Misaki woke with a piercing headache that shot through his brain. He felt as if he had gotten shot in the head. The male wasn't sure what had caused him such pain, but his best guess what set on his dreams. He had watched his moment with Akihiko a few days before behind his closed and sleeping lids as if it was a movie. It gave him anxiety because he wasn't sure what to think of it. Akihiko had told him he was cute, but the situation was still very upsetting. Misaki was sure he had either disgusted the author, completely freaked him out, or made him fall in love. Perhaps all three?

He pushed himself up from his bed and stood. His legs wobbled as he trudged into the bathroom. He pissed, then while washing his hands he saw himself in the mirror. He looked tired and stressed. Little did he know that on the other side of town Akihiko was looking no better.

Speaking of the author, he too awoke with a headache. Thoughts has been buzzing through his head so hard that he couldn't sleep. He had only gotten two or three hours of sleep. Akihiko needed coffee more than anything now. He drank three cups before finally mustering up the energy to get dressed. Yamato stood in the corner watching, frowning upon the man who seeming so pitiful.

This situation was getting out of hand. That bitch Sakura had made a mess of everything. A mess that Yamato had to clean up. He contemplated revealing himself to Akihiko, but that seemed very irrelevant in the long run. He bit his lip and tried to think of something. He look at this hands, and wondered what his full potential could be. He had never tried to send a soul to another dimension. Perhaps now was the time to try?

"You piece of..." Sakura hissed. Yamato turned around, feeling surprised she was there but not showing any expressions at all. "How dare you even consider ruining what I have created here?!"

Yamato furrowed his brow. "You're a monster. I can't believe the superior one even allows you to watch over a human being. Let alone such a young man... he's practically a child!" Yamato growled.

"He's not a child! Besides, he's an ungrateful brat who deserves this fate more than anyone else!"

"No one deserves such pain." Yamato scowled. "Everything you do to the boy effects the people around him. You are causing Akihiko Usami, the man I look after, suffering. That I cannot allow."

Sakura held her breath, unsure of how to answer. Yamato was intimidating. She inhaled deeply through her nose and spit, "What are you going to do? I'm stronger than you, faster too."

"Strength has nothing to do with it." Yamato said calmly, then disappeared into thin air. A panicked Sakura began to breath hard. She was soon hyperventilating with tears dripping from her eyes. This was her work of art. She couldn't let someone ruin it! Coming to her senses, she realized Yamato must be screwing her over as she stood here crying. Within seconds of this thought coming to mind, she disappeared as Yamato had.

"Misaki?" Sakura screamed when she appeared into the male's apartment. "Misaki?!" she raced around, trying to figure out where the two men could be. This was a small place, where could they possible be? In the corner of the room, Yamato stood with his hand over Misaki's mouth, an invisibility spell casting over them. Yamato placed a finger over his own lips, which only Misaki could see, to signal silence.

Sakura stopped dead in her tracks. Misaki's breath cut short when she did. Turning ever so devilishly, she look at the seemingly bare room corner and smirked.

"You smug bastard," she speaks, stepping closer and closer to the invisible men. "You think you can hide from me?" her hand extends to grab Misaki by the shirt. She rips the brunette from the magical man, his color coming back to him. Sakura held Misaki close to her, making it seemingly impossible from him to get away. "Misaki, this is a bad man. A very bad man!"

Yamato's eyes narrow on the two, and his voice projects very loudly, "very well." before he disappears. Fear struck Misaki hard, and he began to panic in Sakura's arms. As he struggled to breathe, Sakura's arms loosened and she looked around cautiously.

"He's gone." Sakura smiles. Misaki's eyes snap open in shock as he sees what's creeping up behind her. In a sudden movement, Yamato pulled Sakura's head back by ripping on a fistful of hair. After pulling her head back far enough to reach his lips, he spoke something into her ear. The words were incomprehensible to the brunette.

Suddenly, Sakura looked incredibly afraid. "Yamato, no, please!" she begged, but the man continued whispering strange words into her ear. Her skin began to illuminate and puff up. Right before Misaki's eyes, the woman who had sent him into this universe exploded into crystals and sparkles. Gasping, Misaki took a step back. Yamato eyes the dust collecting at the floor before it goes away, then looks at the male before him.

"W-What just happened? What did you say to her?" Misaki asks.

"It was a curse in our language." Yamato answers him. "Now, to the matter at hand." he steps close to Misaki. "It's time for Misaki Takahashi to go home."

"S-Seriously?" Misaki felt an explosion of hope, fear, exhilaration and anxiety in his gut. "I... can go home?" Yamato nods.

"I just need to figure out how to get you there safely..." he breaths, then looks around the room. Spotting a bed, Yamato directed Misaki to lay down on the mattress. The male did as he was told. "Relax. Take one more glimpse of everything, alright? It's the last you'll see of it." Misaki nods, and closes his eyes. "When you awake, you'll be home." Yamato waves his hand over Misaki's relaxed body and put him to sleep.

"Misaki? Please..." the male hears. His eyes flutter open as he hears this. "You've been in there so long... Are you okay love?" Misaki's heart jolted. It was Usagi-San.

He jumped out of the bed and raced to the door, swinging it open and beholding the sight before him. It was Akihiko; his Akihiko. Grinning from ear to ear, Misaki threw himself onto the author and held him tight. He kissed him tenderly, all his feelings of happiness and love flowing through it. The author could feel the passion behind those lips.

"What's gotten into you?" Akihiko pulled away and laughed.

"I love you," Misaki confessed. "Gosh Usagi-San, I love you sooooo much." Akihiko's attention peaked to an even higher point. He smirked, and kissed Misaki again very seductively. The author picked him up off his feet and held him as his bride, then carried him to his bedroom. He would have just began in Misaki's bed, but it was far too small. Akihiko gently tossed Misaki on his bed and climbed over him, sliding his hand up the male's shirt. His touch caused Misaki to shudder with arousal. He was going to make love to Akihiko for the first time in a long time and he couldn't be happier. All the memories of the past months raced through his mind like a video sped up times ten. From now on he was going to be the best boyfriend in the entire world. That, he promised.

Then he woke up from the nap he had taken right before his date with Akihiko.

Alright, no excuses. I have been completely neglecting this story because I lost all interest in it. If you think this chapter was bad, it's because I had to literally force myself to write it. So take what you can get. In honesty, I can't even believe people read this fic, I mean it was so horribly written! Over these past few months that I haven't updated I've written a bunch of stories on my down time, so I've gotten a bit better.

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