Naruto: Aura Mage

Crash! The sound resounded around the shinobi village of Konoha as a giant nine-tailed fox appeared, rampaging around, destroying everything in sight as shinobi began pouring out of their village to fight off the enormous demon. Meanwhile, completely unknown to the village shinobi, another battle was playing out on the outskirts on the other side of the village as a young boy was brought into the world, a boy that could alter the world, just not the world he was in.

"Get away from her!" A young man shouted at the figure that had appeared out of no where, crouched beside his wife as she clutched her newborn son to her bosom as the figure tried to pry her dying hands off of it.

"NO! This child will change the fate of the world, and I refuse to let you have him!" The figure admonished, as if he were speaking to a disobedient child. As he turned, he simply sidestepped the man as he flashed towards him.

"I refuse to let you take my son from me before I can even hold him once in my arms." The man said, before turning to face his dying wife. "Min-Minato, I don't think I'm going to make it much further. But, just promise me that you'll take care of our son." The dying woman gasped out as Minato's tears fell on her.

"Of course, I'll protect him to my dying breath, just as you have Kushina." Minato said, as the figure stiffened at the mention of her name.

"Kushi-kun." The figure mumbled under his breath before his power flared, "NO! I REFUSE TO LOSE HER!" as he flashed back across the room, crashing into Minato as the two men crashed through the wall. As they flew through the air, a chip of the man's orange swirl mask fell away, allowing a strand of hair to flow outwards.

"That jutsu, was that the Hiraishin?" Minato gasped and his eyes widened as their eyes met and the figure tilted his head. "You have the Sharingan, so you must have sent the fox to… The Village!" Minato yelled as he raced towards the figure, intending to end this fight right now.

"Jutsu? Sharingan? What a strange place she found her way to." The figure mumbled as Minato took a deep breath before calling out his attack, " Rasengan!" as a small blue ball appeared in one of his hands as he thrust the attack into the figure's body before passing through him.

"Crap, I'm running out of time, I'm starting to pass back into Earthland. And, Rasengan, you mean this?" The figure questioned as he held out one of his hands a ball appeared in it.

"You, who are you? To be able to use that jutsu without being taught it is nothing short of a prodigy." Minato shouted before disappearing and flashing above the figure with an even larger version of the Rasengan in one hand as he slammed the attack into the figure as he had his back almost shredded as he fell to the ground.

"Now then, to stop the Kyuubi. I'll need a newborn to seal it into so, I'm so sorry Naruto for the curse I'm about to inflict upon you." Minato prayed as he flashed away, collecting Naruto as he raced into battle against the Kyuubi.

"Haha, I thought he would never leave. It feels so strange, his aura is nearly identical to mine, which I suppose is a plausible result considering in a sense he is me." The figure chuckled as he stood to his feet before once again fazing between the two worlds, one good thing came from it though, and the momentary flash reset his body, fixing the damage down to his back. "Now then, first order of business, save Kushi-kun." The figure said as he turned back towards the building, focusing Ether to his feet as he flashed back to Kushina's side.

"Oh, Kushi-kun, how I've missed you. Now I know why my aura was crying out for me to come to this world, to save my son, and now I will save you as well!" The figure said, grabbing Kushina's hand as a rattling gasp broke free from her lips.

"CRAP! You used the last of your magical energy to call out to me. You're out of magic; I'll have to leave Naruto behind for now so I can get you back and replenish your energy in Earthland." The figure said before focusing his magic into forming a portal back to Earthland before freezing.

"But, if we leave I'll have no way of ever finding this world again. So, I'll have to abandon my son or let my wife die, how fun." Thinking on his predicament, the man thought of something. "That fox, what's his name? Oh yeah, Kurama. That man said that he was going to seal him into my son, so as long as I have his key, then I should be able to summon them to my world. Okay, that's the plan, now to put it into action." The figure said before diving through the portal and into his home world.

(With Naruto) (5 Years Later)

Turning down an alley, Naruto fled from the crowd chasing him across the village. The moon was full tonight, and magic was in the air as Naruto scrambled over a fence before tearing off towards safety, the mansion of the Hokage, or Jiji as Naruto usually called him.

Gasping as he made a wrong turn before ending up in a dead-end, he turned around only to come face to face with an angry villager.

"I got him, he's trapped over here!" The villager shouted, bringing more angry people to the alley as they began to advance on the five-year-old blonde.

Cries of 'kill the demon' began to go up as Naruto was skewered with multiple blades, before being knocked up against a wall as blows rained down on the defenseless blonde. Then, in a flash, two figures appeared, a red head that many males and a few females looked at lustfully. The other figure was a bit more familiar, a man clad in a full length black trench coat with blonde hair that seemed to spike outwards in every direction. His face was concealed behind his usual orange swirl mask. The last thing Naruto heard before passing into unconsciousness was the red head saying, "Get the hell away from my son before I show you a real demon!"

(In Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto awoke to water dripping onto the back of his head. Opening his eyes with a groan, he looked up to see a massive fox sitting in front of him, the vertically running bars of a cage separating the two.

"H-Hello." Naruto said, although it came out as more of a whisper to the fox, who still looked down to acknowledge the child.

"Hello, kit. I was wondering how long it would take before you found a way in here. Let me tell you, it gets pretty lonely in here. I can't wait until I'm free again to run through the forests of Fiore, and splash in the lakes once again. Oh, five years is too long to be away from home." The giant fox said before smiling in a foxish way before continuing, "Ahh, but where are my manners, Mom always taught me to introduce myself first. My name is Kurama, it's a pleasure to be working with you. Now then, I suppose that is all the formalities out of the way so if you don't mind, piss off." The fox said, before disappearing into the dark shadows of the cage.

"Wa-Wait, my name is Naruto, an-and could you please not leave. No one has ever been that nice to me before and I would prefer if we could be friends, Kurama." Naruto said, as he stood in front of the bars of Kurama's cage.

"Kit, you do realize that you're asking an entity regarded as a demon fox to be your friend." Kurama asked as he curled up on a giant bed.

"Oh well, you made some bad choices, you never hurt me so I don't see you as a demon." Naruto answered, before shrugging his shoulders as he walked into Kurama's cage.

"Kit, you don't seem to get it. That crowd and every crowd that has tried to kill you, all the shopkeepers that overcharge you or ban you from entrance, they do all that because of me. Because I killed their families, and destroyed their homes. I destroyed their peace." Kurama mumbled dejectedly before he heard a loud, booming laughter that emanated from the young blonde who now had an evil grin on his face.

"So what, Kurama, so you killed some people and destroyed some property, I want to kill them all for what they did to me, you didn't do it, you just sat quietly in your cage all alone knowing that you couldn't do anything to protect someone from being blamed for what you did. Well, guess what Kurama, from now on, we stick together, and kill anyone in our way!" Naruto cackled while Kurama's eyes widened at the sudden change in demeanor.

"What happened to you kit?" Kurama asked, and received a look like it should be obvious.

"This is Naruto's mental representation, Kurama, notice that since I'm in the cage, it suppresses your urges and influences on me. This is what I would be like without you, an arrogant crazy who wants to kill everyone." Naruto answered before back flipping out of the bars and returning to his normal demeanor, "So you aren't a demon to me Kurama, you an angel, you're what keeps me sane." Naruto said before he sat down and began conversing with Kurama. Both completely unaware of the chaos outside.


"Get the hell away from my son before I show you a real demon!" Kushina shouted, causing gasps to come from the still gathering crowd.

"You're the demon's mother? We're going to kill you, but not before we rip you a new one!" One of the civilians in the front shouted followed by cheers.

"Fine, you asked for it now. Ripping is something I can do wonderfully." Kushina said, as she crouched down, 9 blood red tails erupting from her back, a one sharp canine now visible over her bottom lip, then flashing forwards through crowd which exploded in blood as Kushina literally ripped the attackers to shreds.

"Now Kushina, entering Chaos Mode wasn't necessary, I mean come on, if their leader can't even put a decent dent in me with what I presume to be one of his better moves, then these low-level civilians certainly don't warrant Chaos Mode." The figure said, before Kushina whirled around, performing an uppercut with her sword, catching the rim of his mask and sending it flying.

"Shut up Minato, I'm well within my rights to be angry, I almost lost my son to this homicidal crowd. I mean, does that look like an hour old baby to you?" Kushina screamed before a second sword appeared in her hand as she continued slaughtering the crowd.

"Well, I'm sorry that I didn't account for the differences in time warping. And how the hell was I supposed to know that my other self would split Kurama into the Yin and Yang portions, and only seal the Yang half into Naruto?" Minato shouted back before flashing behind her to block a strike from a man with a cigarette burning in his mouth. Reacting quickly, Minato formed another mask on his face, before sliding his hand inside the man's guard and placing his hand on his chest, right above his heart.

"Aura Siphon" Minato said, before dragging his hand away, pulling a small ball of wind away with it before he dropped the ball into his mouth. "Mmm, air magic huh, well I thank you for your donation, now…" Minato mumbled as he lowered one hand as a circle appeared in front of it.

The man, seeing this jumped back, and rightfully so as Minato called out his attack, "Tornado Guard" as the wind began to swirl around the pair, protecting them from incoming attacks. Using his magic, Minato 'sensed' other figures on the other side, surrounding the pair.

"Well, Kushi-kun, looks like Chaos Mode may be warranted after all, we're surrounded and judging from their amount of. What did you call it?" Minato said, as he saw one of the older figures making weird gestures with his hands.

"They call it chakra, it's kind of like their version of Ethernano, which they have to channel through the use of hand seals." Kushina answered as she too saw the older figure making seals with his hands.

"Okay, well, judging from the amount of 'chakra' they have, their significantly more powerful than the rank grunts. Also, that older one's aura is similar to the guy I just knocked back's, if I had to guess I would say that they were father and son. So, what do you want to do, if we time it right we might could get to Naruto and get through the portal before they catch us. On the other hand, they seem to recognize me as the worse threat since I can do long range and close combat, so if I go further into the village I might be able to draw them away while you get Naruto and get out of here. I think that would be smarter since I'm faster than you." Minato said, and before Kushina could retort, the old man finished his seals as did others as fire erupted from their mouths and raced at the swirl column of air.

Shoving Kushina out of the way and towards Naruto, Minato raced off to other parts of the village as the group gave chase while Kushina collected Naruto from the ground and raced off to catch up with Minato.

As Minato landed in a more open area, the group landed around him as the old man began speaking, "I don't know who you think you are, but it is my duty as Hokage to capture and execute anyone that attacks my village." The Hokage said as he charged at Minato who simply laughed as Kushina appeared at the edge of his vision as he turned to her and mumbled, "Aura Walk" and disappeared to her side, surprising everyone as they turned to him as he removed his mask.

"Goodbye world, and thank you for 'taking care' of my son." Minato howled as a portal appeared next to him and just like that, he, Kushina, and Naruto vanished into it as the group fell to its knees.

"Did we just pick a fight with the Fourth Hokage?" One asked, a young male with gravity defying silver hair that seemed to gleam like milk in the moonlight.

"I don't know, but what I do know is that he specifically just called little Naruto his son." One of the masked figures said as they all wished Naruto luck wherever he ended up, whether it be against Konoha or by its side or best of all, far away in some foreign land where he would never have to see the traitorous village again.

(With Naruto)

Naruto's eyes fluttered open to the bright moon above him, with his head pressed against something soft and something hard. Turning his head what little he could, he saw a beautiful woman with long flowing red hair, creamy skin on his right and a man that looked like an older version of him with unruly blonde hair and angular features most likely achieved through years of vigorous and rigorous training.

As he twitched around the two's eyes opened to gaze down on their bundle of joy.

"Oh, good…night." The woman said as Naruto wiggled out of their grasp.

"Who are you, I saw you earlier, and no one ever hugs me, so who are you and where am I?" Naruto said fearfully as Kushina giggled.

"You mean to tell me that you don't recognize me, dattebane? I'm your mother, this is your father, and welcome to Fiore, a magical land!" Kushina said excitedly, like a child, before a thump interrupted her giggling as Naruto fainted.

A/N: Yeah, so I'm back with yet another story. I know right, I have too many stories to work on at once and I never seem to get any of them updated. But, oh well, I also never seem to get much of a reaction on any of them, anyways this is my first crossover, and I need some help. Naruto won't reach Fairy Tail for quite some time as he will be getting training in the magical art of magic, anyways, this is a Romance/Adventure so who should I stick Naruto with, besides Erza because I have plans for her and if you can guess them then, well it's nice that you think like I do. Have a good day.