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Callie walked into her almost three and half year old daughter's room. She smiled at the sight before her; Karen was on the phone talking to her abuelo. Carlos and Lucia had called about five times today to speak to their granddaughter.

Callie and Karen had just moved out to Seattle a few days ago, and tomorrow was Callie's first day at her new job. She still couldn't believe she was actually a doctor. Dr. Calliope Torres, Ortho.

As she watched her little girl, she was flooded with a bunch of memories.

At the age of sixteen, Callie had come out to her parents. She had sat them down and told them she was gay and they immediately disowned her. They kicked her out of their house and told her that they couldn't accept her lifestyle. Callie was heartbroken but didn't let that deter her. If anything her parents' betrayal had made her more determined.

She had continued to excel in school and won a scholarship for college. She put herself through college and med school, and was very proud of herself.

However a few years back, while still in med school, Callie had been the victim of rape. Shortly after the attack she found out she was pregnant. Callie went through a period of emotional and physical breakdowns. She struggled with depression and self-harm.

Looking back now, she was thankful for it…had she been a bit more in control she knows she would have made the decision to terminate her pregnancy. But by the time Callie realized she was pregnant, she was too far along and had to carry out the pregnancy.

Callie's roommate and friend, Addison, had helped Callie through the whole ordeal. She noticed a change in Callie, she became withdrawn, her grades began to suffer, and she wore oversized sweaters and long sleeve shirts, even in the dead of summer. Once Addison realized what was happening with her friend, she made the decision to reach out to Mr. and Mrs. Torres.

Although Carlos and Lucia struggled to accept Callie's lifestyle, they felt ashamed for turning their backs on their daughter. When they found out through Addison that their little girl had been the victim of a vicious attack, they were completely heartbroken and couldn't help but feel responsible.

They quickly brought Callie home and helped her through one of the toughest times of her life. Callie struggled with the notion of keeping her child, and had considered an adoption plan, but one look into the eyes of her newborn baby girl and she had fallen in love. Now she couldn't imagine her life without Karen.

As time passed Callie went back and finished med school. With the help of her parents, who would watch Karen while she was in school and paid for Callie's classes, Callie had been able to accomplish her dream of becoming a surgeon and was finally able to move on from all the negative things in her past.

"Carebear, tell abuelo goodnight. It's late and you have to get up early to go to daycare and mami has to work in the morning."

As Karen said her goodbyes, she handed the phone to Callie.

"Hey daddy."

"Yes, we miss you too. Yup, just like the other five times you and mama have called us today." Callie animatedly rolled her eyes, as her daughter looked on in amusement.

"No dad…I wasn't rolling my eyes. Okay, I know…I'm sorry. We love you too."

As Callie hung up with her father, she looked over and smiled at her daughter.

"Abuelo and abuela are just driving us crazy today, huh Carebear?" Callie teased, as the little girl just giggled.

Callie approached her daughter's bed and eased in next to the little girl as best she could, seeing as it was a princess toddler bed. She hugged Karen and slowly started to rub her thumb over the little girl's right eyebrow. Callie had learned that it was the easiest way to get her daughter to fall asleep.

"Mami, will you sing me the 'I'm Thankful' song?"

"Okay, but only if you help."

As Karen nodded her head in agreement, Callie started to sing.

I'm thankful that I live in a house

And not in a hole like a mouse

I'm sure it's very nice for the little tiny mice

But I'm thankful that I live in a house

I'm thankful there are clothes for me to wear

And a not fuzzy, furry everywhere

A dog or a cat may be happy just like that

But I'm thankful there are clothes for me to wear

I'm thankful there's a bed in which to rest

And not like a bird up in a nest

Sleeping in a tree, is not the place for me

No, I'm thankful there's a bed in which to rest

As the song came to an end, Callie watched as Karen was still wide awake.

"You know what I'm thankful for mami?" Karen whispered softly.

"What Carebear?" Callie lovingly asked her daughter.

"For you." The little girl stated, as she gave her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, then we are even young lady…because I'm thankful for you too." Callie stated, as she tickled Karen's sides and her daughter happily squirmed.

"Do I have to go to daycare tomorrow?" Karen asked with sadness evident in her tone.

Callie knew this would happen. Karen was used to being with Callie, or her abuelos. Callie had never had to put her daughter in daycare; her parents had always watched Karen while she was in school.

"Carebear, we talked about this. Mami can't have you at work with her, but you'll have lots of fun and make new friends at daycare."

"But what if I miss you, and you won't be there to give me a kiss?" Karen asked as unshed tears glistened in her eyes. Those eyes that looked so much like Callie's.

"I have an idea." Callie excitedly spoke, as she scooped up her daughter and ran into the master bedroom.

Callie rummaged through some drawers and picked out a few items. Karen watched as her mami threw a lipstick, a pen and some paper on the bed.

Callie plopped down on the bed and sat Karen on her lap.

"What's this for mami?"

"This is mami's super smart idea." Callie smiled at her daughter.

She placed a little bit of lipstick on Karen's lips, and then she put some on hers as well.

"Are we gonna play dress-up?" Karen excitedly asked. She knew it was close to bedtime, and her mami never let her stay up late.

"No silly, it's almost bedtime…but we can play dress-up tomorrow. Okay?" Callie internally laughed, her daughter was always trying to find ways to stay up past bedtime.

Karen simply nodded her head, as she was a little sad that she wouldn't be playing dress-up but was intrigued to find out what her mami was about to do instead.

"This is for us not to miss each other." Callie stated as she kissed one of the sheets of paper.

"Here, you kiss yours just like mami did."

As her mother held up the sheet, Karen copied her mami.

"Now I'm going to write, 'Mami loves Carebear'." Callie stated, as she wrote it on the paper.

"And you remember your ABC's…" Callie trailed off.

Callie slowly spelled out each word for Karen, and pointed to the spot on the paper where the little girl should place each letter. Callie smiled as she looked at the end product, the sheet had the words 'I love mami' scrawled in what Callie thought was the most beautiful writing from a three year old she had ever seen.

"Now you have to fold it up tight, and I'll do the same…and anytime we miss each other, we can just open it up and give each other a kiss." Callie stated, as she showed Karen how to fold up her sheet of paper and Callie folded her own.

The next morning as Callie walked towards the pre-school with her daughter she had this weird feeling. It was an uneasiness, or like a heavy weight on her chest. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her daughter's voice.

"Mami?" Karen huffed.


"You wasn't payin' no attention." Karen chastised.

"It's you weren't paying any attention. And I'm sorry, what is it Carebear?"

"I said, if I'm a good girl can we get ice-cream later?"

"We can get some tonight, after dinner. Does that sound okay?"

"Uh-huh…mami, are you going to pick me up?"

"I sure am."

As they reached the pre-school classroom, Callie knelt down in front of her daughter.

"Are you nervous Carebear?" She asked, as she noticed the look of terror on her daughter's face.

"I'm gonna miss you." Karen started to cry.

"Hey…listen, I'll be back to pick you up before you know it. And you'll have a great time…just look at all the little kids in there."

"I don't want you to go." Karen cried, as she clung tightly to Callie's neck.

"Carebear, please don't cry." Callie soothed and hugged her daughter, as she was on the verge of tears herself.

Just then, the teacher came out into the hall.

"Dr. Torres." Miss Mickell stated as she smiled down at Callie.

Callie simply nodded her head in acknowledgement. Callie had met with the school director and Miss Mickell last month before moving to Seattle. She had gone to her interview at the hospital and upon finding out that they were currently working on an in-house daycare, but that it wouldn't be ready until the beginning of next year, she had looked into local pre-schools for Karen.

"And this must be Karen?" The teacher asked. Karen had stayed with Callie's parents when she was here the last time.

At the sound of her name, Karen slowly eased out of her mother's embrace.

"Would you like to come in Karen? We're going to have all sorts of activities and fun." Miss Mickelson smiled.

Karen nodded her head in agreement but still held tight to Callie's hand. Callie was still kneeling down next to Karen, she decided to try and coax her daughter to go into the class.

"Hey…listen, I'll be back before you know it. You'll be so busy having fun, you won't even have a chance to miss mami, but if you do…remember we still have our kisses." Callie stated, as Karen looked into her eyes and nodded.

"I love you mami." Karen stated.

As she and Callie shared a kiss goodbye, the little girl grabbed Miss Mickelson's hand and got ready to walk into the classroom.

"I love you too."

Callie lingered a bit longer as she watched her daughter settle in next to a group of kids. After a few minutes she headed off to work. She didn't want to be late for her first day.

Callie's first day seemed to be going well. She had been a bit nervous at first, but that quickly changed when she got to assist on her first surgery. She seemed to be receiving a bunch of cases since nobody else seemed interested in ortho. She had even made a new friend, Miranda Bailey…well except for the fact that Bailey didn't seem to like her, or anybody for that matter…but they ate lunch together, and had hung out with each other for the rest of the day, so she supposed that they were friends…or something.

"What's that?" Bailey asked as she noticed Callie unfold a piece of paper.

"It's a kiss from my daughter. First day of pre-school." Callie sadly smiled.

Callie watched as Bailey smiled for the first time all day.

"That's nice." Bailey simply stated as she and Callie continued towards the lockers to change.

Callie was happy to be heading home for the day. She just wanted to be able to pick up Karen and then call her parents and tell them about what a great day she had.

As Callie slowly made it to her car, she heard her phone start to ring. She dug around and found it at the bottom of her purse where she had just tossed it a few minutes before.


"Dr. Torres?"

"Speaking, may I help you?"

"I am officer James Roberts from the Seattle PD. There has been an incident at your daughter's school. Could you please come down right away?"

As Callie heard the voice tell her something was wrong, she couldn't help but feel a knot in her chest. She had been having a bad feeling all day and she had chalked it up to just being nervous about starting at the hospital, and being away from Karen for the first time.

Callie quickly drove to Karen's school. She ran passed all the officers, fire trucks, and ambulances. The blood rushed to her ears and her legs couldn't carry her fast enough.

"Dr. Torres?" A man dressed in a police uniform grabbed Callie by the shoulders. It was officer Roberts.

"I…I…I uh, I want to see my daughter."

"Ma'am, there was a small fire and the school was temporarily evacuated. During the evacuation process Karen must have gotten separated from her group."

"So…so where is she? Where's my baby?" Callie worriedly asked as she nervously looked around for her daughter.

"I'm sorry, but we haven't been able to find her. We are doing everything we can Dr. Torres. We have some units…"

As Callie heard that her daughter was missing she felt her whole body begin to shake. Officer Roberts' voice no longer made sense, it was if as he was sooooo far away. Callie's mind reeled and before she knew what was happening…

"NOOOOOOOO!" Callie's body gave out on her and she collapsed to the floor.

She continued to sob uncontrollably and absentmindedly chant the same thing over and over again, as she rocked back and forth while still on the ground.

"I want my baby, I want my baby…"

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