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This contains malexmale action, you've been warned!


Filler Couples

Side Note: Some time passed between this chapter and the last. There is differences in my writing style now (good and bad), so be prepared if it doesn't sound like the rest of the story.

Chapter 26:

Bad Wings


With the click of heels, he counted.


He could hear the shortness of breath from just around the corner. It came closer, mixing with the air.


With a quick turn, he flattened his back against the backside of the wall. In this position, he knew he shouldn't be seen. But, if he was a second later, eyes would have been able to see his clear shadow. Although he'd never admit it, he was thankful for his lack of height, as it allowed him to almost disappear in this position.

Quiet whispers played at his ears as he tried to decipher the words that were being said. But, to no avail. If he could, he would get closer, but the fact that someone might notice his movements hindered him. He let out a timid sigh, trying to make his next plan.

It had just gotten dark out, hardly past sundown, and the city behind him was finally growing quiet.

Currently, Levi was on some late night duty. Erwin had finally given him permission to do some investigating, and he took full advantage of it. His past military training proved to be a great asset in moments like this. He was swift and quiet, a perfect eavesdropper when he needed to be.

It had been a good night. Titan Inc. was having a celebration for their anniversary, a black and white tie ball full of drinks and food was being served, a soft quartet played music, welcoming their guests. Full of aristocrats and elitists; they dressed to the fullest, lips pursed and hair uptight. Like they were born to gold, each and every single one of them held their heads high and walked with a secret grace.

Levi distasted this sort of person more than anything else. They were so full of themselves and selfish, he couldn't fathom taking more than a few seconds to talk with them. Unfortunately, he had to spend his time speaking with them. If only he could tell them how he really felt.

Quite honestly, he felt uncomfortable. Wearing this black suit with a white tie made him feel itchy and annoyed. It was hot and the fabric was awkward on his skin. On his arms, it clung to him tight, and around his chest, it was even worse. He was worried that if he moved just right he would pop one of the buttons. As the suit came to his lower torso, it loosened enough to be comfortably tucked into his dress pants.

Licking his lips to wet them, he strained to listen. His fingers clenched against the tan wall, impatient and a bit anxious. He wasn't particularly nervous, but there was a thrill to this job, like a fire, telling him he was doing something wrong. He dismissed the feeling as nothing, but his body still reacted to it, betraying him.

Realizing this spot wasn't going to give him anything he wanted, he decided to move on. He couldn't get any closer without losing his invisibility. Sliding away quietly from the wall, he made sure his steps were quiet against the wood floor, hoping it wouldn't creak underneath his weight. But, lucky for him, by the time he reached the party area, he hadn't been found out.

Like a chameleon, he joined the party guests as if he had been there the whole time.

He entered this enormous entryway where people became frequent. The women were dressed in long, flowing dresses, reaching its hems towards the grounds. The men were dressed quite the same way as Levi so he blended in nicely. They spoke in hush voices, small chuckles of laughter from several sides of the room as they all conversed.

Passing a waiter in the dimly lit hallway, he picked up a margarita, taking a small sip. It comforted him to have something in his hand, calming his mind a bit more. He passed vases worth as much of his condo, and paintings by some of the most well known painters around the world. The place was impressive and the old money here continued to prove that. The outside alone was classically traditional with huge white bricks holding this mansion together. Windows as wide and tall as a doorway followed every few feet around the outside. The design of the roof was almost golden, almost a tanner golden, creating a natural feel for the place.

The owner was one of the CEO's of Titan Inc., a man with large sums of money and too much time on his hands. Large, with a stringy beard, he was easily identified by his grumbling laughter. Levi had seen him for the first time here, and was grateful he had no association with him. Obviously a crude man, he had a trophy wife, easily as young as a college student. It was almost unbearable to watch her dote over him, but even Levi could notice her eyes of disgust.

A grimace stayed across his features as he carried himself with utmost confidence. He about swept across the now carpeted hall, taking himself to the ballroom.

His hair was pushed back and greased, but he could feel it start losing its hold. Taking a hand, he took it through his hair, hoping to push a fallen piece back into place.

As he made his way past a dozen people, the music of the quartet was growing louder. The steps of a hundred shoes could be heard through the walls and he knew he was getting closer to his destination. The idle chatter reached his ears and he couldn't focus on one conversation at once. So, instead, he chose to tune them out.

He was disappointed with the fact he hadn't been able to hear anything from the conversation before and the whole thing had been a failure. But, he reminded himself he'd have more chances. The night was yet from being over. If he was lucky his date tonight had better luck.

One last stride and he entered the ballroom through a large entry way. Pushing past, he brushed the arms of woman with sharp eyes and the fabric of suits. The room was highly lit, a beautiful chandelier hanging from the tall ceiling. From the music in the right corner of the room, it echoed to the guests, where some danced in the middle of the floor. Others spoke and chat outside of the dancing circle. Waiters and caterer's carried around trays of food and drinks.

This whole place only made Levi want to gag. This was nothing of his sort of idea of relaxation. He hated these people with a passion that only made him brim with loathe. How unfortunate for him to be in a job where these people were his usual interactions. Thankfully for that, he is an expert with dealing with them.

Taking another sip from his drink, he walked around, looking for his next target. It was the man Hanji had spoke of before; who they later found was named Dennis Eibringer. Spying on him earlier in the week, Levi had looking through the man's mail. He found this invitation to this party.

Dennis was nothing more than the owner of an unpopular adult store, so this was odd for him to be invited here. Levi was planning of attending this formal event anyways, but that find invite secured his spot on the guest list. However, for a price.

A hearty laugh rang above everyone else's. A few people jumped, and a couple others looked around almost offended. Shitty four-eyes thought Levi with an inaudible sigh. He rolled his eyes.

When Hanji had found out he was planning to come here, she refused to help him out unless he took her too. He would have preferred if he didn't need her help at all, but unfortunately, she had better connections than he did. If only she wasn't so annoying.

He found her speaking with a group of girls who looked like they weren't quite sure what to do. A blonde woman, her hair up in a tight ballerina bun, played with her fingers. She was trying to look anywhere accept Hanji. The two brunette's eyes stayed locked on Hanji's features but their facial expressions were something more of fear. As Levi got closer, he realized why.

"And, then, Moblit… Moblit, my assistant, remember? Anyway him, he couldn't stop puking his guts out for three days straight! Poor guy, I felt so bad. I shouldn't have used him as my lab mouse, but the end result helped me find out the perfect fabric that won't get stained by vomit! It's the perfect party fabric." She was telling them ecstatically. They looked sick to their stomachs, as the brunette's finally couldn't take it any longer and looked away.

"Oh, Levi!" She called to him. She was so fucking loud. Not only did she grab his attention, but half of the floors attention as well.

The girls swept the floor, looking for relief and finding it in Levi. When he arrived next to Hanji, they quickly stood up a bit straighter. One of the girl's hands went quickly to her hair, trying to push it back in place. Another puckered her lips. Levi didn't even notice.

"Hanji, don't you think you're, oh, I don't know, a bit loud?" He hissed with a killer look. Hanji only giggled and shook her head.

"If I'm not loud, no one will listen!"

"I wonder why?"

"Hey!" Hanji brought up her hand to smack him on the shoulder. Levi gave her a look and she knew that something was up. She brought a gloved hand down, playing with the clasp on her purse. Dressed beautifully, her red gown stretched to the ground, swiveling at her feet. It came off her hips like a cape, accentuating the curves there. The neckline was lock and a deep neck, showing off her perky chest. She drew the attention of many.

Her hair, disastrous, was in its same falling apart ponytail. But, lucky for her, it fit her well.

"Sorry, Ladies! My date here hasn't been able to jerk off in a couple days, and I need to help him." Levi deadpanned, ready to take her neck between his hands.

The woman paled, obviously disgusted and feeling awkward. They all took a step back, giving them more than enough room. It wasn't his preferred method of moving away from them, but Hanji had done the job and they slipped away towards one of the quieter corners of the room.

"Fuck you." Levi spat.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to take Eren's job." Hanji said with a smirk. She stepped a couple feet to the right to watch out for Levi's kick towards her shin. He didn't touch her, but she feigned hurt, grabbing at her leg. She half collapsed, looking up at Levi with little eyes.

"I'm hurt." She whimpered.

"I could have killed you, so be thankful." Levi went to continue walking, but noticed something. "What the hell do you have on your feet?"

Hanji let out a gasp, like she was happy he noticed. Lifting up her dress bottom, she was wearing these gaudy black and bright purple boots with straps up to her knees. It was something that a thirteen year old "goth" phase girl would have picked out. Levi's eyes stared at her as if she was something he had never seen before. She dressed up so nicely on the outside.

"They are super comfy and look; I can keep a gun in here!" She pulled out a handgun. Levi looked around quickly, hoping no one saw it.

"Put that away!" He scolded. He hid his own in an underneath chest pocket, but he would never pull his out so casually. They both had one, not to use like a freaking spy movie, but in case something got rowdy. She chuckled, stuffing it back in the boot and dropping her dress skirt again. It changed her whole appearance. Levi looked at her with distaste.

"Why does anyone buy your clothes?" He asked her, incredulous.

Being honest, Hanji shrugged with a smile.

"Any news on our Dennis?" Levi decided to move on, hoping she had been somewhat productive through the day. A group began to walk by so he put a hand around her hip, as if they were dancing. Hanji responded quickly, resting her chin on his shoulder.

"He's here." She replied with almost a whisper. The group had yet to move away and the two didn't know if they would be listening a little too closely. If they were found of their true intentions, it would look bad for the company and all their research.

Levi's hand tightened a bit as he led Hanji to the dance floor when things were becoming a bit too crowded. It would be easier to speak with everyone else paying attention to their feet. Levi was a horrid dancer, but luckily, Hanji knew the steps for the both of them.

"And? Did you get the job done?" He asked her, trying to follow her lead. He was stuck behind her steps and growing annoyed by his lack of coordination in this aspect of his abilities. Levi bumped into a poor woman behind him, trying to keep moving. Hanji tried not to laugh at his struggles.

She glided with ease, following the rhythm of the violin as a basis for her movements. With small steps Hanji stepped with a grace that most women couldn't even achieve. But, she had loved dancing since a child and it was almost a hobby of hers. Sadly, her co-worker didn't have the same skills.

He looked something of a baby deer, trying to figure out what step to take next, but not placing it quite correctly. But, she knew if she laughed it would discourage him and his efforts. She had to bite back a couple teasing comments.

She took notice on some of the ladies looking their way, or more particularly, Levi's way. She couldn't exactly blame theme. Levi looked great in a suit, no matter how much he complained about it. And, with his hair slicked back, he was almost delectable. If only the woman knew how much of an ass he was.

"His address and personal phone number is on a card in my bra." Levi was glad, it means that this trip wasn't entirely for nothing and he hadn't spent his Friday with a bunch of bigots for fun. He checked the time on his watch and decided that they had done enough for tonight. They came for what they wanted, and even though Levi missed that one chance of something real, he wouldn't leave empty-handed.

With his address, it would be easier to follow him. And, with Dennis's number, Hanji could trace his GPS. What they really needed was his personal phone, where they could find his exact location at all times. Currently, they were questioning his involvement with Titan Inc.

In the past week, Levi had done extensive research, trying to find out this little mystery that might lead to a lot more answers. For one, he now knows Dennis's involved with Titan Inc., enough so he receives weekly payments through them. For two, Levi knows he doesn't have much information about Titan Inc.'s true plan. Third, Dennis had something to hide; something that obviously wasn't supposed to be known by the public.

Hanji twirled herself by picking up Levi's hand. She knew that look in Levi's eyes, like he was in deep thought and couldn't concentrate on anything else. So, she continued to dance without him doing much of anything. He was always like this. Even though he acted so straight faced and irritable, she didn't see him as anything other than a dork.

But, lately, and she has notice, how different he has become. He seems to have bloomed a bit, become a bit warmer to people. Now, when Hanji says a bit, she means a bit. He's still the good old asshole he's ever been. But, he's not as quick to snap, or as angry, but only when he's around Eren.

Hanji liked Eren. Stripper or not, he was an intelligent boy who really put in an effort. He was definitely young, but already he seemed older than her. And, he could handle Levi, which was a skill set of its own. Eren really cared for Levi, Hanji could tell. It might not be love, but a bond was made between the two, even if both deny it. They've been through a lot together, and it brought them closer.

However, Hanji was concerned for Eren. He was young, and she didn't know how this relationship with Levi was going to end. It would at one point, and she could only worry about how it might. For, it could be a mutual agreement, but just easily, it could be a fight that ends their relationship.

So, the best she could do, was support the two of them as best as she could. She would continue to tease Levi to no end, because it would keep things normal. With Eren, she would act friendly with him, and joke with him like they've known each other for years. She wanted to keep her own relationship with Eren, even if things don't work out with Levi.

She let out a small sigh, realizing the time on the big clock in the middle of the west wall. Stepping purposely on Levi's foot, his eyes shot up hers, confused. He had been out of it for a couple of minutes. She nodded towards the clock and he followed.

Muttering shit under his breath, he pulled Hanji across the dance floor and into the night.


Oh, damn it. Why did he think this was a good idea? This was a bad idea. Actually, a horrible idea. What the fuck was he even thinking? He must be going a bit crazy, because this was absolutely idiotic. This was something out of freaking Romeo and Juliet only without all the deaths (well, maybe except his own).

He scratched his calf; some branches had caught on the skin there and caused some irritation. He blew out a hot breath. He was freezing cold, standing in a blue sweatshirt and a pair of spandex outside. The wind hit his exposing skin like a whip and he had to refrain from shivering. His ears must be tickled red. At least he was wearing some actual winter boots.

Now, he wouldn't be in this frigid weather if Levi would answer his phone or his door. But, now, Eren was stuck outside, slowly becoming a Popsicle.

He looked around, hoping no one was looking. Eren bet he looked pretty suspicious, and yeah, it's his fault he's out here right now. He means he did pop up to Levi's complex unannounced. But, he had a fucking good reason.

Anyone else would be smart enough to know this is an absolutely horrible idea and back out, but of course, here he was, ready to do the cheesiest thing of his life.

Bending over and digging around in the hard ground, he grabbed a good looking pebble. It wasn't too big or too small. He looked up at Levi's window on the third floor of his complex. He was pretty sure that was his bedroom's window or he at least hoped it was.

Without thinking, he raised his arm in a long arc and threw the pebble. It fell to the ground with a pathetic thud after bouncing off the first floor's wall. Wow, Eren, you were so close, he bit back sarcastically. Annoyed at his lack of athletic skills, he picked up another.

Throwing the next one, it overshot and hit another person's window. Hell, why is this so hard? With an irritated grumble, he grabbed the next one and tried again. Fail. And, another. Hit the roof. And, another. Bounced off the wall again. And, another. Hit off the ledge of another window. And, another. Didn't even hit the house.

Angry, Eren grabbed a huge stone, hoping it would give him some more landing space. Throwing it with all his might, he was delighted to see it hit the right window. However, that delight was short-lived with the sound of shattered glass.

The stone had managed to break through the window glass.

Fucking shit.

Eren freaked out. With crazed eyes, he started to dance around, not sure where to go, what to do. He started walking around, but only because he was scared for his life. Levi was going to kill him. His cheeks burned bright red and he hoped that he would just freeze right here. His head kept moving side to side, looking to see if someone saw him.

He grabbed at his hair, almost pulling it out by its roots. He could already see his death, it would come quickly. Continuing to walk around, he was hoping maybe he wasn't home, but then the light flickered on in the room and cast a shadow down on Eren.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

These were the only words going through his head right now. What was going to happen to his job? And, Mikasa, poor Mikasa will be alone. Armin! What will Armin do without him? Who will Jean bully? Eren's life was flashing before his eyes. He thought about hiding but it was too late the figure was coming to the window.

"Who's there, you shit hole." Levi's voice was burning with venom, echoing down the house complex. Eren wanted to reply, but no words came out of his mouth. Fuck, it wasn't worth it; his reason wasn't even worth it.

"You fucking coward."

Eren closed his eyes and steadied his breathing. If anything, maybe Mikasa will take revenge for him or something.

"I will come down there and rip your th-"

"Err, it was me." Eren sounded a lot more confident than he knew he looked. He was sure Levi couldn't see him in the darkness like this. But, he could see his dark figure in the window. Scratching the back of his head, he stepped forward a bit, trying to act like he had meant to do that.

The silence was unbearably long. Eren wanted him to scream at him or something, but the silence continued. This is probably one of the most awkward situations Eren has ever been in, and he's a freaking stripper. Sucking in a breath, he continued with his false sense of security and gallant.

"Eren." Finally his name was spoken, cut through like metal against steel. "You have less than 15 seconds to meet me at my front door. Now."

He didn't have time to dwell on what he was doing, and ran towards the front door of the complex. He couldn't get in without Levi's buzzer, so he was sure Levi would meet him there.

Unfortunately for Eren, he noticed Levi through the window and he turned a deep shade of pink. Shirtless and fuming was a look that suited Levi well. His muscles were even more defined with them bulging with anger. And, even his face twisted in a scowl was sexy to Eren. He turned away quickly, hoping Levi didn't see the look that had graced his face.

The door opened quickly and before Eren could even think of his first words; his arm was grabbed and shoved into the hallway.

"Yeager. I should kick your ass right now." Levi had managed to push Eren against the now closed door of the entry way of the complex. If someone came out of their room, they would easily see the two of them.

Levi's hand was pinning his shoulder at an uncomfortable angle and his eyes were staring deeply into Eren's, daring him to say the wrong thing. His right leg was pressed dangerously between Eren's legs, threatening to press harder and harder on his crotch.

"Um, sorry?" Eren didn't know what exactly to say. Levi grumbled, further irritated and now angry.

"Did you think this was some fucking romance movie shit?" Levi questioned, still trying to wrap his head around what exactly had happened.

He was sleeping, soundly for once. He had gotten home from the ball and felt exhausted from a night of trying to fit in with such prejudice people. Dropping Hanji off, he went straight back to his home, hoping for a night of rest. But, instead he received a broken window and large stone.

It woke him in a start, the shattering glass causing him to jump out of his bed. Coming out of sleep, it took him a moment before his senses came alive, automatically assuming danger. It took him a couple more seconds to realize the damage that had been done. At first, he thought it was a prank and he went to the window to intimidate the fucker who broke his window.

Of course, it was Yeager. The dumbass would somehow try to do something romantic and end up messing up so horribly that he actually caused problems instead of dissolving them. Levi couldn't believe he honestly broke his window.

"You know though, in the movies, it works." Eren thought quickly. He ran a hand through his hair, calming down fast enough to reply with some sort of courage. Levi loosened a bit on his shoulder, trying not to lose total control.

"What could possibly be your reason for coming to my place at 4 in the fucking morning?" Eren looked away sheepishly, because his true reason was quite a stupid one.

"Well, see, I was quite horny after work today. However, it seems that the feeling has gone away and now I just want to go home and bury myself in my backyard." Levi sighed, letting his anger faze out. It was too late (early?) for him to be heated like this. He'd rather deal with it in the morning when he had a bit more energy. Eren was just a stupid teenager.

Letting go of Eren's shoulder, Levi began to walk away. Eren stood frozen for a few minutes before realizing he should follow. Suspicious, Eren followed behind him with little steps, wondering what exactly was going to happen to him.

He began to follow Levi up to his room. He shook his head, finally warming up inside.

"I could pay for the window, you know? I really didn't mean to." He spoke up, finally. Feeling guilty, he played with the edge of his spandex. It was super tight against his skin like a pair of underwear. It was probably unbelievably indecent, but he couldn't care less. It was a simple black, something comfortable he could wear home. Work was incredibly stressful today, as the Club is always packed on Fridays. But, it seemed even more so today.

"You couldn't afford it." The jab hit Eren like a stab wound. He looked away quickly; a bit embarrassed that Levi realized his home situation. Of course, he does, but Eren didn't like to recognize that others knew he didn't have a lot to live with.

He decided to pretend like he didn't hear the comment. They continued up a second flight of stairs, quiet as to not bother other tenants.

"I could clean again?"

"Yeager, my house is spotless." That was true, Eren thought. He decided to come up with random things he could do as suggestions.

"Cook you dinner?"

"You suck at cooking." Levi would reply.

"How about a kiss?"

"I would rather pay you not kiss me." Levi continued. Eren gasped in fake pain and let out a laugh instead.

"A striptease?" Eren joked. They got to Levi's door and he unlocked it, welcoming Eren inside. With a quick turn of the knob, the door shut behind them.


Eren almost stopped dead, surprised he took it seriously. Following Levi, he knew they were going to his bedroom. Suddenly, he began to get cautious. He wasn't really horny now that he had pretty much ruined the window. And, definitely wasn't in the mood for a sexy strip tease after being tossed around by all the men and women in the Club.

The boy was pretty tired, too. After a long night at work, he wanted to go to Levi's, hook up super quick and pass out. Unfortunately, a change in plans was in order. He had school early in the morning, as well. But, now that he was at Levi's he remembered there was something he wanted to bring up.

"Watch out for the glass." Levi told him, going towards his bed in the very white room of his. Eren was used to this at this point. He'd woken up enough times in the room to know his way around and where everything was. He even had his own side of the bed now.

The window he broke was in the far corner, so that was of luck, however the room was growing colder by the moment, with nothing stopping the wind's brutal offense. Levi pulled an extra blanket from under the bed as if reading Eren's mind. With grace, he placed it on top of the bed.

"Get in." He demanded. Eren followed without question. His legs carried him towards an object that he has become so familiar with he could almost claim it as his own. Pushing back the covers, he laid down. He looked over at Levi and almost gasped out loud. He was already asleep.

Eyes closed like a newborn, wrinkles were free from his face. All the stress he had seemed to have vanished, replaced by warm skin and soft eyes. It was pretty dark, but Eren could still tell Levi's features. They were so close; Eren could fit into the cave of Levi's body.

Seeing how tired Levi must have been, Eren feels guiltier waking him for his selfish reasons than breaking the window. Lifting a hand from underneath the covers he moved a piece of Levi's hair away from his face, content. He listened to the sound of Levi's breathing, soothing as it was.

Levi smelled sweet as if he had just come out of a shower, and his body radiated towards Eren. There was something about the way they laid there, satisfied with each others warm presence, faith in each other to sleep so close. Eren could almost lie there and just watch Levi sleep; watch what he dreams about, the way his mouth moves when he shifts position. Or, the way he sometimes mumbles silly things that don't make sense.

There was a light feeling in Eren's stomach and he felt himself slowly falling into the mood of the room, feeling his body relax. He was a lot more tired than he thought he was.

With a short yawn, he let out a groan, getting even more comfortable. Ready to let his mind just wander, the last thing he became aware of was Levi's arm pulling around him, hugging Eren's back into his torso. It was warm where their skin touched, but cold everywhere else. Eren smiled, finally serene.

The two of them slept like that for the whole night, finding a glow in each others bodies. And, at one point, their fingers intertwined.

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