Author's Note: Now that Unnatural Love is finished (Wrote all the chapters and sent them to my beta, should be updated soon) I am back with a new story. I know that I have a lot of stories but to be honest writing is the only thing making me feel at peace.

AH story, strictly Delena. I would consider this a Dark Love Story.

This story will be dark and rated M for some language, crime themes and abuse. This is also my first All Human story, so please bear with me!

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It was a very cold day on Halloween and Elena Gilbert wasn't in the mood to do anything; despite the fact that that day was her seventeenth birthday. Instead, she was curled up on her bed drinking hot cocoa and watching television. To be fair, Elena never really celebrated her birthday-At least not since her mother died.

She took a handful of popcorn and popped it in her mouth as she hit the buttons on her remote furiously, trying to find something pleasurable to watch.

There was a knock on the door and Elena sighed because she knew that she was about to hear her first "Happy birthday". In fact, she was right, because her little brother Jeremy poked his head in and smiled at her. At least he wasn't wasted or stoned like other days.

"Happy birthday, my little sister," He cheered.

"Why so glum?" Jeremy said when she didn't reply. He came to stand in front of her, throwing the pillow back at her. "It's your birthday, not a funeral."

Elena sighed. "Come here," She told him, and Jeremy embraced her tightly. He was a tall, lean man, a twenty three year old, although he acted twelve most of the time.

"What are you watching?" He asked her as he sat onto the bed next to her.

"Nothing special. Just testing out the new television."

"Great," Jeremy said. "I'm glad dad's business is going so well. He even got me a new playstation."

"Don't be such a man," Elena whined. "There are better things than swearing in front of a screen."

"Well…I surely know one thing which is better than a playstation…" Jeremy wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Eeew, Jer, I'm your sister, please spare me the details!"

"Hey, it's not my fault you have a dirty mind. I wasn't referring to that kind of thing," Jeremy smirked.

Elena rolled her eyes at him.

"Anyways. I'm heading out in a few minutes. Enjoy your day, 'Lena."

The day seemed to pass by very slowly, and Elena's phone couldn't stop ringing. In fact, she was tempted to turn it off; but refused because she knew that Caroline would kill her. At about five pm, her father called her, and she went downstairs.

"Hey, dad."

"Elena," John said, "Do you mind getting the groceries? I'm working late tonight. I'm sorry I can't spend your birthday with you, sweetheart."

"It's okay," Elena said. She was used to it anyway-She never had a close relationship with her father.

"There's a shopping list and twenty dollars over there," He told her.

"Fine. Bye, dad."

Soon after Elena purchased the items needed, she went for a small walk in town, enjoying the cool air. The town was filled with Halloween themed posters done by young children, and Elena was enjoying the peaceful atmosphere since there were very little people outside due to the chilly weather.

After a few minutes, she went back home, sighing as she walked towards it. She hated this house. Her father had moved them in the largest mansion in town-Something she never understood, because before her mother died her dad had an average salary, enough for them to live comfortably. However after her mother died in a tragic car accident her father's business seemed to get on very well, and they ended up living in luxury in the small town of Mystic Falls.

She climbed the stairs up to her porch and opened the door, putting the bags down. Only when she looked up, she heard, "Surprise!"

Elena's eyes widened as she quickly turned on the lights, only to find John smiling at her. "Happy birthday, Elena."

There were her friends from school, all dressed up in Halloween costumes. Caroline was smiling at her as she put candles all over a pink birthday cake and Matt even greeted her by kissing her on the cheek, even though they had broken up a month before.

"You honestly didn't see all that food in the fridge?" Jeremy mocked her. "It's all for you, dumbass. We have been planning this for way too long."

"Come on, Elena," Caroline smirked, "Open your gifts!"

And Elena sat down on the couch and genuinely smiled, opening her gifts and thanking everyone. They were served delicious party food and John even let them have alcohol.

"Just this once," He smirked.

"That's our man!" Jeremy smirked, looking at his father with a smile.

At about midnight, Elena sneakily went to her room. It was true, she was enjoying herself, however it felt wrong. Her mother used to throw her birthday parties and bake her delicious cakes, and somehow drinking alcohol all night felt like ruining the family's tradition. John had been called to work again and the teenagers were all getting wasted downstairs as she sat on her window seat and looked out the window, feeling happy that she was alone.

It was then that someone opened the door, but Elena remained where she was. "I'll be coming downstairs in a minute, Jeremy."

However he didn't respond, instead, he closed the door behind him.

"Jer, I told you…I'll be downstairs in a…" She turned to look at him, but to her surprise, the man wasn't Jeremy. He was wearing a Halloween mask, seeming to be a Zorro one, however she could see his dark green eyes.

"Matt?" She said, but he just took several steps towards her.

"Is that you, Matt?"

"No," The person said, and at that, Elena ran to the door, because that was clearly a voice she didn't recognize. However, the man grabbed her with such strength that she didn't even move two steps. She opened her mouth to scream but he silenced her.

"Unless you want my men to kill everyone in the party, I suggest you shut up," He threatened. "Now, be a good little girl and lock the door. Don't try anything stupid or your pretty blonde friend will be the first one to die."

Elena nodded her head fast; trying to calm down as she locked the door, leaving her trapped with this man.

"Please…don't hurt me," Elena pleaded when she saw the man moving towards her. "What do you want?"

"Honestly, Elena," The man said, "I came here for you, because your brother and father have gotten into a very huge mess."

"What are you talking about? Please…"

"Shh, Elena…Don't speak," He motioned 'no' with his finger. "Now, are you going to be a good girl, or do I have to hurt you?"


"Either you come with me or I'll kill that blondie. You don't want that on your conscience now, do you?"

"No, please don't," Elena begged. "I'll come with you."

"Good girl," he praised her, placing a kiss on her forehead as he took out a gun from his pocket. Elena jumped at the sight of the weapon.

"Now, Elena, I want you to walk towards the window. Do you see that rope? My men will pull you down. If you try to escape, I'll be forced to use my gun. Fortunately for us, everyone is indoors and drunk. Ah, teenage drinking's tragic."

"Go on, Elena," He said, smacking her on her behind. "We don't have all day now, do we?"

With shaky hands and feet Elena climbed on the window's edge and used the rope and the wall to slide down, until they started to pull her down. One man then hauled her to her feet.

"What do we do with her now?"

"We take her with us, of course," He smirked. "Pretty little Elena is very obedient. I like you already."

They forced her into the car and the green-eyed man sat next to her. Elena saw him taking out something from his pocket, but before she could say anything she realized that it was, in fact, a gag. He touched her lips lightly, caressing them, before gently putting the duct tape on her mouth as a tear ran Elena's cheek. He wiped it away and kissed the area.

"Shh…" He told her, "Shh," He took her hands in his own and proceeded to bind them with a piece of thick rope. "Now you're going to stay down for as long as I tell you. If you move, I'll have to hurt you, got it?"

Elena nodded, shivering. "Good girl," He said placing her head on his lap as he rested his hands on her stomach.

Right at that moment, Elena couldn't even breathe. What were they going to do to her? Why were they doing this?

She felt fear overwhelm her as her captor placed something on her nose and squeezed. She didn't know what it was, but after a few minutes, her world turned black.