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The questions still not answered, but what will happen when one of them wakes up? Who will wake up? Will they be caught unexpectedly? Why am I asking random questions again? Lets hurry up and find out, more than you finding out than me. I already know. But, eventually, you will know. So yeah... I'd better stop now.

It was early in the morning, but it was still pretty dark. Probably about 5 flicks of a candle, which means about 5:00am. The morning was as peaceful as the wind blowing in a corn field. The sunrise was like a new day that clears up the troubles of yesterday. Lemurs, Sky Bison, and some Air Acolytes woke up to feel the air blowing against their skins and hair. Life on the island, in the middle of Republic City bay, was just beautiful. Unfortunately, for everyone else, they didn't get the same joy as a certain couple did.

In the bed of the Avatar and his wife, there was a soothing sound of silence and a bit of snoring. Not one of those snoring's that wake the living dead, but one that sounds like their breathing with pace. The covers were off the bed, but that didn't stop the couple from their bodies getting cold, for they cuddled all night. Their hands still holding on together.

Katara was opening up her eyes, slowly, and looked outside the window. The sunrise was very beautiful and could imagine her and Aang kissing on a hill somewhere. Speaking of which, last night appeared in her mind. She remembered that Aang did all sorts of stuff after his last counsel meeting. Sure she was glad that he can finally have time of for her, but things were pretty rough last night.

It was as if her life was turned into a burning passion, then it turned her on even more by what didn't occur to her. With Aang dominating her like a sex fiend, she wouldn't trade that night for the past nights they had. Katara still couldn't believe that he found out about the Earth dildo that Toph made for her when she asked. She should of seen the signs that he had. During the last 2 weeks, he was kind of looking at her with shyness. Now that shyness turned into a fiery, but not in a complete bad way.

Something was inside of her, although she had a pretty good idea what it was. Getting out of the bed, without waking up Aang, she puts her hand on her butt then feels around where the Earth dildo is stuck at. 6"s were in Katara, and she was getting kind of turned on by it. The only thing was the promise that she'd made to Aang last night. To not pull it out until he wakes up.

For about ten minutes, she waits for Aang to get up. The anticipation is killing her. It wasn't because of the Earth dildo, it was actually quite comforting for her, it was the fact that Aang usually wakes up before she does. And that was at least three seconds after she does, and wakes up to see Aang's eyes. Every time they look into each others eyes, magic happens between them.

Times like these cause for drastic measures. If Aang couldn't wake up on his own, then Katara will have to wake him up her way. Even though that she promised she'd wait until Aang woke up, he didn't say how he woke up. Except there was something strange about this whole thing. She could of sworn that Aang was wearing his shirt when they slept. It was starting to feel cold inside, with the window wide open, and her nipples and pussy were freezing, even the pre cum inside was ice. Katara was surprised that Aang was still sleeping, it must be really cold.

'Cold' thought Katara. With a snap of her fingers, quietly, an idea comes to her mind. She takes the water, from the air and a nearby flower vase, and quietly whirls it around. Katara puts the water on Aang's torso, without making a sound, then, with a snap of her fingers, freezes the water instantly. She smirks, thinking that her plan was a huge success. Until the next thing happened that made her smile turn into disappointment.

The ice was melting and then it all turned into water again at an instant. Aang is still sleeping, as if nothing had happened at all. Then that water became steam that spread throughout the room. Well that steam was turning Katara on so much that she decided to close the window to keep it inside. It was a horrible realization for Katara, for Aang is the Avatar. Meaning that he is also a Firebender. On the bright side, it wasn't so cold for Katara.

Now that heat is making her even more wet. So wet that she put her hand, on her pussy, and moves it. Then uses the other hand on her breast. Katara had to be very quiet, because of Aang being asleep. Something caught her eyes. Aang was having a boner for some odd reason. Maybe it had something to do with a wet dream, which is understandable for Katara. She was wet when she woke up, so he must feel the same way in his sleep. Aang started to snore and it was another moan from Katara, which she quickly covers her mouth to avoid making Aang wake up. Wait a minute, wasn't that her plan to wake him up in the first place?

Realizing that was a mistake to even cover her mouth, Katara needed another plan that can work. She then remembered that Aang's penis was still up. So she went in between his legs and spreads them apart, then looks at it with lust. There was three options for Katara. Rub, suck, or fuck. Those options in the palm of her hand, and with that hand started to stroke his cock.

While stroking, Aang starts to moan softly. Perhaps Katara finally woke him up. But that turned out to be false, as she still see's him with his eyes still closed. It was starting to infuriate her so. On the bright side, his erection is growing very huge. And to make it all better, for Katara's sanity, he was moaning her name. To make it even better, it seemed that his erection is now 10"s. It took her by surprise by how big it was because it was 2"s less, from last night.

Curiosity would have to wait though, as Katara now prepares to give Aang a blow job in his sleep. Her face goes over his private until, at just an instant, he came onto her face. Her eyes were closed in time, just before Aang's cum hit there, but most of the other parts of her face was covered. To add even more disappointment she saw that Aang's erection went soft after that. Katara realizes that it's more than just a dream, but a really big wet dream.

This made Katara so frustrated that she decided to do something she really didn't want to do. She was going to wake him up with a sexy-like gesture. It would make Katara even more submissive, and give Aang another good reason to dominate. She didn't blame him for the sexual frustrations that were inside but she wanted to at least lead once. Katara Waterbends Aang's cum, and puts it all in her mouth.

It tasted sweet to Katara as wetness comes out of her pussy, as she imagines Aang cumming in her mouth. But there is no more time to lose. Katara needs Aang now.

"Aang. Sweetheart." sounding calm, and sexy-like. "I want you. I fucking want you in me!" raising her voice just a tad. Much to her disappointment her Airbender was still very much asleep, not even by a twitch of a muscle. She did hear him moan again, but that's because of his dream. She'll have to kick it up a notch. "Aang, please, I want you big cock in my sweet, tasty, pussy. My ass wants the dildo you still have in there to move back and forth. My lips want to touch you everywhere, and leave lipstick behind." Although, she isn't even wearing lipstick.

Even after all of that, he still wouldn't wake up. With an upsetting sigh, Katara decided on something that she promised to Aang. She slowly takes her hand to her butt, where the dildo is still inside, and grabs the end of it. Her plan is to take it out as soon as possible so that he doesn't wake up to see her take it out, and 'punish' her for being disobedient.

Time passes as slow as the morning dove as it wakes from it's tender slumber. Katara is facing the window to see the sunset, as her quest to take the dildo out of her butt still goes on. The ocean looked like a peaceful drift in the morning, were the trade boats weren't as busy. Too bad that last night wasn't the full moon, otherwise Katara would of have it her way. Then again, it was one of the best sex nights that they've ever had. But maybe she'll do it once, to see what it's like. All she needed is the full moon.

Except for the fact that she has no idea when the full moon is suppose to be coming. Maybe if she asked around town today then maybe she'll have her way with Aang, whether he liked it or not.

While being lost in her perverted fantasies, and expecting thing happens right off the bat-owl. A hand smacked at her butt, causing her to go back into reality, and screams in pain. "Ouch, what the heck!?.." Then the dildo is pulled right out, which made her yelp a bit, then replaced by something more pleasurable. She looks back to see that Aang was awake. "Aang? I thought you were asleep. I even used a lot of 'techniques' to even wake you up faster. I really needed you, and that is no lie. I'm sorry if I disobeyed you." With a sadness at the end of the last sentence.

"I was only pretending, and opened my eyes a little, but I did love you're little show that you did. I love you so much Katara, I really do." He then smacks Katara's ass with his hand, then lays her down on the bed by her stomach. "It's just that I've been keeping this sexual frustration for so long. And I wanted to release all of that on you, and no one else can ever change that." Then he goes down to her face and kisses her, with much passion that lights up higher than a fireplace indoors.

"I love you too Aang. I'm glad to be your wife. Fuck my brains out!" said Katara, as she pants heavily with Aang inside of her."

Just as they were about to climax though...

The door opens, which caused the couple to look to see who was interrupting their time together. "Avatar Aang, there is important news you..." It was a Female Air Acolyte, that gasped and covered her mouth. "I'm sorry, I have interrupted you."

"No, everything is fine." said Aang, being calm and collective in this awkward situation.

The Air Acolyte's name was Ying. She is 18 years old that has White-tan skin. Her eyes are blue-green, with thin eyelashes. She has a little bit of muscles, but no muscled arms or packs. She's very obedient to the Avatar, which is why she is his messenger. Her nose is straight and small. There where rumors about her having a secret zipper in her pocket that she opens plays with herself, with no one noticing. Although it can't be true, could it? Her dream is to be an honorable Air Acolyte.

To Katara, it was very embarrassing. She's now worried about the Air Acolyte going around the temple on how Aang has sex with her. And that was the last thing she wanted them to know. Sure they know they're together, but they don't know how much. Except some, but they are quiet.

Aang, seeing Katara blushing with embarrassment, tries to calm her down by whispering what he knows about his traditions, so it'll seem less awkward. "I promise you that the Air Acolytes are very secretive."

"You mean the Air Acolytes back then are secretive. We just started recruiting them and I'm pretty sure that most of them are fans." She said with an look of concern.

"You have to trust people more Katara. Like me." He said with a cat-leopard look. She can't resist it.

"I know I can trust you. But people like her, no, not in these times. You remembered what happened last time that we trusted Sokka to watch the temple, while we went to the Northern Water Tribe for a political meeting?"

Unfortunately, for everyone who lived on the island, yes. They can remember what happened. It only seemed like yesterday that Sokka and Suki, though it was mostly Sokka, that caused major damage to the temple. Even the Zen Garden.

Flashback (Don't worry, it's a short one.)

Sokka was in the island temple Zen Garden, during the pitch black, with his sword that he found from the battle with Ozai's Air Balloon force. Actually Suki did, but he helped. He was going to practice more to become a better warrior, and a greater chief. Well whatever comes first to him. He remembered about not going into the Zen Garden or he'd be the one to re-rake it, and that's not fun at all.

"Take that bad guy." He is using the sword to fight the air, which is probably someone that is attacking him. "Swordbending slice!" Then slices the head of a statue of Monk Gyatso by accident. Sokka is moving backwards, shocked for what just happened. "Uh oh. Don't worry Sokka, you can fix it..." Then steps on some panda lily's. "Well I'll tell them that Momo did it." Then he went to the side to hit candles, that he'd lit up earlier so he can see for his sword training.

This was freaking Sokka out a bit, but not too much for there wasn't anything burnable in sight. "I'd better pick it up." He does, but then he touched the hot wax that was attached to the candle stand. "Ow!" Sokka yelled, and threw the candle stand behind him. He then sucks on the part of the hand that was burnt. "Great. Could this get any worse!?" Well unfortunately for him, it did get worse.

Sokka sniffs something in the air. "What's burning?" He then looks at the direction of where the smell was coming from.

A building was on fire, in the middle of the Zen Garden. It started burning very quickly.

"Oh no! Aang is going to kill me, that is if Katara doesn't get to me first." Sokka then goes to the bay of the island, while grabbing a nearby bucket as fast as he could, but he hits a small tree that was about trying to grow healthy. "Great, now I got oogies from their love tree... AHHHHH!" He remembered that it was the tree that was first planted in the island, by Aang and Katara.

So Sokka, having a hard time, tries running again, and see's Suki on his way to the shore. He loves her very much, but he's trying to hide the whole 'building on fire' thing. Seeing that Suki is starting to notice the smoke, he tackles her on purpose to give her a kiss.

"Wow, someone is glad to see me." she said sexy like.

"Hi Suki. Great to see you. How's it going?" Sokka said quickly, and yet hard to understand.

"Great Sokka." She said with an are you weird way.

They both got up and she started to notice the smoke. "Is that smoke over there?..." But was interrupted by Sokka giving her a kiss again. After he was done kissing her, he quickly tried to divert from the fire and into the Temple. "Well how about you go inside and I'll be sure to come in. And we get to sleep on Aang and Katara's bed."

"Are you sure?" she asked with concern.

"No, it's alright. Now go inside." then runs to the bay again.

When he got there he picked up some water in the bucket and tried running to the Garden again, but fell in the water as he slipped. So he got up, filled the bucket, again, and ran to the garden.

He saw that the fire was taking a toll on the building. "You shall not pass!" Throwing the water at the fire, with a bit of his imagination. In response, parts of the building fell on the sand. "I'm just going to wait this out." Then he ran back to the temple, like nothing happened. He got one thing right, sand doesn't catch on fire. Then again, that was more of a guess. Now the building was destroyed, with other vandalized stuff that is both replaceable and irreplaceable.

We're back... (No more interruptions)

"That was your idea because you wanted him to take on responsibilities!" Aang said, with his voice rising.

"Well you were the one who accepted it!" Katara said, with her voice rising as well.

"Only because you wanted me to do it."

"Now that's not true."

"Oh yeah, that isn't true at all." said Aang. He see's Katara smirk, but he's going to win by default. "You were begging for me to do it. Much like you're begging me to do you right here and now." He smiles, as Katara now frowns on that fact.

"Ehem!" Ying fake coughed, trying to get their attention.

They both stopped arguing and looked at her. Realizing that they've been arguing right in front of her, in a sex position, and the fact that she is blushing.

"I just came here to give you you're morning mail. You didn't arrive in the kitchen, where I usually give you the mail for today. So I checked up on you and..." She starts to notice that the awkwardness is getting worse every moment. "Here is your mail. And more importantly you need to sign this, which states you have taken the week vacation off. Sorry, Republic City rules."

A sigh of disappointment from the Avatar that he forgot to write his name on the papers during the meeting. He was just in the rush to go home to Katara that he just forgot. Then again, he and Zuko were the ones that made the rules in the first place. "Alright then. Do you have a pencil that I can use to sign this?"

"Hold on a second." as the Ying goes through her robe pocket. It seems to be forever to find a pencil. She unzipped a certain part inside her pocket and started moving her hand in there, slowly, as she holds in the moans as Aang and Katara wait, and talk. So those rumors are true. Very secretive indeed.

"Are you seriously signing it now?" whispered Katara with more concern. Not paying any attention to Ying, as she continues to 'search' in her pockets for a simple writing utensil.

"Well I have to. If I don't, then I'll be gone to even more meetings." Aang whispered back.

"But right now?" Katara now raising her whisper.

"Stop yelling Katara. There is an Air Acolyte right there, looking at us." Aang doing the same with his voice.

"Well now where both whisperly screaming." With a bit of anger in her expression.

Truth was, Aang Katara were actually turned on by the situation more than being scared about it. The thrill of being caught just makes it feel right, and not just have them be private all the time. Unless if it was little kids or Sokka then they'd have problems, especially Sokka.

"I'm not going to lie." whispered Aang as softly, just like his hand caressing her bottom, as he can for Katara to hear, but not too loud for Ying, an Air Acolyte in training, to hear it as well. "It felt strange at first to be caught, but now it's amazing that we were being watched this way."

"Yeah." Katara whispered back. "It is pretty sexy, but kinda awkward."

"I know, it'll be over soon though. But I wonder how long it takes to take a pencil out?" He asked.

"I have a pencil in me right now." Katara said as she winked at him, with a hint of lust in it.

They both look to see that Ying was still going through her robe pockets until finally, thanks to being stared at, she takes the pencil out. She gives it too Aang, still blushing, and now waits for the signature. The pencil was wet, including her hand, and Aang had a pretty good idea why.

"Why is this pencil so wet?" asked Aang.

"Um. Well I just..." Having a hard time saying this, the Air Acolyte started blushing so hard that her face became a burnt red. "It was like it when I got it." she said quickly. She mentally hits herself in the head, it just sounds too weird for everyone.

Aang actually knew what was up, but decided to get it over with. He already knew about those rumors about her, and had a good idea that they were true. Ying never once allowed anyone to wash her robes instead of her. He places the paper on Katara's back. "Sorry sweetie, I can't exactly move to my desk. I mean I could, but not right now."

"That's alright almighty Avatar." Katara said sexy like. "As long as I feel you, I'm fine."

With that reassurance, Aang puts the tip of the pencil on the paper and begins to write his name.

"Ok, now to put my name on this paper." said Aang, being optimistic about it. "Avatar Aang." saying out loud as he writes his name. "Of the Air Nation, one of the consul leaders in Republic City.' As Aang keeps on going, Katara keeps getting horny. "Savior of the Hundred Year War, Protector of the Northern Water Tribe, Hero of Ba Sing Se, Helper of the escaped Zoo animals..."

As Aang continued the titles, Katara was suspecting that Aang was just coming up with names on purpose. It was driving her crazy, because he hasn't at least moved an inch forward since that Air Acolyte came in. She couldn't move either, otherwise it'd be even weirder.

"Peacemaker of the Two Tribes during the Great Divide, Giver of food for the hungry lemur..."

"Ok, can you just sign the damn papers so we can get back into really hot sex! I don't even care if she watches us anymore, let her pleasure herself while watching us. It's pretty obvious that she is horny as you and I are! For Sprits sake, I'm too turned on to care anymore!" Then she moved back with much force, causing the paper to go to the ground, and almost Aang, next to Ying.

"I can't just do something in front of Avatar Aang and you, Master Katara, it's not part of my duties for the Air Acolyte." Ying said.

That's when Aang has to do his Avatar/Air Bending philosophy to the young Acolyte. So he stopped humping Katara, but she understood why. "Traditions change with time, as we adapt to the world that we live in. Plus this could be your chance to see action between the Avatar and his beautiful Waterbending Wife, who taught him to Waterbend." Then continues hump again.

Katara smirked, now finally getting back to making love to her husband. Even doing him right in front of Ying that was now taking off her clothes. Not just taking them off, but ripping them off. Going as far as to rip off her bra and panties, then finally puts her right hand on her breast, which were Cup B breasts with perky and rough nipples, with her other hand in her pussy. It must feel lonely for her, but Katara knows that the the Air Acolyte will find the man of her dreams someday. Just not her man.

"Although this does go against my teachings for an Air Acolyte, I do want to learn much more from the Avatar and his wife." Ying said, and licks her lips with the determination to learn from her teacher and his wife.

The Air Acolyte reminds Katara about herself. Remembering her first night with Aang. Well Katara had to get back to reality, because a huge pain had been placed on her ass, by the spanking Aang's hand. A moan come out of her breath as he continues to put the pressure on her ass, with an extra squeeze. "Seems you're being too needy Katara." He said with a charm. "Now I'll go inside you so hard you'll need to hold onto my shoulder to stand still."

Then he starts to go into Katara harder and faster, with every moment passing. Hearing the moans from Aang, Katara, and Female Air Acolyte, it's started to feel like a passionate moment.

"You two are so... Ahh... Romantic together." Ying said, as she goes faster with her hand in her pussy.

Aang started to hold onto Katara's breasts, moving them like little circles. "I take it as one of your weaknesses, my young pupil... Ah..." She moans as he pinches her nipple.

"Less talking... 'More' action." Aang said with a moan. He wanted no, he needed to show that even an Airbender can be rough in bed. So he smacks his Waterbending masters ass. The student has indeed become the teacher.

Watching them made Ying feel like she needed more. Then spots the Earth dildo on the floor that Aang used on Katara last night, and this morning. It's just what her begging private needed. So laying down, with her hand still inside of her, she takes the Earth dildo. It felt so smooth, yet so wet. With the feel of the rock, she decided to take a taste of it. So she licks it from the side.

It was the best thing she'd ever tasted, even if it was a bit 'dirty' from Aang using it on Katara. Then she takes the entire thing inside her mouth, using her tongue to lick further down around it. It tastes so good to her. Problem is, it's only the Master Waterbenders juices. She also wants the Avatar's cum inside her mouth. Maybe if she's lucky, she'll get more.

As the Avatar keeps going in his wife, he notices that Unknown name chick has taken the dildo. "Kat-ar-a." He said, with thrust in-between. "It seems... Our messenger... Has your... Dildo." As he thrusts some more.

"To be honest." Katara said, while enjoying the 'rough' ride from Aang. "I don't care... I have... You." Then she starts pushing back. "I'm about... To cum... Soon."

"So am... I" Suddenly, and idea struck Aang like lightning. Only this time it's not lethal, the lightning part. He whispers in Katara's ear. When she heard what Aang said, she nodded like there was no tomorrow. And lets out another moan, excited on what they're going to do.

Ying still hears them moan with need, as she pushes the dildo inside of her more. Moaning louder with each push. She doesn't go too far, because she wants to have her future husband, or the Avatar and his wife, to go through the barrier that turns her from innocent to something even more satisfying. She opens her eyes to see that the Avatar and Sifu Waterbender are masturbating in front of her, on their bed. Thinking she will finally get some action, she tried to go closer to pleasure them with her mouth.

"No, no, Ying... Stay where you are." The Avatar commanded. Just like that, he see's her staying where she is. "Good girl." He said then moans out Katara's name.

Katara even said, "No, no." To her as well, only a bit different. "You touch Aang's... Penis and I'll rip... Your fucking head off!" She yelled. Then suddenly moans out Aang's name.

That did it for both of them, as they came all over. The Air Acolyte that is.

Ying opens her mouth as the couples combined juices went all over her. "Thank you Avatar Aang. Thank you Sifu Katara." She licks a little bit of the cum on the top of her left breast. "I hope I have a wonderful husband that will treat me like that someday."

"Your welcome Unknown name chick." Aang and Katara said at the same time, then blushed for realizing it.

"Now if you would." Opening her legs, "Take me like you take her."

The Sifu Waterbender was furious by the request that little messager said. No one touches Aang those ways but her, and he doesn't touch anyone like that except for Katara. It's the reason why they're husband and wife in the first place. They love each other, no matter what. But if he wanted to try it, then she won't stop him.

"Actually, now that I think about it." Aang said, as he nears Unknown name chick. "No." Then uses his hand to tell Katara to come over. She does, and he holds her like a side hug. "I love Katara, and I would never do anything that she wouldn't like." He kisses her on her cheek, making her blush.

It made the Air Acolyte a bit made, but she embraces it. "I understand. I'm sorry for saying such things." She said more quietly, lowering her head.

Aang and Katara shows symphony for her, by telling her a very important lesson.

"No matter where he may be." said Aang.

"Wither it'd be a palace or street." said Katara.

"Never forget that you'll see, the great beyond of love above your feet." They both said together.

Unknown name chick looked up, with tears of joy in her eyes. "Thank you. You two a truly the greatest couple in the world."

"You really think so?" asked Katara, feeling better about helping her out.

"I know so."

"That's good." said Aang. "Now we're going to ask you to leave, I'm afraid. It's not that we don't like you, you're very beautiful, it's just that me and Katara are going to enjoy a morning shower." As they see her nod, Aang and Katara head to their personal shower, but Katara went back to whisper something in the Air Acolyte ear. After that, Katara followed Aang to enjoy their shower together.

Shower Time!...

When waking up in the morning, feeling a bit tired, a shower can be just the thing to really give you the wake up call you need to get through the day. With the usual things to help take that clean shower. Soap and shampoo are there to help. Sometimes singing can help with choir, or whatever is that you sing about. Maybe enjoy the relaxation of the mind, as it wonders about what you're going to do. For Aang and Katara, some of that is necessary. Only difference is that it's not the shower that you'd expect.

The couple go inside the bathroom, cuddling as they walk together and hearing Ying moaning, knowing that after their 'activity' needs to go on, inside the shower together. Even though they were caught by one of their Air Acolyte, they were still ready for more fun up ahead. In fact, for mysterious reasons, it just made them want more of each other than they were earlier.

As for what the shower looks like, it's a royal-like shower. It was 12 feet tall, and 7 feet wide. It was a shower that could fit 10, maybe 15, people at once. There was 18 shower heads, one drain, and a big environment for a good shower. It wasn't Aang and Katara's idea for their bathroom. That was Sokka's. He said that they saved the world, the least they can have is a lot of stuff. To which they replied, "That's more of a waste than a need." Well since he did that, there was no other choice.

They did allow public access back then but with all the people going in and out, day and night, including Sokka, they had to do a time on it. From noon to at least 3 candle flicks after (12:00pm-3:00pm). To be honest, in these times, no one knows, except for the inventor and his students, how the Koh that candle invention works at all. You'd have to hire someone just to tell you what it meant. Aang and Katara couldn't understand it either, only a little bit.

Aang looks at Katara, taking in her beauty once again, and says, "Are you ready to experience our shower together?"

Katara, with her sexy voice active, responded, "Well there's no other way to clean us, unless we do it to each other."

"I wonder why we should shower anyway?" Aang smacks her butt again, and holds it. "We're just going to be messy again from our quality time together."

Although it surprised her that Aang, her husband, doesn't know why, she had to answer that very good question. Maybe it was her time to put on her seduction skills, as Aang looks at her with some patience. "Oh for many reasons, all knowing Avatar." Then brings him into the shower. "We need to make sure that we don't get any bad smells during our time together. Wither in bed or not."

Katara then turns on the shower. At first it is very cold for them. Her nipples were becoming very hard, while Aang's cock was turning very limp. Their bodies huddle to keep themselves from being so cold as to turn into ice. Well that's more of a metaphorical thing, but it feels like it. Making them feel each other in the water raining down onto their bodies. Their everlasting love keeps them warm, as they hug even tighter.

Only enduring it for a short minute the water finally becomes hotter, and hotter, as the two of them finally face one another and kissed in the new feeling of the water around them. As the water falls, steam around them rises to make it into a spa-like environment. The feel of the hot water, as well as the air, made Katara's breasts more relaxed and Aang's erection stand out.

With the water falling down onto their bodies, it is time for Katara to bring out the item they need to clean themselves. That item is soap. This type of soap was mint flavor. One of Aang and Katara's favorite scent of choice. There are many others as well, like Raspberry and Cinnamon, and usually just shower, apply soap, wash, and leave to work. But not this time, for Aang has the full week off. As for Katara, she also has a week off. She doesn't teach on the last week of the month. A weird type of system, but effective to her.

"Now that the water is on our bodies, it's time we put clean our skin with a bar of soap. Turn away from the shower Aang." Aang obeys and turns around, so she can take the soap from one of those tile walls and starts cleaning him, starting with his neck. As Katara works her way down lower with the soap, she kissed the special spot on his neck. Earning a moan of her name in the spotlight. Now, working around his abs, she looks at how his body improved from all of those years of training. From the six pack he possessed. After washing that, she kissed each pack once. When she reached around his erection...

"Well I should wash this part with soap, but first." Katara drops the soap, for now, and starts stroking his scared crouch. Katara loves to please Aang as he moans softly, saying her name. To make it more enjoyable she replaces her hands with her breast, putting his erection between them. Then, to add the finally touch, she opens her mouth and puts it inside.

Aang was experiencing the best sensation from Katara yet. "I guess a shower 'ah' once in a while is 'oh fuck' so good to have." He said, with gasps coming out of his mouth. To make it more pleasurable he grabs his wife's head, not to hurt her, and shoves her mouth deeper inside. In response, she puts her hands on his butt, and shoves her mouth further. "You enjoy it as much as I do..." He almost finished, but Katara's tongue was working her mouth inside of his cock.

She takes it out quickly, as Aang lets go of her head, and she says, "Of course 'oh mighty Avatar.'" then strokes him as she talks more. "This is a pleasurable shower for me and you." making her voice with excited bliss. "And you say that I say vulgar language a lot."

Well it is indeed. But something inside had awaken Aang, again. He grabs Katara's head and shoves her in his cock, forcefully. Not like hurtful, but in very deep desperation. Why would Aang, the kindest man that Katara has known since she saved him from the iceberg, was being rough with her? She'll have to ask an expert on this. Not sure who though.

This was a very good feeling for Aang. Some of it was kind of bad because he was taking it so far. But because Katara didn't mind, he didn't mind either. So he continues for about 5 more minutes until he starts getting close.

Pushing his cock inside of his wife was making him go over the edge. Aang was shoving it down so far that it went into Katara's throat. All good things end when Aang had to say it. "Katara... I'm gonna..." It was too late as he comes into her mouth. Aang's cock was limping, as Katara's mouth was tighter around him.

The cum that was inside Katara's mouth was very overwhelming. It overflowed so much that it began to slowly go down to her neck, breasts, womanhood, and legs. She did however looked up at Aang, making sure he saw her, opened her mouth, to show him how much she had, then finally swallowed, and showed Aang there is nothing left in there.

That's another thing that Aang loves about his lovely wife Katara. She takes any challenge that he gave her in bed, or in this case the large complex shower, and accepts it. Well not all the time, just most of the time.

"Aren't you a bit too rough with me?" Katara said, sexy-like, while grabbing for the soap on the ground. When the Waterbender did grab it she felt a great pain, yet very pleasurable, smack on her behind. Her only response was a long moan. Then his figure works inside her anus.

"Well I never heard you complain once. Why stop?" Aang said. He took his finger out for Katara to turn around, then waited for her to clean his manhood.

"I don't want this to stop, but can you keep it down with the roughness just a bit?" the Waterbender said, cleaning him down to his legs.

"I'll try." Aang said, but it didn't sound as truthful.

"Don't make promises you can't keep." she warned him.

"Those are the best kind." he replied. (A/N, You have to admit. You would of done the same situation for that quote from Spiderman)

Katara wanted Aang to keep the roughness down, no doubt, but there wasn't any other way to say it. Something inside of her wanted to come out, but would Aang like that. She has no idea. Unless... No, Katara isn't that way. Her theory is just that, a theory. Only a small phase that will pass away. She isn't quite sure what caused her to be like this. Katara will try it this one time, only once, just to see if she feels strongly that way or not. She drops the soap on the ground. "Oh no. I dropped that soap over there. Aang, can you please go grab it for me? Please..." Katara makes her eyes sparkle with a hint of need and want combined.

Even though Aang is into being dominate he would never disappoint Katara in anyway. Of course, he had been a bit too rough in their time together. But that didn't mean he had to overdo it. And Katara did say please. Right when he was about to grab the soap off the ground, he feels a certain someone's hands on his butt. To him, it seemed very unusual, but allowed it to go on.

This surprised Katara as much as to Aang, and she was actually doing it. Her brain was telling her to stop, until her heart told her it was right. Now her body wants it all. Katara leans down on her Avatar's back, her breast touching him, and kept on rubbing his butt more. Then, with no warning in her mind, spanks it once. When she heard Aang yelped her expression was very surprising. What is going on with her? Katara's body wanted to finger inside of Aang's ass, but her mind didn't want to make it more awkward than it already is. What is going on with her?

So she lets go of his butt, quickly, and allowed him to regain his sanity of what just happened. Katara wouldn't be surprised he wouldn't right away because it was a different approach to having sex. At least she's glad it's a safe night for her, including yesterday, because Aang with his demanding and brash nature against Katara was very unusual for their love making time.

"What was that about touching my butt?" asked Aang, with concerned expression on his face. For some reason he liked it more than he was surprised. So his expression was a bluff.

Having a hard time telling him made Katara start shuddering. "Well. I. Um. It..." Making sure her smile wasn't showing. But sure as a fully grown apple, her face was blushing that bright red color.

"Katara." said Aang again, with some amusement in it. "Just tell me."

There was no denying Aang when it comes to telling the truth. Especially since they're having the week of enjoying each others company. "I just wanted to... Feel you in that... Way."

Aang picks up the soap. "Well that was very arousing." Then rubs the soap on her neck, as the liquid from the soap goes down to her legs around her pussy, making them bubbly. It caused Katara to gasp with a moaning desire, as Aang expected from her. "Hm. Seems you do need a good scrubbing." Then goes down to her arms, giving them a nice cleaning.

The suspense was killing Katara, but she has to at least resist the roughness of the most diabolical thing she'd encountered in the past with Aang. Teasing. That continued when Aang used the soap in-between her boobs and using his tongue to work around her nipples, biting them just enough to make her moan with more desperation. Soap was now covering the areas where he scrubbed at.

"Curse you Aang. Ah. And your magical hands." Katara said.

"Don't forget the soap." Aang replied, as he goes down to her stomach, rubbing it with soap. Right when he was near her womanhood he uses the soap to go around it, in a circle, ignoring it. Then used it on her legs.

The Waterbender was confused, and wanted to know what is going on. Until she realized one of the worst teases she endured before. Katara wanted to say something, anything, but was already lost in the moment to care one bit. It didn't, however, stop her from reaching down to touch herself as he work the soap on her butt.

Feeling his wife's precious rump was amazing to him. "Oh Katara." Aang said, with a happy moan. "Your ass is so soft and feels so squishy." Then gave it a long squeeze. He saw something in front of him, underneath Katara's legs. "Trying to warm up without me?" He asked.

Blushing started up in her face again, that almost made her skin that red color. "Well. You. Um..." Then lets go of her hand from her area.

Smiling at Katara's submissive side. Aang went to face Katara. He gave her a kiss on the mouth, which she happily accepted. Indeed he loves tasting Katara and enjoys that joyfulness of her voice. Breaking the kiss, and hugging her tightly, he said "I love you Katara." Looking into her blue, ocean colored eyes.

Even though that Aang is being the dominate one in their lovemaking. Katara knew that Aang would always be with her. Even in dark times of the Hundred Year War. In the tight hug, she snuggles onto his shoulder. "I love you too Aang." Then takes in the smell of him. "You smell nice."

They break the hug so Aang can smell her as well. "So do you Katara." He went lower to her womanhood. "Just not down here yet." He takes the bar of soap in his hands and gently pushes it onto her outer folds. "Are you ready?" Asking innocently.

Confused, Katara asked, "Ready for what?.. Oh spirits Aang!" Her pussy was getting very cleaned, very quickly, by both Aang's hand and the soap. He had one of his free hands hold her butt, massaging it. Each time that Katara moans, especially saying Aang, he kept going faster and faster. Giving no break for her at all.

"Aang..." Moans Katara. "Keep going. Your just Ahhhhmazing!" Trying to say amazing, but came out in a moan. 'Ah.' Keep cleaning me!" Thinking it might never end with all that pleasure coming in.

"Keep talking like that Katara." said Aang. "It makes the shower more enjoyable with your voice."

"Oh. Fuck. Keep going!"

It was going on for about 2 more minutes until Katara couldn't take it anymore. "Aang I'm cum..." Unable to finish the sentence, she came all over Aang's hand, and some of his face. He enjoyed the wonderful taste of his Sifu by removing the hand from her ass and taking the juices that came out. He put the same hand he licked and offered Katara to taste it, which she quickly takes it in her mouth. She sucks on one of his fingers like she was sucking his dick again. After that, Aang went up to Katara and gave her a mouthwatering kiss. Using their intertwined tongues they exchanged their cum to taste each other. When they broke the kiss, only a trail of spit and cum was the only thing that made it seem like it lasted longer.

The Avatar puts his head on Katara's shoulders. "You taste amazing Sifu Katara." whispered Aang.

It made Katara feel like her legs were slowly weakening. "So do you Avatar Aang." she whispered back.

Aang realized that he dropped the soap. He already cleaned Katara pretty good. So it's safe to say that everything is clean on the two of them. Except the back of their bodies. When Aang thought about that he decided to pick it up to finish his job on her, while she finishes on him. Just when he was about to pick it up, he see's something wrong with Katara..

Her legs were giving out from the sexual experience from Aang and the soap bar. Try as she might, her legs are barely responding. Eventually she fell backwards, not able to grab onto anything to avoid impact. She closed her eyes to embrace the pain she is about to have on her back. It took a few seconds then, for some reason, it felt like time had stopped. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was a pair grey clouded eyes. Aang's eyes.

He lifted Katara back to her feet and embraced her in a hug. "Katara. Are you alright? I'm glad that you didn't fall down." Aang then gave her a peak on her nose.

Having Aang save Katara from slipping was one of the greatest things she'd ever received from him. Aang cared about her safety because he really cares about her. "I'm alright Aang. Thank you for catching me." Then gave him a peak on his nose too.

The Sifu Waterbender felt something on her legs. It was coming from Aang. "Seems someone is still excited for me."

"Of course I am. You got me aroused." said Aang.

"By hugging?" asked Katara.

"No. By hugging naked." answered Aang.

Suddenly, out of the curtains, someone else came into the massive shower. "Wow. Now this is hot. And so is this water." Ying said. Revering to Aang and Katara, as well as the water powering down her sweet, innocent, skin. Ying plays with her left breast with one hand, while masturbating with the other.

This time it wasn't as awkward than it appeared. Well to Aang it was a surprise. To Katara, she knew Ying would arrive to the shower. But how?

"So you came?" asked Katara. Pretending she didn't know.

"Indeed I. Fuck. Have." Enjoying her masturbation in front Aang and Katara. Giving them a show by turning around and giving herself a spanking. To show them what she's got to offer. "By your request." Pointing at the mastermind who told Ying to go in the shower, unannounced, Katara.

Aang looks at Katara, shocked to know that it was her that told Ying to come in the shower with them. "Why did you tell her to come in the shower, when I specifically told her to go away when we returned to bed?"

To this, Katara gave giggled a little. "I just wanted to see how you react. Plus I want to see how you would punish her if she didn't leave. Besides." She then puts her hand on his manhood. "You are enjoying it is much as I am. Having people like Ying see us like this."

Although Aang is a bit mad at this unexpected turn of events. He was more horny about him and Katara being seen. "Alright. You want a punishment Ying?" To this, Ying nods up and down. "I'll give you a punishment."

He goes walks to Ying, halfway, until he turned to Katara to say something. "Just remember Katara. You're getting a more 'appropriate' punishing experience than Ying will."

The Waterbender will get punished, yes, but she knew it would totally be worth it. "I want to see what you have in store." Then she waited.

This little punishment wasn't going to work with just Aang alone. He'll get Katara to join somehow. "Get down on the floor Ying, on your stomach. And this isn't just a request, it's a demand." Being somewhat brash about it.

Ying happily laid on the ground, on her stomach. "Even by request, I would still do what you ask of me." So she laid on the ground, ready to be punished.

Aang sits down and rubs her butt, massaging it with gentleness. Making Ying moan with desperation, begging for a punish. That's when it happened. Aang spanked her so hard that it echoed throughout the shower. It made Ying scream with agony. "Oh yes. Keep it up." It continued on the right cheek only, which made Katara wonder what her loving husband was up to.

That's when Aang signals Katara to come over. She does, and asks what he wants her to do. To respond to that question that she asked him. Aang takes her hand and places it on the right side of Ying's ass. That's when she realized what he needed. "Are you sure Aang?"

"Why don't we ask Ying." He then stops. "Ying, would you like Katara to spank your cheek."

"Yes. Please. I want it hard from both of you." Then closes her eyes for the 'surprise attack' from Katara.

With pressure from Aang. She holds onto the left cheek of Ying's ass, pressing her hands on that smooth skin. Then something escaped Katara, and she slaps it very hard. Possibly more harder than Aang did on the first time. That made Ying yelped very loud, with a long moan.

"Spirits you two are good,, Oh." Ying said, she was spanked after the sentence.

"Yes we are." said Aang.

This continued for a very long time. Having Aang and Katara working on the punishment they laid out for Ying. The hot water that is falling onto their even hotter bodies was making their arousal the hottest. If a block of ice fell on top of them it wouldn't even stay frozen half way. That's when it feels like one huge waterfall that eventually feels like a hot spring. That's what those three are enduring right now. They indeed love it. Ying was enduring more than water though. Yet she loves it too. Having her ass being redder than a lava pit on a tropic island.

With the constant spankings, Ying couldn't take it anymore. Not the 'I hate this' take it. The 'I'm close' take it. "Oh spirits! Stop, I'm close to cumming."

"How?" asked Katara. "We didn't even touch your clit, let alone your folds."

To this, Ying flips to the side, where Katara was, to show why she's close. She was masturbating while Aang and Katara was spanking her innocent butt. Katara, aroused by the sight, flip Ying on her stomach and slapped even harder. Aang did the same thing. That's when...

"I'm cumming!" And true to her word, Ying came so much that it squirted all over the floor and some of it on their hands. She was panting like she just got her virginity taken away, which hasn't happened yet. Since Ying never went into a relationship, until now. Well it's more of a one time thing, but to her it's pretty special to her new found sexual needs.

To make sure Ying gets the same satisfaction Aang and Katara take the cum, which is on their hands, and offered it to her to taste it. For some reason, she refused to take her own cum. They asked why. "It's because I want you two to taste mine like I tasted yours. It's my offer to you for making me experience this sexual experience."

So with their hands, which has Ying's cum on it, they put it into each others mouth to taste her. It was one of the best things they've ever tasted. Not better than each other, but they still very much like it. Kind of a strange thing for Ying to have her first orgasm by another, despite not getting anything inside of her.

"This tastes very delicious Ying." said Aang, as he still tastes on Katara's hands.

"Really?" asked Ying, being excited about the couples satisfaction.

"Of course really." answered Katara.

They all stand up, and Aang and Katara are looking at each other again, then Ying.

"Now Ying." Aang said, being serious now. "This does not leave me and Katara's master bed room. It's very important to not tell everyone in the entire temple. I know you got to watch, and have a 'taste' in it, but you can't say this to anyone. Do you understand."

"Yes Avatar Aang." Ying said, bowing down. "You can totally trust me."

Aang looks at Katara, grinning. "Ok I was wrong. You can still trust anyone." said Katara, a bit annoyed by Aang being right again.

"Now I must be going. That is until I get something from you two." Ying said, with need and lust in her voice.

"And what might that be?" asked Aang, with a smile on his face.

"I want to give you a fabulous blow job and Katara a good pussy licking, fucked by you and Katara masturbating in my face, or, because you are doing your best to savor each other for your marriage, you and her have to give me a very good make out session." Ying said, giving out her somewhat needy choices.

To this, Aang and Katara settled the idea immediately. "We won't let you give me a blow job and Katara pussy licking, I won't fuck you and have her masturbate in your face." Aang said, seeing Ying losing hope on something out of this and putting her head down. "But." With Ying's head look towards the couple. "We will make out with you."

This made Ying jump up with a cheer. "Yippee."

Aang goes first. Him and Ying open their mouths so their tongues are twirling inside. In that process, their juices are swimming in and out of each others mouths. This kiss lasted for about 3 minutes before they break the kiss. Their saliva was in a long sized thread, that broke when they were far apart. To make Katara more turned on, Aang kissed Ying on the cheek and smacked her butt one more time. The water was also pretty good for Aang because he knew Katara can't resist this type of action.

Katara knows that Aang would never cheat on her. Sure this was an exception, but jealousy raised up a bit. Then when she saw it further, it made that same jealousy consumed in the horniness that made her wet. Now it was her turn. She did the same thing as Aang did, but added a little bit more spice in the shower. Katara used her Waterbending with her free hand, and some soap. After the kiss she splashed Ying with enough force to clean her, but not enough to send her back a long distance.

"Wow. That was amazing." said Ying after being cleaned.

That made Katara smile. Then a huge wave with soap went all over her. Like a flash of lightning, it went by very fast. She looked back to see a whistling Aang. "You are such a pain in the ass." Katara said sounding a bit mad, but it was too much happiness of being cleaned. She turned around to say goodbye to Ying, until she felt a huge smack on her butt.

"I maybe a pain in the ass." said Aang with a mastermind evil in it. "But that doesn't mean you don't enjoy it."

"Well I should go now." interrupted Ying. "I hope you two will enjoy each other for the rest of the week. Who knows, maybe it'll feel like years because of all the lovemaking you'll do." As she left, she turned around and waved goodbye.

Aang, with his Metalbending he learned from Toph, moved the shower handles to off. Then he held Katara by her side. "We should go back to our room. It's not like I got anything going on."

"If you did, I would send you to the water." said Katara with a devilish grin.

"No you wouldn't." replied Aang.

"Yeah, you're right. I would handcuff, rope tie, and freeze you on the bed, with your head out and hump it." said Katara.

When they entered the room, they noticed two thing. One, the earth dildo was missing from their bed. The other is that Ying's clothes were still laying on the ground, including her panties and bra, which were ripped in half.

"I guess she was in a hurry." suggested Katara.

"No. She wants them for souvenirs." Aang also suggested.

"So..." Katara being quite shy again. "When will you punish me. And what punishment is it." What she didn't expect Aang to do was to go down her womanhood and took in a very deep smell.

"You smell very clean and very minty, Sifu Katara." He said, then got up. What he didn't expect was for Katara to do the same for his manhood.

"So do you pupil Aang." she said.

When they got to their bed, which was very dirty from all of the activities they have partaken in. They held each others hand, and laid down onto their beds yet again. Who knew that a cold morning, an unexpected warm horny Air Acolyte, and a hot shower could make it feel so right. Nothing couldn't make it better than that. Until either later today or early tomorrow that is.

"As for you punishment Katara." Aang said before they dosed off. "No spoilers."

"What does that mean?" Katara asked suspiciously.

"It means I won't tell. Yet!" Then pinched her nipple softly.

"Oh. You are such a tease." she said, a bit disappointed about not knowing.

"Better to tease and please than to spoil and foil." Aang smiled.

"I love you Aang." snuggling with him tightly.

"I love you too Katara." snuggling with her tightly as well.

Now the two doves fall asleep upon their soft bed, during the mornings beginning. Who knows when they will wake up from their peaceful slumber. May it be later onto the day which the sun is raised and slowly falls down to the depths of the ocean floor. Will it really be the night sky that shines up the moon to lighten the romance so the plants may find that love in the air once it sprouts in the luscious morning. May the Spirits guide their destiny of everlasting love that shall not die on this Earth and beyond the millions of stars.

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