Fang! Rasengan! Fang!

Chapter 1 –

The scent of blood filled Tsume's hypersensitive nostrils, bile rising up in her throat as she ran. Through the gathering dark she saw the Uchiha compound, as she feared deaths presence fell heavily here too, silently she prayed for Kiba and Hana. She turned to her ninken companion, "Kuromaru! Are there any survivors?"

Clearly the situation weighed heavily upon him as well and a soft whine escaped his muzzle as he scented the air, Tsume sent him a stern glare, there was no time to mourn their comrades now. Ear drawn down the large wolf like canine focused its remaining eye towards a stately home set apart from the main street. Both kunoichi and animal moved silently across the smooth wooden veranda of the house, inside a soft sobbing could be heard, however neither lowered their guard, sliding open the door the tracking ninja used her advanced senses to scan the area; detecting a small, underdeveloped, chakra network she signalled clear to Kuromaru who padded forward to protect his master all the same.

Hidden behind a high backed armchair a raven haired boy stared back at her, tears streaking his face. Under his breath he murmured his brother's name and made no move to stop Tsume as lifted him up and placed him upon Kuromaru's warm furry back. "Don't worry we'll get you out of here Sasuke" the Inuzuka reassured the child she recognized from her own son's academy class.


Racing through Konoha's main gates the feral instinct that framed Hana as an Inuzuka screamed within her brain. Something was very wrong. Each of the triplet pups that ran with her pined earnestly, without reporting in on the mission she'd returned from she headed straight towards home.

The compound she'd grown up in had been within her clan since they had joined the first Hokage during the settlement of Konoha, filled with open space and specialised ninken training grounds of its own it spaced several acres even though the clan itself was relatively small in comparison to the Hyuga or Uchiha. Upon entering a chill ran along Hana's spine, the ground was littered with corpses, beast mangled with ninja, an irony of the ninjutsu her clan was known for.

Shiroi, Shiro and Haiiro whimpered pitifully, licking the muzzle of their mother who lay limply across her master's chest, loyal beyond even death. Not spotting her own mother amongst the massacre the kunoichi moved on instinct to comfort her companions, running her hands through their matted grey fur before respectively lowering her head to the ground before the larger dog's body. With grudging acceptance the brothers moved on, picking up on Hana's own fears they began to track Kiba's scent following it out of the Inuzuka's quarters.



"Get out of here you demon scum!" Bellowed the shop keeper chasing the young boy out of his store with a liberal whack from the back of his hand. Naruto knew better than to cry, that only made people even angrier. His head spun and he reeled from the blow of the man's knuckles across his forehead, still running was safest so even as he was knocked to his feet he scrambled on. Unfortunately as often happened around this particular child, hatred seemed contagious today and within moments the nearby civilians had joined in the hunt. Jeering at the boy and tripping him, some pelted stones and many took a swipe at him themselves, one especially large man striking him hard across the face so that a sickening crunch rose above the din. Then there was the silence that often follows a line being crossed.

The fragile figure so intent on escape only moments ago no longer moved like a cornered animal, in fact he made no move at all to get up, his breathing had grown shallow and the icy blue eyes that had looked up at them in blind fear were now hidden behind heavy lids. Immediately people began to disperse into the streets. No one wanting to be blamed, but neither willing to help. Reaching towards the boy the man who'd struck him shook him violently; all anger drained from his voice he whispered to the figure huddled before him. "That ain't funny brat, get up!"

Within an hour Naruto had been thrown in the gutter, still lying unconscious. Better to forget what had happened Mizuki thought as he watched the scene unfold before him. He had orders to protect the fox bastard, but he knew that Naruto wouldn't tell anyone. The kid had learned even as a baby that no one cared. Checking that he would live, the Chunin jumped across the roof tops abandoning his watch for the night.


Shiro growled at a pile of crumbled masonry, once part of the ornate walls that made up the Uchiha police station. Immediately fearing the worst Hana sprinted towards him, and began digging through the rock with her bare hands, not caring that the rough stone tore at her skin the sharp debris ripped deep cuts into her forearms. The Haimaru brothers quickly followed suit, careful not to hurt the boy trapped below; with their help a hole soon emerged, peering through Hana's heart skipped a beat to see lips softly parted exposing the characteristic Inuzuka fangs.

"Kiba!" She screamed, tears now rolling down her cheeks as she fought desperately to save her little brother. However when the rubble had been thrown aside and she gently pulled the limp figure from it she sank to the ground with a growing despair. Instead of rich chestnut locks, bright blonde spikes framed the boy's face, where the customary red tattoos should streak along rounded cheeks instead deep trenches were etched. She recognised the child before her vaguely as the town's troublemaker, an orphan of the Nine Tails attack, unanimously hated by the adults of the village.

Hana knew on some level that any other person would leave him back in the wreckage they'd found him, but even with her desperation to find her brother she couldn't bring herself to leave a child to die, he'd been badly injured in the building collapse and blood ran steadily from the side of his head. Turning with sadness in her heart she began to run towards the hospital, travelling across the rooftops, knowing somewhere deep down that had Kiba been alive, he dogs would have found him.