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Anyways, this first one is a CARYL drabble...where Daryl get's jealous of Tyresse rubbing up against his woman, Carol...well the woman he secretly wishes to have. :D ~ This drabble is dedicated to Yazzy x who came up with this idea, haha..because I was empty-minded and asked for some help about it..and once again, WA LA. Yazzy comes to the rescue!

Anyways, here we go. Drabble one.

Story one...Cross the line.

You know that feeling? The feeling you didn't take the chance when you should? And now it's too late? Because of your one mistake? Well, for Daryl Dixon he was feeling that. You can call it regret, shame, but he won't admit any. He was having s great day so far, woke up to a good breakfest of eggs made by his favorite lady and cell-mate Carol. Ever since the woodbury folk moved it, Daryl had to join in a cell with someone and the only person he would be ok with was Carol, she was even surprised when he came in and put his stuff on the upper bunk, his bunk, and just nodded to her. And she only smiled. And now after his hunt, his successful hunt of two big healthy bucks, he comes back with pride to stop dead in his tracks.

Walking the premieter with Carol, was Tyresse. One of the woodbury fuckers who was declined to staying at the prison before joining the fucked up governor and now, here she was, talking and laughing to the big asshole's words, what the fuck was he saying that could crack her up so hard? He growled, half shoving the deer into Glenn's hands and stomping off to a very happy Carol and a very close Tyresse. He narrowed his eyes, Tyresse was a inch to close to her face, his woman's face...wait what? HIS woman...it sounded good though, fit her, he smirked evily, HIS woman, yes, HIS WOMAN.

He growled as he reached them and yanked Tyresse away from her, she squealed with the contact, not wanting a fight to break out but at the same time suprised for Daryl standing up for her, she watched as the two, now pissed off, men got into eachother's face with a scowl.

Daryl looked into his eyes with daggers, "the fuck ya doin' so close to 'er?"

Tyresse smirked, "sorry asshole, but I think she isn't yours"

Daryl hissed at the comment and bunched his fists, "aye, fuck off man. She wouldn' go for ya if she HAD to!"

Tyresse laughed half-heartedly, "you can't decide for her. Man, she can love who she fucking wants"

"And ya sayin' she would love ya? Better luck with a hag!" Daryl grunted.

Tyresse was about to swing his fist when Carol stepped up and touched his arm. He looked at it and lowered it like a gentlemen, smiling at her, "sorry Carol"

She smiled at him and sighed, "just stop this please. I've had enough" And with that she walked away, Tyreese scambling after her like a lost puppy.

Daryl stood there, realising this is what jealousy felt like, and what regret feels like too...he looked at his feet, had he fucked up? Was she pissed at him?

Tyresse helped Carol inside, she looked at him, "thank you for not hitting him. He is just hot-headed, sorry he got to you"

Tyresse smiled, "nah, it's fine. It seems he's just trying to stick up for you, I think he might like you" Tyresse whispered the last part with a wink and she frowned,

"No, thats not Daryl. Daryl doesn't like me" she smiled forcefully, "he's just being nice"

Tyresse just shrugged, "all right, see you later" with one last glance, he took off towards the direction of his cell. She smiled, watching him go. Daryl didn't like her, but he did. Maybe she had a chance?

Daryl paced like a frantic tiger, what had he done? She had been avoiding him all day and he was full on feeling regret now, pure whole regret and it was killing him. He didn't know why she was avoiding him, maybe he upset her with his actions, was she in a relationshop with Tyresse and he interupted something...he stopped and thought about that, hell if that was true he needed to find out. His mind was burning at the thought, he gasped, he needed to find out.

He relieved himself from watch and headed to their cell where he KNEW she would be and sure enough she was there.

She could sense him here, his smell, she knew it was him, his smell and only his, "what is it Daryl?"

He looked at her, she was putting away clean laundry with her back to him, he smiled, she had a way to know it was him and it make his heart flutter, wait what the fuck? "uh, are ya mad at me?" he just let it slip out without knowing, it was the burning question, but the one on fire was coming up next...

She stopped and looked over her shoulder at him with a smile, "no, just disappointed"

He sagged, "why?" he inched closer, was it because he interrupted their little alone time? He HAD to know.

She shook her head and stopped putting things away. She turned fully to him and looked into his eyes, "nothing was going on, he just asked to go on a walk with me. nothing was happening, Daryl"

"So ya not with 'im?" He asked, suddently relaxed.

Her eyes widened and she shook her head violently with a hint of disgust, "What? No. There is only one man I would be with"

Daryl froze and his eyes narrowed, "who?"

She looked at her feet, "you, Daryl. Ok? It's YOU!" She sighed, she finally said it and here he was, just looking at her.

"Really?" He asked, smirking. She nodded slowly and he came closer to her, taking her hands in his and making her look at him, "good" he muttered and with that he kissed her, it was their first kiss, awkward and un-certain, but if you asked Carol, it was the best damn kiss ever.

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