envelop the devices and they glowed white as they seemed to merge together.

When the glowing faded away, it revealed that the D-3 had transformed into a D-Arc, only it was blue with red buttons, a red circle around the screen and had a red strap with a black clip.

Her D-Terminal had transformed into green and blue cards and as she looked them over, she saw there were cards for digivolution and armour digivolution and lastly, Bio-Merging.

"Hey, what happened?" Dai asked.

"To Bio-Merge, you need a D-Arc and the card to make it possible." MegaGargomon said.

"But, so Veemon can still use Flamedramon and Raidramon's powers, we transformed your digi eggs into Modify cards. All you have to do is scan the cards through your digivice and say Digi Modify." Sakuyamon held a finger up as she explained this.

"Really?" Dai asked as she blinked owlishly at them.

"Cool! I can't wait to try it out." Veemon pumped his fists in the air with a large grin on his face.

The Megas and Dai all chuckled at this, Vemeon joining in.

"You should both get going now. I have a feeling your friends are looking for you." Justimon said.

More specifically, the goggle head was leading a charge through the forest, screaming the girl's name, worry clear in his voice.

"Right. thanks, you guys. Bye!" Dai waved as she and Veemon turned to the doorway that had reappeared.

As the duo ran out, waving goodbye and calling out their farewells, they saw the four digimon covered in lights.

Gallantmon was glowing red and they saw a red and white dinosaur with black markings standing beside a boy with caramel colored hair and crimson eyes, both smiling cheerfully.

Sakuyamon was covered in blue light and there was a yellow and white fox with purple armguards standing beside a girl with red hair and lavender eyes, both giving slight grins.

MegaGargomon had green light glowing around him and revealed a tanned Chinese boy with blue hair and steel gray eyes with a big eared beige and green colored rabbit sitting on his shoulders waving his large ear like a hand.

Justimon was covered in purple light and in his place stood a tanned boy with spiked brown hair and sky blue eyes smiling as he waved, a tall dark purple, almost black, dragon with a brown helmet covering his face with six tiny red wings standing beside him.

Dai and Veemon were shocked to be seeing the true forms of the four Tamers and their digimon, but smiled none the less and waved to them as the wall faded back in, sealing the four Megas away.

Continuing on, the duo of Miracles walked out of the cave just in time to see Takuya, Zoe, Koji, JP, Tommy, Bokomon and Neemon running out of the thick trees.

"Dai!" Tommy called when he spotted the girl.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Veemon complained as he placed his hands on his waist.

"Are you all right?" Zoe asked in worry as the group surrounded the duo.

"We thought something bad happened to you." Takuya said.

"Yeah. Plus, we were about to eat when Tommy said you were taken by some weird digimon." JP pouted.

"We're fine, really." Dai chuckled.

"Well, what happened then?" Koji asked.

Pulling out her D-Arc and modify cards, Dai then started explaining what she had just learned and what happened to her.

To be continued…