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Shopping has never been easy for Riza, and things only became more difficult as she grew older. Dresses were practically required at formal events, and she attended them more frequently as Roy continued to rise in the ranks. She would ask Rebecca to go shopping with her, but it's too much of a risk…

There is only one person still living who has seen her back, and the thought of dragging him shopping brings a slight smile to the First Lieutenants face.

"How's this one sir?" Riza turns slowly, allowing the long navy dress to float and wrap around her legs. Roy glances up from his seat outside the changing room, his face dull from indifference. This was the fifth dress she'd tried on, and she could tell her commanding officer was quickly losing interest.

"That one looks lovely Lieutenant," Roy tries to perk up for Riza's sake, forcing himself to sit up straight in his chair. "I have an idea actually."

"I almost don't want to know sir." Riza shoots Roy her best skeptical glance, although it's probably ruined since she's wearing a dress.

Roy stands up despite her comment, picking up a dress that he must have haphazardly dropped beside him. "I found something for you to try on!"

Riza only needs to look at it for a moment to know she'll never be able to wear this in public, but she may as well humor the Colonel, trying it on can't cause any harm, right? "Thank you sir, that was very kind of you."

"Yeah yeah, just put it on!" Roy pushes the dress into her hands, practically nudging her back into the changing room. She complies and slides the door shut, noticing a grin spreading on Roy's face as he disappears from her site.

Riza changes quickly, and takes a moment to admire the dress in the mirror. It's ruby red, and comes to a stop around her knees. The chest is cut a little lower than she normally likes to wear, but other than that it is absolutely stunning.

The only problem is the back, or per say, the lack of one. Two straps hold up the dress and crisscross, but two thin pieces of material aren't nearly enough to cover her scars. She wonders briefly if this even occurred to Roy when he grabbed it off the shelf.

She can't exit the changing room in this manner of dress, so she opens the door slightly, not surprised to find Roy waiting more eagerly than he has been the entire day. His face lights up when she cracks open the door, but she shakes her head. "Can you come here please sir."

Roy seems confused by the request, but complies, "What is it?"

"You'll see in a second."

Roy pushes the door open a little more so he can slide inside, making sure the door shuts completely behind him. Riza turns slowly as the doors click shut, revealing the problem.

Two firm hands land on her shoulders, and for a second Riza tenses up. But then she remembers just who is standing behind her, and she knows she's safe.

Roy leans over slowly, making sure his lips are hovering a few inches from Riza's right ear. "I was hoping you would wear it just for me sometime."

"Oh…" For once Riza is lost for words, and before she can respond Roy has released her and is slipping out of the changing room, leaving her with her thoughts.

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