"X.A.N.A. will probably continue attacking the core of Lyoko. We should split up, Aelita and I will stay here and look for Ulrich's DNA data, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd, you three protect Lyoko." Jeremy instructed. They nodded and used their vehicles to go to the core of Lyoko. It was clear that Jeremy was becoming increacinly frustrated with his lack of progress.

"We'll figure this out, don't worry." Aelita reassured him. Jeremy smiled at her.

"Thanks, I just hope that Ulrich's handling it well enough, he'd never tell anyone, but I think it's really upsetting him." he replied.

Meanwhile, the others were in the core of Lyoko and noticed that Jeremy was right, X.A.N.A. was trying to destroy Lyoko, and them along with it! Ulrich went to fight and it was clear that he was fighting with all the anger he had at X.A.N.A. for his latest trick.

"Look at him go!" cheered, "The monsters don't stand a chance with Ulrich in this state. Yumi shook her head.

"Odd, Ulrich isn't using his head, if he keeps this up, he won't be able to think of a plan and he'll lose life points quickly because he won't dodge attacks." Yumi argued. They noticed that Ulrich was getting hit often.

"I'll cover for you and Ulrich, can you talk some sense into him?" Odd asked. Yumi nodded and ran towards Ulrich.

"Hey, monsters, over here!" Odd called and began attacking them. They started firing at Odd.

"Ulrich, wait!" Yumi called.

"What, I'm fighting X.A.N.A. just like where supposed to." Ulrich replied, not looking at her.

"You're getting hit to many times. If a monster defeats you, you know there'll be no way to save you." Yumi replied.

"What if there isn't one anyways?" Ulrich retorted.

"Jeremy will find one, you know he will." Yumi replied.

"Yeah, remember what you told us when we were getting angry at each other?" Odd interjected. Ulrich thought for a moment.

"We need to stay calm and work as a team." He whispered, he took a breath. He continued fighting, but he was dodging the attacks as well.

Meanwhile, Aelita and Jeremy were still working at the interface, trying to free Ulrich.

"I managed to regain control of the scanners." Aelita reported.

"That's good, but we still need to find Ulrich's DNA. If Ulrich is devirtualized before I can retrieve his DNA, that may be enough to make him disappear!" Jeremy replied. Creatures started attacking them. Aelita ran to fend them off while Jeremy continued searching the interface.

In the core of Lyoko, the monsters were attacking the Lyoko warriors with everything they had.

"X.A.N.A. really isn't giving up." Odd sighed. They continued fighting, though their life points were quickly diminishing. A manta shot a beam at Yumi devirtualizing her.

"No!" Odd and Ulrich cried in unison. They knew that they had to continue fighting.

Yumi found herself in the scanners.

"Aelita and Jeremy must have regained control of the scanners." Yumi sighed in relief, as she ran towards the lab.

"Guys, can you hear me?" Yumi asked into the headset.

"Yumi?" Ulrich asked.

" I'm fine; Aelita and Jeremy must have regained control of the scanners." Yumi explained.

"Yes, but if Ulrich is devirtualized, he'll be erased permanently; I didn't find his DNA sequence yet." Jeremy cut in.

"I'll cover him." Odd replied. Soon after however, Odd was devirtualized.

"Jeremy, how much longer is it going to take? Odd's been devirtualized and Ulrich is running low on life points!" Yumi asked.

"I'll go and cover him. Jeremy still hasn't found it yet." Aelita replied. Aelita hurried to the core of Lyoko using her angel wings and fired energy fields at the monsters. X.A.N.A. realized Aelita's plan and as she was fending off mantas, got one to fire at Ulrich. He was devirtualized.

"No!" Aelita, Yumi and Odd cried.

Ulrich found himself in the scanners, in his normal form.

"I was just about to tell you guys that I found and installed his DNA program before he was hit." Jeremy replied still on Lyoko. The group cheered. Yumi, following Jeremy's instructions, rematerialized him and Aelita.

"How do you feel, Ulrich? Jeremy asked.

"I'll be fine, that was too close though." He replied. The team were heading back to Kadic when Jim spot them.

"Were where you guys?" He demanded. The group looked at each other.

"We'd... rather not talk about it." Ulrich replied as the ran towards Kadic.

~I hope you enjoyed the story. :) ~