Chapter 4

Cole's pov

"Rocky! No he can't leave" I yelled at Zane in the bridge. "Sorry brother but it is true" Zane replied to me. Yay, not my finest moment, leader of the team that bet the shit out of Skeletons, Serpentine and Stone Worries crying over a dragon. Well he's like my lifelong pet that I had for years even if it hasn't even been one year. "It took you over an hour to tell him, Zane" Jay said from behind me.

I turned around to see Jay, Nya, Dareth, Kai, Lloyd and two more people in while kimonos come in. "Who are they?" I asked. "I am Nicklaus and this is Dawn" the guy said in a Spanish accent. Then I hear Misako scream. "*Sigh* Urban" he said. "Who?" Kai asked. "You did not see him?" Nya said. "Did you guys turn blind all of a sodden" Jay said sarcastically. "I do not blame them for not seeing him; their attention was on Dawn and me" Dawn said to Jay "What is there to be feared in Urban?". "I'll explain to you later, my upendi" Nicklaus said. She smiled at him. We ran out Misako on the deck. There before us a fully grown tiger. "That's Urban!" Kai yelled. "Yes" Nicklaus said in a low voice "but do not fear him". Then there was a wolf howl. "Kiyiya" Dawn said with a smile. "You guys have a wolf and tiger, any more surprises?" I asked. "Help me" Misako said in fear. "Do not fear him" Dawn said going over Urban and rubs his head. "Yah, Urban like's a pet" Jay said going over to him. "Jay you nuts" Lloyd yelled. "Well he didn't attack us on our way here" Jay reinforced.

Then Sensei Wu, Garmadon and Julien came running out. "Can it be?" Garmadon said in shock when he saw Dawn and Nicklaus. "Why I think so brother" Sensei replied. "What is it Sensei?" Zane asked. "Our father told us about people with the ability to have these animal powers when we were young" Sensei began. "Well I think you father made a small error while explaining it to you, Wu and Garmadon" Nicklaus said to them. "Why do you come here?" Garmadon asked them. "Evil spirits" Dawn replied. "Was that those things that attacked Ninjago City?" Dareth asked. "Indeed Dareth" Nicklaus replied. "And why can't they be destroyed by elemental energy" Jay asked. What the hell does he mean? "And you know this how?" Nya asked him. "Koshisigre told him" Dawn said. "Who?" Kai asked him. "You know how I was a little bit, err, air headed this morning" Jay said scratching his head in that nerviest way. "He is a spirit God" Dawn said. "A what!?" everyone shouted but Jay. "Watcher of this land, keeper of all animals and vegetation, giver of life" Nicklaus said. "Wait, giver of life?" Jay questioned. "He saw you where shocked when he told you the first two so he decided not to tell you about the last one" Dawn said.

Jay's pov

"Jay, I most go now, there's trouble in the spirit world" Koshisigre said. "Then go" Dawn said. "Wait, you two can hear him two?" I asked. They both pulled out these necklaces with a mandolin on them; same symbol as on their kimono, carved in some kinda stone. "These are our spirit necklaces; mine a wolf head being my animal spirit a wolf and Nicklaus' being a tiger head sense his animal spirit is a tiger, carved out of spirit stone, it allows us to commutate with all spirits" Dawn said. "They must be heavy" Lloyd said, he may be an adult by looks but he's still a kid inside. "No, not at all, spirit stone is very light" Nicklaus replied to him. "Wait, then how's Jay able to talk to Koshisigre?" Cole asked. "That question's a bit difficult to answer" Nicklaus replied.

"Is there more of you?" Zane asked as he put out his arm and his falcon landed on it. "Yes, nine others live with us" Dawn said. "Dominic, Sonja, Jackson, Alisha, Cody, Roger, Gwen, Jessie, Justin" Dawn said. "So there are eleven people how have the power" Sensei said. "Aw, well no, twelve" Nicklaus said. "The wolf, the tiger, the dove, the monkey, the penguin, the rhino, the owl, the cheetah, the eagle, the rat, the deer and the coyote" Dawn said. "Wait did you call Jay "The Coyote" Nya asked her. "Why yes" she replied. O brother this is going to be hard to explain.