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Kaitlyn just stared at AJ, watching her rock back and forth on her feet. Did she really want to talk? To her? The one person AJ hated?

She knew she was going to regret this. "Come in." AJ walked past her, plopping onto a seat. Releasing a nervous sigh, Kaitlyn took a seat beside her. "What do we need to discuss?"

AJ really was shocked. She had expected Kaitlyn to slam the door in her face. She so far hasn't her seethe with rage or become all hostile with her. Taking a deep breath, AJ said, "We need to talk about everything."

Kaitlyn knew what she meant by "everything". Their fractured friendship. "Oh. Okay," she responded, because she didn't really know what to say. "What is it?"

To be honest, AJ didn't know what to say. Here she was, sitting next to her best friend turned bitter enemy. Then again, it was against her will. Big E Langston had told her to do this. Well, more like forced her to do this.

"Here's the thing Kaitlyn," began AJ. "I thought you left me. I thought that I abandoned you when I needed you most." AJ released a small nervous laugh before she added, "Well I thought wrong."

Kaitlyn cocked an eyebrow. AJ was really here. She was really seeing things her way. And a part of Kaitlyn couldn't help but think that AJ was really lying.

"Don't start," Kaitlyn scoffed, "I'm not in the mood to hear your lies."

"I'm not lying," said AJ, "I'm just here...Look. I don't want to be here. But I need to be here. So here I am. I'm here against my will, but here I am. Just please listen to me. Please!"

Kaitlyn took a deep breath. She knew that she was going to regret this too. "I'm listening."

"I know where this all started," began AJ, "This all started on April 27, 2012 when I slapped you. You know, after you called Daniel Bryan a jerk?" To be honest, the memory was so far away yet so vivid in her mind. "Yeah. Then I did it again the next week. Then we had a match on May 11, 2012 and you won by disqualification when I refused to stop hitting you after the opening bell."

"Yeah, I remember," was all Kaitlyn could say. To be honest though, she didn't think AJ would remember. Kaitlyn didn't think that her mind went back that far. She thought AJ's mind consisted of evil thoughts of her ex friends and lovers. But she realized that basically everybody was an ex friend. She basically had no one. The only thing she had was the Divas Championship, and every Diva in the back was determined to take that as well. And here Kaitlyn was, worrying about all her friends because all her friends in the past had betrayed her. There was AJ and Layla. Even Natalya had betrayed her when she aligned herself with Beth Phoenix. Sure, the pair were good friends again, but Kaitlyn totally believed that history can always repeat itself.

"So here I am, saying this," said AJ, "I just want all this crap to be over." If Kaitlyn would've been drinking something, she definitely would've spat it out all over AJ's face. Her words reflected in her mind. Over. Over. Over. I just want all of this crap to be over.

And, to be honest, Kaitlyn agreed with her.

"Punkie Bear!" AJ was screaming her pet name for Punk, but she didn't care. "Punkie Bear!" She was getting a few weird looks(and by a few I mean a lot)but AJ was fiercely determined to find her Punk. She had practically tore down the arena trying to find him, and he was nowhere to be found.

"AJ?" She stopped at the call of her name. She spun and saw Kaitlyn fiddling with her fingers. "Um...hey." Things were awkward between the two as Kaitlyn and Dolph had defeated Langston and AJ. But AJ did see this moment as progress. Before, the two probably would've been trading insults and rolling around having a vicious catfight.

"Hello Kaitlyn," she responded a bit hesitantly. To be honest, she was so used to calling her Man-Arms or She-Hulk that saying her name was a weird feeling. She tilted her head. "I'm a bit busy finding my...friend."

"Well I know where your friend is," said Kaitlyn. AJ's eyes lit up, causing her to smile. "Follow me." AJ obliged. "So, CM Punk huh?" Kaitlyn didn't know that she gave second chances until the night she admitted that she wanted all of this to be over.

"Yeah," admitted AJ with a blush, "He's a good guy once you get to know him. And I'll admit that I didn't really know him a year ago. All I knew then was that Daniel broke my heart, Punk seemed like a nice guy, and that he digs crazy chicks. And at that time, that was all I needed to know."

"Didn't he hate your guts while you were Raw GM?" Kaitlyn inquired.

"Yes he did," said AJ, "But I think that that was his way of trying not to kiss me on national television." The two shared a laugh. Surprisingly, nothing was awkward between them anymore. That chemistry that the two had was still buried deep inside them, and they were just getting to let it out in a positive way. The two walked until Kaitlyn stopped at the door of the trainer's office. "He's here?" she asked. She really wasn't surprised-Punk did have that grueling match with Brock Lesnar earlier tonight.

"Yep," Kaitlyn said, "And he's not alone either." She knocked. The door opened and there Punk stood, holding an ice pack to his neck. "Hello Punk."

"Hi Kaitlyn," he responded. Then he spotted AJ behind her. "AJ. Walking together I see."

"Only because she knew where you were," AJ said immediately. It wasn't really a lie-more like an exaggeration. She didn't even think about how it would look that two sworn enemies were taking a stroll together. Or maybe she just didn't care how it would look. She entered the room ans saw Sheamus sitting on a chair, his arm in a black sling.

"Sheamus!" Kaitlyn called, racing over to him and plopping onto his lap.

"Don't kill him," Punk told Kaitlyn(causing Kaitlyn to stick out his tongue and AJ to giggle),closing the door and wrapping his empty arm around AJ's puny waist. "Good thing you two came here. There's something we needed to tell you." He jumped onto the bed, AJ plopping next to him. "Sheamus, do the honors."

All eyes turned to the injured Irishman as he said, "Our plan worked."

There was a long lingering silence before AJ spoke up. "What plan?"

"The plan to get the two of you to be friends again," Sheamus said, "We were all tired of watching you too go back and forth. It was driving AJ crazy. It was breaking Kaitlyn's heart. So after the Raw when you two fought, Punk and I decided to hatch a spontaneous plan to get you two to think about everything. We got Layla to betray Kaitlyn and we got Big E Langston to get all mad at AJ. And we are!"

Shock radiated of the Divas faces. It was a plan? A ruse? Their boyfriends were in cahoots all along?

AJ let out a laugh. "Well, you got me. You beat the Black Widow in her own game." Than got a laugh out of everyone.

"So we're cool?" asked Kaitlyn.

AJ thought for a moment. There was a lot of people that she wasn't cool with. The Funkadactlys, The Bellas, just about all the Divas. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Kane, and especially Dolph Ziggler. Yet here she was, gaining a few friends. Big E Langston, Layla, CM Punk. And she was willing to get a few more.

'Yeah, we're cool," AJ answered with a smile.

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