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This story is Ash/Giselle, Misty/Ash one sided

Brock/~insert a pretty girl's name here~

Brock/Pike Queen Lucy temporarily



Ash/Violet temporary

Ash/May temporary

Ash/Dawn temporary

Janine/Ash one-sided




And multiple others.( I know, but no harem)

After careful thinking, I have made Ash thirteen years old because ten year olds can't enter that many relationships, I think.

Well without further ado, hear is Chapter whatever

The school(I don't know what the boy's name is so I'll name him Connor!)

Ash, Misty, and Brock walked down the path in the forest in the morning, there was nobody around, but their was a choking mist that surrounded the trio, they couldn't see anything, but they eventually could spot a little light in the distance. As they moved closer, they could tell that it was a candlelight carried by a number of boys, all surrounding a seemingly younger boy who was running on a treadmill.

"Connor, you disappoint us!" A piercing boy's voice shouted, "You should be ashamed, next time, we won't be so easy on you!"

The treadmill became a lot faster and the boy could not keep up, so he fell to the ground behind the treadmill!

"Hey what are you guys doing?" Ash demanded the older boys.

"We're helping this runt learn his facts!" one of the older boys sneered, "he is at the bottom of the class, he can't do anything right!"

"So?" said Ash, that doesn't give you the right to bully him! "I challenge you to a battle"

"How many badges do you have?" asked one of the older boys,

"One," Ash said, "and I will totally destroy you!"

"Hmmf," smirked the older boys, five in total, "then you can take all of us one!"

"Go Tauros,"

"Electrode, I'm counting on you!"

"Fearow, pummel em!"

"Nidoking, to battle!"

"Machoke, show him who's boss!"

"Very well," Ash smirked, "It's time to use one of my pokemon for the first time!"

"Victini, let's go!"


"Victini, take that Machoke out with Flame Charge!"

Victini cloaked himself with fire and hit Machoke, KO'ing it.

"Nidoking, horn attack!"

Victini easily dodged and Fire Fanged it for the KO

"Fearow Wing Attack!"

"Bad idea, Victini intercept it with Flamethrower!"

Fearow went down.

"Electrode sonicboom!"

"Victini, Agility and Fire Punch!"

Electrode went down as well!"

The leader of the gang watched in horror as Victini decimated his friend's pokemon.

"That's it!" he growled, "Tauros, head charge!"

"Victini, dodge it, then finish it with Flame Burst!"

Victini complied and Tauros joined his friends... on the ground!

"But how!" The leader said, "We should have destroyed you!"

"That's because... his Victini is on a much higher level than all of your pokemon! And you should never underestimate a legendary pokemon!"

The voice of a girl came from behind the group of boys. They turned and Brock's eyes bulged, his nostrils flared, but I will spare you that crap so lets just skip forward to the part where Brock has finished being embarrassed and the girl brags about her looks.

"Hmmf!" Misty said, "your not that beautiful!"

"Much prettier than you, Misty!" came the voices of Ash and Brock, giving each other a high five.

"My name is Giselle," Giselle introduced herself, "who might you be?"

"Ash Ketchum, from Pallet town!"

Giselle looked over Ash, he was undeniably handsome, and he was an extremely powerful trainer! A perfect husband for her!

"I always wanted to go on a journey, but I never found the right person to go with." Giselle pretended to be sad.

Ash though about it, "You could come with us,"

"Really?" Giselle was surprise that he would let her go with them so quickly, especially since he hadn't shown very much interest in her, although he was obviously pretty dense, as any fool could see that Misty liked him, so Giselle decided to rile the auburn haired girl up.

Giselle stood on her tiptoes and kissed Ash on his cheek, dangerously close to his lips, but Ash didn't really seem to understand what she was doing.

"That's enough!" Misty screeched, "I'll let you come only if you can defeat me in a battle, one v one!

"Why does she need permission from you Misty," Ash said harshly, "I never asked you to come with us, you just followed me around like a stalker, and at least I'm sort of friends with her."

"Don't worry Ash," Giselle winked at him, "I accept your challenge,"

She gave him a hug, infuriating Misty even more before their battle, although Giselle felt her heart thump loudly as she did so, she knew immediately that she really liked the boy, after all, she was a girl!

"Go Staryu!" Misty shouted, throwing out the starfish shaped pokemon.

"Hmmf," Giselle smiled, "Then I choose Graveler!"

"Staryu water gun!" Misty commanded loudly.

But the water gun didn't seem to affect the Graveler at all!

"Ha, your pokemon are too weak!" Giselle said confidently, "Graveler tackle attack!"

Staryu was immediately knocked out.

Misty stared at her Staryu in shock, "No..."

"Now!" Giselle said, "Me, Ash, and ... Brock" are going to where?

"Cerulean city!" Ash said.

"Yeah! So you should just leave, I mean it's obvious not even Brock wants you here, isn't that right Brock sweetie?"

Brock just nodded dumbly.

"So I don't understand why you have to follow Ash around!"

"He owes me a bike!" Misty said weakly, and Giselle knew it.

"Well here's 1000 pokedollars, is that enough?" Giselle said.

"No!" Misty yelled, "I want the actual bike!"

"Fine, after Cerulean, we'll visit Vermillion, that should get you your bike!"

"Come on Ash!" Giselle said, "We're like best friends now!"

"You too Brock Ash called back."

"Coming!" Brock replied, Misty just trudged behind them, looking at Ash sadly, following them with her head down. Curse that Giselle!

A/N wow, I didn't really want to be so harsh on Misty, but it sort of came out, I never did like Misty, she was too, I don't know, weird, I like Dawn and May much better, although I don't like Iris either!

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