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"I think this venue is stunning…better than the last one," Elena whispered in Damon's ear as they followed a young girl who was currently showing them the wedding hall. It was a beautiful hall indeed, with surrounding back gardens and a swimming pool.

"I like it," Damon admitted. "I can see our wedding taking place here."

Elena smiled. "Perfect."

"The reception will be held here, then," Damon smiled back, pulling Elena closer to his body. "I want to enjoy every second of our wedding day with you, Mrs. Salvatore."

"I like the sound of that," Elena grinned, kissing him softly. "But…I think that the hostess is still patiently waiting for us to follow her, to see the pool area."

He nodded his head and they both followed the girl, their fingers entwined.

The past few months had been like that-dedicated entirely to buying the suitable clothes, booking the reception area, and even looking at the best limousines. When Damon was in jail, Elena had managed to meet some new people and because of that, the wedding was not going to be a very small one. In addition, Elena had frequently contacted her old friends and she had even asked Bonnie and Caroline to be her bridesmaids, with Alaric agreeing to be Damon's best man, having been released from prison some time later than Damon.

"That covers the wedding reception area, cars, dresses and invitations," Elena said that evening as she threw herself on the couch, dead-tired. "I can't even move. I'm so tired."

During those few months, Elena had lost so much weight that it worried Damon at times. However, it was understandable-the entire wedding procedure, while exciting, was also incredibly stressful.

"Do you mind ordering take-out today?" Elena asked him after a while. "I'm not in the mood to cook, to tell you the truth."

"Not a problem," Damon smiled, sitting next to her. "What do you want to eat?"

"I feel like pizza."

"Pizza it is, then," Damon replied, taking the phone and calling the closest pizzeria, while bringing a beer for himself and another for Elena.

One Year Later:

Elena's alarm had gone off early that morning-however, she had barely slept for three hours. This was it, she thought. It was finally her wedding day.

In order to make things traditional, Elena and Damon had decided to meet at the chapel, and because of that, Damon hadgone to sleep at Alaric's and Elena invited Bonnie and Caroline to sleep at her house. In fact, minutes after her alarm went off, they came in hurriedly, holding a cup of coffee for her.

"Wake up, Elena! It's your wedding day!" Caroline squeaked enthusiastically, maybe more excited about the whole thing than Elena. "We have to start working on your hair, the makeup artist will arrive by noon, and the beautician at-"

"Give the poor bride a break, Care!" Bonnie smiled when she realised that Elena was very nervous. "Come on, Elena. Let's have some breakfast and we'll start getting ready soon."

"Damon, wake up!" Alaric groaned, fighting the temptation to just push his friend off the bed. Apparently, it hadn't been a good idea to stay up drinking until the early hours of the morning,but Damon had been nervous, and alcohol was what he turned to when he was nervous.

"Dammit, Damon!" Alaric hissed, shaking his friend roughly until Damon finally woke up.

"What the fuck do you want?" He muttered, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Me? What the fuck do I want?" Alaric rolled his eyes. "It's your wedding day, you jerk. You need to freshen up."

"And what, you'll do my hair, my nails and makeup?" Damon smirked, thinking about Elena. He had never felt so lucky that he was a man.

"Yeah, you still have to shave and look presentable. Maybe you will, by 6pm. That makes it twelve hours. Go on…shower, now."

Damon hid a grin. In reality, he was just as nervous as Elena was, if not more, but he didn't want to show it-and he was very grateful that Alaric had decided to wake him up early.

After breakfast, Elena quickly hopped into the shower and then sat down in front of the mirror where Caroline was already gathering the hair supplies and the curling iron. She was a hairdresser, and therefore she had offered to take care of Elena's hair herself. Elena smiled as her blonde friend started to curl her hair, the waves falling beautifully down her back. Then, Caroline twisted them in a huge bun on the top of her head, and secured it with as many pins and hairspray she could find.

"Wow, Caroline…it looks beautiful," Elena gasped in awe as she looked at the neat and elegant hairstyle. "Thank you."

"We're not done quite yet," Caroline said, taking out a beautiful tiara from her bag. "No hairstyle is complete without the tiara and the veil. But let's just put the tiara on, for now."

Elena nodded, and soon the tiara was placed on her head. She looked like a princess, and for a while Elena couldn't believe that the girl in the mirror was her.

"Thank you," Elena said again, a huge smile on her face.

"Breakfast for the groom," Alaric smirked, handing Damon a plate full of bacon, eggs,and toast and the latter sat around the table and began to eat like a caveman. Alaric looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"What? I'm hungry," Damon complained.

"You can stop acting like you're not as excited as Elena is…or more," Alaric smirked. "I know you, friend. It's okay to feel nervous."

Damon gave his friend a genuine grin, and started to eat slower.

After her hair was ready, the makeup artist soon arrived, and after a brief discussion and Bonnie's advice, Elena decided to go for dark eye makeup, a mixture of silver and black. The process went smoothly, and the makeup artist was very precise in her work. The smokey eye turned out to be perfect and the thin winged eyeliner made all the difference.

"And…ruby red lipstick for the bride," The makeup artist smiled, handing Elena a mirror, before she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

"You look beautiful, Elena," Bonnie and Caroline said, smiling at their friend. "You are going to kill Damon wearing this." Caroline handed Elena a set of lacy lingerie.

Elena chuckled. "Why kill the groom on his wedding night?"

It didn't take long for Damon to style his hair and get dressed in a sophisticatedblack suit, which had a white shirt. He looked incredibly handsome in it, and while Damon wasn't used to wearing clothes this formal, he actually felt great.

Alaric helped to adjust Damon's bow tie and then put his own suit on.

"Great," Alaric said as he made sure that everything was in place-Shoes polished, bow tie properly adjusted, not a single button missing. "Turns out that we are way too early. Is there something you'd like to do? It's your day."

Damon thought about it for a moment. "Actually, yes. I still have one last surprise for Elena."

"This is finally it," Caroline squeaked excitedly. "The last part-the wedding dress."

Several hours had passed and it was finally the time for Elena to put the wedding dress on,and the girls knew a limousine was to pick her up in just a couple of minutes. Elena took a deep breath before Caroline and Bonnie helped her put it on. It was an amazing, pearl-white dress, which had lace trimmings and sparkles. It had cost Damon a fortune and he hadn't even seen it yet. The skirt was puffy and it reminded Elena of the beautiful Victorian era.

"And the veil," Bonnie added, attaching the short veil to Elena's head.

"Ready to go, dear bride?" Caroline grinned.

Elena smiled. "I'm ready."

Even though the drive from the house to the small chapel was barely thirty minutes, for Elena it seemed never ending. The car was amazing and comfortable, however,all she could think about was Damon.

When the limousine finally stopped in front of the chapel and Elena saw the red, long carpet that she was to walk on, Elena's heart started to beat faster against her chest. Caroline and Bonnie both helped to lift up Elena's dress and Elena grabbed the bouquet of flowers tightly in both hands. The doors opened and the beautiful song of "hallelujah" started to play as the choir sang and played various instruments.

Elena blushed as soon as Damon's gaze locked with hers. She saw him smiling through the thick veil, and his smile made her soul sing with happiness. Damon was also looking at someone who was walking fast towards Elena's direction, and linking his arms with hers.


Her father. Her father was there.

And so was her brother.

But how? It couldn't be. She must've been dreaming, because her father and brother were still in prison. Damon smiled again and somehow she knew that he had something to do with it. She could see two cops now, by the door, but John was now hugging her fiercely as he guided her towards the aisle. Elena had to fight off tears when her father let go of her and she was by Damon's side, handed over to him-even though in reality, she had given him all of her way earlier.

The ceremony started and the traditional marriage vows and rings were exchanged, with Elena smiling at Damon throughout the entire speech. Then, when he raised the veil to kiss her, Elena nearly melted in his arms. She was no longer Miss Elena Gilbert. She was Mrs. Elena Salvatore, Damon's wife.

A round of applause was given but somehow, Elena and Damon couldn't hear it. They were too lost in each other.

"Ready to celebrate, Mrs. Salvatore?" Damon said by her ear when they found themselves outside, being cheered on. He opened the limousine's door for her and helped her get in as the driver drove to the wedding reception.

"How …?" Elena gasped, "John and Jeremy…"

"Trust me, Elena, it wasn't easy…but I convinced the authorities to let them come to the wedding. I know that despite everything, they are still your family and they mean very much to you."

"Thank you," Elena said, a tear threatening to roll down her cheek.

"No, no tears," Damon captured the small tear with one finger. "No tears, sweetheart." He kissed her softly. "Have I told you how beautiful you look?"

Elena blushed like every time she did when he complimented her. "Thank you, Damon. And you…you look amazing."

"Cheers to our marriage," Damon smiled, opening a bottle of fine wine.

2 Years Later

"Damon, you're killing me here!" Elena complained, "Just tell me!"

"If I told you, it would ruin the surprise," Damon smirked as he closed Elena's eyes and guided her through the entire hallway. "You're way too curious."

"Am not!"

"Fine. Then I will show you the surprise tomorrow," Damon smirked. "You can go."

"Jerk," Elena complained again, "Fine. I'm curious!"

"Much better…" Damon said, guiding Elena to one of the bedrooms. "Okay… You can open your eyes now."

Elena opened her eyes and gasped in awe at the sight in front of her. "Oh my God, Damon…"

"Our baby deserves the best," Damon said, looking at Elena's growing tummy with love. Elena was in her fifth month of pregnancy and she looked even more beautiful than ever. Shescanned the room, looking at the delicate carvings in the baby's crib Damon had created, the toys, the decorations…everything in it was perfect.

"This is too beautiful," Elena ran towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love it. Our baby will surely have the best…It will be beautiful, just like you."

Elena didn't have the chance to say anything, because soon enough, she was in Damon's arms, being carried to their bedroom. He ripped at her shirt and after kissing her growing belly, he turned her around to a spooning position before running his lips down the back of her neck.

"Damon…" She moaned. "Please."

"Ask, and you'll receive…" He said seductively.

She guided his hands to her breasts and then to her feminine region. "Make love to me…"

It didn't take Damon too long to grant her request. Soon enough, he was inside of her, taking her with powerful, rhythmic thrusts and Elena cried out in approval.

"Damon," Elena whimpered when the culmination began to envelop her.

"I love, Elena Salvatore," He mumbled beside her ear, kissing it softly with his warm lips.

His hands explored the contours of her body, his lips decorating her skin between his own moans. His eyes were sown shut, his brows knitted together in a deep hypnotism of pure bliss. Her nose was tucked into the column of his neck, which she kissed hungrily until her orgasm became so overwhemlming that her head snapped back against the mattress. He moved his lips down between her breasts, humming her name like a lullaby. She began to meet his every thrust with her own until the passion bubbled over and she scraped her nails into his toned back. The orgasm had been so powerful.

She was heaving, waiting as he finished his thrusts. She could see how close he was, his face contorted in concentration. She smiled, watching as his orgasm began to consume him. She reached her hand out and cupped his face, pulling him down to her lips until she could gently kiss them.

"I love you," She whispered with a small smile and moments later he came, an intense feeling taking over his body.

He nearly collapsed on her, gasping for air himself. He buried his face into her neck, wrapping his arms around her. Elena softly stroked his raven black hair while he caught his breath. The house was silent and nothing felt better than her husband against her. She continued to brush his hair with her fingertips until he finally lifted his head, his bright blue orbs meeting hers.

"I love you, Elena…marrying you was the best choice I've ever made," He said softly.

"Why? Because now, I'm yours forever?" Elena smirked, "Because I'm bound to you, with no chance of escaping?"

"No, Elena," He smiled a genuine smile. "I'm yours. I'm the one who cannot survive without you-you're my light. You're my guide…you're my humanity," He added. "Before you, I was a monster. Thank you, Elena, for being my saviour."

"No, thank you, Damon…" Elena kissed him hard. "Thank you."

"Sleep, my dear…" He said when he saw her fighting sleep, "I'll be here when you wake up. I always will."

He noticed that her breathing had already evened out, signaling sleep.

"I'm forever bound to you."

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