The Infatuation

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Charlotte (Charlie) Matheson woke with a start, she just had yet another dream about her brother's death and was nearly in tears by the time Jason Neville saw her running from her campsite to the nearby water. Jason slowly approached her not knowing want was upsetting her but had a pretty good guess.

"Didn't your uncle teach you not to run off alone into the woods?!" Jason said playfully trying to lighten her spirits.

"Didn't your father teach you that it wrong to sneak up on a girl, especially one that's part of a rebel group" Charlie said trying to be playful back, but then lost all control and went off "No, probably not since he was too busy planning the massacre of my brother and innocent young lives to give a shit about you."

"Charlie, I am so sorry for what happened. You have to know that I was trying to help you that's why I'm not with my dad anymore." Jason said moving closer to her to try to get her to understand. "My dad was going to murder over a hundred people if I didn't tell you guys. That's why we fought and that's why I left…" he waited for a moment to finish the sentence "And also because I think I am falling in love with you."

This left Charlie stunned and in a daze not knowing what to say when all she wanted to do was kiss him but she need to speak first and be heard " I'm sorry I don't blame you for your fathers actions ,those are completely his own. I am just pissed about my brother being dead, it's only been a month and yet again it feels like years I haven't seen him or his smile or heard him laugh." Charlie on the verge of tears when Jason wraps her up in hug to try and take the pain away but nothing helps.

Jason is the first to speak after a good ten minute cry fest "I know it hurts but you have to fight your way through it, you're not alone Charlie I will always be here and I will always be in love with you. "By this time they were looking in each other's eyes when they both realized this is what they both want. Jason pulls a hand across her cheek to wipe away the tears that had escaped, and without warning Charlie slammed her lips against his and he eagerly returned it after a few stunned seconds. Charlie's hands went to his chest and push the pack off of his back and start to undue the buttons on his flannel shirt. Jason grabbed her face lightly and pulled away from their kiss" are you sure this is what you want" he asked and she nodded her head and went for another kiss when he stopped her "Charlie if we do this I don't want you to have any regrets. I don't want you to feel I took advantage of you because of your situation and what happened with your brother. "

"No Jason I want this, I want you, earlier I was trying to build up the courage to tell you that I am in love with you too." With this he needs no more enticement he resumes kissing her till she is having problems getting his shirt off. They break the kiss only for a second for him to take his shirt the rest of the way off. When they resume the kiss its more passionate and loving than the one before was needing and hungry. Jason's hands slowly move up from her hips to the hem of her blouse and without a second thought pulls it over her head and slowly massaging her breast that still had fabric on them. He slowly reached behind her and undid the clasp to her bra and tossed it aside, at the same time she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants zipper. They both kicked off their boots in different directions and he put his hand on her hips and picked her up. With her legs wrapped around his hips he laid her back down on the ground and started to grind his errection on her hot core and without a second though he yanked off her jeans along with her underwear and did the same to him. When he settled between her legs again he said "are you sure there is no going back after this." "I'm sure Jason, I love you and I want to make love to you tonight, right now." "As you wish "needing no further incentive and slowly slid his member into her hot core. He stayed for a minute to let her get use to him then without warning she said "Jason I swear to god if you don't start moving ill …." He started to pump rapidly into her fast and deep and they both moaned at the action. As he started to go deeper and more frequent she met him with every thrust and reconnecting their kiss to keep their voices down because they were still near Charlie's campsite and Jason didn't want her uncle to catch them screwing around (pun intended). Soon they both came at the same time and they just laid there in bliss, with him still inside of her.

"You know we should do this more often" Charlie said as she wiped some sweat of off Jason's forehead.

"I could get use to that" he said as he fell off of her and started to put his clothes on

"I can get you back in with our group, you know if you wanted to see me more" she said with a wolf's grin

"That would be awesome, then after a while once we see where this is going we will tell your family" he said kissing her and putting the last of his clothing on.

"Alright see you in a couple of days at the base" she said as he nodded his head yes. Then they both walked away to their respective camps. Charlie settle back down forgetting why she was upset in the first place and drifted back to sleep.

Back in Philadelphia (the capital building)

Sebastian Monroe sat behind his desk staring out the window wondering what his life has come to. Kill children was never his prerogative, Danny was an accident he kept telling himself that, but that's not what really what has his mind in turmoil.

Monroe walked back over to the window and looked out, it's been over a month since he last saw her and it was killing him not to be able to see her. She was braver than her mother had ever been standing in front of that loaded gun to save her little brother. He wonders how she was holding up with his death.

Just the he knew what he really want, Charlie Matheson, not just because of her looks because she was gorgeous, but because of her bravery and loyalty to her family. That's what he always wanted for his life and he will have her willing or not.

So be honest how was it? It is intended to be a multiple chapter story so bear with me. It's Jarlie at first but in later chapters it will be a lot more Bass/Charlie stuff. So be honest I'm a big girl.