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"You're almost at the tower, hurry." Jeremy urged as Aelita, Yumi, Odd and Ulrich made their way to the tower, as far as missions go, this one was going fairly well. There were some monsters, but everyone was on top of their game.

"Ya hooo!" Odd cheered as he shot another MagaTank with his laser arrow.

"Nice one, Odd." Ulrich replied.

"We're rocking this mission today!" Odd continued to cheer.

"You guys still need to deactivate the tower." Jeremy reminded them though he was in good spirits as well, the mission was going well. Odd waved him off as Yumi and Aelita raced forward on the overwing to deactivate the tower. They saw the Scyphozoa but managed maneuver the overwing to avoid it and Aelita jumped from the overwing into the activated tower.

"Nice one, Aelita." Jeremy cheered. Aelita smiled and deactivated the tower.

"Come on Einstein, devirtualize us already it's time for lunch." Odd complained. Jeremy launched the divirtualization program and they stepped out of the scanners, but something was wrong; Ulrich was still his lyoko avatar.

"Hey, Jeremy, what's going on?" Ulrich asked nervously from the scanner room.

"I don't know, just hang tight, I'll check the supercomputer." Jeremy responded quickly. The minutes it took for Jeremy to run the diagnostic program felt like hours to Ulrich, he tried not to let the others know that he was nervous, but he was.

"Ulrich, I have some bad news." Jeremy started unsurely, entering the scanner room.

"What is it?" Ulrich asked. Jeramy sighed.

"X.A.N.A. activated another tower just as you were being devirtualized, he used the tower to infect your scanner as a result, your biological DNA was replaced with your avatar's coding." Jeremy hesitantly explained.

"Would deactivating the tower that X.A.N.A. activated and doing a return to the past help?" Aelita asked. Jeremy shook his head.

"First off, using the scanners would risk X.A.N.A doing the same trick on someone else, also a return to the past can't repair DNA." Jeremy argued.

"Well, what should we do?" Yumi asked.

"Well, Ulrich should stay in the factory so no one gets suspicious and I can keep an eye on him while I figure this out." Jeremy explained.

"I"ll help you." Aelita told Jeremy.

"And I'll stay with Ulrich." Yumi agreed.

"So will I," Odd agreed. Ulrich knew that Odd would be willing to stay, but he hated making his friends go out of the way for him.

"Why don't you go and pick up the lunch special? I'll be fine, really." Ulrich suggested to Odd. Odd wanted lunch but also wanted to help, he ended up in charge of the lunch-run by buying lunch for the others as well. Jeremy explained that food would have no affect on Ulrich biologically, but he didn't want him to feel left out so he bought lunch for him as well. They ate in silence. Aelita managed to convince Jeremy to eat the lunch, however, the second he finished eating, he continued to work on the supercomputer.

"Out of all the dirty tricks he done." Jeremy muttered, clearly talking about X.A.N.A.

"We've been through worse, I know we'll figure this out." Aelita said, joining him.

"You don't get it, Aelita, Ulrich's avatar is not supposed to exist on earth. Each moment that I take to find how to get him back, results in the avatar eroding." Jeremy explained sadly.

"So, he won't be able to go to Lyoko?" Aelita guessed.

"I wish it was just that, Aelita," Jeremy explained. "If his avatar's coding erodes completely before I can return his DNA to him, he'll die!"

"Do you want me to tell him the bad news?" Aelita asked quietly while wiping tears from her face.

"No, Aelita, I have to." Jeremy replied, wiping tears from his eyes as well, as he went to tell the others of his horrific discovery.

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