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So guys, last chapter! I had fun writing this and hope you enjoy it too :D

To be honest, I didn't think it would be this long, so it was an achievement for me to have written it!

Anyway, read on!

New Dress: Get Together

"Hi." Kise said, noticing the lustful stare that was being given. He needed to get away from him. Now.

"Well, if I didn't a close-up look at you, I'd say you were a girl. But you look even better as a guy." Haizaki leered, wetting his lips.

"Ah, thanks?" Kise said nervously.

"You're welcome, beautiful. Why don't you join me? We can have... a talk." The greyhead began to lower his hand down to Kise's ass.

"Er, I don't think-" the blonde began to make a quick excuse.

"Kise!" Himuro shouted suddenly. The raven ran over to the blonde, saving him. "Come on! Akashi-san and Atsushi walked off already!" He pulled the blonde out of the grey haired man's grip and towards the purplehead and redhead.

When they reached them, Himuro huffed. "I got him. Happy?" He said grumpily to the redhead, who nodded. "What did you need him for? You were pretty happy with Atsushi next to you." Jealousy leaked through his words, which Akashi ignored.

"The grey haired man was about to molest Ryouta. Surely you noticed?" Akashi said.

"Yeah. Who was he?" Himuro asked the blonde. Before Kise could speak, Akashi interrupted.

"Haizaki Shougo, a ruthless basketball player. He transferred to another school by the time Ryouta joined. He tried to join the team in Teiko before Ryouta transferred, but I rejected him."

"Eh? Why?" The blonde asked.

"Like I said. Ruthless. He'd cheat the rules and constantly get away with it. Any lesser person would have made him join the team, but not me. I play by the rules. Besides, my power is absolute. Winning is a given." He sighed. "Didn't you say that you wanted to see Daiki? Come." He walked off with Murasakibara trailing behind lazily.

Kise shrugged at Akashi's grave attitude and followed with Himuro.


"Huh, it's Mine-chin's turn at the booth." Murasakibara said, munching once again. Kise turned to see Aomine in mid-kiss, a young curly-haired girl sat across him. The blonde felt a bubble of jealousy, but pushed it down forcefully.

"Why don't you go for a kiss, Kise-chin?" The purple giant suddenly said.

Kose blushed immediately. "E-eh? No thanks, I don't like him that way-"

"Don't be ridiculous, Kise. People a mile away can see that you are jealous. Go." Himuro gave Kise a look.

The blonde turned to Akashi for help. "Akashi-cchi?"

"Tatsuya, don't get so jealous yourself. It's unbecoming." Himuro glared at Akashi for using his first name but said nothing, as he was confused by what Akashi had said, not noticing he showed signs of his jealousy towards Akashi and Murasakibara's close relationship. "And don't look at me, Ryouta. For once, I agree with Tatsuya."

Kise panicked. "But I can't-"

"You can!" Himuro pulled the blonde to the very front, ignoring the many girls who were shooting daggers at the raven and blonde for pushing in.

As they waited for the current girl to finish, Kise spoke up. "You know, Akashi-cchi is right, you don't need to be jealous."

"Huh?" Himuro said intelligently.

"Murasakibara-cchi likes you, not Akashi-cchi. Actually, he wants you to be his boyfriend. He told me so. And Akashi-cchi has no romantic feelings for Murasakibara-cchi either. He's just possessive over his former team mates, especially Murasakibara-cchi because he would follow his commands back in highschool." Kise said matter-of-factly.

Himuro smiled. "Is that why Akashi-san said that? Well, that's nice to know. Good luck with yours."

"Eh? He's not-" Seeing that the girl had finished and left, Kise was pushed to the stool by the raven.

"Kise?" Aomine said in surprise. "What are you-?"

"Himuro-cchi made me." Kise said, scratching his cheek.

"Ah well, I guess I have to... give you a kiss then." Inwardly, Aomine was ecstatic that he could give Kise a kiss. This time, instead of asking where he wanted it, he didn't give him a choice.

"Eh? But you don't have to Aomine-cchi, it's okay- mmmmph!" Warm lips covered the blonde, making him freeze up in surprise. Aomine pushed forward more forcefully, making Kise relax and respond, moulding his cold, soft lips against Aomine's warm, chapped ones. They sat like this for more than a couple of minutes, ignoring the world.


When they broke apart, Aomine dragged Kise away, leaving one of his teammates to finish the shift. Kise followed blindly, only for his lips to be attacked again by Aomine. A cough from behind them made Kise break the kiss, his lips swollen from the kissing and blushing furiously.

"It's nice you got together and all, but I didn't need a display." Himuro said nonchalantly.

"No one asked you to watch." Aomine retorted, hugging Kise protectively. Himuro simply smirked.

Kise looked at Aomine, confused about the sudden turn of events. "Aomine-cchi, why'd you kiss me? I thought you liked big-breasted girls?"

"I do. But I like you more." Aomine confessed, his voice low.

"Oh..." Kise said softly.

Once again, their moment was interrupted, this time by Akashi. At this point, Aomine was quickly getting annoyed. "Daiki, you may want to take Ryouta somewhere else."

"What? Why?" Akashi pointed to a tall greyhead, turning his head as if he was looking for someone. Kise blanched when he saw Haizaki, abruptly turning the opposite direction.

"Kise!" Too late.

"Er, yes Haizaki-san?"

"Where are you going? And who are you?" Haizaki said his last remark rudely to Aomine, who narrowed his eyes.

"I'm Kise's boyfriend. What's it to you?" Kise looked at Aomine in surprise but happiness.

"Hmph." Haizaki made a move to grab Kise, but was stopped by Aomine.

"Don't. Touch. Him." Aomine growled. Haizaki ignored the bluehead and punched him in the stomach, making the other keel over. The greyhead roughly pulled Kise into his arms, and lifted him onto his shoulders with the blonde struggling wildly. Seeing his opportunity, Haizaki ran off as if Kise's weight didn't affect him.


"How pretty you are, Ryouta." Haizaki said as he wondered off with the blonde in the amass of people in the park. Kise froze. How did Haizaki know his first name? "I knew who you were before I met you. Of course I would need to find out who took my rightful place on the Teiko Team."

"But why?"

"Revenge, at first. Why would Akashi replace me with someone like you? A newbie at basketball?" He ran his made down Kise's body, making the other shudder in disgust. "Although now I can see why. You look like a good fuck."

"I am not-"

"Besides, your talent is like mine's. You copy a skill, I steal it." He put Kise down on his feet, but kept a iron-tight grip around his wrist to keep him from running away.

"That's a dirty trick."

"That's life. Besides, I don't give a shit about basketball, I just want the glory. And now you."


Aomine quickly chased after the kidnapped blonde after he had recovered from the kick, throwing punch after punch at the unsuspecting greyhead when he found them near the exit of the park holding festival. Kise felt the grip on him loosen, and jerked away from the greyhead. His dress was a mess, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

Aomine lunged at the bruised Haizaki when he saw that Kise was free, intending to hurt the other, but was stopped by blonde. "Don't Aomine-cchi, you'll get in trouble." Aomine stopped and left the grey haired man on the floor, but not before giving him a bloody nose. "Don't come near either of us again."

Kise turned to leave, but felt a harsh tug on the hem of his dress. "What the...?" A weak Haizaki was pulling on the dress, trying to stop Kise from leaving. The blonde just tugged harshly at the dress, making the end of it tear all around so that it was ripped messily up to his mid-thigh.

He hurried over to Aomine, seeing that he had rejoined with Akashi, Murasakibara and Himuro, who had called the festival patrollers to take Haizaki into custody.


"Thanks for the quick save Aomine-cchi." Kise said in relief.

"You're welcome, Kise." Aomine said warmly, albeit in embarrassment.

Kise fidgeted, before asking a question that plagued his mind. "Did you mean what you said?"


"About you being my boyfriend?"

"Yeah." He came closer to Kise and brought his forehead against Kise's before placing his lips on the blonde's. The bluehead wrapped his arms the blonde's waist, pulling him closer.

A loud laugh interrupted them.

Aomine's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as he saw most of friends sniggering or taking pictures. Kagami had finally arrived - very late, might I add - and the rest of the Generation of Miracles and Momoi, including the prospective boyfriends; Himuro and Takao.

"Awww... How cute~!" Momoi squealed, taking pictures. "My Daiki-chan and Kise-chan are growing up!"

"Momoi-cchi!" Kise whined, much to his chagrin.

"So, you finally solved your sexual tension, Ahomine?" Kagami grinned.

"Says you. What about you and Tetsu?" Aomine sent a similar grin to the suddenly pale Kagami. "While we're at it, what about you, Takao and Murasakibara?" The two mentioned laughed nervously. "Gonna tell Midorima, Takao? Or you Murasakibara, to Himuro?"

Seeing Himuro hounding the purple giant and Midorima and Kuroko staring their respective crushes while they explained made their interruption worthwhile. "At least we won't be feeling their unbearable sexual tension anymore." Aomine whispered in the blonde's ear, making the other giggle.

Turning back, Kise saw Midorima and Takao were making out like no tomorrow while Kagami had his arms around Kuroko while kissing passionately. Murasakibara had Himuro wrapped around his waist, kissing sweetly.

"And they said we were too much."


"Eh? Aomine-cchi, why is your hand up my dress?"

"Well, I gotta make the most of a short, ruined dress, don't I?"

"No, wait Aomine-cchi! Not here- Aah! So mean~!"


"Wah! Gotta take more pictures of my Dai-chan and Ki-chan!"