Here's something new for you all. It's drabblish. There will be some BDSM themes, but I do not claim to be an expert on the subject. That's why it's called fiction, I suppose.

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So, meet Firesper…

Inferno ~ Chapter 1

The flames licked around him while the smoke from the fire attempted to penetrate his mask. The entire situation reminded him of another fire where he had made an attempt at saving his… no, he wouldn't think about that. He had a job to do.

He thought of the small, pixie-like woman outside of the apartment building. The way she clung to the tall man with the unruly copper hair. The way she had begged Jasper, looked him in the eye and begged him to save Bella.

"Please! Bella's still in there! You have to save her!" She hadn't given his scarred face a second glance as he nodded at her before putting on his air mask and rushing into the building.

The chief shouted the apartment number where the woman was located and his voice crackled through the speakers of his radio.

Jasper pushed back the thoughts of Maria, his lovely wife, whose body had been burned beyond recognition by the time he had come out of his alcohol coma and tried to rescue her. He especially tried to ignore the thoughts of his dead wife that beat against his brain when he spotted chocolate hair spread out over the smoke-covered floor. So much so did the thoughts overwhelm him that for a split second, this girl, this woman was his Maria. He lifted her into his arms and noticed how shallow her breathing was. Immediately, his mask was off and was firmly placed over the woman's face.

He breathed as little as possible as he carried her down three flights of stairs and to the waiting ambulance. The tiny pixie met him there, screaming for word on how Bella was.

"Oh my God! Edward!" The copper-haired man rushed to Jasper's side and pulled the Maria look-alike from his arms.

Jasper ignored how empty his arms felt without the weight of the woman who looked so much like his wife. But he pushed that thought aside as he heard Edward shouting out medical terms to the EMTs. The small elven woman wrapped her arms around him and thanked him profusely for saving her sister.

He took one last look at the Maria doppelganger and went back to work, trying to put her out of his mind.

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