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They were the best of friends. Inseparable. But then Kaitlyn made a mistake...she abandoned AJ. And AJ refused to let that go without consequences. AJ had seen the truth. She had seen the line in the sand. At first, it was difficult to see it. They had been besties for so long that the mere thought of Kaitlyn leaving her was wrong. They had done everything together, and AJ had thought that it would remain that way forever.

But of course-just like all of her relationships-Kaitlyn had left her for that damn Divas Championship. She was determined to get that the butterfly emblazoned championship from Eve that she literally shoved AJ away when she needed her most. Where was Kaitlyn when CM Punk left her? Where was she when she was going through the whole 'AJ Scandal' crap? Or when Daniel Bryan embarrassed her?

So here she was, sitting on a crate and watching Kaitlyn talk to Natalya about her secret admirer. She couldn't help but smile as she watched Kaitlyn insult her new best friend and walk away, leaving Natalya to pout alone. Her plan was coming to a head. On Monday, she would be facing that secret admirer that she loved so much. Kaitlyn thought that she was getting everything she wanted.

But AJ was the one who would get everything she wanted.

She jumped off the crate, skipping to the private locker room her, her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler(or Ziggy as she liked to call him) and their bodyguard Big E Langston had rented. "Hey Ziggy," she greeted, kissing Dolph on the cheek.

"Hey babe," responded Dolph dryly.

AJ frowned. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just worried...about you," said Dolph, "I think you're obsessing over Kaitlyn too much."

"Ziggy..." AJ was speechless. How could he not understand why she was doing this? Surley Dolph wasn't that oblivious to her situation! "She abandoned me. All those guys used me and threw me away like trash! And Kaitlyn was nowhere to be found! I needed her, and where was she?"

"I understand that," said Dolph, "But don't you think that your plan is a bit much?"

"No," seethed AJ, "I'm only making Kaitlyn feel a fraction of the pain she made me feel." The room was silent for a minute before AJ stood up and left, trying to focus on the positives.

Monday. Monday, everything was going to fall into place.

"How are you feeling right now? Worthless? Alone? Broken? Well, that's exactly how I felt when you abandoned me. You see Kaitlyn, I've spent the last year of my life letting men hurt me. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena...they used me. They took advantage of me and they shattered me like glass! And where was my best friend? Chasing the Divas Tittle. But even shattered glass, if you handle it wrong, can cut you pretty deep. No, no Kaitlyn, I'm smart. Maybe you can beat me in here, but I can beat you up here. I used to put you on the pedestal, and now I can push you off and laugh as you fall all the way down. You're so sad. Weak. Pitiful. Face it Kaitlyn, you're just trash. You have no love...none of these people give a damn about you. The only thing you have that is worth anything is the Divas Title, and come Sunday, you won't even have that. I am going to beat you, and I am going to get anything I ever wanted. And you, you're just gonna crawl back to whatever trailer park you came out of in the first place. Remote in one hand, junk food in the other giant man arm, eating you emotions, like the worthless, pathetic, useless, unloveable cow-"

AJ didn't care that she didn't get to complete her rant. Her plan had worked. Kaitlyn was distraught. Kaitlyn was shattered. Kaitlyn was feeling everything that AJ had felt. She skipped the halls, getting confused looks from everyone who passed. She didn't care what they thought of her. She was that happy. Her cheek still stung from Kaitlyn's slap, but she thought

"AJ." She stopped and spun. She found herself staring into the bright blue eyes of the Celtic Warrior Sheamus. "What was with that?" he asked, his Irish accent booming in frustration.

"That was my masterpiece," she smirked. AJ turned to skip away, but Sheamus jumped in front of her. He was pretty fast for a man his size. "Move you walking jar of mayo!"

"Real funny," Sheamus said sarcastically, "I'm serious, lass. What you did to Kaitlyn was mean and degrading. She's hurt AJ I don't know why you did it, but I just need you to know that that was wrong."

"Am I supposed to care?" AJ asked with a scoff, "Because I don't. So you can take your pale behind and stomp back to wherever you came from." With that, AJ shoved past Sheamus and skipped away. Why did he care about Kaitlyn's feelings? Stupid romantics, she thought to himself, Then again, I should be the last one talking.

She was thankful the Divas Locker Room was empty. She could just pack up and go. She did, putting all her stuff into her suitcase. She enjoyed the peaceful silence...until someone behind her screamed, "What is wrong with you?" in an angry British accent.

AJ smirked, turning around and facing Layla. "Hey there, Lay! So good to see you again! I missed you!" Sarcasm dripped from her tone, and AJ laughed at Layla's scowl. "Well that's not a pretty face."

"How could you embarrass Kaitlyn like that?" Layla said, "I thought she was your friend!"

"She was," said AJ through gritted teeth, "She was my best friend. We were like sisters, we were like a chain link fence, unbreakable." Then, she took a deep breath and smiled. "But that was then. This is now. Kaitlyn used me for her own purposes then tossed me away like trash. She made me feel like trash, Layla! Friends aren't supposed to do that! Well I am not trash. I'm just making Kaitie feel the pain that I felt. Believe it or not, I admired Kaitlyn. But it was all one-sided. we are."

Layla stood in shock, trying to read AJ's face. However, AJ was good at wiping her face clear of emotion when she needed to, so she did this. The two ladies stared into each other's eyes, Layla confused and AJ emotionless.

"You're nuts," whispered Layla, "Crazy."

"No," AJ said with a proud smirk, skipping over to her. She stood up on her tippy toes, leaned to Layla's ear and whispered, "I'm smart." Then she grabbed her bags and skipped away. She shoved Layla and Sheamus out of her mind. Payback was Sunday. She needed to focus on defeating her former friend on Sunday. She was determined to take that precious Divas Championship from Kaitlyn and put it around the waist of someone who actually deserved it, someone actually who earned it.

Payback was going to be the sweetest thing AJ had ever experienced.

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