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Chapter Eight

Naruto sighed as he stood in front of the large doors into Fairy Tail. He had promised to come today, more to himself than anyone else, and he never went back on his promises, even when he didn't think when making them.

His new friend Lucy had joined the guild about a week before, and had located Naruto, asking him to join as well so they could be guild mates. Naruto had assured the girl that he would join, but he had some things to attend to first, such as setting up shop in Magnolia, and using a contact he had in the Rune Knights to have ownership of the warehouse in Hargeon Town transferred to him. Another thing he had to attend to was sending letters to Haku to let her know of his moving to Magnolia.

Now, a week later, Naruto stood in front of the doors as he tried to calm his nerves. Kuro had even stayed behind at the shop to catch some sleep. He usually prided himself on his fearless attitude, but for some reason, the idea of joining a guild caused him to break out in shivers. Then, setting his mind on his promise to Lucy, he forced them down as he pressed one hand to the doors as he pushed them open, the daylight shining in through the open doors as the whole guild went silent as they looked at Naruto, who smiled and waved as Lucy stood up and ran to him, dragging him inside with a firm grip on his wrist.

That seems to okay him in the guild's eyes as they went back to whatever they were doing as Naruto was dragged through the veritable crowd to a counter where a white-haired girl was standing, drying glasses. Lucy stopped in front of the counter, sitting down as she motioned for Naruto to do the same, the boy obeying as he moved his cloak end out from under him as it hung to the floor.

"Hey Mira, this is the boy I was telling you about." Lucy said, conversing with the bargirl like they were best friends, Naruto chalking it up to being fellow guild mates.

"Oh, is this Naruto. I can see why you were so adamant about him joining us. You better be careful, or someone may steal him away." Mira said as she continued eye smiling at Lucy who blushed red.

"Wh-wh-wh-at-at do y-y-y-you mean, M-Mi-Mira? I don't think of Naruto-sama like that." Lucy sputtered as Mira nodded knowingly as her attention shifted to Naruto.

"Yet she refers to you as Naruto-sama. Well, back to business, so you want to join Fairy Tail, huh?" Mira asked as Naruto nodded, looking around the room as people drank beer and ate food, for all intents and purposes, a family. A family might be nice, Naruto thought as he looked around the room, picking out people at a glance.

There was Natsu; his head pressed against another boy's, sparks flying between their eyes. The other boy has dark hair, and cargo pants, but seemed to lack a shirt, showing a muscled torso. Off at another table was a girl holding a barrel upside down as she drank the contents, setting it down finally with a content urp. She had brunette hair, and like the boy, wore a pair of pants and only a bikini top. At another table, a white-haired boy that looked kind of like Mira, so he was probably her brother, was shouting things about being a man! Back at Natsu's table, Naruto saw Happy devouring fish. In one corner, he saw a boy with several women around him, his fingers covered in rings.

Then, he shut his eyes as he muttered a silent, "Aura Whisper" as a pulse of his magical energy went out like ripples in the water as the info of each person's aura came back to Naruto.

Listing the people off in the order he saw them, "Dragon slayer Magic, Ice Make, Card Magic, Take-Over Magic, and Aera Magic." Naruto recorded them down in his mental book as he pulled a book out, scribbling in it as Lucy tried to peek over this shoulder, only for Naruto to close it and slip it back into his pocket.

However, the last one felt weird, almost like the boy was dying, and Naruto couldn't feel any magical orientation like with the others. Finally, he turned back to Mira, the white haired girl still smiling.

'Yah, I do want to join Fairy tail, I could use some family and friends." Naruto answered with a smile as Mira nodded, pulling a stamp out from under the counter.

"Okay, where would you like your mark, Naruto-san?" Mira asked as Naruto turned around, removing his cloak and shirt as he pointed to his back. Seeing the other marks there, Mira placed the stamp below them as it formed the guild mark in orange with a black outline. Removing the stamp, she told Naruto he could turn back around as he did so, his cloak and shirt momentarily forgotten.

Lucy, seeing Naruto's bare chest, blushed faintly as she made a point to commit the image to memory. For some reason, when Natsu or Grey did it, she felt nothing, but now that Naruto was shirtless, she was blushing like a schoolgirl, the blonde chiding herself on the fact.

Mira, seeing Lucy's blush, smirked as she replaced the stamp, leaning on the counter as she looked at Naruto, who noticed that the act caused her breasts to flatten against the wood. Looking away quickly, he found himself staring at Lucy's arms crossed under her own breasts as he shook his head free, Mira smirking once more as she saw the feelings they had for one another.

"So, what kind of magic do you use? You have any problems that may become a problem for us." Mira asked as Naruto thought about his answers.

"Are you the guild master of Fairy Tail?" He asked as the thought came to his mind, the quizzical look on his face causing Mira to giggle softly.

"No, he's just away on business at a Guild master's Meeting currently, so I'm kinda the second-in-command." Mira answered as Naruto heard a fight break out behind him, ignoring it until he heard a cry of "LOOK OUT!"

Turning around, he saw a table flying at the counter. He saw Mira start to extend on arm before he formed a blade in his hand as it split the large table into pieces as he cut it many times, his word leaving only a flash behind as the pieces clattered to the floor.

Turning back to Mira, he heard her say, "Ahh, another Requipist, huh?" As Naruto tilted his head to the side as he thought of correcting her before a loud crashing alerted him as the guild which was in a massive brawl seconds earlier froze as the doors were kicked open.

Looking to see who had done it, Naruto saw only a massive horn that looked like it belonged on a beast. Behind him, he heard Mira grumble, "Great, she's back."

He started to question her own who it was before the horn was set down, and he saw who it was, the redhead girl also spotting him as gears clicked in her head as she rushed at him, Naruto's eyes widening.

"Kuso!" He shouted as he flipped off the stool, planting his feet on the wall over the counter as he pushed off, flying through the air towards the door as he left, Erza pursuing him as the guild paused in surprise before following the pair outside.

"Get back here so I can kill you!" Erza shouted as Naruto bent in half under a swing of her trusty sword.

"NO! I happen to like my life where it is!" Naruto shouted as he formed a sword in his hand, thrusting it forwards to parry a blow from Erza, who jumped back as Naruto stood to his feet.

"Now, can we talk this over civilly, or do I have to beat you first before you'll hear me out?" Naruto asked as Erza, glared at him her sword pointed at him in a sign of combat.

"Fine, beating it is. That's fine with me; I needed a workout, Hothead!" Naruto yelled as several guild members began sweating profusely as Erza's KI rose even higher, flooring some of the weaker guild members.

"Fine, you want to die today, that's fine with me! And what is up with your hair?" Erza taunted as Naruto frowned, his own KI instead dropping to below a civilian level as he seemed to take two steps and vanish as he appeared in front of Erza, his Aura-enforced fist slamming into her stomach as he armor creaked slightly.

"Never diss the hair, it's cool, and you know it! Now give me a decent fight, or I'm going back to enjoy a beer, Tin can!" Naruto shouted as Erza, vanished in a burst of speed, appearing inside his guard, her sword already moving to slice him to ribbons.

By this point, more members were down, Mira smiling slightly as her old nature leaked through; enjoying someone calling Erza names she used to call her.

As Erza swung her blade, however, Naruto planted his own in the ground, hand standing on it as he swung a leg around, the heel of his shoe hitting Erza with a loud crack as she was sent rolling across the ground.

"Oh, come on, I didn't you that hard. Now get back over here, or I'm going to come to you, and trust me when I say you don't want that. Don't underestimate me, Metal Tits!" Naruto shouted as all but three people in the guild hit the floor due to KI, Naruto noticing that Mira was among the three still standing, along with Grey and Natsu, the latter's fists ablaze as he wanted to fight both Erza and Naruto now.

That was all Naruto had time to notice, though, as a second sword formed in his hand, the two blades forming an X as he blocked Erza's sword which forced him down to one knee. However, that was all she did to him as he slung the blades back up, knocking her sword away as she was almost cut by Naruto's follow-up attack.

Sliding back, she began to glow suddenly as her clothes disappeared, Naruto stunned into shock as new clothes formed on her body. It was a ball gown style dress that flared at the hips, and looked to be composed of mostly metal. Her torso piece was also made of metal, adhering to her body shape as her shoulders, and upper chest was open, revealing a healthy amount of cleavage as Naruto paused to wipe his nose clean of blood, barely managing to get his blades up to block her twin blades.

"Heaven's Wheel Armor.' Erza shouted as she forced Naruto back as she pressed her advantage as Naruto struggled to block her swords. At least, it looked that way until he suddenly struck back, one of his blades changing as her sword hit it, a coil of steel sprouting from the blade to wrap around hers.

Using the hold on her, Naruto pulled her towards him, momentarily dropping his blades as he planted a knee in her gut, knocking her breath out as he put the foot back down, sweeping her feet out from under her as he grabbed his two blades, returning them to normal as he planted into the ground on either side of Erza's neck.

"Give up yet?" Naruto asked as she grunted, swinging a foot up towards his crotch, only for Naruto repeat his earlier move by hand standing on the two blades as he rotated in mid-air, the two blades sliding through the ground towards each other as Erza formed several swords in the air as they flew at Naruto, who was forced to dodge them by releasing his swords.

Back flipping away from Erza, the blades dissolved into nothingness as they reformed in his hands, Naruto smirking at Erza, who continued to glare at him as she advanced on him, her two blades moving even faster as Naruto blocked each strike with one of his own.

Finally, Naruto was tricked with a feint as Erza, dropped her blade, uppercutting him with her gauntleted fist as Naruto felt blood enter his mouth as he spat it out, wiping his mouth clean as Erza attacked once more as she tackled him to the ground, a hidden dagger in her hands as she held it to his neck.

"Give up yet?" Erza asked; her breath coming in short bursts as she was drained from the drawn out fighting.

"What do you think?" Naruto taunted as his blades formed in his hands, as he went to slice into Erza's stomach as the redhead dodged by leaping away, freeing Naruto to stand up. Leaping back on to his feet, he attacked first this time, opening with a downward swing that Erza deflected to the side with one blade, Naruto going with the momentum as he swung with the other bade at her side, the flat of her other blade pressing against her side as she held Naruto off, her other sword coming around to disable his hand while he was open.

Only for his arm to bend unnaturally as Naruto smirked, his blade coming down like a scorpion's tail as Erza was forced to spin away from the attack, her dress flaring outwards as Naruto struck with a straight thrust, his blade glinting in the light dangerously as Erza knocked it up, leaving Naruto open once again. However, by now Erza had learned to spot the actual openings, and which ones were traps to lure her in.

This was one such trap as she feinted forwards, only for Naruto's blade to strike downwards like a bolt of lightning. She smirked at her supposed victory before his other blade went another straight thrust, and she tried to dodge to the side, only to be stuck in place as she saw his first blade had went through her dress and pinned it to the ground.

She barely had time then to dodge the thrust by leaning sideways and bending at the knees as she went under the strike, her fists flashing forwards to pummel his exposed stomach as he heaved up breath after breath as he tried to regain oxygen into his body. Taking advantage of his distraction, Erza struck with a quick, but powerful rising kick as she spun on her heels, her swords flashing forwards as they sliced into Naruto's flesh, the boy crumbling to the ground as Erza let her KI dissipate as she thought the battle was over.

With the KI gone, the guild began awakening as they saw Erza standing victoriously over Naruto, and started to cheer for her, only for Naruto suddenly strike like a snake, his swords having shrunken down to daggers as he sunk them into her feet.

The redhead yelled with pain as Naruto struck upwards, his Aura-enforced foot slamming her mouth shut as she was lifted off the ground, Naruto's daggers coming loose as well as he snatched them from the air, the small silver weapons appearing as fractures in the air as he shredded her armor with the tiny blades.

As she landed on the ground, pieces of her armor flew away from her, leaving many tiny holes across her torso as Naruto smirked once more.

"Never assume I'm down for the count, like I would be beaten so easily by a half-rate swordswoman like you." Naruto huffed out as, despite his taunting, he was growing tired of the fight, but still, he endured it as Erza stood up once more to continue the fight.

"Who are you calling half-rate; you're bleeding more than I am." Erza pointed out as Naruto sweat dropped.

Yeah, and most of it was from my nose because of your sluttish armor. Naruto thought as he looked at Erza, who had a small smile on her face.

Then, she ran forwards at him, both her blades in a thrust. Naruto dodged away, strafing the redhead's attacks as she tried in vain to hit him. However, whenever she would get close, he would twist his body around and avoid the attacks with the bare minimum, causing the girl to lose her temper as she tried bolder and bolder moves before Naruto slammed a foot down on one blade, imbedding it in the ground, his blade flashing upwards to knock her's loose from her grip, a feat in and of itself.

Once airborne, Naruto swung his dagger high as Erza ducked, not realizing the trick until it was too late as Naruto's hand shot out, grabbing her spinning blade as he placed one dagger tip at her neck, her own sword behind her head to stop her from escaping, and the last dagger caught in between his toes, the point drawing blood on her exposed stomach.

"Checkmate, you almost had me, and by almost, I mean never." Naruto said as Erza looked upset for a second before Naruto saw her fingers moving like a puppeteer's.

"This fight isn't over yet. I won't lose to you; I refuse to let someone like you into our guild." Erza spat out as Naruto twisted his wrist, allowing him to se behind himself with the flat of the blade.

Behind him was a gathered amount of about fifty swords floating in the air by way of Erza's powers granted to her by that accursed armor.

"Hmm, I suppose it isn't over yet. However, there's one key difference between our situations. You know I will kill, can you do the same?" Naruto asked as he pressed the dagger blade tighter against her neck, a single blood drop forming as her finger twitched, the swords flying at Naruto, the Auramancer smirking.

Spinning on his heel, he performed a maneuver he had worked on with Haku when she was still around. In memory of her father-figure, Haku had let Naruto create copies of his signature sword to use in battle with the stipulation that he keep the name.

The daggers in his hands disappeared, Erza's sword flying away from the battle as two blades formed within seconds of Erza's attack. Naruto had to strengthen his arms with Aura to support the blades with one hand, but he made it work as he did something else he had worked on perfecting.

In each hand was a copy of Zabuza's Kubikiribocho, one with red cracks across the blade, the other glowing a whitish blue as mist came off of it. In spinning, each sword gave off its residual energies as they formed a massive twister.

"Dual Wield: Frozen & Flame Carving Blades!" Naruto shouted as the twister froze the invading swords, and melted them as Naruto turned the attack on Erza, who barely managed to dodge the attack before Naruto burst from the twister, his blades glowing red and blue respectively as he struck down with the red one.

Erza raised a sword to block, only for a flaming pillar to sprout from the impact, Natsu eating the flames as his face turned white. Grey kicked the downed mage as a wet spot formed on his pants.

"Whoops, probably should've warned him before he tried that. These flames are extremely rich in magic; it would be like a child drinking an extra-large espresso." Naruto said as Erza struck at him, the boy blocking with his blue blade, an icy exterior covering Erza's blade as she smashed it against the ground, only for the ice to cling to the blade.

Then, Naruto struck back in their usual dance as both of his blades came down, Erza back flipping away as the blades cut into the ground like butter. But she didn't expect the two lines of ice and fire to race at her as she was helplessly in the air, she also didn't expect Naruto to appear above her, his twin blades coming down, smashing into her crossed blades, the blue one freezing them while the red melted through the ice, Erza's blades breaking as Naruto's blades cut into her shoulders.

However, she didn't let him get away with first stabbing him several times with her dagger, the small blade unable to ultimately injure him, but the wounds would be irritating. That being said, she requiped into her Flame Empress Armor as she held back the flames being produced by his sword. Then, using the flames, she flung them back as Naruto's eyes widened, and he blocked them by stabbing his blue blade into the ground, a massive ice wall stopping the attack barely as water began forming from the intense heat. Then, he stabbed the blue sword into the wall as seconds later, an army of frozen spears came out, all homing in on Erza, who swung and danced frantically to either dodge or destroy all the spears which aimed to impale her.

Finally, the onslaught ended as Naruto reverted back to his basic blades, his magical energy running out by now, Erza's as well as she changed back to her chest plate and a sword in each hand.

Then, after five seconds of heavy breathing, the pair charged at one another, Naruto leading the dance of blades as he came in from the side, Erza's blade stopping it the attack. Then, she pushed back against it, knocking the sword wide as one of hers struck forwards like a snake, the tip finding its target as Naruto gritted his teeth, only to endure the hit and strike with one of his own, his sword shortening to accommodate the small space as he dragged it across Erza's stomach, leaving a half-foot cut across her smooth stomach. It wasn't very deep, but it would hurt with every twist of her hips which was a crucial part of swordplay.

Then, each mage retreated to look for openings in the others guard, Erza leading this time as she tried with a thrust, only for Naruto to rotate his body to the side, his swords flying in together to overpower her one that blocked, Naruto was rewarded for his attack with yet another soft cry as his swords bit into the redhead's soft side, one of the few areas her body wasn't hard with calluses.

Pulling the blades away, blood came with them as Erza forced her pain away, stabbing at Naruto's knee as the boy tried to move, only for the sword to clip his kneecap, the sturdy metal surely bruising the bone as Naruto saw spots flash across his vision. Striking back, the pommel of his sword struck her jaw, the girl wincing as she worked her jaw.

She retaliated by swinging her sword, the flat of the blade smashing into his left ankle as he crumpled to the ground, with a quick application of Ice Magic keeping him steady. After the attack, though, Naruto saw red as he charged her, planting his knee into her gut as he hit her exposed back with his elbow, pincering her between the hard joints.

Although, from her position, she was in a perfect place to use her upper body strength to her full advantage as she head butted his crotch, the boy yowling in pain as he released her, only for his foot to swing out faster than ever into her injured side, the girl crying out in pain as well. Naruto continued the onslaught by ramming his shoulder into her, knocking her back, and a rapid number of kicks slammed into her midsection, preventing the girl from catching her breath as Naruto finished his attack by grabbing her red hair, pulling her down as he slammed his knee into her face, the girl swearing she felt some teeth come loose, her nose somehow not breaking in the attack.

Then, as Naruto took a breath, she charged him. He wasn't expecting the attack pattern as she ducked into his guard, her head coming up to smash into his chin as Naruto stumbled back, barely dodging major injury as her sword tip sliced into his chin, the blood spraying up into his eye as he tried to wipe it away, using his limited view to fend off Erza's quick strikes.

"How can you have so much energy left after fighting this long?" Naruto mumbled as he blocked a particularly impressive move only to take a hit from her pommel to the side of his skull, the bone flaring with heat that was most likely blood.

"Because I'm fighting for my friends." She said back as Naruto thrust his own sword at her, the girl managing to skirt his blows without much trouble. Returning fire, Naruto's sword flashed around, somehow managing to find ways to block her attacks.

"Oh, is that all, nice to know we're fighting for the same thing." Naruto retorted; confusing the redhead as Naruto's sword went for her exposed leg, only for her swords to meet them. She looked up to taunt Naruto, only for his forehead to meet her face as her nose broke, blood pouring from the wound. She stumbled backwards, her anger taking over as she punched him in the face, his own nose giving way under her strength.

Then, Naruto jumped into the air, coming down in a double kick as Erza blocked with both blades before sending the boy flying high. Deciding to finish this fight, she gathered the last of her magical reserves as she took on one more armor.

"Black Wing Armor!" Erza shouted as two wings flared out behind her, the girl taking flight as she raced at Naruto in mid-air, aiming for him while he was confused and disoriented.

Only Naruto wasn't disoriented, in fact, he was ready for her, since he knew she would try and take advantage of his defenselessness in mid-air. So, as he saw her rising fast, he gathered a large portion of his remaining energy, feeling the familiar blue Aura surround him as he used another new trick he was currently perfecting.

As he held his hand in front of himself, a small sphere began forming as Naruto channeled his Ice Magic into it as it turned glaringly white, and frost covered his arm as he reared back and met Erza's black sword with his attack.

"Aura Sphere: ICE!" Naruto shouted as he broke through her attack, their combined weight carrying them down towards the ground, and a guaranteed hard landing as the ground cratered under them, a large dust cloud being kicked up from the high-speed impact.

The guild crept forward to peek over the lip of the crater, expecting Erza to be standing victoriously over Naruto, only to see a giant ball of pure ice, Erza inside as she was frozen in place, Naruto sitting on top, resting his head on one knee, his injured one pressed against the cold to soothe it.

"Well, that was fun. Maybe now I can get serious." Naruto said as the guild sweat dropped, Mira with her trademark smile as she made a note to tell Master of this development.

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