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Summer basketball festival. Maid café. A cross-dressing Kise. What more could Aomine want?


For this, Haizaki and Kise don't know each other at all, and Haizaki never joined the Teiko team (basically only Akashi knows him personally)

This was meant to be a one shot, but it just got longer. Oh well :D

New Dress: Denial

"Aomine-cchi~!" A loud voice called from upstairs. "Why?"

"Why what?" A lazy blue haired man lay on the sofa, watching an American basketball match on the TV. He heard faint footsteps on the stairs before a voice cried out again, a lot louder than before.

"Why do I have to wear this?!" A pretty blonde whined to his friend. He pointed at his current clothing, making the other stop and stare.

The blonde stood leaning on one leg, his hands trying to pull at the ruffles of dress.

Yeah, you heard right.

He had on a pair of strappy plain black heels and a dress. The dress was a baby blue colour, fashioned from the Victorian era, with the skirt flowing down to his feet. The sleeves were short and the chest area was covered enough so if it were a girl wearing it, only the barest of boob would be seen. It was a modest dress, no revealing places and showed enough skin to look good. 'Especially on Kise,' Aomine thought. He internally facepalmed. 'I did not just think that.'

"Kise, why are you wearing that?" Aomine said nervously, which came out rather harshly. To Kise it sounded disgusted, and he flinched slightly, but ignored what sounded rude and spoke.

"You know we have the regional summer basketball festival, right? And the all the main regional basketball teams have to contribute to it?"

Nod. "Yeah. Ours is a goddamn kissing booth." Aomine scrunched his nose in disgust.

Kise laughed at Aomine's expression before continuing. "Well, a bunch of crazy girls decided to pick a cross-dressing maid café and told our manager - not my idea! - so we have to cross-dress or do cleaning up duties for a month. Same with Seirin, I think." Kise pouted in a sulky way. "It's not fair! There's no way I could have picked the clean up duties because of my modelling schedule!"

'No, what's not fair is that you look absolutely fucking adorable when you pout that I want to- ...Let me not finish that sentence.' Aomine thought. "Well. Suck it up and take it like a man if you don't want cleaning duties for a month." He replied.

"Fine." Kise said with a frown in his face. His face suddenly lit up when he thought of something. "Aomine-cchi, do I look good?" Kise asked, secretly wishing for him to say yes.

In truth, Kise was in love with Aomine. Well, he thought he was. He had been ever since Aomine first chucked a basketball at his head after his transfer to Teiko. And now, well... he didn't know what to do. He wasn't too upset about the dress really; once when he was doing a photo shoot in South Korea, they made him dress up in girl clothes too. Which was odd, at first, but he got use to it being requested of him that it hardly bothered him anymore. The only reason for the fuss was to see Aomine's reaction. Although he'd never wear this in public again. 'But it didn't see like he liked it... Actually, he seemed kinda disgusted...' Kise thought sadly. 'No! I won't give up! I'll show Aomine I like him a lot!'


'... What...?'

"It looks weird. I mean, you're a dude, Kise. Come on. Get real. Only girls with big boobs would look good in that." Aomine said coolly. And blatantly lying to himself. 'Fuck it! He looks gorgeous in those clothes! He should wear short skirts next time.'

"Oh." Kise's determined mood deflated, but being the experienced model he was, he showed no signs in his face. "So mean! I was just kidding Aomine-cchi!" He looked at the time, his heart hurting a bit. He ignored it. "Oh crap! Aomine-cchi! We need to leave or we'll be late!" Kise grabbed his stuff and tried to pull Aomine towards the door with him.

"Yeah yeah. Hold on." Aomine grumbled, grabbing his own things. He was not looking forward to that kissing booth. But, if he got to see Kise in a dress, then...

"Hold up. You said Seirin's doing it too. Does that mean Tetsu and Bakagami are wearing dresses too?!"


"... We won't survive Bakagami's hairy, manly muscular legs..."


"Hit the target and get a stuffed toy! Come men, do it for the ladies! Roll up-"

"Look here mama-!"

"Get your picture taken here! A variety of-"

"No! Not there! That's-"

"Buy some mouth watering jerk chicken! Buy 2 get 1 free! You know want-"

"Akira! You're here! How's-"

The huge park was filled with bustling people; hyper children, grumpy teens, weary adults, senior citizens surrounding the place.

Kise quickly made his way towards his team's booth, having left Aomine to go to his, which was near, though not close enough to see him clearly. Seirin's booth was closer to theirs, as their theme was much like his own team's.

"Kise-kun." A monotone voice said from behind the unsuspecting blonde, making the other jump. "What are you doing here?"

"Kuroko-cchi, don't do that! And I wanted to see you, that's all." Kise said after his mini-shock. He looked at Kuroko's clothes and squealed again, this time in delight. "Kuroko-cchi, so kawaii~!"

The said male flushed uncharacteristically, pulling his clothing down as far as it could go, which wasn't a lot. Kuroko was also wearing a dress, but not as modest as Kise's was. It was light pink, just reaching mid thigh. It fluffed outwards, layers of mesh and sheer materials making the dress look less flat. He had a pair of ballet shoes to match.

"I don't like it. It's too revealing." Kuroko continued to pull at it. "Although you look quite good in yours, Kise-kun."

"Eh? Thanks Kuroko-cchi! But where's Kagami-cchi?" Kise asked, happy about Kuroko's compliment. "Did he have to dress up too?" Kise giggled at the thought.

"No. He chose clearing up duty instead. I would have joined him, except everyone insisted on me wearing this." He smoothed the dress down. "I don't get it."

"It's 'cos you look so cute!" Kise said with a bright smile. "So Kagami-cchi isn't here?"

"No, but he's coming a bit later."

Suddenly a loud voice called. "Kise! Hurry up! We're starting!" Kasamatsu shouted, one of the ones who were not crossdressing for the day.

"Sorry Kuroko-cchi, I have to go now." Kise waved and went to the stall that Kaijou was using.

"I'm here Kasamatsu-cchi!"


It was late in the evening at 7pm, and the crowd had finally gone down.

"S-sumimasen! Gomen nasai!" The apologetic mushroom named Sakurai squeaked, looking at his captain as he made a mess of the kissing booth. Again.

Imayoshi smiled and just patted Sakurai's head. "We should have just made you cross-dress instead, Sakurai." He grinned at the blushing freshman, finding his kohai cute. "You're too awkward when kissing the girls. Try to relax."

"E-eh? I don't think I can." Sakurai said nervously.

"Well, maybe Aomine-kun could help. Right?" Imayoshi glanced at the power forward who was slouching on his chair.

"Hm?" Aomine grunted lazily.

"You can help Sakurai with girls right?" Imayoshi repeated, a sly look on his face.

"Well yeah. But not for free." Aomine said. "Sakurai. You better make some of those honey lemons if you want me to help you."

"O-okay! Sumimasen!" Sakurai stuttered.

Aomine waved his hand lazily. "Stop apologising already."

"S-sumimasen!" Never mind.

Aomine sighed but pulled the boy over to where he was. "Now first things first. Bloody relax, will you? You're too tense." The boy listened and slowly loosened up, shaking his arms.

"Okay, now..." Aomine patiently gave the boy a few tips and Sakurai listened religiously, absorbing it like a sponge. By the end of the talk, he managed to have his turn in the booth without accidentally thwacking or bumping into the girls.

If Aomine were anyone else, he would have done some ridiculous pose with grinning teeth and said 'SUCCESS OF THE YOUTH!' or something just as equally loud and annoying. But he wasn't, so he didn't.

"Aomine-kun, it's your turn to take the kissing booth." Imayoshi called after a while. Aomine sighed but came over as asked and sat down on one of the stools.

The first girl came over shyly, twisting her hands at the hem of her dress.

"Where do you want it?" Aomine asked, a bored look on his face. The girl only stuttered and could hardly speak, so pointed on her cheek instead.

He nodded and leaned over to the other girl, giving her peck on the cheek. She blushed furiously, looking like she was going to faint. She quickly got up for the next person.

This continued on, Aomine quickly feeling bored and restless. He liked kissing girls, of course, but it was getting boring real quick without any action.

Finally, he had one last go before a switch over. He heard a stumble before someone sat in front of him in a blue dress.