A/N: Okay I am an old author here that used to write in another section, I just couldn't get this out of my head. This will take place at some point in Season one, put it where you see fit.

Bruce warily eyed the line before him, the flash bulbs from the press illuminating the darkening night. Tonight there seemed to be more as it wasn't often that Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, and Oliver Queen showed up at the same event. It was a charity auction put on a small but failing technology firm, which all three men were currently trying to buy out. Normally such a small company would mean nothing to any of them, but during one of Wayne Enterprises Partnerships with Lex Corp he had discovered the madman was working on what seemed to be a giant robot to take on the Justice League. This small company unknowingly produced a prototype for the key component that would enable the robots system to work and from what Bruce could see, was the last piece Lex needed to make it operational. To stop this Bruce and Oliver had gone in to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

As the car inched closer as more guests arrived on the red carpet his attention turned to his young ward beside him, "Are you sure you want to do this?" he questioned. Dick didn't hesitate and nodded "How often are you trying to buy out a company to keep Luthor from finishing a killer robot set to destroy us all…not to mention the owner of said company is a former orphan and loves the circus?" Bruce didn't answer merely grunting at the odds of it, unhappy that he was using his son in such a way. He also hated bringing him to events like this, not only did they bore the poor kid out of his mind, but it put him back in the public eye. It was well known in Gotham Bruce would do anything to protect him, something at least one of two ransom junkies felt the need to test each year, one just a few weeks ago. That didn't even count the Rouges Gallery that was dying to get their hands Robin as a means to get to Batman.

"Remember Oliver is here too if you need a break and can't find me" he said as the car stopped and Alfred got out to open the door, the press getting ravenous knowing who was in the car as soon as they laid eyes on the butler. As the door cracked open "Show time" he muttered putting on his best playboy smile on and stepping out, waving to the crowd. The clicking of cameras went mad "Who is your date Bruce? Where is Miss Kyle tonight? Is it true you are engaged? What of rumors of a Lex Corp takeover? How is Richard recovering from the incident last month?" followed by a few seconds of deafening silence as Dick stepped out of the car, a shy smile on his face, the press seeming to gather their wits exploded into a fit as they all fought to get a picture or statement from the Princes of Gotham.

Inside Oliver Queen was already bored, he hated these stuffy functions with a passion, and certainly had enough art from them to fill most of Star City's museums. He also knew that the fight had come down to Wayne and Luthor, the men outmatching him early in the negotiations. Speaking of which he spotted a familiar bald head and face sour glaring at the crowd around him. Everything about the man screamed evil and how the public didn't see it was beyond him. Oliver smiled, at least he could have some fun with this mission "You hate these things too?" he said jovially slapping Luthor on the back, causing some of his champagne to splash on his tux.

Luthor turned his eyes dark and dangerous, though the archer wasn't fazed he did work with Batman after all, and Luthor had nothing on the "Bat Glare" as Barry called it. "Yes" he growled "Our hosts seem fit to be fashionably late, as does Wayne". Ollie just smiled, "Well we are in his city and…" getting cut off as the press outside erupted "…that would be him" he said hearing the crowd calm momentarily before renewing its hysterics. Oliver felt his jaw drop, knowing what it meant even before the doors opened "He wouldn't" he breathed, it wasn't part of the plan, getting Luthor to raise an eyebrow "Wouldn't what?" he questioned admittedly curious as to what could cause the press to react in such a way now wishing he had at least brought Lois along as a date.

Oliver debated on answering the question, remembering to keep the cover…all three were supposed to be friendly rivals. "His ward" he responded his voice grave "he brought his ward".

"And…" Luthor pushed not seeing what Wayne's ward had to do with anything. He of course knew of him, a circus kid he'd taken in after the death of his parents. Lex personally thought it was a brilliant publicity stunt, regrettably not thinking of it first.

"You haven't done your homework" Oliver chided silently apologizing to Bruce for what he was about to do…I am so dead for this he thought "So our quarry won't feel any connection to a fellow orphan and Prince of Gotham. Bruce hardly brings the kid out and when he does…well you see". Luthor cursed under his breath as the two entered the ballroom, Derek Falon right behind them, the aging CEO of the company they were all after. "Don't you have one too?" Luthor demanded, walking as quickly as he could to the trio without breaking out into a full on run.

"Yes" Oliver shot back "but Roy is not nearly as charming as Richard there". The truth was he had asked his ward and former partner to come with him tonight, to help keep an eye on Luthor but the kid was still mad as hell at him, at least patrolling the Star City in his absence.

As they arrived, Luthor trying to hide he was out of breath, Bruce had a hand on the boys shoulder as he introduced him to the failing CEO. Dick smiled and confidently shook his hand "Hello Sir" he said respectfully "Bruce tells me you're a fan of the circus…"

"We have so lost" he muttered to Luthor as they waited to be included in the conversation, and he couldn't help but agree.

Hours later Dick sat in a chair at one of the many tables, anxious to get away for a few moments, wishing he could just vanish like Robin did. The constant stream of socialites coupled with having to retell his story to Falon had worn on the teen. He had truly enjoyed speaking with the CEO and hoped he had turned the tide in Bruce's favor. As if hearing his thoughts he felt a strong comforting hand on his shoulder as Bruce sat next to him "You did good" he said the pride evident in his voice "I just finished speaking with Falon and he has accepted Wayne Enterprises offer".

Dick flashed a huge genuine smile, one that always warmed Bruce's heart "You're welcome" he said.

"Couldn't have done it without you, Falon said that the money Luthor was offering was almost too much to put down…but felt he wanted to leave his company to someone with a bright future" he said ruffling his hair. Dick smiled again the clacking of high heels heading their way catching both of their attention. "Gerty?" he asked as Dick's eyes grew wide, how the boy loathed the reporter. For years she had published the most awful stories about him, first attacking his heritage, then calling him a leech to Bruce, spoiled brat determined to keep Bruce from ever marrying , and now that he had been accepted by Gotham the tragic victim. He gave a small nod that no one but his mentor could see. "Go" Bruce said feeling the boy had done enough tonight "Find Queen and help him keep an eye on Luthor, he may not take loosing well". The boy gave another small nod, darting away pretending not to see the reporter.

"Brucie! Dickie!" she gushed watching sadly as the boy slipped away, wanting to follow him. Bruce however turned a coy smile on his face as he took her arm "Gerty, now how did you get in here, I thought it was off limits to the press" he said wagging his finger at her playfully when all he wanted to do was throw her out the nearest window. She giggled like a school girl, slapping him in the arm before flipping open her notebook "Oh Brucie you know I have my ways…now tell me about you and Miss Kyle"

Dick moved to the outer edge of the Ballroom and watched as Bruce intercepted the horrible woman. "Sorry Bruce" he whispered feeling as if he had just left Batman to face the Joker alone…well maybe not the Joker but Poison Ivy or even Catwoman on a bad day. Knowing his orders he surveyed the room trying to located Ollie in the crowd, finally spotting the blonde archer across the room with a very put out Luthor. This brought a small smile; the only other person to get him that annoyed may have been Flash, or even better Kid Flash.

Gathering himself he prepared to cross the gauntlet of high society again, feeling the hair on the back of his neck began to stand on end and a cool breeze came from the doorway behind him. His senses honed by years of crime fighting screaming something was wrong. Before he even had time to turn a scarred hand had covered his mouth and strong arms pinned his arms to his sides. Not again! His mind screamed as the screams tearing from his throat were lost to the hand. He began to thrash in his captors grip, legs trying to hit sensitive toes and knees. His efforts only greeted with a sinister laugh "What do we have here?" a gravelly voice whispered in his ear as he was pulled into a darkened hallway "I had come for a visit with Daddy Dearest but you will do so much better, so so much better". Dick screamed again as he recognized the voice.

To Be Continued…..