I watched the clock on our nightstand after he left and it was ten minutes before that boy came back, but then it was only to add to my pleasured torture. He placed the blindfold back over my eyes, then I felt his hand lightly playing with my cunt for only a moment before he slid something else inside me. My hips bucked as he ever so slowly moved the object within me. I thought it was shaped like a vibrator, and that suspicion was only confirmed when Danny flicked it on.

My back arched as my pleasure was more than doubled and I cried out. I didn't realize how much that second set of vibrations would affect me until both objects were humming away inside me. Between having one thing shoved up my ass and another filling my cunt, I felt completely full and as if the smallest little thing might be enough to send me over the edge.

He left me there for a few minutes, moaning and squirming, before I felt the temperature drop several degrees. The freezing air made my body more sensitive and I came hard when a gloved finger was rubbed up against my clit.

I heard a zipper come undone as my panting started to die down. The two vibrators that had been filling me suddenly disappeared, leaving me feeling empty and desperate to be filled again. My breathing finally returned to normal, but before I managed to close my mouth, Danny's cock was pressing against my lips. He pushed himself into my mouth and I took him in, a part of me loving the fact that he wasn't giving me a choice. I moved my head the best I could as he thrust his hard cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue traced every ridge; I was intrigued by how different it felt to suck on him when he was in his ghost form. My mouth was freezing, a lovely contrast to how hot my body felt, aching for attention.

He pulled out of my mouth just before he came and flipped me on all fours. My ass was in the air and I was acutely aware of one pair of frozen hands playing with my nipples and another kneading the muscles of my ass. I moaned both from the sensation and the knowledge that he'd duplicated. Fuck, this was going to be good.

I was panting heavily now, the heat between my legs was damn near unbearable. He'd already made come multiple times before, and I was still desperate to be touched.

I wanted him to fuck me senseless.

Danny never stopped playing with my nipples, but I felt him remove his hands from my ass. A frozen finger entered my burning snatch, causing me to gasp as he pumped it in and out of me a few times. Between the chill of his ghost form and the blindfold enhancing every other sense, the feeling of a simple finger felt incredible. The thought of his cock entering me while he was Phantom only served to make me wetter and I moaned.

"Do you want me, Sammy?" he whispered in my ear as his clone gently tweaked my nipples.

"Yes," I moaned.

Danny's hand came down sharply on my ass, making me cry out just before his clone gave my nipples a hard twist. "What was that?"

"Yes, Sir," I said louder, barely managing to keep myself from speaking in another moan.

His hand came down on my ass again, but this time his clone's mouth found its way to a hardened nipple. "Tell me what you want, Sammy."

I moaned as a second finger entered my cavern. "I want to be fucked senseless, Sir."

He bent over my and nipped lightly at my ear. "Good girl." I shuddered and there was once more a cock pressing against my lips. I took it without a second's thought and was rewarded with a groan as I began working my mouth around his cock again.

His fingers suddenly left me and I felt another cock teasing my hole. I let out a long moan around the clone's cock as Danny slowly slid him inside me. The feeling of his frozen member filling me was even better than I had imagined.

I felt his cold breath by my ear again. "Don't let another sound come out of that pretty little mouth again or I'll have to punish you." Even with one cock filling my mouth, I wasn't sure of just how possible his order was.

He slid out of me slowly and I felt his clone grab my head at the same time as he grabbed my hips. Both of them started thrusting at a fast pace and I let out my first moan only a few moments after they started. I quickly learned what the punishment was as he pulled himself completely out of my cunt and five sharp smacks landed firmly between my legs. I eyes and fists clenched in an attempt at keeping myself silent, a feat I only barely managed when the last smack landed and he quickly entered me again, my cunt more sensitive than before.

The second time I broke his rule was when I felt the clone shudder and send his load down my throat before disappearing. I moaned as I swallowed it and Danny stopped his vigorous fucking to pull out and punish me again by spanking my cunt five more times in quick succession. I bit my lip hard enough to draw blood as I fought to keep myself silent.

When he entered me again, he moved even faster than before, making it so much harder to keep quiet. I heard his pleasured groans coming from above me as he worked. Gasps and pants were the only sounds he let me make without punishing me- that was the only reason I managed to survive his order of silence.

Then he reached around and started playing with my clit. The sensation was too much as I came screaming only hear Danny's own release come a few moments after my own.

He rolled off of me and we both collapsed as soon as the blindfold was phased off me and the blinding rings of his transformation washed over his body. "Did you like that?" He asked, barely controlling his breathing enough to get the words out.

I nodded, barely knowing up from down. "We damn well better start doing this more often."

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The Lost Voice