Noble Eight- Chapter 2- Found

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Planet Reach- Location Unknown

I pulled back to arm's length. Kat was confused, and I thought I saw a flash of hurt in her eyes, but I leaned in again and…

[Kat's POV(Point of View)]

Six pulled back to arm's length. I was confused. Did he not like me after all? But then he leaned back in and pressed his lips to mine.

[TP (Third Person) POV]

Six pressed his lips to Kat's, and she froze in shock. Noble Team's newest member thought that that meant she didn't like him, and began to pull away, but Kat grabbed the back of his head and pulled him back, kissing him hungrily.

(Kat's POV)

When he kissed me, I was shocked by the unexpected contact and I froze, but as he pulled away, I grabbed his head and forced his lips back on to mine.

(Six's POV)

I started to pull back, because Kat wasn't responding, but she grabbed the back of my head, and recaptured my lips. Guided by instinct, finally freed from the metaphorical chains of duty and regulations, traveled to her waist and gripped it through her black MJOLNIR body suit. Our chest plates bumped together when I pulled her even closer, trying to be in as close contact with her as possible I held in a shiver as the cool metal of her robotic hand slid down to my neck.

(Kat's POV)

This feeling was… foreign… to me. Love. Spartans weren't normally allowed such relationships, as Command deemed it unnecessary.

Hypocrites, I thought. They have a family to come home to. It didn't matter anymore though. They were probably the last humans alive on Reach.


"So, the Demons can find time for love, when their "greatest military stronghold" is being destroyed? Cute," an Elite Zealot said from behind Six. The Spartans, who had been completely engrossed in their newfound passion, sprang apart. "Don't bother looking for your weapons. My Elites already have them. And your helmets." Beside him, the two Beta Company Spartans could see a slight shimmer in the air. Then that shimmer turned into two Spec Ops Elites holding Kat's magnum and Six's DMR, along with their helmets.

"Damnit!" Kat cursed, livid. Six pulled out Emile's kukri knife, nonverbally agreeing with Kat.

"You didn't take all our weapons, split-lip," he growled.

(Six's POV)

"You didn't take all our weapons, split-lip," I growled, trying to sound confident. I was preparing to lunge at the lead Elite, but suddenly his head exploded, with the other two sharing a similar fate mere seconds later. I suppressed a gasp; There were only two people I knew of that could shoot that accurately, that fast, and both of them were Spartans.

"Jun…?" Kat asked wonderingly. She shook her head and grinned then, happy to know another member of Noble Team had survived.

"Alive and kicking, ma'am!" Jun said via the team comm. channel.

"What are you doing on Reach, Jun?" I asked, echoing Kat's amazement. "I thought Carter ordered you to escort Halsey off Reach."

"They were, but Halsey caught wind of a small UNSC base that the Covenant hadn't disovered yet, and she thought it was safer than a ship in Covvie controlled space, which could be destroyed at any time," Jun explained.

"So could this base you're talking about," I pointed out. Kat nodded her head in agreement.

"As long as it remains undiscovered, no," Jun replied. "Plus, we got your distress beacon. We couldn't pinpoint its location, though, so it was pure luck I found you tonight." Kat went to retrieve our weapons and helmets, while Jun and I continued talking.

"Thanks for saving us, Jun. I don't know if we would have made it without you," I said. It wasn't something I would have admitted normally, but the past few days have removed any thought that my survival was more than just pure luck. After donning our helmets, we began to make our way to Jun's position.

"Hey, we're teammates! What else could I have done?" Jun asked. "I saw what you were doing back there," he added when we reached his position.

"What, attempt to take down three Elites with nothing but a single knife?"

"No, you two kissing," Jun laughed. " Don't worry though. Colonel Holland, now ranking officer on Reach, modified the regulations involving same team relationships, so you're not in trouble."

"Jun, if you tell anyone, and I mean anyone, without mine or Kat's permission, I will hunt you down and kill you," I threatened. Jun paled, knowing that I would do it, laws be damned.

"On another, unrelated note, Colonel Holland is gathering all the resources he can find. Guns, ammo, vehicles, and some Covenant Wraiths, courtesy of the Spartan-II Blue Team," Jun said, changing the subject.

"Blue team?" Kat asked. "What are they doing here?" I was wondering the same thing, but I felt that adding to Kat's statement would be redundant.

"The one and only, ma'am," A Spartan in green MJOLNR armor said. My IFF system identified him as Fred-104.

"This is Fred, Blue team leader," Jun said. "I needed a spotter, and the Petty Officer volunteered."

"What can I say?" Fred asked rhetorically. "Jun reminds me of Linda, albeit he's quite a bit more talkative, ma'am."

"I could have told you that," Kat laughed.

"Hey!" Jun replied indignantly.

"They're only telling the truth, Jun," I said, chuckling quietly.

"Anyways, the base is pretty far away, Lieutenant," Fred said. "And we only brought a mongoose."

"So we're stuck here until you come back with something bigger?" Kat asked, visibly annoyed. I could tell Fred noticed, and he hurried to think of a solution, but Jun beat him to it.

"There's a cave in the mountains not too far away, that's almost invisible from the outside, and we're pretty sure it'll mask your heat signature," he said. " Fred and I will continue on, and I'll come back with a Warthog to get you two."

"Sounds like a plan," I said. Kat nodded in agreement. Two or three hours alone in a cave… I thought.

"What are the coordinates, Jun?" Kat asked

"Here, I'll send them to your helmet," Fred replied.

"Thanks, Fred. I'll see you in a couple hours, right, Jun?" I asked. He nodded.

"Yes, sir!" he said, and snapped off a crisp salute. I saluted him back, and him and Fred left, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust in their wake.

I started to say something to Kat, but I hesitated and bit it back. I can face down battalions of Covenant and Elites trying to cleave me in two with energy swords without balking, but a simple conversation with Kat and I suddenly can't think and I have to fight back the bats that form in my stomach? It was unusual.

(Kat PoV)

I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, and immediately wished I didn't. I started sweating, and my heart rate sped up. I didn't know why, but I assumed that it was a symptom of love. He seemed nervous, as well. I could almost feel the nervousness rolling off him.

(Six Pov)

Suddenly, I was hit in the back by an over-charged energy blast, which would have sent me toppling over had Kat not grabbed the back of my chestplate and pulled me back up. A fraction of a second later, we were both running forward to dive behind a rock. As I caught my breathe, I pulled my DMR out and flipped the safety off.

"Hey, Six, the cave's right next to us," Kat whispered. I looked over and nodded in confirmation.

"Good! Let me take care of this patrol first, though. Don't want them reporting to their superiors about two 'Demons' were walking around on Reach. That would be pretty bad. You should go wait in the cave, I guess. It will be easier that way," I replied. I slowly edged my way around the corner and shot three times. The bodies of the Grunts collapsed on the ground mere seconds later, smoking holes in their foreheads.

"Good job, Six," Kat said through our private comm. channel. "Now, get in here. I need you."

Figuring that something bad had happened, I turned around and sprinted into the cave. She was standing there, her helmet off and resting on a rock.

"What's wrong, Kat?" I asked, peering into the darkness of the cave, searching for possible threats. Seeing nothing, I switched to my thermal visor and looked again. Still seeing nothing, I switched back and looked at her questioningly.

"This…" she replied, moving closer to me and grabbing my helmet. Barely pausing, she hit the release buttons on either side of my helmet and pulled on it. With a hiss, it came free and exposed my face to the cool air of the cave. She pressed her lips to mine in a passionate kiss. Seemingly without effort, I picked Kat up, and she wrapped her legs around me. I took a few steps back and heath the wall of the cave. From there, I sunk down until I was sitting on the ground, subconsciously minimizing the target our bodies presented. All this without breaking our kiss. Kat's tongue brushed against my upper lip, asking for entry. In response, I opened my mouth more to allow her access, and our tongues met in a dance of fiery passion.

My hands moved up to her head and touched her hair, which had grown longer in the few months that had passed since the last time she had had it cut. She shivered when my hands touched her neck, and she moaned into my mouth and grinded on my waist when they reached their destination. I gasped and my hands moved away from her hair to wrap around her waist again so I could pull her closer to me.

"Did you like that?" Kat asked. I looked at her and nodded.

"Yes," I gasped.


"What was that?" Kat asked when she heard the noise. I shrugged and replied,

"It sounded like it was outside," I replied. "I'll go check it out." I slipped my helmet back on and grabbed Kat's pistol.

"Hey!" Kat protested, before I put my finger on her lips in a 'silence' gesture. She nodded and let go of her pistol. I walked out of the cave, stealthily, and was greeted by the sight of Jun, who was standing in front of a troop warthog.

"How did you get here so fast, Jun? I thought you had to go back to the base to get a warthog," I asked, dumbfounded. I also glared at him, but he couldn't see my face, so it didn't matter.

" We found a troop carrier Warthog about five minutes after we left, so I figured I would drive it back here and pick you guys up," Jun explained, gesturing to the Warthog behind him. "When I got here, you two were having a… private… moment-" he seemed to be embaressed "-and I decided to waith until you were finished to get you."

"Thanks," I replied curtly. "I'll get Kat."

"Okay, Six," Jun agreed. He turned and got back into the Warthog and I went back into the cave to get Kat.

"Jun's here, Kat," I said, when she looked up at me.

"Already?" she asked. "It's only been twenty minutes!"

"Fred and Jun found a Warthog not long after they started back, and instead of leaving it, they decided that Jun would drive it back here to get us, and drive us back, apparently," I answered. Kat sighed and slipped her helmet back on and we walked out of the cave.

After accessing my 'private' comm. channel, Kat said, "You know, Carter was the only one who knew your name, Six."

"It's Alexander. You can call me Alex, though. Only Dr. Halsey calls me Alexander," I replied.

"It's a nice name. I like it," Kat mused.

"I hope so, seeing as I don't know my middle or last name, anymore," I said, bumping shoulders with her, and we walked out of the cave holding hands.

"Ooh, the lovebirds are holding hands!" Jun cooed, taking on a slightly mocking tone.

"You know, it usually isn't a good idea to mock someone who could kill you in their sleep," Kat said innocently.

"Or someone who could, I dunno, fuck up your sniper rifle, if they so choose. Weapons these days, so many electrical components and computers, not that hard to screw with," I said, just as innocently.

"Okay, okay, jeez, I was only joking," he said holding his hands up in defeat. I didn't have to see his face to know that it was as white as a sheet.

"Good, we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to our favorite sniper, would we, Six?" Kat asked, putting her hand on her hip.

"My god, you guys are terrifying!" Jun shouted.

"We're supposed to be," I said. "We are Spartans, after all." Kat chuckled and then gave Jun a hug.

"It's nice to have you back, Jun," Kat said. I didn't join in on the hug, but I grinned under my helmet.

"Yeah," I agreed. "What would we do without our best sniper?"

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