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Filler Couples


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Chapter 25:

Foolish Ponies

Hanji was back to her experimentation. Erwin had forced her to take a vacation the week before, much to her annoyance. Levi had received a call every couple of hours from her, much to his annoyance, too.

She would call and complain about how bored she was, whining about having to sit at home. Levi would only roll his eyes, try to get her to enjoy her days off instead, but to no avail. She was too stubborn for her own good.

Even though she didn't need the break, Moblit did. His face looked almost too relieved when he had heard he had finally earned a vacation. The poor kid could hardly keep up with the energetic designer.

Getting through her week off almost killed her, Levi knew. He realized when he caught her, one day, trying to scale the building's walls. He had found her on the fifth floor, before Erwin had grabbed her by her waist and pulled her to safety.

If she could be anymore insane, she only proved it. Like a little child with an IQ over 120, she was bright and thoughtful, but impatient and excitable. She wore clothes a fashion designer wouldn't be caught dead in. The industry hated her, but only out of jealousy for her work.

She knew she was disliked, much different than her colleagues, but that didn't matter to her. For, she was an individual, kept to her own for the most part. Plus, she made double the wages most of them did.

So, Levi really wasn't surprised when she had thrown open his office door, making her presence known. Even though, Levi had heard her a mile away.

"LEVI!" Her voice bounced off the walls of his office, making the room suck her in. Levi looked up with bored eyes, a scowl across his lips. He looked up, her chest bouncing as she was breathing hard. He only shook his head and went back to the papers below him.

"Levi! Levi! Levi!" Now, she was actually bouncing, her feet coming a couple inches off the ground. Levi continued to ignore her. Unfortunately for him, it only made her persistent.

She clobbered up to his desk with her dark boots leaving dirt scrapes against the wood floor. Levi's eyebrow twitched as he tried his hardest to continue ignoring her. But, it was becoming increasingly impossible.

Especially, when she pushed herself up, causing her ass to slide across his desk, pushing all his books and papers in it's path flying, to the floor, scattering most of it. Her hands went up with excitement and the gleam in her eyes was even brighter.

"Oops!" She yipped, giggling at her own mishaps. Levi had had about enough. He slammed both hands down on the desk, and stood up from his chair, causing the chair to fly backward a few feet into the wall with a crash.

"What, Hanji?" Irritancy dripping off his tongue like poison. His eyes were slits, as he finally looked up at her. She had this stupid grin on her face, as if she was proud of herself.

Her Star Wars t-shirt was riding up her hips, showing a fine line of midriff.

Her already short shorts were riding up her thigh from sliding. Levi couldn't help but wonder how she sold anything dressed like a teenager.

"Guess what!" He only gave her an even harder glare. She brought her hand up, tugging on her ponytail a bit.


"Levi! Guess!"



"What?" Hanji knew this was the best she was getting out of him so she brought up her right hand, showing him three fingers. Her legs were swinging underneath the table as if she was having the time of her life.

Levi obviously wasn't. He had a mountain of pile work to get done, he was stressed, sexually frustrated (even though he and Eren had had sex just three days ago), busy as hell, and now, to add to the list, irritated.

"One. Titan Inc. has been silent for some time now, stayed out fashion shows, out of the newspaper. I think they are planning something big." Hanji pulled a small notebook from the inside pocket of her leather jacket. Flipping open to the page she wanted, she held it out for Levi to see.

"I've written down every article, every event, everything they have been a part of for the last forty-five years. But, all of a sudden, they don't add up, as if the events are radical and misplaced." She flipped to the beginning of the notebook to an older page.

"In the beginning, since their start, things were organized and their name in the papers and in popularity were made in a sort of pattern as if they were done in order. Here, you can see how everything stays together, fashion show appearances are set in months, not seasons, and their popularity stays quite the same through the years." She finished with a nod.

"But, then, five years ago, it seems like things started to change. All of a sudden, things become almost erratic compared to their early years. Popularity has plummeted these years. The only way they are still our top competitor is due to their connections with designers and people with money." Hanji pushed up her glasses, flipping through the pages a hundred pages a second, until stopping right where she needed at the first try.

"Something defiantly happened between their thirty-ninth year and their fortieth year. I've been trying to find events that coincide with that year, but I'm not getting much. But, I'm not giving up!" Levi nodded taking this information is stride. He looked down at his hands for a moment, thinking, before finally looking up again.

"Your asking for a favor, aren't you?" Hanji always got to her point last. If someone asked her a question, she could talk for hours, but by the end, the person who started with one question, usually ended up with five more.

It was a talent of hers, one that took Levi a bit of time to get used to. Her mind is always moving, so for Levi, who is always on top of others, this mind of hers continued to put him off.

"It might be, but you would find fun in this favor. I need you to spy on someone for me. I've been suspicious of him for a while." With a twinkle in her eye, Hanji grinned wider and wider, waiting for him to catch on.

"Who is he?"

"A middle-aged man, a typical worker, who, I found out, has an adult store." Levi's eyebrows rose a bit, understanding what he has to do. Although, that doesn't seem like something to be suspicious of, Levi knew if he grew close with the man, it was likely he'd slip something that could benefit them.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it." Hani threw her hands up, nodding furiously at Levi's response, knowing to give him his space to plan what he needs to.

"Two." She put up another finger. "Erwin gave me extra money for this semester."

Levi paused for a moment.

"How'd you manipulate that?" Hanji looked slightly offended he'd even suggest she "manipulated" Erwin. Although, it was true.

"I didn't manipulate. I just thought I should tell you… because Erwin may ask you what you needed the money for…" She looked up suddenly, avoiding Levi's eyes. It only took Levi a second to understand what she was getting at.

"What did you tell him?"

"That you may have needed the money, because you blew your budget on um, some fun." He hated sharing a budget with this crazy idiot. What she spent reflected on him big time. He was lucky Erwin was aware of Hanji's insane spending, or else he would be screwed anywhere else.

"Hanji, I will kill you." She laughed sheepishly, rubbing her arm.

"Told him you were a bit stressed, and you spent some of the money on a, er, a stripper." Levi eyes widened to Hanji's entertainment. Hanji couldn't hold back her laughter now, as she went off in a fit of giggles.

"Next time you sleep, I will guarantee you will not get up." He threatened, his eyes twitching in displeasure. She was too unaware of what damage she could create by giving away Eren's position. Hanji was only playing a dangerous game.

"Oh shhh, I haven't told anyone, have I?"

Levi gave her a look of dissatisfaction.

"Directly." She fixed herself, following Levi's eye roll. She giggled, pushing against her palms and the flat desk, bringing her upright in a standing position once again. She turned on her heel, in one swift movement.

"Three." Hanji brought up three fingers this time, shoving them into Levi's face. He didn't flinch, but his jaw tightened a bit more.

"Talking about strippers reminded me, you're neglecting Eren!" This spiked his attention as he finally softened his look, questioning her accusation. Sure, they had a bit of trouble not to long ago, but they had made up, so he doesn't understand the problem now.

"What are you talking about, you shitty four eyes?"

"All you guys do is fuck! Go out on a date or something. Or take him out for dinner, or do something romantic!"

"You do realize we aren't dating?" Levi had never thought about that before. Had they ever done something a "couple" would do? Not particularly. They usually just had sex and then would move on in the morning, turning off the switch that controlled their professional and personal lives.

They had agreed on this all fuck no romance relationship. However, something irked him in what she said. Would there really be no harm to letting Eren into a part of his life?

"Yeah, yeah, not dating. Sure. I'm just saying, take that boy out some time. You are a disappointment to all gentleman."

"If I agree to invite him, will you leave?"


"Then, fine." Levi mumbled, just loud enough for Hanji to hear.

She brought up her hands in delight, stretching them towards the ceiling. She had seemed to finish the accomplishment she had planned.

But, at what price?

A part of him hated the idea, pushed away the idea with all of it's might, but another part of him saw the importance, the trust in doing so. He'd never given another person such a look into his world. But, he'd never felt something as he did with Eren now.

It troubled him to think about. He was slowly realizing what exactly Eren was to him, but he was still a jumbled mess. He didn't want to get to close, in fear that he'd eventually pull away, as usual. It was a daily struggle to even keep his composure around him, let alone, take Eren somewhere that matters to Levi.

He had just the place in mind, though, and as stupid as it might be, it was the only place he could think of.


"Where are we going?" Eren complained from the passenger seat of the shiny black car. He had been looking out the window for the past 10 minutes, making small talk with Levi. But, he was growing impatient and he had a test to study for.

"Hey, answer me!" He shouted a bit louder, annoyed by the lack of reply.

Levi next to him only shook his head in dismay, hoping his intelligence was better then his patience. Levi patted the pocket of his polo, holding his hand there for a few minutes before returning both hands on the wheel.

"Stop complaining, brat, it's right here." With a small turn of his wheel, he entered the parking lot. He could see out of the corner of his eye, Eren's eyes widening from surprise.

The car followed this gravel roadway, surrounded by white fence. The fence followed to the back, disappearing where it connected with the back of the barn. More fences followed along each other farther away into the acres.

A large, red barn situated itself in the middle of the property, announcing one's arrival. It was incredibly long and wide, a great size with people emptying from a door that led inside. A big door was to the left of them, and the others were behind the barn.

Not many people were in the parking lot, a tell not many people were out today. Pulling into a space, Levi got out, with Eren following right behind him in confusion. The smell of dirt, hay, and horses hit Levi's nose with a start, and without realizing, he inhaled the deep, familiar smell. After spending so many years with the smell, he had gotten use to it and found it an enjoyment almost.

Eren, on the other hand, crinkled his nose, wondering what they were doing a place like this. He knew it was a barn, but he couldn't tell what was inside until a horse whinny flowed through his eardrums.

"A horse barn?" He couldn't help but question. He hadn't seen a horse since probably first year middle school, while on a field trip. They had visited a barn and learned of all its components. He didn't mind them much, but they were also only animals to him.

Following Levi, who seemed to know his way, he entered the large door.

The barn from the inside was more cramped, stalls across and beside Eren in a straight line. The inside was mostly wood, the floors an exception of cement. When he followed with his eyes, he noticed the different color of horses through the bars of their stalls.

The horses munched on their hay in their racks, some dipping their mouths into their buckets of water to grab their fill. Of all sizes, to the end of the hall and down, were horses, and Eren couldn't help but want to meet every single one of them.

Unfortunately, for him, Levi grabbed at Eren's collar, pulling his attention back to Levi.

"Follow me." He told Eren, beckoning him towards the right hall. Eren followed, his footsteps echoing.

Spider webs hung from the very top of the ceilings, and a path of dirt patches followed towards the final stall in the far row. The lighting inside was bright and illuminated most of everything. It was actually quite beautiful inside, Eren noticed.

There weren't many people around, but Eren didn't mind. It was the middle of the day and many must be busy with work or school.

Eren read every nameplate that went by, reading a bit about their grain information and moving on to try to keep up with Levi. The stalls were all relatively y the same, boxed shape, abut long and wide enough the horses had room to move around in.

"Eren." Levi yawned, calling for him. Eren stopped moving, Following Levi's gaze, he looked into the stall of a beautiful black horse, and its coat gleamed underneath the light waves.

"This is my horse." Awkwardly, Levi itched the back of his head. But, Eren was already moving towards the open head door, where he could peak his own head into the stall to get a better view. He felt excited, jumping up on his toes like a child.

The horse was a mostly black horse, black mane, and black tail. Two white socks in the front distinguished itself. It was of good height, a broader chest with thicker hocks, making it of warm blood descent.

"What's it's name name?" Eren asked in wonder. He was absolutely delighted. Something about this was fun to him. For one, he didn't think he'd ever see a horse again in the city. For two, he was meeting Levi's horse. The only thing of Levi's he had been introduced to before was his condo.

With a soft much, the horse turned to take notice of its visitors. Eren looked at the horse's head and let out a short laugh, snorting. For such a gorgeous horse, he had hay covering the top of his head, and trickling down the side of his face in a ridiculous manner.

"Doesn't have one." Eren stopped for a moment.

"It doesn't have a name?"

"He didn't need one." Eren just stared for a moment before shaking his head and going back to admiring the horse. Levi only sighed.

He clucked softly but direct, and the horse's ear swiveled, one ear forward, one ear back. Listening to it's master's command, it's rump went towards the stall wall, and his head reached out of the head opening.

Eren grin widened as he went to pet its soft hair. He felt his neck, petting down the long neck, feeling it's muscles ripple under his touch. Then, he followed to its grainy mane, but it had volume as Eren scraped his fingers through it. He finished by petting the horses face, going from his cheek, to the bottom of his muzzle. The horse's bottom lip played softly against his skin, looking for treats.

"If you want, I give you permission to groom him or come visit him whenever you want." Eren's eyes widened and he nodded, agreeing to the terms. He continued to pet the horse like a little child.

"Do you ride him?" Eren asked.

"When I'm in the mood. I'm guessing you never learned to ride?"

"Nope. But, do you want to teach me?" He replied with a wink. Levi stayed silent for a moment before answering.

"Sure, I will." Eren stopped petting for a moment, surprised Levi would actually agree. But, he was thankful in a sense. He couldn't believe Levi would show him this; he was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He really appreciated the notion.

"I didn't know you liked horses." Eren teased, in fact, Levi didn't look like the type to like anything.

"Well, they aren't people." Eren laughed, and set his phone on the stall edge next to Levi's horse's stall. But, it took him only a moment to notice he dropped it inside of the stall.

"Shit." He commented, glad to see a horse didn't occupy the stall it fell in. Levi followed behind him as he opened the latch of the other stall and entered, looking for the dropped phone.

In a sudden movement, Levi had pinned Eren against the large hay pile at the back of the stall. Which would have been romantic, if it hadn't been an accident. Unfortunately, he failed to notice the bit of hay that had gotten right under his shoe, causing him to fall without any friction.

Grabbing onto the only object he could, Eren, he fell forward, closing his eyes to protect them from the hard straw, and allowed his body to fall onto Eren's in close proximity. Eren let out a grunt of discomfort.

"I'm covered in hay dust!" He complained, sneezing once, twice, as if to prove his point. Levi was sprawled between his legs, a hand against the hay where he caught himself, his knees bent, inches away from Eren's crotch.

Looking up, he could see the outline of Eren's defined chin and cheekbones, taking in how the cheeks seemed a bit sullen. His eyes were a bit darker on the skin. And, he couldn't help but notice the little crinkle in the corner of Eren's eyes. He wondered how he didn't notice them before.

He continued around, though, searching, trying take in every part of Eren's features in. From his small, but fitting nose, to the placement of his eyebrows everything was placed so perfectly. Levi consumed every fine line and detail as he memorized every small piece of skin. Having to resist the urge to touch, he simply took in with his eyes.

Finally, he reached Eren's own eyes in satisfaction. Holding the green orbs in his own, he had finally grabbed Eren's attention, as he too, looked at Levi in curiosity. They could feel each other's breath on their chins, with panting gasps. So close, they could smell one another past the smell of horses and hay.

Levi lost track of how long he was staring at Eren, but then he noticed Eren fidget slightly, and he knew he had to make his move. Bringing up a marked hand, he cupped the right side of Eren's cheek, pulling him into him.

Feeling those warm lips on his own felt so normal to him now. The very touch sent currents through Levi's body. With a satisfied grunt at the connection, Eren leaned a bit closer, his shoulder digging only further into the hay, but he didn't care. For, he was much more interested in something else.

Pulling his top lip back, Eren wrapped his mouth around Levi's, letting his muscles do the work. They moved softly, pressing just enough so his lips fit between Levi's.

And, in a moment, Levi's tongue was pressing into Eren's mouth. Their tongues pressed against each other, swirling and feeling each other, like a game.

Eren was intoxicating, for as experienced as he was, Levi couldn't help but feel the little lack of inexperience he had. For, with every brush of Levi's tongue against the top of his mouth sent him twitching to pull away. It was interesting to see how ticklish he was.

Every touch of friction of Levi's tongue left Eren hot and needy. His body responded at every movement, his muscles clenching and unclenching, trying to control the heated desire that was only building. A small drip of saliva slid down Eren's chin, coming from the right corner of his mouth.

Levi's hands traveled expertly, automatically going to his favorite place, running every finger through Eren's hair, rougher, as he pushed back his bangs, exposing Eren's forehead.

Eren leaned in, rubbing a soft circle with his thumb at the base of Levi's neck. His chest leaned forward, rubbing carelessly against the older males. He could feel his nipples growing harder underneath his thin t-shirt. He let out a small groan as it brushed against Levi's.

Levi had picked his body up, so where they were less tangled, and he could get a better angle. He was growing impatient by the moment. Every rub of Eren's skin against his own left him sweaty and hot, begging for more, as nothing was ever enough.

And, Levi couldn't stop his hands from wandering lower and lower, until they were at Eren's waist, fingering the very hem of his pants. He pulled away, lapping at Eren's bare neck. The marks he had left only days ago were still there only covered in heavy make up. Finding a clear space, he latched on, nipping with the front of his teeth, licking with his tongue. The fine skin below his mouth seemed to pucker at his touch, as Eren's scent sent him moaning.

But, he wasn't alone in his desperate attempts. Eren, himself was a mess. The slow speed was driving him up the wall, leaving him wanting to bare all. He wanted to rip open his raw emotions cry, scream; let Levi ravage him until he couldn't feel anything at all.

If they had any control before, it was lost now. Blame it on the thrill of doing it in a stall out in the open, or the fact that both of them was slowly realizing that they were becoming dependent on each other. But, the situation felt dire.

Eren brought his head down when Levi left his neck. Following the top of Levi's head down, Eren sucked in a breath realizing his plan.

"Want me to suck you off?" Levi played, even though it was obvious Eren was already begging for it.

Eren's body set wide open, a line of mixture of dirt and sweat on his face, his cheeks so red he couldn't remember what it was like to feel cold. His legs were spread where Levi was feeling his thighs, and his shirt was ruffled, his chest widening and contracting with every rough breath. His body only turned Levi on even more.

"Yes." He let the word roll off his tongue, his eyes half-lidded waiting for the touch of Levi's lips on his cock.

"That's all?" Eren opened his eyes a little wider, staring Levi right in the eye. Levi was so close to him. Bent down, Eren could see the top of Levi's ass. His mouth was barely above his underwear, so close he could feel his hot breath against the very tip of the erection.

Eren only stared harder, weak to the touch. He wanted to kill Levi for doing this to him, but his muscles were wavering, trying to hold himself upright, using the hard hay at his back for support.

Somewhere next to them, a horse whinnied, but it didn't break their concentration. And Eren couldn't help but give in.

"Levi. P-please." Levi's lips curved at the edges, turning into a small smile, finally pleased with getting what he wanted.

Pressing his mouth against Eren's swollen cock, the underwear separating the two. He let his tongue sweep across the very top of his cock, swirling around the muscle, feeling it grow underneath his tongue. Pre-cum slid across Levi's tongue, mixing with his own saliva. It left a salty taste, but he refrained from pulling away.

Eren's crotch pressed deeper against the cloth stretching and drenched.

Taking his hand, he reached into the briefs, slipping them down just enough that Eren's erection was freed, causing Eren to gasp and clench his muscles. Levi grabbed at the base of his cock, causing Eren to let out a loud and deep moan, drowning out the stomp of a horse in the stall next to them. Neither worried if someone else was around, they were caught up in their own fanatics.

Feeling the base of the muscle against his palm, Levi pressed softly at first, stimulating the length. And in a quick movement, he felt the length of the cock, causing Eren to go rigid as a groan ripped through his throat.

As he stroked it with his hand, he followed his mouth to the tip, swallowing it all the way down to the base, feeling the cock hit the back of his throat with a quick jerk. Levi's throat contracted, gagging, causing tears to reach the edge of his eyes. Levi ignored the slight pain, slipping it out of his mouth, and taking it once again in his mouth.

From the bottom of the cock, Levi squeezed and circled his hand against the base, with a sort of feverish movement. He took Eren easier this time, taking him all the way down, to where he hit his index finger and thumb with his lips. And, he continued with this movement, feeling every jut of Eren's hips.

He had control of the body below him with just a flick of his tongue. And the scene before him had him rubbing his other hand against his own crotch, becoming impatient. The smell of the barn had been replaced with sweat and sex.

His tongue licked across Eren's slit, making him sob into the touch, his toes crunching in his shoes, his neck back, exposing his neck. He was a sweaty mess, lost in the feeling of desperation and pleasure.

One of his eyes opened, staring at Levi's own mounds of his ass, sticking up as he lapped at Eren's cock. But, he was starting to play with himself, as well, Eren noticed, and it only made him squirm.

"Your ass looks unusually pale." Eren teased, looking for a distraction. Levi only rolled his eyes.

"Your penis is one of the smaller ones I've seen." He pulled away for a moment, before retuning to his sucking.

"Shut up, old man!" Levi raised an eyebrow at this insult.

"Old? Really?" He asked, now, fully pulled away, and pressed the tip of Eren's cock against his tongue, without moving it. Eren nodded weakly, confirming his point. But, he didn't feel so confident, for Levi's tongue, that sticky wetness was right there, right on top of his cock without moving an inch.

Levi sat there in a power of the wills, to see which one would crack first. But, it was obvious from the start that it would be Eren, for he was in the harder position to withhold himself.

Eren twitched, moving his ass around slightly, trying to find a position that allowed for him to grow comfortable. However, Levi's tongue was still right there, and until he moved it, Eren wasn't sure what he would do next. He looked down at Levi, licking his lips once, to tell him he won.

With a satisfied groan, Levi continued, his tongue coming from the slit, down the length of his cock, with a slosh of saliva and pre-cum. Levi was rubbing at his own cock, the scene before him getting him off. Now, if only he could-

The clank of a stall door sounded throughout the barn, and Eren and Levi jumped a couple feet into the air. Eren instantly took one of his hands, and cupped his mouth, hoping they wouldn't come into here. He knew they had been loud before, but now it's just embarrassing.

Levi stayed rigid, unsure of what he should do in this type of situation. What he did know was to stay perfectly still and quiet, and hope the predator didn't find them.

A horse whinnied somewhere near by.

But, Levi was so close; he wasn't going to stop anytime soon. Rubbing Eren's cock with one hand, Levi stroked the length of it, causing Eren to curse against his covered mouth. Trying to stay quiet grew much harder, and he tried to get Levi's attention, to have him stop, but he wasn't facing him.

His body rocked with the vibration.

"Hi, darling!" A woman's voice sounded up from the stall beside them, probably greeting her horse.

Another jerky movement left Eren begging into his hand, biting the skin that kept his voice back. He had tears in his eyes from trying to hold back his screams. Drool dribbled down his face in desperation, wanting to find that release.

Reaching the end, Eren felt Levi's fingers squeeze his cock, just enough, that he lost all sense of himself in that one, fine moment.

There was no holding back now, as his voice left his throat in a tangled cry of moans and pleasure. His eyes closed as he let the feeling wave through him in strides. His body jerked and whined at the stimulation. And, the moment felt right, as if Eren had forgotten where they were and what was happening.

Watching him in this bit of post-orgasm left Levi lapping in everything, hitting a climax of his own, soaking his underwear, with a curled moan. His back arched with pleasure as he came, spent.

Recovering, Eren slumped, trying to grab a hold of himself again. Taking the back of his hand, he wiped the saliva coming down his mouth, and stretched his back, feeling better than before.

Levi let out a bit of stretch, his cock growing small once again as he yawned. Both were content in the events that had just occurred. Glad they had finally gotten the release they were building. They hadn't had sex, but it was good enough for now.

But, the stall beside them had gotten very quiet. Eren heard the stall door open and close again, as well as hurried footsteps down the barn aisle.

Eren covered the laughter that wanted to escape from his throat.

"Fucking prude." Levi mumbled, causing Eren to lose control and laugh out loud. Levi couldn't help but shake his head. But, he found enjoyment in seeing Eren in such a good mood, especially after being so stressed.

Unaware to him, he was slowly noticing Eren's emotions and feelings. Even, when they weren't so obvious. He was beginning to care more and more.

Eren reached around his back, grabbing onto something and pulling it out to show Levi.

"Found my phone!"

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