Why does my pussy and ass hurts so much. Thought Ten-Ten. All I remember is Naruto wanting to show me a necklace and then I fell asleep then I followed him to the center of the village. I better go find him and ask him what happend.

Later at Naruto's apartment

Knock knock knock
HeyTen-Ten what are you doing so early. Oh I was just wondering what happened yesterday after you took me to the center of the village I can't remember. Well I said Ten-Ten is a slutty slave.

Naruto watch in amusement as Ten-Ten's eyes glazed over ,took off her clothes, and orgasamed in the door way.

Ten-Ten Go to the hot springs and take a bath. When you see hinata, you will instantly go into trance ,kidnapped her, and bring her to my apartment and tie her up with a Viborator in her ass and pussy.

Is that clear

Yes Naruto-sama

After that you will stand in the doorway and wait for my return

Yes Naruto-sama

Later at the Hot springs

This is such a nice bath. Thought Ten-Ten

Hello Ten-Ten how are you today Said hinata

Ten-Ten looked up and saw hinata and instantly snapped into trance and attacked her

It took a few minutes but Ten-Ten eventually managed to tie her up, and took her to Naruto's apartment. Then stood in the doorway waiting for Naruto's return

One hour later

Hello slave said Naruto with two sacks in his hand

Welcome home Naruto-sama.

NNNNaruto. Hinata whispered

Hello hinata I want you to look at this necklace for me. Well alright

Hinata Watched the necklace and slowly fell into a trance

Hinata you are my sex slave. When we are alone you will go into trance just like now mindless, obedient, and naked

Yes Naruto-sama

Alright Ten-Ten put this on. Naruto pulled out a 10 inch double orange strap on

Yes Naruto-sama

Ten-Ten sliped the strap on moaning as the dildio penetrated her virgin pussy

Hinata when I untie you you will practice you boob job on Ten-Ten is that clear

Yes Naruto-sama
Yes Naruto-sama

Naruto untied Hinata and started to bobbing on Ten-Ten's cock causing her to moan.

Naruto took off his clothes reveling an 12 inch erect cock. Hinata stick you ass in the air. When Hinata did so Naruto rammed his cock in her pussy.

Man you feel good hinata. It wasn't long till Naruto blew his load just as hinata came for the 3 time. Man I'm tired lets go to bed

To be continued