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Chapter 1:

Lying Bird

It was about time for Eren to go on. He wishes he could say he was nervous. But he's been doing this for way too long for that to be even close to being true. He'd also like to believe that he'd never been scared to do what he was about to do. But that would also be a lie. See, Eren didn't like to lie if it only made him look like a fool. He'd rather face the truth, bright faced and teeth exposed than to lie like a rat. Of course, that didn't stop him from telling a lie every now and then, but only when necessary.

When he first took this job, he lied, saying he was older than he really was, but he needed the job. At that time he was young, about 16. After he was hired, he was taught from the start to not be nervous in situations quite like this one.

Most kids his age would shake at the very idea of this. Instead, Eren was feeling confident knowing he had a full show today. The manager had come to tell the employees about a huge corporation who was holding a party here today. Everyone was excited, it meant extra tips.

He stood there, his back straight, as he waited for his cue. His body felt a bit stiff, but he blamed it on what he was wearing. Today was "masquerade" day his boss liked to so call it.

He wore a lacy, at-one-time-long-sleeved top that clung to his chest and grew thin and disheveled at the bottom. Although it was shaped like a sweater, it was thin and weightless. To give it a better look he took to ripping off the sleeves so that strings of fabric strayed themselves half way down his arm. The buttons of the shirt were opened to show off most of his young chest, his young, pink nipples would show if he turned just the right way. He decided to tuck the shirt into his short, leather shorts, one of his favorite pairs. It stuck to his hips like a wrap, tight. The pale white mounds of his ass were squeezed inside of the shorts, giving others the illusion he had a bigger ass than he really did, even if he didn't need the help. It was rather like a pair of underwear than actual clothing. The shorts length was showing most to all of his legs. It was a look he thought fit him quite well.

To top it off he wore some black kitty heels with a high, thick, studded heel. A thin strap laced itself up half his calf, like a ballerina slipper. As a personal accessory he wrapped chains around the back of his heel, keeping it something more his style. He kept his hair messy today. It had been growing a bit too fast lately, but he'd been too lazy to cut it. Christa had offered to cut it for him just the other day, but he refused. The shaggier look was a bit more for him. To hold it back, he took bobby pins and pinned every strand of his fringe away from his face.

To go with the theme, he had a mask on that hid most to all of his face, but left his mouth and chin exposed. It was a cream color with light blue feathers coming off the sides, tickling his ears. It was hard to breath in, but his eyes could easily see out of the eye holes. His green eyes flashed against the cream of the mask.

Suddenly, it was time for curtain call, and he stood ready to leave. When the signal was given, he strutted himself toward the curtain, throwing it apart, to reveal himself to everyone watching. He was blinded, at first; lights catching his pale skin, and flashing off the chains. The sound of people was reverberating inside the club. They were joined by the beat of the speakers where the music played. Eren had small ear plugs in, but he could feel the vibration of all the people beneath his heels as he walked.

He walked with confidence, taking everyone in. The crowd was amazing, hooting, and yelling nonstop. A lot of people in suits and ties were here, looking as if they were coming out of a stressful office to finally have a good time. And a good time they were having. Eren couldn't see them well, the bright lights made it almost impossible to recognize anyone in the dark dining and sitting area. However, he could see their dark silhouettes and the brighter clothing. So he relied on the noise and the reaching hands to reassure him to how he was doing.

By the time Eren had made it to the pole in the middle of the long, lit up stage, all attention was on him. With his right hand, he stretched his toes, grabbing as high onto the metal pole as possible. With a light touch, he used it as momentum as he began to walk around the base of the pole. His legs reached long, his feet light, hyper extending his hips with every step. There was already a reaction from the crowd as his tight ass pushed closer to the pole and then away. Grabbing momentum, he placed a fine right leg down before swinging his left leg up and wrapping the slender leg around the pole. Keeping his other leg down, he slid his curved body down it slowly, in a body wave; earning him glorious screams that boosted his heart beat.

Staring again, Eren walked around the pole, hips swaying, making sure his footsteps were precise. He wrapped his hand around the cool, thin metal, circling around it before smoothly wrapping a leg around it, feeling the cold metal against the bare skin of his legs, and hooking himself so the pole was between his knees. Sitting as if there was an invisible chair, he swiveled his hips and could almost taste the heavy panting of the customers who found him so seductive. Tightening his arm, he spun around the pole, letting his arms slowly lower him. But, before he reached the bottom, he extended both of his legs towards the ground, where he put both feet on the ground so the pole was in between his legs. He rolled his hips in a provocative motion that left the people in the club throwing bills left and right, screaming for more. The leathery shorts were showing off the muscles in his ass, gripping him tighter than he held onto the pole.

Eren flashed his sexiest grin, grabbing their attention. Using both hands, he grabbed at the bottom of the pole, spacing them apart. He lifted his body off the ground so that his body stretched across the length of the pole while being upside down, his legs wrapping around the rod towards the top. Allowing his legs to support him, Eren put both arms down on the ground, where he stretched them, as if reaching for the people in the crowd. His shirt was beginning to sneak up towards his head, showing off his clear, toned stomach to the customers.

At that moment, he caught the body of someone he thought of interest. He couldn't see much of the person, couldn't even tell if it was a boy or girl. All he knew, was that person had their eyes on him, as if they were boring into his skin. When he was on the pole, people only looked at him with lust. When he was serving, people only looked at him as prey. Not before, has anyone looked at him like this, like they were looking at Eren, not just his body.

He ignored the look, trying not to lose concentration in his routine. He slid down the pole, his crotch against the metal, and he landed on his elbows, using momentum it allowed him to spin upright towards the ground, chest to the crowd. Using his legs and arms, chest first, he lifted himself from the ground, grabbing onto the pole. Taking his sweet time, he went through a couple more moves, using all his body to make the crowd scream raw for him.

He felt powerful here, something more than the young boy he really was. Before all this, he was unknown, but now he was something.

Knowing he was almost out of time, since the song was ending, he blew a small kiss to the crowd, earning him a shower of cries. He made his way back to the curtain, throwing a quick smirk over his shoulder, leaving the crowd wild and hungry for more. He threw the curtain open, allowing it to fully close behind him before he relaxed, pulling off the mask that grew annoying during his performance.

His shoulders hunched, his muscles rippled and screamed at him for having to do that with skin tight clothing on. Behind set, various people were walking about, looking for this and that.

"Where's my pink kitties with the black heel!?" Someone yelled somewhere.

"Is this lotion?" Another voice would speak up.

"Dude, I think that's lube." A voice would respond. The dropping of a bottle could be heard next.

On and on the voices went, swirling inside Eren's mind when he finally took out his earplugs. The curtain was mostly soundproof, allowing the backstage to speak even with the crowd out there. He took a hand to his forehead, wiping off the sweat. Closing his eyes, he let himself relax for only a tiny moment. However, he realized he didn't have much time. Opening his eyes he started to walk towards his shared dressing room when a shoulder brushed into his, pushing him a bit off balance. He looked up and grew instantly annoyed.

"Oi, watch it, Eren." Jean, a young man, spoke to him. Eren looked at him in distaste, as if he was the one to hit into Jean. He really wasn't in the mood for a fight today.

"Sorry, Jean." He about spat at his fellow co-worker. The taller boy only nodded with an eye roll, before opening the curtains for his own entrance. Jean was only angry because Eren got bumped up to a higher spot on the entertainer list.

Rushing forward, he knew he couldn't stand for too long, he wasn't done with work yet. Making his way, he greeted several people who had just come in for the new shift. They waved, but gave Eren his space, understanding how he had to keep moving to make it in time for the next part.

Most of the dancers, after doing their show, were off to the dining area. Here, large booths held large groups where they were served and chatted to, sort of like hosting. It was server's job to get them to keep coming back. The club, had both dancers and servers, but sometimes there were some who worked both. Eren was one of them. However, it was frequently not suggested that employee's work both. Serving the people you had just danced for usually led to unwanted advances. But, to Eren, the money was too good to give up.

Making his way to the back, Eren opened the dressing room he shared with some various others. At first, Eren thought he was alone, until he noticed the figure sprawled across the dressing room couch, with the silliest sleeping grin Eren had ever seen. He couldn't help but smile as well.

"Sasha." He called to her, shaking her lightly. The girl only stirred a bit in her sleep, ignoring Eren's efforts to wake her. "Sasha." He repeated, trying to get the girl up before she got reprimanded for sleeping on the job. As exhausting as the work night is, it is required for them to stay awake. Mostly, so their makeup doesn't smear.

Eren noticed her outfit, and shook his head in worry. The fool of a girl was still in her serving outfit from the night before. She must have spent the night here again. Sasha was only a server so she didn't have a full dressing room. She could only use the shared server room. If she slept in there, she would get caught, leading her to frequently sleep in this room. Her outfit was crumpled and in great need of ironing. Her hair was out of place and her lipstick was washed off on the pillow she was holding dear. She doesn't look like she has been home in a couple days. Her home life wasn't the greatest, so, Eren really couldn't blame her.

"Sasha!" He finally yelled in her ear when he heard footsteps, feeling hurried. Sasha's eyes flashed open in surprise, her brown eyes wide and looking around the room in search of what awakened her. Her eyes landed on that of Eren. She relaxed a bit, laying her head back down. "Wanna sleep longer." She complained but Eren was already pulling her body up, without her cooperation. She was like a doll in his arms. The footsteps of a heel sounded a bit closer.

"Someone's coming!" He warned the innocent girl. Sasha flew awake at this, knowing the consequences should she be caught. She wiped at her lips, and tried to slip fly away hairs back in her high ponytail. Sitting up, she heard the sound of the door opening and someone walked in.

"Uh, hello?" A male voice sounded, causing the two to look towards the door.

"Oh, Connie, it's you." Eren commented, realizing Sasha was safe. Connie nodded to him, his eyes landing on Sasha who sat rigid on the couch. Her eyes were closed again as she began to fall back to sleep. "I was looking for Sasha, but I guess she's here." Connie walked forward, holding out his hands to grab Sasha, who was still half sleep. He clucked his tongue at her.

"The boss has been calling for her, there's more people here than usual." He pulled Sasha up and along to Sasha's surprise. She stood up, a bit off balance, and Eren had to hold her up right so she could get her bearings. It looks like she was a bit drunk, too.

"Are you kidding me?" Connie struggled to not breath in the stench of vomit caked in her hair, the linger of alcohol filling his nasal passage. He wished he could say he was surprised, but he really wasn't. Sasha drank often, but only enough to get slightly high. She didn't usually get drunk, only when she had a hard night at home. He was one of the only ones who knew she slept here.

"Can you get her, or do you need help?" Eren asked, knowing full well he risked losing precious time to get ready for his next shift. Connie looked at her for a second, brushing a hand atop his shaven head, and thinking for a moment.

"'T's fine." He replied. "I can just take her into the quick shower and I'll fix up her make up in 5 minutes."

"You sure?"

"Time me." At that, Eren smirked. Connie could take care of himself and others well. Connie shuffled towards the door, Sasha numbly walking behind him in step. She looked a bit more awake, but her stomach was growling a storm at this point. Eren watched them go as Connie sputtered out some nonsense about how he can't believe how Sasha is still so skinny.

Sighing, Eren went to his personal wardrobe, trying to figure out what he wanted to wear exactly. The club managers stocked these wardrobes frequently, in correspondence to that week's themes. This way, Eren had various items to choose from that still matched.

Even though he could pick almost his own outfit for dancing, all the servers had closer matching outfits. The outfits usually consisted of a shirt of some type, and, often, short bottoms that showed off their legs. But, the servers could wear whatever footwear that they wanted. Picking out the folded jean shorts with an oversize brown sweater with the cuffs rolled up to his forearms. He decided to put on some tall, black boots for comfort. The heel was low but gave him some height. The outfit was sensible but sexy.

Fixing his straying hair, Eren went to bobby pinning his front fringe back again so it was pushed away from his eyes. This showed off his bright eyes, and enabled him to see clearer. He put some dark eyeliner underneath his eyes. All employees were required to wear makeup. He didn't like to wear a lot so he just darkened his eyelashes and gave his lips a light gloss. He kept the same mask on from before. The same cream white and blue feathers that tickled his face whenever he talked. Anyone could hardly see what he looked like.

Looking better and less disheveled, Eren looked at the time and saw that he had to be out to the serving area in less than 5 minutes. Grabbing his cell phone, he put it on vibrate and slipped it into his pocket. If he missed a call from his sister, she would never forgive him.

Eren went out to the hallway and opened the door to the front hallway. He nodded to the security guard, known as Reiner, by the door. He sat there as a precaution to make sure no unwanted guests came around the dressing rooms. He was bulky and straight faced, a good protector. Eren and him conversed daily, but they weren't super close. There was a sort of understanding between the two. Each had their job and place here, and often, it didn't allow time to make friends.

Making his way to the hidden back door, he somehow avoided running into anyone else who could distract him. They must already be out there. Out of the hallway of dressing rooms, was another door, closer to the stage. Here, it was dark and wasn't easily seen. It allowed for quick and easy access from the front to the main room. It allowed for employees to go between without being seen by drunk customers. Quiet as possible, Eren opened the door, taking a deep breath before entering the giant room. It was time for his second shift.

The sitting area was dimmed, giant booths seating five or more were scattered around the room. These booths wrapped around in a half circle around a wooden table. The carpet and booths were covered in a lavender spread, with dark wood creating an outline. Behind these, towards the stage is normal bar tables, allowing for up close entertainment for those who were here for a little more than just dinner. Most of the seating was filled, Eren noted. The bar/kitchen was towards the back, where one could order a fine drink or a good dinner. The bar was bristling with people almost like a sea, one could hardly see where the bar started and ended. He could see servers go to booth to booth, some sitting with the customers, keeping conversation. The rest of the servers were dressed like Eren, batting their eyelashes, acting as if they weren't bored and actually wanted the customer's hands on their thighs. For every 7 people, there was usually 1 server to entertain.

Eren could see Sasha talking to this overweight, older man, drinking a cheap beer in the corner booth. Connie was sitting, smile tight, next to a woman with way too much perfume on. Her friends were beginning to crowd around him and Eren was about to go help him out when he felt a slim hand on his shoulder. Turning around, he came face to face with a sweet boy with a big smile.

"Oh, no, you don't. Connie can take care of those ladies. The boss has a job for you." The easy going boy spoke to him, clear in his words. Eren nodded, one didn't just say no to the boss.

"Where am I off to, Marco?" Eren asked him. Usually, when Eren had a job that meant he was requested. The boss hardly came out of his room, so he sent his assistant, Marco, to do his bidding. But, the boy was happy to comply.

The brunette turned away from Eren and pointed to the private room where larger parties were held.

"It's a big party, room 3. Are you OK?" Marco was always concerned for everyone else. Eren simply waved Marco down; reassuring him he'd be fine. He'd rather be out on the main floor, but he didn't really have a choice either. Usually big parties were only a pain in the ass. They are always drunk and gross, and Eren usually had to fake his way through more than normal.

Marco gave him a fleeting smile before taking a hand to his headset. His eyebrows fixed together and he gave a nod to Eren before walking away.

Eren sighed, feeling the urge to rather puke than go into that room. Seeing a small opening in the crowd at the bar, Eren took his quick opportunity.

"Annie, give me a shot of that vodka." He pointed at a light blue bottle that was very popular to those who just wanted to forget. The stoic, blonde woman simply turned her nose to him, grabbing the nearest shot glass, filling it with something strong, and sending it Eren's way. She noted this on his tab and continued filling the others orders.

Downing the drink, Eren, enjoyed the burn that filled his throat. It calmed him, and filled his stomach with a warm sensation. It momentarily allowed him to forget where he was at the moment. To forget the people recognizing him, and to help him tune out their quick tongues and dancing hands. They might say his name, but he would only pretend he couldn't hear them.

Leaving the glass there, he wanted to get away before the drunkards got too needy. He headed to private room 3. It was behind a matching lavender curtain, guarded by more security. Renting one of these rooms out were expensive and the Club kept this place well received. Even though they don't give a shit about their employees, Eren guesses the guests are much more important.

Knocking, he was let into the room once recognized. The room itself was almost like another floor, taking up great space, filled with booth after booth for parties or other such things. A security guard or two situated themselves near the doorways, keeping an eye out for too much touching or trouble about to erupt (which it did often in a place like this).

Making his way in, his appearance was unnoticed by most except for a few who had been waiting for him. He stepped into the threshold, taking in the large amount of people of about 20-25. It was the group from the large corporation so they were all dressed to the nine's, however, many looked drunk out of their minds. It didn't look like they got a day out like this often.

"Hey! Hey, the whore!" One of the men slurred, pointing at Eren. Eren flinched at the word, knowing full well the man was only drunk. He wasn't offended, but it wasn't his favorite word to call someone like him. He preferred the name dancer, stripper even. Just not whore, it was an insult.

The men laughed and beckoned Eren closer. Knowing these men would tip well fueled Eren's fake personality. He put on a stretched smile, sashaying his hips back and forth as he walked over the table catcalling him.

"You called?" He asked his voice sexy and low. One of the men tugged his arm to sit next to him. Ignoring the pain of the man's grip, he sat himself down. He was surrounded by the stench of alcohol. He was offered drinks here and there, but he always refused. The employee's are taught to never accept a drink willingly from a customer.

Eren searched around the room, noticing two other entertainer's in here with him. Jean was one of them.

One man's right hand were on his back, rubbing small circles. Another man's left hand was on his thigh. He had to hold back his disgust, trying not to sock the men in the throat at their unwanted advances. He stayed still, but frozen, his smile thin, pretending to be enticed in the conversation. His thoughts could burn a hole through their brains, but he acted innocent for the sake of money.

"Then who was phone!?" One of the men finished the joke he was telling and everyone burst out laughing, although personally Eren could hardly understand what he was saying through all his slurring.

This torture was continued for a half hour or so before he watched a group of people come into the room. Still from the corporation, Eren could see a few of them chose a booth a bit farther away.

They men in Eren's booth nodded to the new group. Oddly, even though they were hardly sober enough to look up, they nodded at the new group with respect. Eren couldn't help but watch the same group. Seeming almost powerful, it was obvious these were not just rookies. They all wore clean suits and looked mostly sober. After working here so long, you could tell the drunk from the sober ones. Although, a woman, looked like she was having a good time, laughing and drinking a beer. The men around her seemed to be used to her antics.

"Hey, boy! We're speaking to ya." One of the men slurred, his hands gripping onto Eren's inner thigh now. Eren tried not to cringe in revulsion. He wish he could tell them to fuck off. Before this, they had all introduced themselves but Eren wasn't interested in learning their names, so he forgot them quickly.

"Sorry, what was that?" Eren asked him, flashing a mature smirk his way. The man groaned and thought for a moment, as if he had forgotten what he wanted to say.

"Get ma 'nother of those." The man pointed at an empty bottle of the expensive beer he was holding. Eren took the invitation to get out of their clutches. He didn't complain at all and almost had to stop a relieved expression from forming on his face. He grabbed the empty drink and quickly stood up. With great relief, he looked up toward the ceiling taking in a sigh, glad to be away from them, walking towards the door to the main floor. "Watch it, kid." An annoyed voice sounded when Eren almost ran into a shorter than average man.

Eren tried not to hit into him, but his heel caught on the edge of the carpet, causing him lose balance and to accidentally hit into the man. Slamming his other heel down to stop himself from throwing his body, he stood straighter, apology ready when he realized he had to look down to face him.

"I'm sorry!" He spoke, quickly. He hadn't meant to anger a customer, and judging by the man's outfit, he was part of the corporation party. His words caught in his throat when the man looked up at him, and Eren knew that that was the man who had been watching him on stage. He gulped his words down.

"Just, make sure it doesn't happen again." The man turned away at this, and left to join the group of men and women he was sitting with. Eren watched him go, wondering if he would get reprimanded later.

He wanted to dwell on it some more, but he had a job to do, and the job of an entertainer was never an easy one.

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