Chapter 13: Do I Know You?


Monroe POV

The rays of sunlight comes through the curtains, and grace my closed eye lids as I finally come back into conciseness, and I can't help but grasp onto the soft body next to me as she sighs and moves more into my side. This moment is perfect, our lives right now are perfect, we are perfect, and our unborn child will be perfect.

My nose scrunches up from a fowl odor that I realize is coming from both of us since we both haven't bathed since before the suicide attempt. Looking down, realizing she wasn't awake yet it was better if I got a quick bath and shave first to look my best for her, it looks like she was going to be down for a while still anyway.

Moving towards the doors I told them to quickly draw me a warm bath and to have one on standby for Charlotte. The maids came in no two minutes later filled the tub and left. With one last glance at Charlotte, I close the bathroom door, remove all my clothes, and slip into the tub to wash away the days of grease that had accumulated over the days of worry and stress.

After my bath is done the color of the water is nearly brown and my muscles finally feel relaxed after a night full of rest and a nice warm relaxing bath. After drying myself off, I pull on a clean undershirt and underwear, then my military trousers and boots (both laced up, buckled, and zipped), then pulling on my military shirt leaving it unbutton (my jacket is on the chair in our bedroom).

I figure that good enough for now and I needed to see Charlotte again before she woke up. So I threw my old clothes in the hamper and moved to the door while also doing the cuffs on my shirts. But as I turn the handle I came upon a scene I didn't expect to see quite yet.

Charlotte was awake on our bed (sitting up) with frantic eyes looking for any escape route possible, just like back in the infirmary but there is something else there is an uncertainty in her eyes as she looks at everything. Her eyes finally glance back over at me and there is a sense of urgency and need of something in her eyes.

"D...Do I... Know… You?" she asked and backed up on the bed slightly hitting the head board. I took a light step forward with my hands up; she seems to relax a bit to that. "Where am I? Do you know who I am?"

I was trying to restrain a chuckle, because I can't believe the drug actually worked, 'Charlotte will be mine forever'. She keeps eye checking the door as if she would be able to make it out of here before I caught her, but it's the understandable fight or flight instinct right now, and it looks like she might choose flight.

"Charlotte, you had a bad accident" the sudden caring tone in my voice brings her eyes back to me as I round the far side of the bed and she cowers to the farthest corner away from me. "The doctor said this might happen, but we had to wait for you to wake up, I'm just glad that you are both ok."

I leaned forward to kiss her and she recoils and moves off the bed and stands. "Listen I DON'T know who you are so just stay away from me. And what do you mean accident? What accident?"

I realized that she gave me the perfect entry to blame this entire ordeal on the one person who will be gone in the matter of days and who I do not want interfering in our lives. "Rebels attacked. They were trying to take you away from me, away from the life we were building together, all because one couldn't accept that you choose me over him. When I found you had these cuts all over your wrist and forearms from trying to fight him of, and you were unconscious on the floor, with him on top of you. I managed to stop him and got you to the doctor before you bleed out, but you also did hit your head going down and were unconscious for quite some time after that."

She seemed to be taking all of the information pretty well and seemed to relax in my presence a little bit more and came to sit back on the bed. "So I don't understand. Why can't I remember anything, nothing about my life, my parents, us apparently so why?" Her face contorted with confusion even more to the extent nearly crying.

I went to move closer to her and held up a hand to brush a few of the stray tears away, she flinched at first but then accepted my hand. Our eyes connected and it was like the first time I could finally see the true her behind her eyes besides the cold uncaring look from the other times we were together. It was like when I first saw her again after fifteen years of blackness that just erupted in bright blue light. "I had to make a decision it was either give you a drug that could save both of you or watch you both slowly slip away from me. And the doctor told me that this was one of the side effects but I couldn't risk losing you both to some bone head who didn't understand the meaning of know."

At first her face lite up with disgust, but then she realized what I just said and it shocked her back into reality. "You keep saying us." She said in a whisper. And I looked down and grinned knowing she just picked up what I was hitting at. "Why do you keep saying us. You said I was attacked and injured, if there is only me then that would mean that …."

"You're pregnant Charlotte. I found out after the attack when you were unconscious, but yes baby we are pregnant." I could see the gears turning in her head and the immediate concern on her face, I also didn't miss the hand that she absent mindedly drew to her stomach. "And before you get to worried; yes the baby is ok. And you're ok. I had conformation on that last night before I took you up to our room, I wanted you some place familiar." She seemed to calm down after that "we have been sitting in our pungent, old, bloodied clothes for days how about I draw you a bath so you can get clean and I will tell you anything you want afterwards ok."

She immediately looked down at herself and crinkled her nose at the smell, when she looked back she smiled and nodded. I bent down and kissed her forehead and moved towards the door and called for her bath and some clean clothes.

When all of the maids left and everything is ready to go I lead her towards the bathroom "well I'll leave you hear for some privacy. You have a towel and a change of clothes in there and I'll be out here when you get finish."

As I turned to leave she caught my hand "before you leave answer me one question" I simply nod and inter lace our fingers "You kept calling me Charlotte earlier so I assume that's my name. so what do I call you, I don't think you would like 'Baby-daddy's-name-I-can't-remember.'" I laugh and pulled her in a little bit more.

"Bass. Call me Bass"

"Well, Bass, thank you, for not only choosing our baby, but me as well. I get this weird impress that I wasn't anyone's first choice ever." and she leaned up and kissed my cheek, entered the bathroom and closed the door.

Staring back at the door while rubbing a hand over my cheek I said out loud "you are always my first choice Charlotte. You are mine forever"

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